Treendale Device Repair

Treendale Device Repair


Hi Lee, I dropped my iphone and smashed the screen. My friend Lesley Chennell said you are the best but not back till next Thursday. Can I book you for a new screen for my iphone 8
Thank you so much for the I pad and the great service and help, I am a complete computer numpty, your service i great!
Hey Mate, sent you a message.
Hi ive sent you a pm.thanks
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Hi, I have been told that you fix phone screens. I was just after a price for a Samsung 9 that has a few small cracks?
Hello. Do you replace screens for sale note 3?
Hi PM u about repairing an Ipad
Hi PM sent about pricing and location to repair iphone 6s screen
Hi, do you do ipod 6 screens?
Pm'd you
Hi, are you able to fix a Samsung Tab A at all? Thanks :)

Highly experienced technician's repairing, broken/damaged iPad, Tablets. For a fast family friendly repair, specializing in iPad repair's including corner molding and cross brace straightening.Only using high quality parts.

Please be aware all repairs are completed on an R&R Break. 2 on 1 off roster. Had your device repaired elsewhere? and your device is not fully functioning? Your device will be tested before and after repair in-front of you, rest assured you will leave with a fully functioning device. WARRANTY
All devices come with 3 months parts and labor warranty, from date of repair. Please note this excludes ph


We are heading away for 4 weeks this coming Thursday so all messages will be turned off on Wednesday evening
If any repairs are needed before then please let us know asap.


For Sale
iPad Mini 3 wifi only
Our personal iPad one owner very little use
Updated to latest iOS


Hi Guy.
Looks like we have been hacked.
We didn't post anything in regards to a vacuum cleaner.


Hello All.
That time of the year again.
We will be open on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th if any pre Christmas repairs are needing to be done.
We will be shut a various times during the Christmas / New Years period.
If any repairs are required before school return we will be closed from the Mon 24th Jan - Mon 31st Jan so appointments before hand will be a must.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years


To all customers.
We are changing our repair schedule times to free up more time on my R&R for family.
We are no longer repairing on weekends
Monday's, Tuesday's and Fridays are the three days we are trading.
We will still be doing the quality work that has gotten us this far, it just means that appointment's and schedules are of most importance going forwards and repairs may not get done until the following weeks schedule.
Thanks everyone and look forward to seeing you (or not in your case's)


To all clients old and new
We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years.
We will be repairing iPads again from Friday 22nd.
This is a frantic time for repairs so bookings are essential.
If you have any questions or would like a quote, please don’t hesitate to message.
An FYI for all iPad 7 and 8 glass only repairs
We had a lady come by to ask for a quote and drop her iPad 7th Gen off.
She informed us that earlier she got two quotes from in town prices being $370 to $420.
Our prices are much less then this and workmanship can’t be beat
Feel free to ask for a
iPad 7 or 8 glass only repair.


Did anyone drop off a iPad 4 black coloured screen this morning by any chance?
If you could message me please


***Policy Change***
We hope everybody is well.
Due to iPads / iPhones not being collected in a timely manner (We have a handful of devices awaiting collection and payment from over 12 months ago) we are now announcing that if payment is not received with in 30 days we will remove our parts, use parts required to make up any loses and or recycle the device (dump)
It's a pain it's come to this as 99.9% of you are all are fantastic clients.
Thanks for understanding and we look forward to repairing your devices as required.


Hope everyone is well at these crazy times.
We are still open and repairing however we ask if anybody isn't feeling well or has kids or people they are in close contact with not feeling well to let us know please.
All iPads and Phones will be wiped down before repair.
Feel free to message for a quote if you're wanting the kids iPads sorted so they can continue there home schooling journey.
Thanks 09/02/2020

The Wuhan coronavirus: Impact on supply chain operations amid the Lunar New Year | DHL Resilience360

***Stock levels and Shipping***
We are starting to run low on iPad Air 1/5, iPad 6 and mini 1/2 screens due to the Coronavirus situation in China.
Pretty much shipping has been severely hampered and factory/business’s we buy from are not currently working.
We have been told next Tuesday the 18th it is supposed to start again however this has changed twice in the last 3 weeks.
Once it does fire back up there is going to be huge backlogs for DHL to process and get out.
It is also possible there will be price increases from the factories ( supply and demand) until they start manufacturing again.
I don’t like to project, however this is possible and some Australian wholesalers have already increased prices on certain products.
If you have any questions or would like a quote feel free to message.

Thanks All Since January 23, Chinese authorities in Wuhan – a major industrial and transport hub in the inland Chinese province of Hubei – imposed a city-wide quarantine and severe transport restrictions in response to a deadly novel coronavirus outbreak that has already infected more than 6,000 people glo...


***Back To School Repairs***
If you are wanting iPad repairs for school returning (yes) next week we have some spots left open
Feel free to message


Hello valued customers
Happy New Years (bit late)
We are closing for a holiday on Monday 6th and opening again on Monday 20th.
For any repairs between now and the 6th, feel free to message.


We are now back from holiday and open for business.
Thanks for you're understanding and patience.


