Samora Nui Face & Body

Samora Nui Face & Body


Once again the cold and dry weather is upon us, so the Strawberry Lip balm is used more than once every day, as is the Frangipani Face and Body lotion.
The most used is Tamanu Skin Repair for dry and cracked hands.
I cannot recommend these products enough 😊
Thank you Samora Nui!
I also have the Tamanu cream for my hands, which are cracked and dry, mostly from water, but hard work too!
It's non greasy and only a little is needed, so economic as well :)
Absolutely love the Strawberry Lip Balm!
Just what I need in the very dry Qld winter... thanks!

Natural face and body products using the best from the South Pacific. Producing a range of products made from natural ingredients as locally sourced as possible, as simple as possible.

Chemical free with no parabens, no testing on animals.10% of sales donated back to animal causes.


Time of year to start into your hand cream regime.
Try our lavender, soothing and mildly antiseptic!


Another handy tip for you folks.
With the constant washing and sanitising of your hands, you will probably notice them getting dry.
Saw a good idea today. Slather your hands in good hand cream at night and put on some gloves, preferably cotton. This will give them some relief overnight.
Good hand cream like ours 👍


With Covid-19 getting a bit of a go on recently. Here are some handy hints.

*Keep up with cups hot tea to protect your throat, it also helps wash the virus into your stomach.
*Lots of hand washing with good soap and hot water. The virus doesn’t like heat allegedly.
*Surface spray can easily made with metholated spirits or any alcohol and some tea tree oil or eucalyptus. Find an old spritz bottle and you are set.

Stay safe everyone. PM me if you need any hand sanitiser or soap.


Samora Nui Face & Body


Great time of year for a romantic dinner with your significant other. To add some ambience, how about adding some candles to your table.
We have a great range from moulded bees wax with essential oils to soy melt in a tin.
Made to order, for your special occasion.


Did you know more people are killed by a coconut to the head that shark bites per year?
It is the only downside to coconuts in my opinion, truly Nature's wonder nut.


We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.
A limited number of candles still available to that late Kris Kringle.
Have a safe and happy New Year!


It is that time of year again to be thinking sun smart.
Don't forget to slip, slop, slap.
Failing that we have some wonderful creams based on Tamanu nut that will help with the sunburn!
Can always make to order, just PM.


What do you do on a wild and woolly day?
Make up a new batch of lotions.
Frangipani our perennial favourite and
Masoa our muscle rub with spices, eucalyptus and wintergreen.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a healthy way of using cocoa butter is to put it on as an ingredient of our cream, not quite as tasty as an Easter egg 😁 10/01/2018


Hope you are all enjoying your new year and keeping hydrated and out of that harsh Pacific sun.
Don’t forget to check out the website for some wonderful hydrating creams and lotions.
Our summer speciality is Tamanu Skin Repair to help soothe that nasty does of sunburn. Made with soothing coconut oil and Tamanu (Ta mar nu) oil. Polynesia’s skin repair.
$13.50 a 125 ml tube. HOME


Soy candles delivered to their new homes!
Orders for Kris Kringle hand made soy candles now being taken. Huge choice of scents available 🎁


Halfway through a bulk batch of Soy candles.
House smells amazing.
These guys will make great Christmas gifts.


Did you know that jojoba oil is a wax in liquid form? It is about as close as you can get to oils produced in your skin.
Fabulous for cracked skin!


How are you all fairing for winter dry skin? All this wind must be drying you out.
Our Tamanu cream is great for re moisturising cracked and dry hands, especially those that have been in the garden.


With this cool winter weather coming on, it is important to help protect your skin from the weather.
This is especially important for your poor feet, which will be staying in shoes a whole lot more.
This month's special is Peppermint foot lotion for $10 each and another 10% off our other products.


We were fortunate to visit another of the wonderful places in the South Pacific in Lady Elliot Island.
It is an Eco Resort on the southern aspect of the Great Barier reef. There is a wonderful array of marine life and the island is being rehabilitated to return it back to what it was 400 years ago.
More than ever, it is becoming more important to create natural and sustainable products to help protect these wonderful pristine places.
We are more committed than ever to help keep our products eco friendly as well as natural as possible.


Don't forget to get some coconut oil into it.

Wishing you a great weekend!

How cute is this little ones hair do!?

#theorangutanproject #orangutan #frizzyhairfriday


Star bright angels

Thank you for your support this year. Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year 🎉

Merry Christmas everyone


Bright Side

Got to love coconut oil! I know the hair, nails and mozzie ones work!

Such a unique thing!👌


New batches of lotions ready for Christmas.
Hampers filled with your own combinations.

Massage and body treatment vouchers available.

Christmas is just around the corner and I have lots of Kris Kringle items. Soaps, moulded bees wax candles, and new to the range, soy wax melts for use in your oil burner.

Made to order if you have special requests.


Had a wonderful afternoon showing my work colleagues how to make T Bag bath bombs, lip balm, soy melts and use aromatherapy to scent up some of our luscious base cream.
The smells were amazing and it was a treat to pass on some ideas, especially with Christmas just around the corner.


Think you have tried everything??
In Sligo in Ireland you can pamper yourself in a seaweed bath!!


With the wind and rain drying out skin at the moment, keep it well protected with our range of rich creams and lip balms.
Frangipani and Tamanu are thick and luxurious and seal out the wind. Lotions $10 ea Creams $12.50.
Special batches can be made just for your skin and fragrance choice.
Message for more info.


Samora Nui Face & Body's cover photo


Best time of the year to try a wonderful Hot Stone Massage.
The heat of the stones seeps into your muscles like a big hug and the massage with warm coconut oil and stones relaxes and softens the tightest of stressed muscles. Coconut oil leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.
One hour back treatment - $70, one and a half hours full body $90.
Call 0403248840 to book.


Samora Nui Face & Body's cover photo


Tired of bleached and stringy hair? Ever tried coconut oil treatment? Liquefy some coconut oil and comb through your hair. Wrap and leave as long as you like then wash out. Leave hair feeling wonderful just like a Tahitian Vahine!


Still not too late to buy Mum something special from our range or purchase a gift voucher for a relaxing massage treatment.
Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies.


Want to spoil Mum on her special day? Hampers available, pick and mix. Starting from $15 each.


Happy Easter to you all.
Tell us your best Easter memory to be in to win a lotion or cream of your choice from the Samora Nui range.
Have a great weekend!


Big batch up today. Two down one to go! Frangipani fans will be happy!


Ever wonder what to do with those packing peanuts? They are made of cellulose and dissolve in water. Wet them down and tip on the garden!


Can't wait for cooler weather to try one of these.


With all the sun we are seeing at the moment, don't forget your sunscreen. If you do, our Tamanu Skin Repair is just the thing to smooth burnt skin and stop peeling.
The Tamanu nut is the South Pacific's marvel oil. It helps with skin conditions, great for sunburn and staying looking young. Combined with coconut oil you just can't go past it!


Tiare Body Lotion
Vanilla Luxury Cream
Tamanu Skin Repair
Lavendar Hand Cream
Muscle Rub Cream
Peppermint Foot lotion
Bees wax moulded candles
Cuddly wheat heat packs



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