Heartwood Horses

Heartwood Horses


How gorgeous is this.
How cute are these guys
Not sure how the studies were done but makes sense to me. Hence here at Heartwood Horses we don't use bits. School horses do an amazing job and l try to keep them as healthy and as happy as possible so they can be at their best for every student.
A big thankyou to all the lovely folks I met on my recent 1,109 km tour of SW Victoria! Looking forward to meeting you all again I hope, when 'Taking Tom Murray Home' comes out in July. Not enough space in the collage for everyone but will feature stories and videos later! Will give a small shoutout though to those who hosted me so kindly, Ironbird Bookshop (Port Fairy), Collins Booksellers (Warrnambool), Cow Lick Bookshop (Colac), Great Escape Books (Airey's Inlet), Dymocks Geelong, The Bookshop at Queenscliff, Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery (Sorrento), Farrells Bookshop (Mornington), Robinsons Bookshop HQ Carrum Downs, Thesaurus Booksellers (Brighton), Dymocks Melbourne (Melbourne), Robinsons Bookshop (Melbourne), Readings (Carlton) and not to forget Kim and Leah of Heartwood Horses and Leading Senior Constable Leo Finnegan of the Portland Victoria Police! And to the wonderful people at HarperCollins Books Australia for organising ...

(Proceeds from Taking Tom Murray Home will go to Plan International Australia).
My kind of long reining, don't even have to walk. Not sure who would ride though.
Wow who can relate to this!
Some science to explain why it feels good to be near a horse.

At Heartwood Horses we offer therapeutic horse riding for children and young adults. Our horses are kind and patient. We work within the child's ability and build their skills and confidence in a fun and friendly manner.


Operating as usual


Come and join us for this 4 day, in person training on how to work alongside animals with your clients, in a way that is mutually enjoyable and beneficial for both the animal and human. This amazing training includes 2 online courses to prepare you for the in person work.
The field of Animal Assisted Play Therapy®️ has been developed by Dr Rise VanFleet and Tracie Faa-Thompson, who have been working in this way for over 40 years between them. They wrote the book “Animal Assisted Play Therapy” which won the Maxwell Award in 2018 for the best book on the Human Animal Bond. For more information on the training and book - please visit our website https://iiaapt.org/training/animal-assisted-play-therapy-theory-research-practice-level-1/.
To buy the book in the UK and to book the training for the UK and Australia - EMAIL: [email protected]

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So excited to be hosting this training.

SAVE THE DATE: Australia - we are coming back!.

Who Should Attend?
This training program is designed for play therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, family therapists, school counselors, and other experienced mental health, medical, allied health, and educational professionals. The training is relevant to a wide range of clinical, developmental, and educational problems for clients throughout the lifespan. Canine and equine professionals interested in the topic are also welcome to attend. This workshop is an intermediate-level experience in how to conduct AAPT effectively and ethically.
AAPT Level 1 Course Description
This training is designed for mental health, allied health, and education professionals who wish to learn about the exciting field of Animal Assisted Play Therapy®. Properly selected and prepared animals are incorporated into therapy sessions for clients of all ages, while the power of humor and play is harnessed to create a safe environment for therapeutic change. The 2 online courses and the 4-day in-person hands-on workshop that comprise this course provide 52 hours of detailed instruction on topics such as human-animal interactions, ethology/animal behavior, animal assisted therapy, research, natural environments, and the full integration of animal-assisted therapy with play therapy to address a wide range of client challenges. The program emphasizes a relationship-based approach. The Level 1 course focuses on dogs and horses with information about other species included since AAPT principles and practices apply across species. AAPT can be applied from virtually any theoretical orientation, as well as integrative models of intervention.
More information here: https://iiaapt.org/training/animal-assisted-play-therapy-theory-research-practice-level-1/

For booking and enquiries, please email:[email protected]

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Anyone need a giggle tp get thru your day


source: @justgirlproject


Bailey and l wish all our friends a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2022.


Horse loves the handpan


I think these ponies get the jist of the topic of conversation. Such adorable little ponies.


I DID NOT KNOW... by Alissa Kelly

I did not know a horse could bring people into your life that end up meaning the most to you.
I did not know a horse could make the hardest days of your life bearable.
I did not know a horse could teach you to put others first.
I did not know a horse could remind you time and time again that your gut is always right.
I did not know a horse could break your heart.
I did not know a horse could pick you up when you have fallen apart.
I did not know a horse could teach you to dream again, after you thought it was not possible.
I did not know a horse could make you believe in yourself.
I did not know a horse could teach responsibility, work ethic, and dedication.
I did not know a horse could make you believe in something when no one else does.
I did not know a horse could make you learn to forgive and forget.
I did not know a horse could humble you faster than you can say humble.
I did not know a horse could make you a winner.
I did not know a horse could also teach you how to lose gracefully.
I did not know a horse could instill patience in you.
I did not know a horse could make you listen better.
I did not know a horse could give you their heart.
I did not know a horse could change your life.
I did not know a horse could do all these things...
but now I know. ❤️❤️


My animals are my greatest teachers...but I'm not sure they would say I am their best student, I'm a work in progress :)




Love this.


