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Operating as usual


Email has been sent to those who expressed an interest in this class.


New Class.. email or message us for more information…


Time for a new class.. for nervous or distracted dogs…


Those who have already emailed will be contacted later today; with further details.


Only one spot left… this is the class that leads on from puppy classes..




Puppy Classes run all year round.
All you need to do is book in via Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic (you do not need to be a client of the clinic to attend puppy classes).
Classes run as soon as they are full and we are averaging a new class every two weeks at the moment.
Six Dogs in a class and it runs for six weeks; costing $165.00 (in total).
We cover the basic obedience exercises but add in some tips and tricks along the way. We also include games to keep the learning interesting and fun.
We work with food rewards (just in case you were wondering).
Give the Clinic a call and book in today.


For your dogs next level training.

The next level class which we have named.. ‘Raising your Training’ will only have four dogs in each group and will work using the foundation of knowledge you learn in your previous puppy class to enhance your training and raise your skill set with your dog.

Click the link so you can be added to our next class list and for further details.


Due to a family medical emergency. There are no classes until 4th September. All clients should have been informed by the clinic via sms.


No classes this week - despite the lifting of lockdown restrictions.


Please be careful where you take your dog. Any symptoms or if your dog just isn’t quite right - book in with the vet and get a check up.


And again..


We are still restricted with the operation of classes. The clinic will be in touch when we are starting again.


No classes this week - despite the lifting of lockdown restrictions.


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Classes will be capped at four dogs and will run for four weeks..


Next Puppy Class is starting soon..Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic


And just like that we are back... Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic - classes will continue this Saturday. See you there.


Apologies but we will do the right thing to ensure we are not part of the problem. Hopefully this will resolve some of the cases. Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic


Apologies but we will do the right thing to ensure we are not part of the problem. Hopefully this will resolve some of the cases. Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic


Due to illness; classes are paused this week. (I have flu symptoms but it is not Covid-19 as I had a negative test).
See you all same time next week.


Supporting another trainer in Qld.

🥳 Exciting News 🥳

We will be opening our doors for business from 18th January 2021!

If you haven’t already done so, contact us NOW to reserve your doggos place in daycare!

There will be loads of fun, games, cuddles and all round good times to be had.

We look forward to seeing you all there 🐶

Timeline photos 01/01/2021

And just like that; we are back.


Classes are filling up fast.. I will be opening up a novice class too, for those who have completed the puppy class.

Novice classes are great for building on the learnt skills to keep your dog engaged and helping the owner to troubleshoot any training hiccups that have occurred along the way.

Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic


Apologies for the delay in making this announcement; I’ve had a few things to deal with on a personal level. Thank you for your patience and I am looking forward to getting back to training again.


We are in regular consultation with the crew at Bannockburn Vet Clinic; we are currently waiting on advice from the Government regarding dog training; as so far there have been three different answers regarding it. And much as we want to get back into training; we also don’t want to contribute to the problem either.
We aware acutely aware of the necessity of training and also the fact we have clients waiting and we would like to thank them for their patience. As soon as we know, we will announce it.


In partnership with Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic to provide dog training to the local area.

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