Russell Island Taxi

Russell Island Taxi


We are looking forward to announcing an upgrade to our service on Russell Island in the New Year.

It will be an upgrade to capacity and a price reduction for the northern end of Russell.

The reduction involves a 4 at the beginning of the fare!

We just need to refine having the 2 vehicles running and a reliable presence at the jetty.

We’ve already implemented a price reduction on Macleay Island, with new zone pricing of $5 from Frances Rd back to the jetty. Thanks to Macleay Islanders for the increased uptake from that fare reduction.

Once we get the 2 vehicle operation on Russell settled, it’s proposed to make the northern end from the jetty to be $4.50.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank David & Ulla and their team from the Macleay Isl taxi. They do an amazing job operating beside us. Happy New Year Girls and Guys!

To the taxi operator on Russell, I actually wish you the best as well. I had a hope that you could collaborate like we did on Macleay, but you chose your path. On Macleay, we grew together with the Taxi, but you chose the path of aggression.

I hope your family finds the destination you are aiming for Carol & John and family.

Happy days on Russell, like Macleay now enjoys! 👍😊🙏🖖

A reminder that New Year’s Eve, we are operating through till 2am

You can book on line through our website or phone 0428115886.


Ou heartfelt thanks to Russell Island Taxi Service and Russell Island RSL for helping us out yesterday afternoon to help get our students home safely. Russell Island RSL Russell Island Taxi
Carol and John from Russell Island Taxi are kindly assisting us this morning to get the students to school on time. We greatly appreciate this and those parents who have made other arrangements. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
Hi, do you have a wheelchair accessible taxi?

We run From the first boat to last boat. Bookings are preferred with plenty of notice. Our phone Numbers are: 0408 785 555 from 4am to 3pm & 0408 785 218 from 3pm to Last boat.

Operating as usual


We had a key handed in to the taxi this morning found in the jetty car park.


Russell Island Taxi would like to wish all our customers, drivers and their families a safe and happy 2022!


Hi everyone. A key got handed in to the taxi yesterday morning. It was found near the dirt Carpark. It is just a single key, if you have lost it, please comment or call Carol!


As of 6pm tonight, Russell Island Taxi will only be operating for ESSENTIAL WORKERS!! If you do need to go to the shop it will be 1 person PER family ONLY. As per COVID guidelines MASKS ARE A MUST!


Hi Everyone!
If you are/have been trying to call us please be aware that there is very limited Telstra Service again today.
We are trying our best to get to you all, but the reception is just not working in our favour today.


Hi Everyone.
Please know that currently there is limited mobile reception across the island and we are doing everything we can to take your phone call, it may just take a little while to get through.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause today.


Taxis are back up and running. Thank you for your support


PLEASE BE ADVISED ALL TAXIS Have stopped service due to the safety of our drivers. We will keep you updated


Hi everyone. It has come to our attention that certain people are saying that they are the new taxi drivers working with us. Please be aware this is not true, we have no new drivers as yet, nor do we have any new cars. We will advise you when we have anything new in the works. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you in your travels.


If you catch the taxi today, please wish Mum (Carol) a happy birthday!


Hi all! We are having trouble with reception & taking phone calls. If you can’t get through please message us on 0408785555 before 3pm and 0408785218 after 3pm.
3rd day of low reception and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


There were a set of keys left in the Taxi today. If you are missing them, please call the taxi!


A safe Happy New Year to customers, staff and families. We thank you for your continued support in 2018, and look forward to seeing you all in 2019.


We would like to wish all customers, drivers and their families (past and present) a very Merry Christmas!

Timeline photos 27/05/2018

These are our fares And they have not changed in 2 years.

Our current Fare Prices! Our Fares have been approved by QLD Transport! Please note fares WILL VARY for house to house fares!

Timeline photos 27/05/2018

Just a reminder that Fare Evasion is a crime and that we do not give Credit to passengers. Thank you

Russell Island Taxi will no longer be allowing Credit to passengers. Fair Evasion is an offence and we ask that you please pay upfront for your taxi fares!


If you have lost a key in the taxi, please contact us! You need to be able to tell us what key it is!


Hey everyone! Please be patient this afternoon, we are having some technical issues, Micah is trying his hardest to get to you when he can. Thank you.


Russell Island Taxi Service would like to state that comments made today on Facebook by one of our drivers about Bay Islands White Goods were inappropriate and totally unwarranted. Thank you.


Hi Customers! Please go to the Telstra page and please complain about the lack of service we are getting on the Island! The technician was here yesterday, and he even struggled to get service. Please! The more we complain the more they will realise something needs to be done!


Hi Everyone! Sorry our phones are playing up and have been since January. We have rung Telstra and with no such luck they keep saying that there is no problem.. we are sorry, but are trying our best.


On behalf of all the staff and drivers of Russell Island Taxi, we hope you had a safe New Years Eve. We wish you all a safe and happy 2017, and look forward to seeing you all in the new year!


Hi everyone! Our Emergency Service Teams are still using the taxi for transport. We ask at this time that you please be patient with us, as we are trying our best!

Thank you for your patience.
Carol, Jon and Drivers


Hi everyone! Please be patient with the taxi! We are trying to evacuate people and get food and drink to fire brigade!! Thank you at this time

Timeline photos 11/12/2016

Christmas Day Taxi times!! Running from 6am to 7pm! BOOKINGS ONLY!!! Only meeting boats that have been BOOKED for!!! Will not be answering phones!!!

Timeline photos 11/12/2016

Our current Fare Prices! Our Fares have been approved by QLD Transport! Please note fares WILL VARY for house to house fares!

Timeline photos 11/12/2016

Russell Island Taxi will no longer be allowing Credit to passengers. Fair Evasion is an offence and we ask that you please pay upfront for your taxi fares!


A massive Happy Birthday goes out to Carol today! Love you Mum ❤️❤️💜💖




A massive happy Birthday to Kellie today. We hope that you have a great day off! Thank you for all that you do for the taxi.


All the staff and family of Russell Island Taxi would like to wish our customers a Very Merry Christmas to you all and your families.

Please stay safe this silly season.

From Carol, Jon, drivers and family members.


A Massive Happy Birthday goes out to Carol today!! We all hope that she has an amazing day!!! If you see her around, don't forget to say happy birthday!!

Love your dearest daughter!! :)
also from all the staff and family at RITS.

(Mum is going to hurt me :))

Timeline photos 24/05/2014

Timeline photos



Some of the kids from Russell Island Stingrays (rugby team)are at IGA selling raffle tickets to the first State of Origin game.

Tickets are $5 and you have the chance to win 2 seats up the front.

Support the teams and buy a ticket today.

*ticket numbers are limited so be quick*


We would like to send our deepest condolences to the family of Val Varney. Val was a lovely lady and it sad to hear of her passing. Val has done so much for the community, and our family. We send our thoughts and prayers out to all that loved her. RIP Val, may you watch over all that you love and be with them forever in their hearts. Sheryl, Wendy, partners and other family members, we are thinking of you all at this hard time.

From Carol, Jon and the staff and family of Russell Island Taxi.




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