There’s something about being around my animal friends that calms my mind. 💕


As you might know, I am training to be a child therapist. To complete my Masters I need to work with a family for 3 months. If any family is interested in some free therapy then contact me. The conditions are that all the family members are involved, kids and both parents. Some sessions are just with the parents and some are the whole family. It is best suited to primary school aged children. It is for 1 hour every week here at Heartwood Horses in my playroom. I am very flexible with days and times as it is tricky getting a whole family to come together. If not you then you might know a family that might be interested, please pass on my number 0458747534. Thanks so much. Kim


While we are hiding inside infront of the fire during lockdown we managed to rescue another lamb meet Lila.


All aboard the Pony Express Train!

How adorable is this


Meet our new fur kids family member LuLu lamy. She has settled in after losing her mum and is enjoying cuddles from some students and even some bottle feeds. She makes a great study buddy and Leah is doing a wonderful job being her substitute mum. All the dogs are fascinated by the way especially Macy. She thinks its a new play friend.


If you’re ever approached or commented on, on one of my posts - by anything other than my name with a blue tick - ignore it.


A friend came over and took some photos so I could update my website. This was my favourite. I bred these two brothers and I hope to ride them soon. Bring on spring.

Heartwood Horses updated their business hours. 08/10/2020

Heartwood Horses updated their business hours.

Heartwood Horses updated their business hours.


Now it's my turn 😀🐎❤

Totally adorable spotty mini.


Today is a rare day off for self care and study. At this stage you are still able to continue to participate in sport with one other person and are able to attend therapy sessions so l feel comfortable in still offering my therapeutic riding lessons. These lessons will be more spread out to avoid personal cross over and equipment will be rotated and cleaned between students. Obviously this is an individual choice and l will discuss bookings as they arise. Please feel free to chat to me with any questions you have. I understand the importance of some positive experiences in your child's very unsettled world at the moment so lm here to offer any support that l can. Take care. Its going to be a rough few weeks ahead..


Ohh love this. Mares teach us soo much.

Mares aren’t always well liked and for the same reasons strong women aren’t.

Opinionated? Those opinions are not without good cause and maybe you can't figure them out or maybe you just don’t like her opinion of you. Change it and she will always be on your side.

Stubborn? She just won’t let you bulldoze her. Treat her with respect and her resilience will be an asset to you.

Difficult? You just can’t handle her. You don’t have what it takes.

Stick with geldings then, and leave the mare for someone who understands her and appreciates the same qualities society has subtlety taught you not to like.

Here’s to mares, to strong women, and to those who CAN and DO appreciate them!

~ The Evolving Equestrian


Horse on treadmill walking and trotting viewed from above 0.5x normal speed

This is fascinating. Especially once you get interested in saddle fitting.


Exciting news at Heartwood Horses we have bought back a pony we sold 3 years ago. Teddy had been at a wonderful home and now he is back with us. Im pretty sure he remembers his fellow white ponies Rosie and Toby.
We are still offering private Therapeutic horse riding lessons. I am available every morning and on weekends. Its been quiet with the lock down so looking forward to having some fun with students again.


For anyone wondering if they are still allowed to attending private lessons then the answer at this stage is yes. As I am a business and this is part of my income I am permitted go give private lessons as long as we adhere to the social distancing rules. Below is the announcement by Equestrian Victoria that has sorted this out for us. There is a link to the flyer below with all the information.
This of course could all change but while we are in Stage 3 and they allow gathering of 2 people it seems to be accepted.
I totally understand if you don't feel comfortable coming to a lesson but I am certainly still operating if anyone still wants to attend.
Hope you all safe and well and coming being at home.


Equestrian Victoria’s (EV) priority is the safety of our members and our community.

We are in constant communication with the Victorian Department for Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) and take this opportunity to UPDATE our Membership with essential information regarding the care of your horse(s) and coaching.

NOTE: This information is current as of today (30 March 2020) and may be overridden by any changes announced by government.



First day training my rescue mini Cruise. He could not walk at all when l brought him two months ago. I have spent all this time trying to rehab his feet. So glad he is feeling so well and playful now. Hopefully he will love working with kids. He certainly loves his carrots so that helps.

Communion with horses - Mel Fleming Horsemanship 18/12/2019

Communion with horses - Mel Fleming Horsemanship

Communion with horses - Mel Fleming Horsemanship We just finished an amazing course down in VIC. All of the courses I teach result in huge transformations of horses and people in quite a short time, but thi...

Photos from Heartwood Horses's post 19/03/2019

Zowie doing some vaulting on Tyson today. It was pretty tiring.

Photos from Heartwood Horses's post 26/02/2019

Our young clydie Roy went to his first event on Sunday and did very well for a young novice. He doesnt look very big next to James but James normally competes with an 18hh horse so a bit if a difference..

Photos from Heartwood Horses's post 22/02/2019

Learning some new skills in dog training.


My daughter Leah doing some Dru yoga on her Clydesdale Pearl.

Photos from Heartwood Horses's post 29/01/2019

Student Zowie tried some yoga on horseback today. Both horse amd rider look pretry relaxed l gotta day.

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