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Last night we welcomed a great crowd of existing and prospective Angel Investors to the Gold Coast Investment Evening with 42 Ventures, Gold Coast Angels and Angel Loop.

Simon Horne and Danny Maher shared their real life, founder experience from business creation to a successful exit and we heard pitches from Frethan and Monarc Global.

In 2022 we will all be coming together for bi-monthly angel investment evenings and supporting new investors with qualified investor training. If you are interested in learning more about early stage tech investment make sure you join our mailing list to receive updates on future events.
We at ScreenCoach knew we had an amazing product that will positively help families around the world. But to be acknowledged and selected to be part of the Entrepreneurs Program is the highest honour any business can receive (it’s incredibly hard to secure a place in the program). They see such potential in our solution that they are helping us get it to market faster. Watch out parents, launch is now just around the corner. Thank you all for your support and feedback during our journey.

We would also like to say a big congratulations to Monarc Global, Cyban and Workit Spaces for their accomplishments!

Read More:$2-4m-in-grants-for-4-aussie-innovators-changing-the-game-its-a-no-brainer

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Smart Aussie innovators are being supported to develop industry changing technologies.

The #EntrepreneursProgramme is excited to award over $2.4 million in Accelerating Commercialisation grants to 4 ingenious businesses.

The projects receiving vital grant funding include a revolutionary brain oxygen monitor, a screen time reduction app, logistics technology to streamline eCommerce supply chains, and an automated platform to streamline the management of transport industry assets such as aircraft, boats, rail and trucks.

Find out more here: :

Monarc Global - LifeTech Balance - Workit Spaces
We are very pleased to announce the re-starting of Redlands Angels pitch nights.

Our first pitch night ‘reboot’ will be on Monday the 7th of June from 5.30pm at Fiction Restaurant at Raby bay harbour. The list of companies pitching is below, plus we have one previous invested in company coming back for an update. To help cover some operational costs there will be a modest fee for Redlands Angels meetings going forward, the cost for guests will be $15 ($10 for RA members).

It is planned to run meetings every other month, on the in between months we are also rebooting our associated event ‘Startup Redlands’ which is a less formal networking event based around a speaker and pitching competition for those just setting out on their Entrepreneurial journey.

So, there will be an event each month, on the first Monday of each month, at the same location, alternating between a Redlands Angels pitch night, and Startup Redlands.

For the Redlands Angels meeting on Monday the 7th of June our pitch line up will be;
Pitch 1 Get Patch - A new way to buy and sell real estate
Pitch 2 OnRoute - Share your Travel Journey
Pitch 3 Conpago - Trusted Aged Care platform

Also, revisiting us for an update will be a previously invested in business to give us an update;

Update from Monarc Global

Redlands Angels members can book tickets on-line via the Redlands Angels member portal. Non-members can book via Trybooking -

After the meeting please stay on for post pitch discussions and networking over dinner/drinks (at own cost).

Looking forward to all getting together again on the 7th of June.
#PassagetoIndia: When an Australian scholar in Delhi, entrepreneur in Melbourne, and an expat pilot in Brisbane brought back over 400 Australians from India.

Australians Stuck in India, Australians stuck in India, Monarc Global
Hi i want to thank you for attempting to bring back our South African citizens back home . You guys are just awesome trying to arrange this . 🙏🙏🙏
Bringing my kids home from a locked-down India: MOHANA DHOBLÉ
#IndiaLockdown #COVID19 #coronavirus

SA Health South Australia Police
Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
Australia in India Monarc Global
India in Australia (Consulate General of India, Sydney)
India in Australia (Consulate General of India, Melbourne)
India In Australia (High Commission Of India, Canberra)
Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australians Stuck in India Australians stuck in India
Happy clients on their way to see @EltonJohn. #helicoptertransfer #monarcglobal #bekkaair #privateaviation #charter
Last night we passed 2000 likes on Facebook and last month Sky Dance had it's 8th Birthday!

From humble beginnings flying adventurers around Queensland, to our modern outback safaris across Australia! What a wild ride it has been!

With this last year as our biggest year to date we wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey and who has helped make Sky Dance what it is today.

