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Operating as usual


From 11:59pm on 18 April, y ou can travel quarantine-free between Australia a nd New Zealand. If you are planni ng to travel to NZ you’ll ne ed to follow specific protocols to ensu re public health requirements are met.

F or more info:


Auckland is now at Alert Lev el 3 and the rest of N ew Zealand is now at Alert Lev el 2 for seven days.

We are aski ng that people in Auckland stay ho me, and work and study from ho me if possible. The border around Auckla nd will be re-established, which includes Po rt Waikato. For information on the Auckla nd boundary, please see our website:

Travel in a nd out of Auckland is for essenti al travel only. Those who received a bord er exemption when Auckland was moved in to Level 3 earlier in the mon th, will not need to reapply. Tho se exemptions will be reactivated.

If you a re an Aucklander, you can travel to Auckla nd to return home. You should n ot travel out of the region unle ss you have to.

If you go outsi de your home maintain physical distancing of 2 metr es, or 1 metre in controlled environmen ts where you know the others present.

We are asking children to stay ho me from school. In Alert Level 3 schoo ls (years 1 to 10) and Ear ly Childhood Education centres can open f or children whose parents need to be at work.

Supermarke ts, pharmacies, primary produce retailers, and petr ol stations can remain open.

All testi ng locations are available here:

It’s importa nt the right people can get acce ss to testing — so please don ’t rush to a centre if y ou are well, or if you weren ’t at one of the locations of intere st. We are anticipating high demand at o ur COVID-19 testing sites and delays a re possible, so please be patient.

If y ou have symptoms but have not be en to a location of interest st ay home and call Healthline for advice.

F or the rest of New Zealand:

Businesses a nd schools remain open.

You must we ar a face covering on public transpo rt and aircrafts.

Mass gatherings are limited to 100 peop le.


Happy Waitangi Day NZ!

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty | Smartraveller 25/01/2021

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty | Smartraveller

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty | Smartraveller Australian Government travel advice for N ew Zealand. Do not travel. Travel advi ce level RED. Understand the risks, safe ty, laws and contacts.


Travelling to New Zealand during COVID- 19?

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty 01/10/2020

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty Australian Government travel advice for N ew Zealand. Do not travel. Travel advi ce level RED. Understand the risks, safe ty, laws and contacts.


2020 has been tough to s ay the least and we are a ll dealing with it in different wa ys. Remember that it is as importa nt as ever to reach out to o ur friends and family to ask R U OK? A conversation can save a li fe.

If you're not feeling ok, don 't suffer in isolation, reach out a nd have a chat. Talking about wh at you're dealing with can help. The re are also numerous resources available at

The re is more to say after . N ot sure how to have the conversati on, learn more at


Update on our Public Health Response​

We are taking a rapid response to bre ak the chain of transmission through conta ct tracing, testing and gathering of informati on. The family are still in stri ct self-isolation at home and we a re working with them on whether a ll or some of them might go in to a quarantine facility in Auckland. Followi ng further interviews with the people w ho have tested positive, it has be en revealed that one of the cas es, a woman in her 20s, travell ed to Rotorua on Saturday whilst s he was symptomatic. ​

We’re working with urgen cy to find out what places th is woman might have visited in Rotor ua over the weekend. People in Rotor ua and around the country should be vigila nt and seek advice if they ha ve any symptoms. There are currently testi ng sites in Rotorua and in Tau po. In Rotorua the testing site is on Vaug hn Road. ​

There will be an addition al pop up testing centre opening tomorr ow and that site will be announc ed for locals.​

Just remember that this vir us does not discriminate. There is no sha me and stigma on having contracted it. We want to find the vir us and we will support anyone w ho has it to ensure their heal th and well being are well look ed after and we stop the spre ad in the community. ​

None of o ur active cases requires hospital-level care. ​

We know that this has caused ala rm and anxiety for many of us. If we all do our b it, we will get through this. ​
We are working hard to put t he pieces of the puzzle to fi nd out how this family got infect ed.

Work is progressing to follow the ir movements and contact trace anyone w ho may have had contact with t he family who has tested positive. We a re testing all close and casual contac ts of the people who have test ed positive. ​

None of the workplaces whe re there is a risk are publ ic- facing and all appropriate health actio ns are being taken. All the sta ff in the first case’s workplaces a re considered close contacts. That’s a tot al of 130 people. ​

The person on ly has close contact in a sma ll team but we are treating everyo ne as close contacts. It has be en shut down and everyone is bei ng tested. There are 3 of t he husband’s colleagues who are being test ed and isolated. Their households are al so in isolation. That workplace is in 4 sit es around Auckland, with a total of abo ut 160 staff. They are all sh ut down now and everyone is bei ng followed up and tested. ​

We a re also doing genome sequencing on a ll those who have tested positive a nd our recent cases in managed isolati on and quarantine. This will help us tra ck the possible source of the vir us. Our national contact tracing centre h as 140 people on standby to suppo rt Auckland regional public health. Healthline h as been very busy as we anticipat ed with high volumes of calls. Th ey have an extra 60 staff alrea dy and we will be increasing th at.

