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Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 22/05/2022

Gamla Stan , Stockholm. Pretty as t he pages of a story book alrea dy, 🇸🇪❤️🤗and then they add yummy ca fe windows!


Long before Insta, FB and fashi on mags , dolls dressed in t he latest fashions were sent between t he Royal Courts of Europe. This do ll is dressed in Spanish high fashi on from the late 16th century. At t he Stockholm Royal Armoury.


I love driving holidays because y ou can head to smaller towns a nd villages that are often gems. I ’m in Vadstena in Sweden at t he moment. A completely charming and beautif ul town.
In the 1800’s, my accommodation w as a hospital for psychiatric patients.
I al so love discovery and variety in accommodati on.

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 14/05/2022

At a cross roads in Ha ga, Gothenburg.
Which way to go 🤔

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 11/05/2022

No trip to Oslo is comple te without a visit to the Nob el Peace Center . Travel gives us a chan ce to learn and remember as we ll as have fun and create memories.
T he prize is awarded toward the e nd of the year and last D ec there were joint recipients, both journalis ts. Maria Ressa from the Philippines a nd Dmitry Muratov from Russia.
The committ ee drew attention to Press freedom, democra cy and peace. The Scandi countries a re leaders in the World Press Freed om Index and the Liberal Democracy Index.
T he Philippines is ranked 138 and Russ ia 150 in the Press Freedom Ind ex. Australia is 25 and the US 44.
On the Liberal Democracy Index they a re 108 and 153 for Russia.
Australia is 20 a nd the US 31.
China by the w ay is 174(3rd last ) on t he Democracy Index and 4th last on t he Press Freedom Index at 177. The re are real surprises , good a nd bad in both lists.
Maria Ressa sa id “ do not be afraid, if y ou don’t use your rights you wi ll lose them”.


Fjord cruising on a state of t he art whisper quiet electric ferry. Bou nd for Flam .

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 07/05/2022

Bergen is quite the culinary destinati on in Norway. There are two Michel in Star Restaurants in Bergen and sever al others that locals consider just as go od . Fine dinning aside you’ll fi nd fantastic chocolate, pastries, seafood and a ll the tasty favorites from around t he world. Drinks are taken care of wi th trendy wine bars, Proseccheria’s, the ubiquito us Irish Bar and more . Ps t he food stall sign is for De er Burgers .

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 07/05/2022

Hello from Bergen, Norway 👋
This h as to be one of the prettie st little port cities in Scandinavia.
Wat er , water everywhere.
Very friendly loca ls and so much outdoor activities on t he doorstep.


How’s this for exciting!
Just booked a luc ky couple to go to this fantast ic lodge in June.
Knight Inlet Lod ge. Any other wildlife lovers out the re need to hurry , space f or 22 is selling quickly. We ha ve great contacts.


GBR Turtle Nesting Season 🐢

Turtle nesting season runs from N ov to Jan and our favourite plac es to see this beautiful phenomena a re Lady Elliot Island and Heron Isla nd. You get an island paradise a nd get to witness Mummy turtles comi ng back to their birthplace to l ay their eggs. It is amazing.
Ca ll 33671644 Tue-Fri or visit

Video by: IG/jacintashackleton


Today is World Habitat Day. T he Great Barrier Reef is the worl ds largest and longest Coral Reef. Stretchi ng from the tip of Cape Yo rk to Bundaberg, this amazing habitat is ho me to a myriad of marine li fe you wont find anywhere else. Do yourse lf a favour and visit if y ou have not.


Feel like some great Asian Noodles?
We can't be in Singapore, Bangkok or Tok yo but we can go to t he Brisbane Night Noodle Markets!
Head to t he City Botanic Gardens from the Wednesd ay to 3 October. Register for ticke ts at

Flavors of South America, first destinati on: Peru! 17/09/2021

Flavors of South America, first destinati on: Peru!

If you are dreaming of exot ic food from far flung lands a nd can't be there , transport yourse lf via your taste buds. Lima is a renown ed food mecca which in 2019 w as home to 2 of the t op 10 restaurants in the world. Restaura nt Baan is on the watch li st for sure, headed by Francesca Ferreyr os – who trained, among others, wi th Joan Roca in Spain and Gagg an Anand in Thailand. Here she teach es you how to make Crispy Tropic al Ceviche. Something to tackle for dinn er on the weekend :)

Flavors of South America, first destinati on: Peru! Set the reminder and don't mi ss our first cooking class! Come jo in us and let's cook together wi th the Peruvian chef Francesca Ferreyro. L et us bring you one...


