Ohms by Ohwee

In a world of crazy comp coils and fancy builds Ohms by Ohwee was born out of the desire to access affordable, simple and tasty Clapton coils for every day use.

Now stocking high quality handmade Alien coils.

Operating as usual

Ohms by Ohwee-F*ck Aliens bb 2.5id 15/05/2022

Ohms by Ohwee-F*ck Aliens bb 2.5id

Lordy is having a sale over on the website!
Great opportunity to grab a set of coils for your boro devices from ObO!


Ohms by Ohwee-F*ck Aliens bb 2.5id These coils are a creation by another fantastic builder in Australia. Ohms by Ohwee by Eion Doolan he make some great coils and with these f*ck aliens being one of my favourite Specs are as follows Core - 3x28 Ni80 Wrap - 1x36 Ni80 5.5 wrap - 2.5mm ID Approx 0.33ohm SC Sold as a set of 2 coils in ea...


Another tester set of Nate King Coils headed out for a 30mm Fatality late last week.

Biggest coil I've handed out so far at 4mm Ni80 coming in at 0.16ohm on a dual set up.
Chunky and warm these guys are running at 144w with room for more im told!


After a long a gruelling 4000 years of waiting for the wire to form naturally from the purest depths of the earth we have restocked the handsome crew at Busso V**e

Ni80 Aliens and Clapton coils (both variants approx 0.20ohm) ready for your devices.

If ya want to stock some local WA coils in your establishment please message the page for more info.


Did someone say Claptons?

Photos from Ohms by Ohwee's post 20/04/2022

Back when I did a thing that one time.

Revised these coils time and time again over the past 12 months and eventually settled on a combination running in at 0.19 ohm .

Still my all day everyday flavour bangers designed around juice guzzling RTA/RDA use.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COIL BUILDERS. Yeah they may be a bit more expensive than that cheap US/China s**t that some people want to import and sell but what you're paying for helps people like me pay for our more expensive hobbies like my Datsun, needs rust removed and repaired 🤣🤣

On a serious note Australia has a pretty decent amount of quality bespoke builders specialising in specific coils for your benefit.....utilise them.


3.5mm 3x26/36 aliens as per customer request.
Gonna be chucking out full blown weather systems with these chonky fellas!


Pics of the ss dual core aliens for those interested

Yes I know I didn't straighten em out properly but I was eager to install em 🤣

0.13ohm @ 100w.
Cool, dense vapour production.
As always hit up the inbox for my little wire coily things.



Fecked around with some 26ga SS this arvo for s**ts n giggles.
Actually managed to spin out some decent 2x core aliens (harder than it sounds, I find 3x cores easier)
Sitting pretty in the Fatality at 0.13 on a dual coil.
Bloody lovely at 95w running Clouded Visions Geeks Berry/Lime

No pictures as I was far too giddy to get em in and va**ng 🤣


Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Saviour boro crackle?

Lordys Customs can sort ya out with the 3x28/36 5.5 wrap ni80 F*CK ALIENS coils.

If ya want this angry beast drop the page a message and we shall make it happen.
Stay safe fu***rs..



Been a while since I checked in.
Feckin around with super tiny wrap wire today, 40g is the wrap of choice.
No idea how it will perform but it's pretty damn cute!
Not too bad for a middle age guy with s**t eyes waiting for a stronger glasses prescription 🤣


Ball bearing swivels! Not just for fishing anymore!

Prob one of the most important pieces of equipment to not cheap out on when looking into spinning your own coils.....or if you had any sense in your head you'd just buy coils from www.bussovape.com.au or www.lordyscustoms.com and save yourself years of frustration and wasted wire 🤣🤣
Busso V**e has a great stash of Aussie Coils available and Lordys Customs also has a ton of great coils from the man Lordy himself and some absolute beasts from Sinister for all you mech users.
Support the local Aussie guys!

Have a stellar Sunday you good looking muvvafuggers!


