Roswa Park Farmstay

Roswa Park Farmstay is situated in Benger 5 minutes south of Harvey WA. Set amongst an Arabian Horse Stud on 40 acres of green pasture. Horses are welcome.

Operating as usual

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 06/02/2022

Our dear little Dolly is enjoying her change of diet eating her mushy "soup " with grated carrot ( thanks to Regan)

She has been very very sick, but now is feeling much better and we are hoping she will be with us for another few years at least.

Looking fantastic for her age, 33 years young she is tough old girl!

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 26/01/2022

Cute Guinea fowl keet! They have a large group of “mums” looking after them!


Tango on his daily morning walk with me, he thinks he is a dog!


RIP Wurkey Turkey, we have lots of fond memories of our funny quirky turkey. Will be sadly missed, poor Pablo is missing her already.

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 25/12/2021

2 ducklings and a Guinea Fowl keet decided Xmas day was a good day to hatch! Very cute, I’m sure they will be a hit with our farmstay guests!


Rags and Riches keeping cool , it’s their first day in the big pen!

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 25/11/2021

Need some name suggestions for our gosling and duckling both only one day old!


Welcome to the family Dwayne. A handsome Plymouth Rock Rooster!


Proud parents of 8 goslings!

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 06/10/2021

Spring, cows think they are in heaven with all the feed!


Just in time for school holidays :)

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 27/09/2021

Cuteness overload.

It’s that time of year again! Polish/frizzle chicks!


A must watch- cutest cow ever

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 19/07/2021

Guinea fowl roosting in the willow tree tree safe from predators


Andrew and Susan ( Peacock)

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 09/07/2021

28.5 ml in 90 Minutes, and still more to come. Might be good weather for ducks but too much for our paddocks! Poor horses!


Snug as a bug in a rug! Nice new warm rug for Dolly, been a wet winter and need to keep Dolly warm.


Sorry not sorry Benji! You get muddy, you get a bath!


Love how our neighbours calves are so curious and all line up to check us out!

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 20/06/2021

Winter morning at Roswa Park. Chrissy having some lead practice, wood ducks having a blast in our “lake” in front of the cottage, and love the colour of this ornamental pear tree!


Poor starving Guinea fowl demanding to be fed. Very good watchdogs so they earn their keep!

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 18/05/2021

Love the autumn colours of this Swamp Cypress!

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 06/05/2021

Beautiful autumn day on the farm

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 12/04/2021

Nothing like 60 ml of welcome rain on the weekend to freshen up everything at Roswa Park

Photos from Just the Sound of the Breeze's post 08/04/2021

Photos from Just the Sound of the Breeze's post


Just in time for weekend visitors!


The bodyguard watching out for the 2 guinea fowl keet on their first day out of the pen


Tango, the world’s worst shed cat, but is often a favourite with our guests! He has found a nice warm spot to sleep on this damp day!


I do love gerberas!


Door open! These guinea fowl are now of the age where they ready to be out in the big wide world. Update: they didnt think they were ready to be out, so i let them back into their pen in the afternoon. They enjoyed there short lived freedom for a while. Just as well as 8 o’clock last night we had a fox visit! Think i will be keeping them in their pen for a bit longer after all.

Photos from Roswa Park Farmstay's post 30/01/2021

THE cutest 2 year old ever, no fear, just lots of adventures to be had at the farmstay.


Both loving it!


That time again! Standby for lots of chick spam

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Hormonal turkey!




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