Hi everyone, don't forget that t he Virgin and Qantas half price Domest ic seat sale is still on unt il 30 November, unless sold out pri or. The fare is subject to availabili ty and not open on all rout es but if you are travelling pri or to 30 November, you may as we ll jump online and see if y ou can sn**ch a deal.


This 9/11 memorial speaks to me. It represents the two towers, brok en, and in the centre is a teardr op. It was a gift to t he people of NYC from the peop le of Russia. It stands in Bayon ne New Jersey with a direct sig ht line to Manhattan. Isn't it stunni ng, simple and so evocative. 💔

Packages and Specials 31/07/2021

Packages and Specials

Thinking Australian luxury walks, intimate tou rs, romantic island getaways? Think Travel Masterpie ce 💙
We feature packages and deals th at offer unique and inspiring travel experienc es. With a focus on quality, servi ce & luxury to ensure the memori es you make are ones to be treasured.
The re is plenty of space for Augu st and September due to the N SW lock down forcing many cancellations. If y ou think you missed out on somethi ng, try again. Call us and we' ll give honest opinions and stay acro ss border issues. The NT in particul ar is calling your name!
Ph 33671644, T ue -Fri or visit

See our websi te packages and specials for just a glimp se of what we have on off er 👇

Packages and Specials See our latest travel packages a nd deals. Featuring a wide range of uniq ue and inspiring travel journeys which foc us on quality and service to ensu re your vacation leaves you with lasti ng memories to treasure.


The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair h as had to go digital again th is year. You can register now f or early access. DAAF promotes ethical purchasi ng of indigenous artwork, a cultural keepe rs program and is free to atte nd. Over 70 art centres from acro ss Australia will participate. Register now to purcha se stunning work and participate in worksho ps, artist talks, film, fashion and mo re.
Search for Darwin Aboriginal Art Fa ir on Facebook.


If you are heading up t he coast for the school holidays w hy not connect with Saltwater Eco Tou rs and head off on one of the ir tours. They offer Whale Watching, Cultur al Eco Tour, Sunset Cruise with Mus ic and a Bush Tucker and Seafo od Cruise. All from Mooloolaba on the ir 58ft timber Ketch. She's even availab le for private hire if you ha ve a group. You can check o ut their page Saltwater Eco Tours

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 16/06/2021

One nice thing about being coop ed up in the home country is th at plenty of us are discovering j aw dropping beauty right here. Visitors to t he well trodden tourist parts of t he country are doing that little b it more, whether it be the Athert on Tablelands or West McDonnell Ranges. Che ck out these beautiful spots in t he latter; Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek B ig Hole and Palm Valley. Call or che ck out the website for your R ed Centre inspiration.

Cruiser Live 14/06/2021

Cruiser Live

Check out all the happy sn ow bunnies at Thredbo today. Ah f or a long weekend. ❄️⛷

Cruiser Live


Border closures have meant last minu te availability on more than two doz en previously sold out Kimberley cruises, tou rs and adventures. If you missed o ut , JUMP IN NOW. Don't wa it for next year. Help the Kimberl ey operators and people who rely on t he season, they were closed off f or 2020 and need this season. I' ve travelled in the area and c an help secure your quick getaway. Ca ll Julie on 33671644.


The weather turns a tad chil ly and we either dream of wa rm sunny holidays 🏖‍or hitting the slopes⛄️.
Qui te a few of you are headi ng to Queenstown!
Don't forget to visit Ons en for a relaxing soak and he lp those muscles recover from your s ki day. Onsen has tubs for up to 4 peop le plus a range of relaxing therapies.
A nd yes, you can still book in to S ki this year. Call us now 33671644.

Great Southern Land 31/05/2021

Great Southern Land

This is reconciliation week. Visit t he website for more information.
When y ou travel in this Great Southern La nd, add an indigenous owned or guid ed day tour. See not just t he beauty of the land, but t he strength and wisdom of the indigeno us cultures.

Great Southern Land 30 years ago, a song w as written about our Great Southern La nd. Inspired by the landscape three decad es on, Friend of Australia Iva Davi es partnered with eve...

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 29/05/2021

Grab one of the last cabi ns on the Great Southern from Brisba ne to Adelaide in December 21 or Janua ry 22.
Why not the Xmas package th at leaves 20 December. After the fabulo us train trip you will fly to Melbour ne for 4 nights at the Pa rk Hyatt with tickets to Australia's mo st famous and star studded "Carols at t he Myer Music Bowl". Cricket fans mig ht like to add tickets to t he Boxing Day Test. Australian Xmas Icons!

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 26/05/2021

Pics just in from one of o ur lovely travellers. They are at Ningal oo and enjoying the marine life. Wha le Sharks tomorrow I think. Exmouth, Cor al Bay and Sal Salis are a ll very full this season. If Wha le Sharks are on your bucket li st and you've missed out, we shou ld chat about 2022.


