Henry Hottie

Henry Hottie


Then there were two in the (Henry Hottie) bed and the little (newly acquired rescue girl) one said…
XL Senior Bed with Teal (Navy) cover.
Purchased mid April this year and used for only four months by our fourteen year old Labrador Fern who sadly passed away in August.
Paid $260. Selling for $160
Kenzo is going REALLY well, starting to put condition on again, and is a happy, funny, loving bubba..

He LOVES our dogs, ignores the cats and enjoys lounging around inside, after galumping around outside for some fresh air and sunshine..

He is a gentle little guy, not a pup to be left alone all day, a dog friend would be fabulous for him..

I'll more than likely put Kenzo up for adoption soon, as it will take a little while to go through the applications..

He won't be desexed prior to leaving, but will be on a strict desex contract..

He LOVES his crate, and the Henry Hottie crate mattress is perfect for resting his knobbly little legs and joints on..

So happy to see this gorgeous little boy back to his bright eyed cheekiness..

He's a pure delight..

Sorry for the delay, was just seeing to the little guy..

So, quite a few people got it right..THIS deformity of a tiny puppys' legs is caused by POOR DIET of the Mumma dog throughout her pregnancy then nursing the pups..


You see me bang on and on about feeding pregnant bi***es a high quality diet and when they're nursing, their food intake increases by around 300%!!
The puppies take, take and take and QUITE OBVIOUSLY there was nothing left to take...

This boy came from somewhere down the South East..I have NO idea about the Mum dog or any other pups..
If you know someone who has one, or you know who bred them, PLEASE, with the pups, get them checked by a vet and PLEASE see if Mum dog is ok..

Now, back to this little guy..

He has some awful joint issues going on..
His front legs, elbows and back legs are all affected, and it would be extremely painful..they are huge.

Huge thanks to Seaside Vet for getting us in today, Dr. Prue likes a challenge, and we like to keep her on her toes..lol..

X-Rays were taken, as were bloods, and the good news is, there doesn't appear to be bad damage to the joints...the growth plates are still wide apart, and there doesn't seem to be any fractures in them or the bones..

We look as though we've got him in the nick of time..

He must have crate rest, with short times out for toileting and fresh air..

He has pain relief and is now on Royal Canin Maxi Puppy dry food..
He doesn't need a multitude of supplements, too much can cause even more damage..
He loved it and happily crunched away..

Feeding puppies a PROPERLY BALANCED , high quality puppy food is vital..
The correct balances of calcium and phosphorus are VITAL, and you don't get that from feeding Weetbix or Farex or some other cheap slop just to fill tiny tummies..

Even home made dog food can lack the important nutrients needed for rapidly growing bodies....
Vitamin D is another important factor, dogs do not make their own, so fresh air an sunshine are important too!

This dear tiny fellow has some hurdles to overcome, but we are well in his corner, and the news was not as bad as expected from the x- rays...

He has a fabulous Henry Hottie crate mattress to support those painful little legs, and to help him have a good, peaceful rest..

We think he's around 8 weeks old, and he obviously has some German Shorthaired Pointer in his heritage!

His name means strong spirit...
And we welcome...

With love...
It's that kinda day!
Henry Hottie
On the video there is a dog receiving his/her new bed and it has sides, but I can't see this on the website. My boy is 11 so I'm thinking a senior, but I like the idea of sides to help keep out drafts.
Our Lily (she'll be 15 in August), just loves her XL bed and her 'pillow' is her old bed with some stuffing removed.
15 year old Opal enjoying her new HH bed. Within seconds of seeing it she was in there. Lots of purring! Hopefully her old bones will enjoy it too. 😸
Honestly, Hand on my heart, these are the best beds in the industry. They’re the ONLY patented THERAPEUTIC pet bed in Australia. They are also patented in several other countries as well.. Many claim to be the same, but they aren’t. Fact.

So next time you’re looking for a pet bed. Look no further. Henry Hottie has appeared on The Today Show AND have donated many beds to pet charities. Fact.

It’s time to dig deep and support your local before your local is no more. Fact.

Can’t afford a bed? Why not share the post. Get them out there to all your pet parent friends. Takes seconds to share.
Just out of the plastic, not even in its place and Ace was straight onto his just delivered,Golden Seniors Henry Hottie bed! Safe to say, I think it’s a keeper! 😁😍
Her Henry Hottie bed is a favourite for a lovely nap too..
Greg made a platform then we secure a fold up cot to it, so Mumma dogs can get some much needed time out..

Thanks to all the people who have donated the portacots, they're brilliant for this!! Cut out one of the mesh sides, and there's a nice bed..

Mogwai has a Henry Hottie mattress in there, so she's really comfy..


Providing patented therapeutic joint support, warmth in winter, cool in summer. Encouraging sound, healing and rejuvenating sleep for your pet.

Void of harmful off-gassing chemicals such as flame retardant and formaldehyde commonly found in pet beds.

