Bannockburn Bush parkrun

Bannockburn Bush parkrun


Not the greatest of days but badly needed water!
Great to attend Bannockburn Bush parkrun event #163 and my #101 parkrun.
Both Libby Coker MP and @stephanieashercorangamite had stalls at the Golden Plains Farmers Market, I’m looking forward to the forthcoming election promises!

Check out community engagement on climate emergency plan.
Great morning in Bannockburn this morning with the weekly Bannockburn Bush parkrun back and also our monthly Golden Plains Farmers Market.
Also great to bump into our local member Libby Coker MP and have a quick chat regarding the new alignment of Corangamite and what that means for Golden Plains Shire Council

It’s great to see that the Electoral Commission considered Council’s objection and agreed to leave Inverleigh in Corangamite. Now is the time to push our local priorities ahead of the next federal election.

#popdown #supportlocal #parkrunlegs #notfitenough
Our first book worm completed the Bannockburn Bush parkrun course today
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A free, weekly, timed 5km walk/jog/run at 8am every Saturday. Open to all ages and abilities. Organised entirely by volunteers. Friendly and fun.

Join us!

Operating as usual

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Bannockburn Bush parkrun Event #172 07/05/2022


We are ready to see you all tomorrow. Don't let this rain scare you away.
First timers briefing at 7.50am
Run briefing 7.55am
Start 8am


Did you participate in parkrun last Saturday? On the weekend just gone, within all the parkruns in Australia, there were:

📌 411 events
😁 35,021 walkers, joggers & runners
💜 4,266 volunteers
😮 1,437 first-timers


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Welcome to run report No: 171

The rain passed over night leaving us with a sunny but chilly morning.
Even though we had close to 30ml of rain our track held up considerably well.
It appears the car park was the place causing the most grief under foot due to its extremely muddy and slippery condition.
One can only dream of a sealed carpark with parking bays and shady trees. Maybe a drinking fountain and a toilet block.
Now whoa there, back up a little. This is Bannockburn Bush parkrun not some city greenspace parkrun. We love our bush setting, it’s what sets us apart from the others.
BYO everything, water, shade, toilet paper (if you can’t make it back to town in time) even bags to place your jumpers in if you don’t want them on the ground or hanging out of trees.
Ahhh, the serenity at Bannockburn Bush parkrun. Oh I forgot about Pippa (sorry Kate) - and yes we love Pippa also.

41 participants joined us on Saturday morning. What brave souls you were. It was probably the 1st cold parkrun for the year. Did you all go to bed thinking to yourselves “if it’s raining in the morning I’m not going, nope not getting out of bed, not going to run 5km in the rain, not even to celebrate a milestone for some dedicated parkrunner. Nope not me, I’m just not doing it. Well aren’t you glad the sun was shining and auto pilot took over your thoughts and off to parkrun you went. No one ever says I wish I didn’t do that run. Endorphins kick in and the parkrunner high hits and then it’s off for coffee and cake. parkrun days, rain, hail or shine. Really what could be better?

5 participants definitely experienced the parkrunner high having achieved their personal best times. Congratulations to Noah Stanley who is quite new to parkrun having only completed 4 parkruns. He has been able to achieve a PB on each occasion. Mark Grace along with his trusty four legged mate Shep. Daniel Bosveld , Genevieve McGuinness and Alex Ramm.

Milestone runs are always exciting and we had no shortage of excitement. Celebrating her 100th parkrun and all completed at Bannockburn Bush was Shelley Gugger. Shelley joined parkrun on our 2nd event back on 21/10/17 and absolutely loves it. She is a great asset to our event having volunteered 22 times. Not long now Shelly and you will be celebrating with the purple cape. Katie Rowe was celebrating her 5oth parkrun also having completed all 50 at Bannockburn Bush and volunteered a couple of times. Our only junior parkrunner to celebrate a milestone this week was Ellie Oakes. Ellie ran her 25th parkrun and once again has completed all 25 at Bannockburn Bush. Ellie has also volunteered on 9 occasions and even volunteered as timekeeper. Well done Ellie, this role would have to be the most feared volunteer role going. It’s really not that bad is it? Just simply tap the phone when a participant crosses the line.

We welcomed a couple of 1st time visitors to the bush. Jose Zalabardo all the way from the UK is used to running at events with 200 or more participants. Jose we hope our small bush event with the friendliest people will be on your parkrun highlights list. Well actually on top. And Karen Richens from Geelong who has obviously heard how great our event is popped out to experience it for herself.

The event was made possible by 8 volunteers who really didn’t have the option of saying nope I’m not going if it’s raining. You are all legends.

Julie BUYEL • Paul BUYEL • Tess BUYEL • Lisa PATTEN • Christine BLACKLEY • Melissa CHRISTENSEN • Dani ROCCA • Adam BURKE

We heard a whisper on Saturday morning that one of our own has set a goal for this year to break the course record of 16:40. Now this record was set on the 2nd Feb 2019 by Daniel Gray and yes we think it’s about time this was challenged. Watch this space.

For those of you unaware of the joy coffee and cake or breaky brings after parkrun, we have left you with a few snaps of that joy.

See you all running next week.

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Today’s milestone legends 25, 50 and 100

Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post 30/04/2022

Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post


There’s a wee chance of some water about tomorrow so come prepared.

