S.K Yacht Rigging

S.K Yacht Rigging


Some more pictures of Heartbeat II, S.K Yacht Rigging's first rigging of the year. All new standing rigging - mast was stripped back to bear alloy and then repainted.
We are manufacturer of stainless steel rigging hardware,we hope to become one of your riggings [email protected]
Looking for somebody to go up my 14m mast and plug a wind indicator back in which has been serviced.....no wiring or tools needed. The instrument was there before and just plugs in.We are in WMYC finger C....

For all your yacht rigging needs
* new standing rigging
* supply of all brands of deck hardware, headsail furlers, new mast and booms
* Selden agent

Operating as usual

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 18/03/2022

We built a custom stainless steel forestay link than installed a new headsail furler.
The reason for the link is that we upsized the forestay to 10mm 1x19 wire and had to go to a 5/8 pin. If we drilled out the existing 1/2 hole it would not have had enough edge material around the hole, which means it may have failed later in its life, so to do the right thing we made a link picking up the three existing holes. Yes, it is way stronger than it needed to be, but hay, at least it will never fail.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 07/02/2022

One mast in and another mast out and to solve a in mast furling problem.


A new mast and boom build.
I'm just waiting for the boat to be launched, then we can do the installation.


Check this out. One nice crack.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 29/09/2021

Standing Rigging replacement done

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 23/09/2021

Standing Rigging replacement done


The reason why you should replace the rigging fittings while replacing your standing Rigging.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 30/08/2021

Corsair 36 Trimaran standing rigging replacement done.


New Dyneema side stays for a 36 foot Trimaran

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 24/05/2021

Standing Rigging replacement on these two catamarans

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 08/05/2021

Looking back at old jobs.
Back in 1999 working for SparMaster i was involved in building a 40m mast.
I drove the f150 truck towing the trailer carrying the mast.
I picked up the mast from a place in Bulimba.
Transported the mast from Oxford street to Lytton, two police escorts, two pilot vehicles and a franner crane.
As a team at SparMaster we completed the mast and than transported the mast to the Port of Brisbane were we installed the mast into the yacht. It was an awesome project to be a part of.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 20/04/2021

New chain plates installed so we fitted a new Forbeam bridle stay

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 26/03/2021

Back in 2010 i install the mast into this yacht when it was purchased new and imported in Australia.
Just reinstall the mast after we removed it so we could perform a standing rigging replacement, all done and ready for the new owner.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 26/03/2021

Interesting day today. Was asked to perform a pre purchase Rig inspection on a yacht today. The yacht broker informed me that the owner had just had a inspection done to make sure all was ok to take the yacht in a offshore yacht race, the owner was told all was good to go.The purchaser requested us to still perform a inspection which we did. What we found was concerning. The owner didn't believe me and asked the other rigging company to confirm my report. They went to the boat about 2hrs after i and still told the owner all was good.
I showed the owner the photos and than he believed what i found. The black line is a crack in the mast extrusion, the reason for it being black is caused by alloy rubbing against itself.
Also you can see the black at the spreader base, the spreaders are moving on the mast grinding away the alloy.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 16/03/2021

Mast reinstalled new standing rigging, adding a 2:1 screacher halyard. Removed and replaced the electrical conduit inside the mast, 2 x 40mm electrical conduit to mast head and 1 x 40mm electrical conduit to the Radar.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 04/03/2021

Standing Rigging replacement, chain plates removed and the thread stem balls replaced.


Blessing SOLO before splashdown!

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 17/02/2021

Unpacked a new Hanse 418 for the lucky new owners, assembled and set up for for launching, once in the water rig tuning and sail testing.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 01/01/2021

Last boat to have it's standing rigging replacement done for year 2020.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 03/12/2020

Mast installation

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 02/12/2020

A project we have been working on, a complete standing rigging replacement done using dynice dux, diamond and jumper stays as well as side stays. All stays made in house, spliced and prestretched before installing to the mast.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 22/10/2020

Two days away working at Tin Can Bay Marina
Standing Rigging replacement, replacement of all halyards and sheets, setting up the boat ready for its new owner.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 09/10/2020

Installation of the custom built chain plate and the Facnor Flat deck furler.


I can see why the owner is having problems when furling his mainsail in and out.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 14/09/2020

A custom built stainless steel innerforestay chain plate.
To be fitted through a alloy beam 240mm thick.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 04/09/2020

A weeks work, not only yacht riggers but also stainless steel and alloy fabricators.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 04/09/2020

Installing a inner forestay

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 05/08/2020

A day working at Hervey Bay standing rigging replacement on a Seawind 1160


Service work done to the mainsail batten cars, removed from the mast, stripped, cleaned, anodised, new balls, sliders rods and other parts, refitted and sail installed, set up ready for sailing. A new mainsail supplied by North Sails.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 23/07/2020

Performed a visual inspection and found this, someone tried to fix it but with out any luck, now its time for use to fix it the correct way.
Inter sleeve to be fitted, plus a external sleeve to be fitted. A new alloy sheave box with rounded ends.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 13/07/2020

Facno Flat Deck furler fitted to this trimaran.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 28/06/2020

Finished off the work on this fast crusing catamaran.
Raising the boom, fitting a 2:1 Screecher halyard, fixing up the prodder pole and adding a extra point fir the tack, fixing the problems with the standing rigging which was only 8 months old ( supplied and fitted by some else). Boat ready for crusing.


At The Boat Works mast out and back in after standing rigging replacement and a service.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 11/06/2020

Found this forestay problem on 46 foot catamaran.

Photos from S.K Yacht Rigging's post 28/05/2020

One mast back into the Hanse 370 after performing a standing rigging replacement and service at East Coast Marina, than off to Redland city marina to remove the mast from this catamaran, to perform the same thing.

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The mast reinstalled today. A full refirb. Mast and boom full stripped of all fittings, New paint, new electrics, new ha...
Discovered this problem on a yacht today, now to work out away to fix and to pervent it from happening again.
Not only working up a mast  but also fighting of a angry bird Andrew got hit 3 times.




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