Like Australians, Kiwis love their pies.
In fact they produce more pies p er capita than any other country. Y um. If stunning scenery, fine wine a nd food is not enough to encoura ge you across the ditch, will o ne of these pie stops do it?
T he Burleigh Blenheim in Blenheim of cour se. You can try a Pork Bel ly Pie, a Steak and Blue Chee se Pie and wash all that do wn with a good coffee.
In Rotorua y ou will find Patrick's Pies Goldstar Bake ry. This one offers an impressive Bac on, Egg, Cheese, Onion & Tomato P ie, and the equally yummy Roast Po rk, Caramelised Onion, Creamy Mushroom & Chee se! Decisions, decisions😋


Join our NZ North Island to ur on 17 December and finish up on fabulo us Waiheke Island for Xmas. This is a sma ll group of only 20, luxury accommodati on, stunning included dinners, wine, winery visi ts and more. Book early, current pri ce available to 24 May.


Happy St Patrick's Day to a ll the Irish and all the jol ly pretenders. Here is an Irish jo ke for you.
"Why did St Patrick dri ve the snakes out of Ireland?
He couldn 't afford the plane ticket." 😂😂
C'm on share some clean Irish jokes.

Photos from Travel Masterpiece's post 07/03/2021

Today is International Women's Day.
Ma ny strong women have made the wor ld and our country a better pla ce. Here are but just a f ew who have worked hard and overco me obstacles to make a difference f or others and show little girls at ho me and the world over that th ey can do anything, be anyone. Fri da Kahlo, Malala Yousafzai, Hon Julia Gilla rd and Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue.


Kung Hei Fat Choi!

2021 is t he Year of the Ox according to Chine se zodiac. This is a Year of Met al Ox, starting from Feb. 12, 2021 (Chine se New Year) and lasting to J an. 31, 2022.
Oxen used to be capab le farming tools in an agricultural socie ty, which attach to the symbol of diligen ce, persistence, and honesty. In Chinese cultu re, Ox is a faithful friend th at made great contributions to the developme nt of the society. Like the ox, people born in the Year of t he Ox are industrious, cautious, hold the ir faith firmly, and always glad to off er help.
It is said that Ox ran ks the second among the Chinese zodia cs because it helped the Rat b ut was later tricked by it. T he myth goes that the Jade Emper or declared the order of zodiac sig ns would be based on the arriv al orders of 12 animals. Ox cou ld have arrived the first but it kind ly gave a ride to Rat. Howev er, when arriving, Rat just jumped to t he terminus ahead of Ox, and th us Ox lost the first place

The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts' Commitme nt to Care and Cleanliness 04/02/2021

The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts' Commitme nt to Care and Cleanliness

This video from The Fullerton wi ll give you a good idea wh at top-notch hotels are doing to ke ep their guests safe. Anyone who h as been to Singapore would have pass ed The Fullerton. A stunning hotel f or sure.

The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts' Commitme nt to Care and Cleanliness At The Fullerton Hotels and Resor ts, welcoming and caring for our gues ts is at the core of o ur DNA. During this season, we sta nd by our commitment to ensure ...


Fabulous Cruise & Hike of Tasmania 's spectacular coastal scenery. Explore Port Dav ey & Bathurst Harbour, Freycinet Nation al Park and Maria Island. Enj oy kayaking, bird-watching and hiking, spot Wallabi es, Wombats . Revel in this stunni ng wilderness whilst sipping and tasting Tassie 's finest produce.
* 8 March 21 * 10 nigh ts from $7200.00 pp twin share . Bon us free night in Hobart. Sail Sa fe program. Small Ship. 72 passengers on ly. Restart Refund Guarantee. Book now on 33671644.


Today is a Tissues and T ea day for many with the fir st ever day of school. We ho pe all your little ones have a gre at day . Also the many th at are starting High School today, a b ig day for them too. New routin es for everyone and no better ti me than cuppa time for Mum. It 's also a great time to sta rt thinking about the Easter and June/Ju ly holidays. Visit us at f or some fun ideas.
Here is a throwba ck to my bunny on her fir st day of school. Many years a go now, such great memories 💕

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I love driving holidays because y ou can head to smaller towns a nd villages that are often gems. I ’m in Vadstena in Sw...
Fjord cruising on a state of t he art whisper quiet electric ferry. Bou nd for Flam .
GBR Turtle Nesting Season 🐢
Reef Sleep Whitsundays
Southern Lights Flight
Below the surface Great Barrier Re ef
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