Sales67, is a family owned and run Western Australian on line web sales business, stocking mainly sm


Have you seen this image on ebay adverts?
The only ads I have seen it on so far when you dive into the seller are people located in China!
Don't be fooled into thinking you are supporting a local Australian business.
It's hard to distinguish ourselves from the overseas market as it is will be worse now they are doing this..


Hi Guys
We are away having an operation this week, and will be closed to order packing and queries until Monday the 4th July
Thank you for your support
Chris and Carol

Mobile uploads 04/05/2022

This is in a group I frequent, but it shows what I try to explain to people, just because it looks the same, it doesn't mean it is, we get it all the time when people say I can get that meter $10 cheaper... no, you cant, you can get one that looks like it, but what you actually get is something altogether different.

We test every product we sell prior to ordering them so you can be assured of quality.

This is what happens when you buy cheap parts from overseas and think you're getting a bargain,
Yep that is a small battery, disguised as a bigger battery with a concrete filling 😁


Hi Guys.
We are moving this weekend, its been a hectic couple of weeks if I don't get back to you immediately, I will as soon as I can.
Thanks for your understanding


Hi Everyone.
I just got off the phone to Australia Post trying to track down some missing parcels for myself, and they are telling me that Perth are having a lot of issues, so if you are waiting for something from us, I apologise, and just want to confirm its on the way!

Sales67 - 12 Volt, Anderson Plugs, LED lights Battery Meters - online 09/03/2022

Sales67 - 12 Volt, Anderson Plugs, LED lights Battery Meters - online

Hi Everyone,
If you have purchased or even looked at our eBay listings lately you will notice there is an additional postage charge on small items.

Carol and myself have made the unfortunate decision to charge for tracking.
This has come about for a few reasons, Australia post no longer allow us to use the cheaper parcel post tracking stickers, and eBay are becoming harder to deal with in regards to refunds and chargebacks with untracked mail.

The end result is that a few impatient customers have done chargebacks and refunds for items a few days late and ruining it for everyone else.
In order to keep the prices low for our customers we run very tight profit margins, even one chargeback costs us money, and makes it harder for all.

Please note this change is only on eBay, and our website customers will always enjoy free postage even on small items, we expect our customer to understand that small items are sent untracked that means untracked, and we cannot track them, there maybe delays, while Australia post work through floods, and washed out rail and road. These things are rare but they do happen from time to time and they are unavoidable.

Only the Chinese who pay nothing for post can supply free tracking on small items, whether that’s direct or through a drop shipping service.
The difference here is you are supporting an Australia family business, and we won’t expect you to send returns at your cost to China for a refund or fail to prove any real customer service, if we mess up we happily fix it for you!

Sales67 - 12 Volt, Anderson Plugs, LED lights Battery Meters - online 12 Volt accessories solar regulators, battery meters, Anderson plugs and LED lights, caravanning and camping products, based in Western Australia, fast shipping, great friendly service, and Australian values from this family business.

Photos from Mark McGowan's post 07/02/2022

Photos from Mark McGowan's post


Hi Everyone.
In light of Bunburys COVID flair up I just wanted to assure you all we are still operating.
We pack orders with the best of care.
And all pickups can now be touchless assuming you pay in advance.


Woot, we hit 10,000 positive feedback (ebay)
Its the little things hahaha


Hi Everyone!

Due to Australia post no longer accepting tracking labels, I am unable to track small packages free, this is going to lead to a couple of optional charges for tracking (if you desire this) on some items, I will be adding this in this coming week.

Large items that are already sent by parcel post i.e. larger meters, regulators, cables etc are unaffected by this change, unfortunately most of our range of Anderson plugs and seals etc are small items



We are happy to announce we are winners of the APAC small business awards with the category of:
"Best Online Retail Small Business 2021 - Australia"
An awesome way to finish a hard year!


Changed the grey Anderson plug on this cable to black for a customer today 🙂

If you see an item in stock that you want customised, just ask!! We love to help our customers 🙂


Got to admit this one took me by surprise, got an xmas email from VIC OFFROAD.. who knew they were not Australian!

Photos from Sales67's post 17/12/2021

Coming soon!
Lifepo Batteries, will initially ship from our supplier in QLD whilst we organise some WA stock.

100AH, 150 AH and 200 AH, Starting from $729

5 year warranty
> 3000 cycles @100% DoD
1/3 of the weight of lead acid, but delivers twice power.
Much longer cycle life compared with lead acid battery, which
will minimize replacement cost.
Smart BMS control (Bluetooth)
With integrated BMS protection against over charge/discharge,
over current, short circuit and temperature, etc.
CE / UN38.3 / MSDS Certified
App monitoring is optional
Series and parallel hookup! not many lifepo's that will allow this.