Where we are now is a result of the contributions of so much amazing talent, hard work and sheer stoke! Sky Dance has run on the passion of it's team and of the communities who have been been part of sharing one of the most beautiful places in the world - WE LOVE Australia
Would like to win to see my Sister In Australia

Monarc Global are the leaders in automating pricing technology for charter aircraft operators. As a Helicopter pilot for 15 years, “Back in September 2010, I realised a gap between Private aircraft operators and everyday high flyers and commuters.

My initial thought was to buy a hundred helicopters and private jets and start my own airline, competing with traditional commercial airlines. Unfortunately, I didn’t have billions of dollars, and no investor in his right mind was going to put up that kind of capital. I decided to establish an online aviation company to make access to an entire collection of premium helicopters and jets financiall

Operating as usual


We continuously grow our partnership network to build robust connections and provide better business solutions for our customers.

Portside and Monarc Global are working together to allow aircraft owners and operators to have a more comprehensive solution for their business operations by enabling them to price accurately with Travech and manage prices using Portside.

Photos from Monarc Global's post 24/02/2022

We flew into Sydney this week to drop in and say hi to some operators!

Photos from Monarc Global's post 14/02/2022

Yesterday was Sunday funday! Moving more cargo!


When it’s nearly there! Our team tracking precious cargo from Hong Kong to Sydney.

We provide a quality and thorough service from the time your cargo departs and until it arrives safely to its destination.


Our charter and freight team are fast and on standby 24/7! We received an urgent cargo enquiry for an aircraft to move RAT kits from Melbourne to Perth, and we had this completed in less than 24 hours!

Charter and freight enquiries: [email protected]


Another cargo of RAT kits arriving in Australia last night.

'Like pieces of gold!': Millions of RATs land in Australia - Breakfast with Neil Breen - 27/01/2022

'Like pieces of gold!': Millions of RATs land in Australia - Breakfast with Neil Breen -

Thank you to Neil Breen from 4BC 882 radio for having Monarc Global’s Ceo Royce Crown on his breakfast show this morning to discuss last nights cargo flight of RATs and how Monarc Global is playing a part in this project.

'Like pieces of gold!': Millions of RATs land in Australia - Breakfast with Neil Breen - There's been a huge delivery of rapid antigen tests overnight in Sydney.

Photos from Monarc Global's post 27/01/2022

Royce Crown and our Chief of Charter Operations Wasim Omar and Aviall Services CEO Ben Lang were in Sydney last night to facilitate the second cargo flight of rapid antigen tests arriving in Australia.

Photos from Monarc Global's post 23/01/2022

In 2020 Monarc Global helped the government with repatriation flights for stranded Australian's overseas to return home to Australia. In 2021 we assisted businesses worldwide to ensure the safe delivery of personal protective equipment for the health industry. And now, in 2022, we are facilitating the safe delivery of millions of Rapid Antigen Tests to Australia over the next few weeks.

It hasn't been an autonomous process along the way, as we work with our partners and our connections worldwide to ensure it all goes well. Instead, this has been one big wheel in motion from our operations team, tech team, operator partners, and logistical personnel. From everyone on the ground to everyone up in the sky!

The first of many cargo flights of RATs arrived safely in Australia yesterday.

Brisbane company preparing to fly 25 million rapid antigen tests into Australia 19/01/2022

Brisbane company preparing to fly 25 million rapid antigen tests into Australia

Monarc Global's Co-founder and CEO Royce Crown had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Austin from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on his show Drive this afternoon about how Monarc Global and our network of operators and partners are helping during the pandemic.

Brisbane company preparing to fly 25 million rapid antigen tests into Australia Meet the Queensland company bringing millions of rapid antigen tests into Australia.


We are starting 2022 up in the sky! Our USA Tour kicks off in February - March 2022, and we'll be meeting with our old friends and new friends in the aviation industry! So if you're in the US and want to connect with us on our tour, reach out to us: [email protected]


It's great to see our partner operator's using our software Travech for accurate and real-time quotes, and it's even better when we can share customer booking wins with them too!

Based in Mackay, Horizon Airways has a variety of aircraft available for aircraft charter and private hire.

We worked with Horizon Airways to integrate the Travech widget onto their website for a seamless customer booking experience.