Exciting news here in the ObO camp!
These little fire crackers will be available for purchase from Lordys Customs in the next few days!
Keep an eye on the website and grab a set of Sinister coils and a few from the wire wizard Lordy too.

Introducing the BB F*ck Aliens 2.5mm 3x28 1x36 Ni80.
Designed around the Bridg'd bridge but happy at home in most boro devices, these little fellas are sure to satisfy the fussiest of flavour chasers served with a healthy side dish of crackle.


Rewick day!

BB using a prototype alien approx 0.60ohm

Fatality with the tried and tested 0.20ohm 3mm.

Like a bowl of Rice Bubbles at work today!
Available from Busso V**e or direct message the ObO page......

Will also have some awesome 5.5 wrap 2.5mm 0.33ohm beasts for the boro users available from one of Australia's most loved coil builders very soon
Keep ya eyes peeled!


Playing around with slightly thinner gauge wire this morning.
This delightful little fellow is the first proto off the rank at 3x30/40 Ni80.

Cranking out at 0.60ohm @ 27w and it's perfectly splendid.

Just like to add that wire this thin is an absolute bastard to work with especially with my s**tty eyes 🤣

Photos from Ohms by Ohwee's post 05/12/2021

Fresh 28s in the Fatality.
Humming along nicely at 0.19ohm and fiesty at 90w.
Getting some chunky crackle from these wiggly bois!
Video in comments below.


Quick rebuild on the V2 and she ain't happy it's Monday!

Giddy 2.5mm 5 wrap Ni80 alien dropped in at 0.33ohm.
Crackle for daaaaaaaays!

DM the page to grab a set!

Photos from Ohms by Ohwee's post 31/10/2021

Yet another feckin AMAZING job by Busso Print knocking out the Busso V**e work clobber.

Quality prints for any application


Somedays the drill likes me and things seem to fall together really well.
Knocked up a bunch of 2.5mm and 3mm alien coils for the Busso V**e work crew to stuff in their boro devices.
Currently running a 0.40 ohm 3mm in the Wick'D Bridg'd V2 and it's a one way ticket to flavourtown and you have two tickets.
Want some of your own?
Slide into my DMs or hit up Busso V**e 😘


This is how easy things can be twisted, it’s exactly what the media is doing right now in regards to va**ng. The level of misinformation and lack of professionalism shown by journalists is disgusting. 7NEWS Perth 9 News 10 News First Perth TheWest Australian


All about those wizzy dizzies.



Running all this week all Alien coils need to p**s off out of my possession and into your devices at $15 a set. Buy 3 sets get one free.
0.11 and 0.20 available. DM the page to organise purchase.

I can't keep running these dumb stretched tyres, one of em is gonna pop and destroy my beautiful (yet impractical) rims.


*Disclaimer* coils are of better quality than my sales skills. Buy my s**t so I can buy other people's s**t 🤣🤣

TGA Fails To Find Doctors — Legalise Va**ng Australia 21/09/2021

TGA Fails To Find Doctors — Legalise Va**ng Australia

“How the Health Minister Greg Hunt thinks this is a good idea is incomprehensible. Not only is this a terrible policy, but the fact that only 71 doctors across Australia are registered to be involved shows it has been mishandled by the minister.

“It is an appalling waste of resources at a time when Australians are pulling together and making sacrifices through lockdowns to keep pressure off the health system.

“The Health Minister should move immediately to correct this. Va**ng products should be made available over the counter at retail outlets on production of age verification as is the case in other sensible countries that are supporting smokers to quit effectively.”

TGA Fails To Find Doctors — Legalise Va**ng Australia Only 71 doctors across Australia have signed up to be authorised prescribers of va**ng products ahead of the Federal Government’s October 1 deadline, setting up a chaotic scenario in GP surgeries around the country


Back on the twisty spinny machine today to roll up some sticks (this means something completely different to stoners) and looking at doing a like/share/invite giveaway thingo later this week purely to pick up some numbers and widen the ObO reach.