* We WILL run the event in the rain 🌧
* We will not run the event if there is lightening 🌩
* Check the FB page in the morning for any updates

First timers welcome - 7:50am
Run brief - 7:55am
Start - 8:am


It’s quite possible we will be celebrating again this Saturday 👏🏻👏🏻
Wear your milestone shirts and be proud to be part of the parkrun family


Event #170 Bannockburn Bush parkrun

This week 62 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 5 different clubs took part.

Congratulations to Tess BUYEL on her 100th parkrun, Matilda Grazules on her 50th parkrun, and Tommy Punton on his 10th.

It’s wonderful to see so many families out enjoying the fresh air together, people achieving milestones and PB’s and being welcomed into the fabulous parkrun community at Bannockburn Bush.

Tell your friends, let’s grow this unique and life enriching event.

The event was made possible by 7 volunteers:


Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post 23/04/2022

Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post

Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post 23/04/2022

Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post


Set your alarm clocks - parkrun is ready and waiting for you!
Run briefing 7:50 am
Event start 8:00 am.
See you there!


The volunteer roster is full and ready to go for Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you all there, but first, enjoy the poem below 😉

“Ode to the lost token”

Before event one, you arrived,
Perfect, plastic, shiny, and brand new.
— That didn’t last long, did it?

Week after week, event by event,
You lined up with your pals, ready for action.
— Would it be your week to be used?

Summer to fall, winter, and spring,
Whether sweaty hands or gloved, we grabbed you and smiled.
— Did it make your day too?

Then came the day — a cry arose from the sorting —
“Has anyone seen token number 12?”
— Or perhaps 35 or 52 — you’re all well-loved.

"Everyone check pockets and search the ground!"
"Is it tangled in a hi-viz?" "Maybe the token is hidden in the kit?"
— We always remind them you aren’t a souvenir.

Perhaps, at a future event, someone will find you on the ground?
Or maybe one day you'll just show up, freshly laundered?
— We don’t mind if you sneak back in the cup.

No matter where you are, dear token, parkrun must go on.
So, until you return, a stand-by shall hold your place,
And spread joy at many a parkrun completion.


You never know who the first timers are going to be at parkrun!

Event #169 heralded a stunning morning without a breath of wind. It was a happy 49 people who ran, jogged, walked and strolled around our picturesque course.

We welcomed 8 first timers, and the dusty track saw 9 pb’s achieved - congratulations to: Preston, Nelson, Angus, Katie, Tommy, Noah, Georgia, Lachie and Hamish. 7 of the pb’s were junior runners.

Thanks you to our wonderful crew of volunteers who help the event to go ahead: Dani Rocca, Matt Deroon, Beck Mitchell, Carolyn Punton, Lenny Izzard and Jill, Tracey and Ellie Oakes.

We are still missing one of our tokens, (#12) so put the word out to people you know so we can hopefully organise its return. If you have any luck please message us on this page.

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Event #169 April 16 2022


Something is missing
If you have accidentally pocketed #12 token instead of an Easter egg can you please message the page so we can swap it for an egg

Mobile uploads 15/04/2022

Come to Bannockburn Bush parkrun and have a hippitty-hopping good time while enjoying our beautiful course.



Volunteers Needed Please!

We still need a Photographer and First Timers Briefer for this Saturdays event. If you can fill one of these positions please let us know here or via Messenger. We'll teach you what to do and the jobs are simple enough that we often have young parkrunners fill them. You can do it!


The sun shone down on a perfect morning in the bush today as 41 participants ran, jogged and strolled their way around our course.

It was great to meet Linda, Noah, Danielle and Ryan who joined us for their first ever parkrun - we hope you loved it and will become as hooked on Saturday morning parkrun as we are! We also welcomed Emma who came out from Geelong to check out our
beautiful bush after some extended parkrun touristing.

The dusty track contributed to 3 pb's this morning - congratulations to Ed, Lionel and Preston!

Thanks to our super volunteers today - Addie Izzard, Marissa Izzard, Lenny Izzard, Isobel Grazules, Narelle Grazules, Tyler McNicol, Caroline McNicol and Shelley Gugger.

Also thanks to those who have put their hand up to volunteer - there are still several empty positions over the next few weeks so please send us a message if you can help out!

(Check out this happy-to-be-at-parkrun face - Elliot can't wait until he is out of the pram and ready to do parkrun all on his own!)

Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post 09/04/2022

Photos from Bannockburn Bush parkrun's post


While we're excited about parkrun day tomorrow we are NOT excited about the state of our roster. Our event relies on runners giving up their run every now and then to volunteer. The jobs are all pretty simple and we'll show you how. Please - check your calendar and figure out a date or two that you could put your name on the roster.

See you tomorrow - 7:50am for run briefing!


Run Report Event #167
The weather has definitely turned towards the cooler time of year but the rain kindly stayed away for our 35 runners/joggers/walkers today.
With overcast skies and the lightest of breezes we managed to have one runner get themselves a pb. Well done to Matt Deroon for knocking 25 seconds off his previous best.
We also had young Michaela Patten get her 10th run in today. Michaela has completed all of her runs with us at Bannockburn Bush. That is a great effort.
There were four first timers today. Two had travelled from Ballarat and one from Altona with the fourth being a local. We hope you all had fun and come back soon.
A massive thank you has to go out to our volunteers today. Most of them jumped in at the last minute which was much appreciated. Kathleen BOURKE, Julie BUYEL, Isobel GRAZULES, Matilda GRAZULES, Narelle GRAZULES, Adeline IZZARD, Leonard IZZARD, Brett SAGER, Paul ASHLEY.
We are averaging 59 participants per week and we have an average finish time of 36:02.
We look forward to seeing you again next week.

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