Operating as usual


Thank you everyone for your kind, considered and loving comments. Yesterday at 12.5yrs of age, my gift from God returned home. He was surrounded by so much love, music, and the guidance of our dear friend Jo from Raising Vibrations. The experience was unlike anything else. He took a part of me with him and I will never be the same. The signs were EVERYWHERE. I have never known a love like his or a loss. Thank you for the support and understanding. My special, one in a million, is back home where his soul belongs 💔✨💫

Despite the best life I could give him, last Tuesday we discovered he had developed what appeared to be hemangiosarcoma (spleen cancer) which had spread to his heart. Although he was not well for a few months he never indicated just how bad things were. Stan was still eating well and although sleeping more he was his usual self. Hemangiosarcoma can result in a very painful death. I honoured my boy and assisted his departure before he had to endure anymore pain. He left this planet with his spirit still strong and surrounded by his aunties, friends, and sister Alice. He was my soulmate and I am forever blessed to have been his human.
Forever Stan 💖✨💔

A very heartfelt thank you to Hannah from Hannah Photography. Without hesitation Hannah gave us her time to capture the last beautiful images of Stan. Hannah, your kindness, gentleness and empathy created a safe space where Alice and I could honour our boy and capture lifelong memories. I am forever grateful 💖


Goodbye my love

24/09/2009 - 24/04/2022


Dear HH Friends,

As mentioned a few weeks ago our move from the factory was anything but easy. Machines were damaged and we have waited weeks and weeks for repair. There are still some orders awaiting completion but im happy to say we have found a local company who is assiting us with machines and machinists. ALL remaining orders will be either shipped or delivered by us next week.

I am now also going through the soul destroying reality that i dont have long with my soulmate. Stan is a very unwell boy and although i have healed many things for him over 12.5 years, I am powerless this time 😢
I am going to ask for your patience once again for email replies as I am finding it hard to breathe right now. Everything i have done, I have done for Stan. He is my heart.
We most likely only have a few days so i am spending it with him and Alice. Al is being the most amazing girl and supporting us all.

This is an indescribable pain. If you can spare a few prayers please send them to me that i may have the courage to put Stans well-being before my own desperate need to never let him go....

Michelle x


HH Friends!

Our good friends from Queensland Koala Society Inc are having a fundraising sausage sizzle TODAY out front of the awesome Computer Alliance, Logan Road Mount Gravatt East (opposite our old factory).

Angela and her team worked overtime during the floods saving many displaced joeys and other animals, who were disorientated and overwhelmed by the deluge.

If you can stop in and buy a snag or a raffle ticket, every dollar will go to helping support this iincredible and genuine charity.

You never know who you might meet there.. 🐨🦉🦘💗


Handsome Harley has activated weekend mode 😍

A huge shoutout to everyone waiting to receive orders. Our move was a little challenging (aren’t they always 🥴) and I (michelle) was sick all week. Internet is still hit and miss so replies are taking a bit longer.
Everyone we have spoken to has been soooo understanding 💖
Next week will see everything finalised and shipped.


Good morning HH friends!

The past few days we finally moved out of our factory 😓 It has been a mammoth task.

We are busy setting up our temp location so we can complete orders. Please bear with us as we do this. Email replies may take a bit longer than usual and our phones are not set up up yet.

We are completing everything as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience 💖


A fight to get behind!

HH friends!

Many of you assisted by signing this petition in the initial phase. We are now at the final stage and every signature will count.

This is personal to me as it is my niece and nephew who have CF, but I also ask for your support to help the thousands of family’s who suffer this debilitating illness.

This petition only requires your signature ✍🏻

In gratitude,

Michelle x


So apparently it’s International Women’s Day today!

We would like to celebrate our main girl, Alice 💖

She holds our little family in the most calming energy. She manages bursts of insanity from her brother, retrieves stolen footware and clothing from said brother, and provides the most wholesome loving ‘welcome home!’ any human could ever ask for (complete with a primal howl).

Happy IWD to our most special girl 💖💐🦴💖


Good morning HH friends!

We are moving out of our factory today and tomorrow 🥴

Remaining orders are packed and ready for shipment tomorrow and a few last minute orders will leave from our temporary space by end of next week.

We have enough thermal to make 8 XL-HD beds. These will have a Teal cover ONLY. Price reduced to $250 (+freight).

To purchase please phone today or tomorrow (073899-0143) before 1pm. This is your LAST chance to purchase this beautiful bed. It is most suited to the bigger babies and hounds over 30/35kgs.

The first 10yr chapter of Australia’s ONLY patented, therapeutic, non-toxic, pet bed is almost over. Our new chapter will begin later this year…💫


Mr Wilson & Fenway collecting their weekend purchase 😊💖


Anyone in the Murwillumbah vicinity who is able to help, Friends of the Pound need you!