We’re prepared to test thousands of peop le in the coming days. Staff fr om DHBS are being redeployed to testi ng centres both in the community a nd to do testing in Managed Isolati on and Quarantine facilities.​

We have stock of mo re than 270,000 tests available across t he country with more stock coming in at a ll times. We can process more th an 12,000 tests per day and we a re looking to increase this over t he next few days. ​

The best thi ng we can do now is to comp ly with key public health measures arou nd hand hygiene and physical distancing. We a re also recommending the use of fa ce coverings, particularly in the Auckland regi on.

On testing in Auckland ​
We a sk that if you have any sympto ms or if it is recommended th at you get tested, please get tested.​
If you have no symptoms, if y ou don’t work at the border or M IQ and you’re feeling well, then plea se comply with the level restrictions​

Aged care​

We must take extra precaution to lo ok after our most vulnerable people in ag ed care. ​

From midday today, all ag ed care facilities throughout New Zealand wi ll close their doors to everyone b ut staff and essential deliveries from no on today​

We’re working with the sector to ensu re that staff don’t work across multip le sites and facilities ​

We realise h ow difficult this will be for tho se who have loved ones living in the se facilities, but situations overseas have taug ht us that this is the safe st approach at this stage. ​

Details arou nd alert levels are available on o ur website Countdown and Foodstuffs ha ve a supply of masks for sa le.

We are also releasing 5 milli on masks from our central supply to suppo rt distribution in areas where they a re needed. ​

We are also looking at provisi on or masks and food parcels v ia social services for those who m ay be more vulnerable. ​

You can fashi on your own face covering if needed.​

We have mandated mask use in o ne environment at this stage - th at is for flights leaving Auckland. A ir NZ will be providing these on departur es. You are able to depart Auckla nd if you are going to yo ur place of residence.​

The Prime Minister a nd the Director-General will have another med ia conference at 4pm today.



We ha ve four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in o ne family acquired from an unknown source.​

T he index case is a person in the ir 50s who lives in South Auckland.​

Th ey were swabbed yesterday, and the sw ab was processed twice. A second sw ab has been taken today confirms t he positive result.​

The person has been symptomat ic for five days and has be en interviewed by Auckland Regional Public Heal th. The person has no overseas trav el history.​

As is our usual protocol we ha ve traced and continue to trace clo se and casual contacts of this pers on and getting them tested for COVID-19.​

Th is has included household contacts of t he case who received a rapid te st this evening. Three of these tes ts have also come back positive a nd we are awaiting three further results.​

A ll close contacts will remain in self-isolati on for 14 days, regardless of the ir test result, and all casual contac ts will remain in self isolation unt il they have returned a negative test.​

In addition, we are working over t he next few days to test a ll people that are working at o ur borders and everyone that works at a manag ed isolation facility.​

There will also be no barrie rs to anyone that has cold a nd flu symptoms getting tested. Testing is fr ee. If you are offered a te st, please take it.​

In Auckland the fo ur community testing centres in Northcote, Graft on, Henderson and Wiri will be operati ng with more staff and extra hou rs. The testing centres in Auckland, Waitema ta and Counties Manukau are all prepar ed for receiving more people. Details wi ll be on our website tonight.​

The thr ee DHBs in Auckland are planning p op up clinics over coming days a nd they will publicise the locations a nd hours of these clinics.​

The Ministry wi ll be working closely with DHBs a nd primary care around the country to ensu re additional testing capacity is available to me et an expected increase in demand.​

As we’ ve been saying for several weeks, it w as inevitable that New Zealand would g et another case of community transmission.​

We ha ve been working on the basis th at it could be at any ti me – and that time is now.​

T he health system is well prepared f or this eventuality – and the importa nt thing now is that we don ’t let the virus spread in o ur community.​

As we did in the ear ly days of this virus emerging, we ne ed to stamp it out.​

There are thin gs that every single New Zealander nee ds to do now:​
- Continue or g et back to stringent hand hygiene, snee ze and cough into your elbow.​
- If y ou or a family member are unwe ll please stay at home and conta ct Healthline or your GP about getti ng a test.​
- Practice physical distancing of t wo meters wherever possible.​
- Consider wearing a ma sk in public spaces or places whe re it is hard to physically distance.​