Christmas Trading
As we are an online shop we are open the whole of Christmas.
Parcels will be sent out on Normal Business Days 28, 29, 30, and 31 December.
I will likely check messages over the period so if you need something or have a question message me.
I would like to take this moment to thank all customers past and future and wish you all safe travels and a Happy and Safe Christmas , New year Season


Hi Guys
With Christmas coming though I’d do a write up on some buying tips.
The first a foremost is know your seller!
With our webpage that’s simple, but not so much on marketplaces, if you shop on say eBay for instance you can check the seller, their ratings and feedback, I cannot stress enough how important this is, getting a 100% positive feedback rating is practically impossible, the old adage, “you cant please everyone” is very much in play, Chris has won three national customer service awards over the years and understands customer service very well, but even we have a 99.9% rating.

Do not just look at say a 98% rating and think well that’s high it will be fine, Chances are if it’s less than 99% it wont be, plus some less than scrupulous sellers open new accounts when the rating and comments get too low/bad.
You are looking for two things, first if you care about keeping your money in Australia, where the seller is registered, second the negative an neutral ratings, is there a common thread? Is the seller truthful about the location? are there comments about low quality or long postage times, etc, currently there is a large amount of oversea’ s sellers falsely advertising the location, we ourselves have been caught out.
Also what do they sell? Are you buying from an overseas seller drop shipping through a warehouse in Australia? or are you buying form someone that will give actual support and warranty, most of the sellers who drop ship require anything sent back to them oversea’ s.
Of course this also means your money is going out of the country, quite possibly to somewhere you don’t want it to.

And finally and also very important, just because it looks the same it does not mean it is, we test all of our purchases before they go out to market and our return rate would be 1% at most, in fact for the whole of last year there was just 4 items, there is many, many different sellers selling things that look identical, for instance one of the meters we sell for $19 sells from $8 BUT it is not the same meter, the mold is what they call open, so anyone can buy and use it, then fill it with whatever cheap components they can find, pair that with its mostly the warehousing sellers doing it and your $8 is not so cheap.

So how do you protect yourself?
Check rating
Check location
Check to see if they are actually an Australia company or are just “Australian stock”
And finally take a bit of time to look around, don’t just buy the first “cheap” item you see.

Cheers All and Merry Christmas!


Hey Everyone, Just a reminder Australia post is getting busier and busier the closer to Christmas we get, if you are planning on purchasing anything online, from us or elsewhere, you may want to consider doing it early!


Christmas lodgement dates for deliveries within Australia

We are recommending all items are lodged by the following dates for delivery within Australia by Christmas*:
• Parcel Post – 13 December 2021
• Express Post – 20 December 2021
• StarTrack Premium – 20 December 2021
* Excludes to and from Perth and Darwin.

We also have a more detailed state lane breakdown available on Australia Post and StarTrack website.

LCD 12V 24V 36V 48V Battery Status Voltage Voltmeter Monitor Meter Caravan 18/10/2021

LCD 12V 24V 36V 48V Battery Status Voltage Voltmeter Monitor Meter Caravan

We have two new meters for 2021!

And Here, the difference is one shows Temp, the other is waterproof

LCD 12V 24V 36V 48V Battery Status Voltage Voltmeter Monitor Meter Caravan This meter is one of our easiest to set for standard lead acid, AGM, flooded batteries.Meter is pre-calibrated for 12v batteries (AGM, Flooded, Sealed, VLRA)This is not for LIFEPO batteriesProduct parameters; 1. Voltage measurement range; DC8V - 100 - v2. Working current; The < 15 ma3. Display mo...

MPPT 12/24V 10A Duo Battery Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller 25/09/2021

MPPT 12/24V 10A Duo Battery Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller

We have some new Regulators, these are Dual Battery MPPT's, they will take one Lifepo battery and one mixed Designed so you CAN have your batteries and use them too :)
10, 20 and 30A, in stock now

MPPT 12/24V 10A Duo Battery Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller DuoRacer MPPT charge controller is made for charging two batteries CAN BE DIFFERENT TYPES (shown as BATT1 and BATT2 below) at the same time in a solar system. This controller supports multiple life battery (BATT1) types, including Sealed, Gel, Flooded, LiFePO4, and Li-NiCoMn, which is suitable for R...

Photos from Sales67's post 24/09/2021

We have a batch of our popular led strip lights on the way, these now come in more sizes.