Message from FOTP President:
Hi Friends, an update on the Friends of the Pound animals,
The water is receding in Prospero Street and Tygalgah.
Five of our volunteers waded through waist deep water and went into the cattery this morning, all is well there was no water in the shop and the cats who were very grateful to see them will be fed and have their litter changed.

The dogs and farm animals at Tygalgah are safe and fed the water is receding and historically will be standing on grass by this afternoon, so there is no need to move them.

The cats at Corporation Circuit were moved upstairs when there was a evacuation order placed on South Tweed, we have three courageous volunteers going in to feed them today.

I would like to thank all of those community members for their kindness, those that kept us informed about the well being of our cats, those that offered their homes for temporary foster care, and those that would have helped if they could access the area. I know the feeling of wanting to help but feeling inadequate due to the circumstance of a flood and limited access."

Thank you
Friends of the Pound (Tweed) Inc.

🚨Update 10.20pm message from Friends of the pound President
❤"We have a boat, animals are all ok, i believe the water is subsiding and we hope to move them tomorrow.
Please thank all those wonderful people that have offered their help far and wide."❤
We have approx 30+ foster dogs, some goats, cats and chooks that all need rescuing from a property at TYGALGAH. There are people at the property looking after them.
This photo was taken this morning now the water is lapping the verandah, the property back on to the Rouse River. We are looking for someone with a flat bottom boat to help move them elsewhere. Contact Sonia on 0439 766 243



What a start to our SALE!! Thanks so much everyone for braving the rain ☔️

There’s still lots of stock available including a sample of a future size for the big babies - 120cm x 70cm x 12cm. This is an ideal size for the lounge room. These beds are $190.


If you are still coming to our Showroom Sale PLEASE DRIVE SAFE.

1578 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt East.


Our Showroom is almost ready for our FINAL SALE tomorrow!

9am - 3pm
1578 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt East

Cash or credit card.

We won’t be available tonight to answer questions sorry, so call in tomorrow to find the perfect bed at never-to-be-repeated prices 🤩




👉 2nds in most sizes
👉 Odd shapes
👉 Samples of possible new range
👉 Replacement mattresses
👉 Water Repellant Crate Beds
👉 Covers, and so much more!

Saturday 26th February, 2022
1578 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt East.
Parking behind building (off Broadwater Road)

Cash or Credit Card ONLY


This is your very last day to order.

Website closes 11.59pm tonight 🍂

**If you are waiting on an order IT IS COMING! With delivery delays and staff members away we have been very behind. All fabric deliveries are either here or arrive Monday and all staff are back. This coming week we will be working around the clock to get every order made and shipped by Friday**



Dear HH friends,

We have decided to close LAST ORDERS a day earlier. We have a lot still to do and only one week left to do it all.
This coming Saturday is the LAST day to place orders for Original Beds, Hemp Beds, Senior Beds, and HD's (2 XL-HD's and 1 XXL bed remaining).

Please share this post with friends and family if you think they need a HH bed. Still so many are only hearing the news and we know many will sadly miss out.

We will be back...we will just look different 🙃💝



Handsome Dave received his new XL ‘Golden Years’ Senior bed this week!

He decided that the time had come to upgrade his original bed (purchased 6yrs ago from us), and try the specially designed senior bed.

We are so honoured you chose us to support you through your retirement years Dave 💖💖💖




A ‘Senior’ boudoir fit for a Queen 👑

This is the LAST week to purchase a Henry Hottie bed for your favourite family member. Orders close next Sunday, February 20th 💫


Look what we found! 👀

We found 6 x 48” Crate bed Covers that we have made into beds. These are our non-toxic Bionic Finish Eco Water Repellent line from a few years ago and made with our patented thermal fibres.

115cm x 71cm x 8cm


WHEN? - 1pm Friday 11th February (tomorrow)

WERE $190 NOW $150

We won’t have anyone available to take orders before 1pm so please don’t call before then 🌼

**The last of our 42” beds sold leave tomorrow for those still waiting on an order**

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**TURN VOLUME UP** 😂When you upgrade your five year old HH bed to a new XL-HD, the following noises may occur...You’re a...
It’s a good day when your brand new Henry Hottie bed arrives with a built in cleaner 😍
Happy 5th Birthday to Henry Hottie’s #1 girl ~ Alice! 🎉🎁 ❤️We LOVE YOU Ally-girl 💖 (apologies for your humans average vi...
Happy 15th Birthday to retired Henry Hottie Executive Assistant - Tommy! 🥳Everyone who meets you loves you Tommy. But I ...
Henry Hottie beds are just too comfy to get out of..😀
Odie loves his bed!
A new venture introducing a greater range of Henry Hottie beds, our own pet inspired furniture, giftware, homewares....a...




1578 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt
Brisbane, QLD

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 4pm
Tuesday 10am - 4pm
Wednesday 10am - 4pm
Thursday 10am - 4pm
Friday 10am - 4pm

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