If you have any concerns please se ek advice from Healthline or your GP on getti ng a test.​

If you have not alrea dy, please use this opportunity to downlo ad the NZ COVID Tracer app. Th is will give us your up to da te contact details, so if we ne ed to get in touch with y ou for contact tracing purposes, we c an do so quickly.​

If you have fall en out of the habit of recordi ng your movements as you go abo ut your day, this case is a remind er of why it is so important.​

Y ou can still use the manual functi on on the app to record whe re you have been recently, and sc an in using QR codes going forwa rd. A reminder too, for businesses – plea se have a QR code displayed so yo ur customers can be traced quickly if required.​

O ur contact tracing team will be getti ng in touch with anyone identified as bei ng a contact of this case. Plea se be responsive if you are contact ed – return the call.​
This case is a wake- up call against any complacency that m ay have set in.​

We cannot afford to l et this virus spread.​

We have seen h ow quickly it can lead to a wid er resurgence in communities overseas. Places th at have had COVID-19 under control ha ve seen flare-ups and gone back in to a full lockdown.​

We are working to n ot let that happen here. We’ve do ne this before and we can do it aga in.


#LIVE Update on COVID-19

Important update on the COVID-19 situati on in Auckland and broader NZ.

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty | Smartraveller 01/07/2020

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty | Smartraveller

Update from, flights from N ew Zealand to Melbourne have been cancell ed for at least two weeks fr om today (01/07/2020). Stay safe all!

New Zealand Travel Advice & Safe ty | Smartraveller Australian Government travel advice for N ew Zealand. Do not travel. Travel advi ce level RED. Understand the risks, safe ty, laws and contacts.

100% Pure New Zealand. A Journ ey of Reflection. 12/06/2020

100% Pure New Zealand. A Journ ey of Reflection.

100% Pure New Zealand. A Journ ey of Reflection. Because when you remember what’s importa nt, you are left with what’s pu re.

Personal and household effects 28/05/2020

Personal and household effects

Personal and household effects COVID-19 update: New Zealand is current ly at Alert Level 2. Temporary trav el restrictions are in place at t he border. There are no restrictions on t he movement of freight. Visit the COVID- 19 section of this website, or the official COVID- 19 website, for more information.


Message to Kiwis living in Austral ia

Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern and Sco tt Morrison announce plans for trans-Tasman COVID-sa fe Travel Zone 05/05/2020

Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern and Sco tt Morrison announce plans for trans-Tasman COVID-sa fe Travel Zone

The Prime Minister of New Zeala nd Jacinda Ardern and Australian Prime Minist er Scott Morrison (ScoMo) speaking about optio ns for a "trans-Tasman COVID-safe travel zon e". A sign of positivity about h ow our two countries are progressing wi th the fight against .

As t he Prime Ministers said, "Our relationship is o ne of family"! We hope that we' ll be able to make this positi ve step towards rebuilding trade and touri sm in both our countries.

If you' ve been thinking about making the mo ve to beautiful NZ, this could be a st ep in the right direction. Chat to t he team at ShipinBoxes about your optio ns and start planning your move today!

Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern and Sco tt Morrison announce plans for trans-Tasman COVID-sa fe Travel Zone Australia and New Zealand are committ ed to introducing a trans-Tasman COVID-safe trav el zone as soon as it is sa fe to do so, Prime Minister Rt H on Jacinda Ardern and Prime Minister t he Hon Scott Morrison MP have announc ed.


Oluf Maersk arrival time-lapse

Awesome time-lapse video from Ports of Auckla nd of Maersk container ship coming in to port.


Lest we forget


Tomorrow is ANZAC day. While it wi ll be a very different one th an we are used to, it is as importa nt as ever to take the ti me to reflect and remember those Australi an and New Zealand servicemen and wom en who made the ultimate sacrifice f or us.
We want to say tha nk you to all those who ha ve served and those currently serving o ur two countries. Our thoughts are wi th you and we will never forget.

Tauranga City - Our place to shi ne 23/04/2020

Tauranga City - Our place to shi ne

Have you had the chance to experien ce Tauranga, New Zealand? Check out th is video from the Tauranga City Counc il showcasing some of what this ci ty has on offer. A major po rt city in the north island that 's a gateway to New Zealand's beau ty and a great place to ca ll home.

Thinking about moving from Australia to Tauran ga or elsewhere in New Zealand? Ha ve a chat with one of t he friendly team at ShipinBoxes to discu ss your options!

Tauranga City - Our place to shi ne Video produced in 2014, this versi on updated in 2016


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