Currently we have 1 meter and 600mm.
On the way is 450 and 250mm

We are doing them in black and silver and now also 12 and 24Volt.
Expect around Mid November, great time for getting in your Christmas shopping and preparing for the summer holidays!

ROAD TO RUIN: Alarming rise in caravan crashes 08/09/2021

ROAD TO RUIN: Alarming rise in caravan crashes

Stay safe out there!
Remember if you are new to towing there is safety courses you can do, better to spend a few$$ than end up tens of thousands out, or worse!

ROAD TO RUIN: Alarming rise in caravan crashes Holidaymakers are being warned to take extra care on the roads with alarming statistics revealing a 50 per cent jump in caravan collisions this year — with September being a notoriously bad month.

Photos from Sales67's post 09/07/2021

Chris is busy making a new batch of our meter surface mounts.

Sales67 06/07/2021


Just in! Battery Monitor 8-100 Volts Programmable Alarm 350A Compatible lifepo - sealed.


Sales67 15/04/2021


We have Anderson pins available in amounts 2-100 piece packs, 6, 8 and 12 AWG.



Hi Guys, we are Also available on whatsapp click below

Caravan Camper Dual LED White/Blue Light with 12v Socket Jayco Ceiling light 02/03/2021

Caravan Camper Dual LED White/Blue Light with 12v Socket Jayco Ceiling light

Due to popular demand we are now stocking these dual lights with the 12V fan/light sockets.

Caravan Camper Dual LED White/Blue Light with 12v Socket Jayco Ceiling light Jayco LED Oval Light 12V Dual with the 12V fan/light socket, Features: Two light settings, bright white and soft blue. Commonly used in Jayco caravans/Camper/Pop Tops C-Tick approved Length: 260mmWidth: 105mm1 x Light only.

10 February 2021 10/02/2021

10 February 2021

Hi guys, please see a comparison video on a cheap eBay awning light and our new 12/24V awning light.

10 February 2021 Awning lights. Cheap eBay V Sales67 new lights


From our family to yours, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy New Year.


Whatever you are celebrating, we hope you do it with love and joy in your heart! We could all use a little extra bit of that, this season. Stay safe for this long weekend, everybody!


Here at Sales67 we are putting our final preparations in place for our family Christmas. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and suppliers for their ongoing support in what has been a challenging year.

As you start making preparations for those caravan and camping trips over the school holidays, don't forget to check out our website at for all your 12 Volt Solar, LED lights, Caravan accessories, Camping accessories, and a range of anderson plugs, fridge cables and other 12 volt requirements.

Sales67 300A Meter 09/12/2020

Sales67 300A Meter

New Video, SOC programming for our very popular 300A meter.
Now that you tube have started putting ads on all content, we have moved to vimeo, its free and also ad free.

Sales67 300A Meter Program SOC on 300a meter


Even our Anderson plugs are getting into the spirit of Christmas 🎄🎄


Hi Everyone.
We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to all of our customers past present and future and to remind you all about postage for the balance of the year.

With Xmas fast approaching and the end of 2020, we would like to remind everyone that postal services are still fairly snowed under, longer than normal wait times for parcel delivery's are still an issue for some. this is only going to get worse as we edge closer to Christmas.

Australia post closing dates for delivery before Christmas are:
Saturday the 12 for normal shipping.
Saturday the 19th, for express post.
Due to those end days being a Saturday there is no post shop open to lodge items like ours, so they will have to be done on the Friday before hand.
Our normal post times close at 2pm Sunday to Thursday however we will also work the Friday prior to ensure you get your parcels.

Items posted after these dates have no guarantee to be delivered on time, and to err on the side of caution we suggest orders in a least a week earlier.

Christmas like all public holidays see's plenty of delays and there is a few public holidays during this period, so we would like to remind everyone that any parcel posted within 1 week of Christmas is going to have large delays, this is the time most of the complaints come in regarding delivery times, please remember a public holiday adds an extra day to an already busy period, and the solution is to post early.

Chris And Carol

LCD 12V 24V 48V 60V 72V 100V Battery Status Voltage meter Monitor 17/11/2020

LCD 12V 24V 48V 60V 72V 100V Battery Status Voltage meter Monitor

Used meter will full warranty 30% off full price, one only.
Tested, calibrated and working.

LCD 12V 24V 48V 60V 72V 100V Battery Status Voltage meter Monitor Unlike most meters the State of Charge (SOC) on this meter is programable, this means you can set the high and low to represent what you can safely use out of the battery, so it acts as a "Fuel Gauge" with empty being 50% of the battery left As per battery manufacturers recommendations. (ie on AGM 1...

Photos from Sales67's post 12/11/2020

We have Canvas solar panels back!

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