For all ye running boro devices I've got some gnarly 2.5mm and 3mm coils for ye, ain't giving them away, I've seen what ye spend on those devices, what's an extra $20 for a set of premium coils 🤣🤣

Don't forget I'm running volume discounts so if ya chasing multiple sets slide into my DMs and let's have a saucy chat.

Cheers fu***rs and stay safe


Been giving the Hellvape Fat Rabbit a good nudge whilst I've had a bit of downtime from building due to illness.
Absolutely solid tank and in my opinion one of the best RTAs out there right now for the price.


Getting back into the swing of things with a fresh set of F**k Aliens 0.20 ohm just installed and crackling like they should.

Stay safe fu***rs!


F**k it. That's it.
Testing done and rather happy with the overall result.

2.5mm Ni80 F*CK ALIENS coils for boro devices getting added to the range.
Somewhere in the 0.37 - 0.42 kinda range, huge flavour and if ya got the skills crackle for days.

PM the page, buy nothing and ask me what my favourite device/atomiser is 🤣🤣

Steak and cheesy legends!



Should be used to playing with tiny things by now 😂😂
3x30 1x38.


Morning guys.
Hope ye all having a lovely Sunday morning.

Navigated the mess that is FB Shop and added a few of the F*CK ALIENS range although Zucc won't allow me to advertise them as that 🤣🤣
Anyway shop is up and I'll be adding more products next week.

Considering adding volume discounts in a tiered style fashion.
1-2 sets $20 each
3-4 sets $17.50 each
5-7 sets $15 each
Wholesale bulk pricing on 8 or more sets.
Let me know what ya think before I go ahead with it. 🤘🖤

Photos from Ohms by Ohwee's post 12/07/2021

Plenty of Ni80 aliens ready to roll this week.
0.20 and 0.11 (approx) to choose from, also have 0.40ohm coils built specifically for boro tank devices.

Message the page for personal orders (free express post over $50), drop into WA E JUICE CO V**e Shop and grab a set of 0.20ohm or if ya running a business and would like to stock some handmade West Aussie coils drop me a line and have a chat.

Stay safe


What a week!
Haven't spent alot of time behind the drill this week but played around with some old prototype Ni80 0.10 dual aliens for the expanding range and receiving some good feedback from one of our loyal customers at Busso V**e who likes to sit around the 120w mark.

I've been using a set for the last week or so and as someone who is hyper critical of my own work I've gotta say I've really enjoyed em. Super dense flavour saturation without the warmth you can get from higher wattage va**ng.

Got a handful of the 0.20ohm F*CK ALIENS variants into WA E JUICE CO V**e Shop in Gosnells so swing by and say gday to the lads and grab a set for yourself.

I will update the list of current stockists as the list (hopefully) grows over time but in the meantime feel free to contact the page for orders or if you're one of the few lucky people to run a B&M outlet hit me up for some samples.

Time for a weekend with the family then back spinning out goodness early next week!

Stay safe champions 🤘🍻


I'm not saying it was aliens but it was aliens.

Working on getting some goodies into a store near you.
Watch this space.



Photos from Ohms by Ohwee's post 21/05/2021

F*ck Aliens 3x28 1x36 ni80 3mm ID
0.35-0.40 single coil.

Hate making em but love using em.

Clean flavour and super angry crackle.
Available in store at Busso V**e or message the page for orders.

Photos from Ohms by Ohwee's post 28/04/2021

Playing around with the new potato phone and wrap numbers to find that perfect RTA balance for the F*CK ALIENS range.
Still a way to go in development but things are looking promising at this stage.
Rather happy with these 7 wraps sitting pretty at 0.21 ohm on 100% quality nichrome.

Alien and Clapton coils available built to order! Tons of 0.35 boro tank aliens available NOW.
PM the page to get yours.

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