Checkout Travech on Horizon Airways :

Contact our team and try Travech : [email protected]


Travech’s Automated pricing feature is the perfect blend for providing superior customer service to your customers.

Introducing your team and business to new software to streamline your pricing processes doesn’t replace the one on one customer relationship you have with your clients; instead, Travech enhances the customer experience with your team by:

- Providing 100% transparency on fees, flight routes and extras
- Influencing better booking behaviour from your customers
- Making better deals
- Increasing efficiency


Who we are.


We are on a mission.


Vs Other Quoting Software.


Our in-house built pricing engine TRAVECH is the first comprehensive aviation software built to automate the pricing of quotes fast and accurately for aircraft operators, brokers, travel agencies and aggregation platforms.


On-time and last-minute deliveries call for Travech! Even Santa uses Travech for speedy, accurate and real-time deliveries!


Annual road trip, new partnerships, new tech features, new fur-babies and a Monarc Global team end of year party! We’re flying out of 2021, and we’ll be back in the new year!

Photos from Monarc Global's post 14/12/2021

Hello Sydney!

Photos from Monarc Global's post 07/12/2021

Our final road trip for 2021! ( we said that on our previous road trip but we just couldn't help ourselves to squeeze one more in before 2021 wraps up! ). Melbourne, you were terrific! It was great to see everyone and check in on how they were doing.



Since 1974 Air Link has been synonymous within the charter industry. With a fleet of sixteen aircraft, the company over the decades forged a reputation for providing a high standard of service and value to its customers.

Linking their past with the present, today Airlink strives to continue providing its services in charter flights, freight and medical, aircraft maintenance and scheduled services by recognising the importance of propelling their business operations forward and upholding their customer-first mindset by working with the team at Monarc and implementing its sophisticated pricing software Travech into their customer quoting processes.

"By having Travech used as a pricing tool to assist in Airlinks quoting processes, is a testament to the company’s forward-thinking business acumen when it comes to staying ahead of the ever-evolving industry", said Royce Crown, Co-founder of Monarc Global.

"We were impressed with the operations of Airlink and its team and knew the business relationship between Airlink and Monarc will yield great results in changing the way how they deliver their pricing from lengthy quoting to instant pricing, and for Monarc, we will learn more about the business of Airlink and continue to listen to their needs," said Crown.

Airlink will utilise the Travech software by having its widget front and forward-facing on the company's website, and with a single click on the button, Airlink's customers will be able to generate a price in a matter of seconds. Thus, Travech is not an estimated quoting tool but instead an accurate pricing solution eliminating the banter of unforeseen costs in the interim of the customer quoting process.

“Previous quoting solutions take time, and are open to variability with different people providing varying quotes. Using the Travech system, it’s simple for anyone to use, and quotes are accurate, every time" said Rhys McClintock, Operations Manager at Airlink.

Whether it's the comfort of the Cessna Citation Mustang for a party of 4, a quick business trip to regional Australia on the Piper Chieftain, or a hop across the pond in their Cessna Citation CJ3 - Airlinks fleet of aircraft are the answer to your tailored travel needs, whether for business or leisure.

Airlink x Monarc Global

Photos from Monarc Global's post 18/11/2021

Perth, it’s been an amazing few days! We managed to fit in a road trip before 2021 winds down!

Thank you to all the operators we met with and for adding to Royce Crown ‘s growing collection of aviation swag 🧢 😃 🛩

Major Blue Air Aerohire Charter Pty Ltd Air Australia, Corsaire Aviation, McDermott Aviation - Heli-Lift Australia, Formula Aviation, Goldfields Airservices, Legendaire.

Fly Adhoc. Book private aircraft charter, instantly. 08/11/2021

Fly Adhoc. Book private aircraft charter, instantly.

Check out an instant and on demand booking service for aircraft charter! Fly Adhoc is powered by Travech 100%

Fly Adhoc. Book private aircraft charter, instantly. Search, book and pay for instant private aircraft charter.


A very happy Monarc customer!

Providing a fast and efficient service for all our clients. Our furry friend, including its sibling and “hoomans”.. received the concierge treatment on a recent return flight from Barcelona to Zurich. Everyone returned to Barcelona at 6.33pm and was whisked away in a Monarc organised car by 6.40pm. #privatecharter

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