Hello to all clients and persons who like our page.
We are closed from Sunday 21st July for a much needed family holiday opening again on Monday 5th August.
We are still repairing for the next two days so feel free to message if you have any devices that require attention.
If not we will answer messages again on the 5th.
Thanks again


****Back To School iPad Repairs****
That time is here again.
If you are needing iPad repairs for that sweet sweet return to school, we have cleared some more time to accommodate the mad rush.
Feel free to message us.
We are doing most models from iPad 2 up to the new Ipad 6 (which has been rather popular)
All repairs done incl batteries, charge ports and small parts.
Please share with you're face book friends.


Last minute Christmas Present
I have an iPad Air 1 A1474
WiFi only for sale if anybody is interested
Feel free to message
Still fully supported by Apple
Great iPad for School


We have a iPad Air 1 Wifi and Cellular, 64Gb for sale if any body is interested. Feel free to message for details. Thanks


To all our valued customers
We will be shutting on Monday afternoon for the Christmas break opening again on Thursday 3rd January.
We hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.
All the best and we will see you next year.
Stay safe everybody.


***Looking for iPhones and iPads***
Did anybody have any old iPhones or iPads lying around?
If this is you and you are wanting a little cash please feel free to message through what you have.
Must have no water damage and no cloud lock.
If your devices do have a cloud lock but you can't use the device for what ever reason, we can look at getting it going to a stage where we can have those details entered.
Thanks all
Have a nice day


Hello again valued customers. Could you please spare 5 minutes as we are running a poll, wanting to know your thoughts of us having card facilities available? Thanks


Hello Valued Customers
Exciting times a head.
We are now doing some micro soldering jobs including iPhone IC’s (charging issues, short detection/removal) data recovery/water damage,
iPad charge ports on mini 1 through to the newest models
and Samsung Tablet charge ports.
We can also look at HDMI ports on play stations.
No need to send your iPads to Perth or over east for repairs.
Please feel free to message if you have any question.


To all our valued clients as of Monday the 18th of June we are closed for business for a much needed holiday. We are re opening again the 2nd July. Feel free to message however we will not reply until we resume trading in July.
No more iPads will be taken on for repair after Friday the 15th of June at 5:00pm.

Thank you 😊


*** iPad 5, 9.7" The New iPad ***

We have had some recent feedback and would like to give some information in regards to this repair.
To tell if you have this model iPad please turn your iPad over and on the back beginning with A followed by four digits their should be a model number as follows:

Recent clients have gotten quotes from other repairers and have informed us they were quoted a rather excessive sum compared to us.
The reasoning was "it's the newest model iPad" hence the extra cost for the part/s.

The good news is that that screen and 99% of the new model iPad is compatible with the old iPad Air 1.
Apple did something right there.

Just please be aware when getting quotes for this model and don't get ripped off.

We do this repair for the same price as the iPad Air 1 (and so we should as should other repairers)

Please feel free to message for prices.


PS We can change batteries in most model iPads


We hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Hi to all that have liked, followed and shared our page. Of course to anyone just looking or browsing.
We haven't written a post in a while and wanted to touch on Buying and Selling a second hand iPhone, iPad, iPod.
This has been a popular question over the last year. In simple terms if you purchase a Apple product with the previous owners
"Find my iPhone, iPad, iPod" turned on and or there still signed into there cloud account you will NOT be able to set the device up in your name until the previous owner removes these details.
There Apple I.D and pass code will be required for this to happen.
It's a pain but it's an effective security measure.
You CAN'T bypass this if you have purchased a device with details still entered.
So if your planning on buying a 2nd hand device what do you do:
Note- ask the seller to leave the device in working order (for testing and information and if they could TURN OFF "find my iPhone, iPad, iPod. Also once that is done sign out of there cloud account normally at the top in settings (with the new update). On the iPad, it's also in settings.
Items to take, another person, a pin or sim removal tool, a small flashlight, headphones

1) If it sounds to good to be true there's a good chance something is not quite right.
2) Always meet at an address (take someone with you) and don't meet downtown at the shops where there is no way of getting into contact with someone who may do a runner once you have paid. (happens all the time)
3) Take a small pin or sim tray removal tool with you.
2 reason is that you can check for cell signal (fit your sim) and secondly water damage.
4) Checking for water damage on iPhone 4/4s shine a light into the head phone jack. There should be a white sticker. If it's red you guessed it, it's been in contact with liquid.
Checking on a iPhone 5 and all model up remove the SIM tray and shine a light into the slot. Again there is a white water indicator sticker there, if red it's been in contact with liquid.
5) Go into the phones Settings, General, About and compare the IMEI number to the IMEI number on the back of the phone.
(people are swapping boards into new housings. One way to tell if it's been opened or played with. If so ask for a better price.
6) Check the major functions
-The LCD and Touch (Grab and Icon and drag it all over the screen and through the pages and back again)
-Check the front and rear cameras (take a short video on both testing on playback they work and also the devices Microphone is working. Also plug in some headphones and test.
-Check the WIFI
-Check sounds (the vibrating motor is working, and the volume button is working up and down.
-Plug it into the charger and confirm the charge logo turns Green.
7) make a phone call checking the ear speaker and that the other person can hear you. Also during the call make sure the screen goes black when the device is near your ear or stick your thumb over the top of the screen (during the call)
8) If your happy at this point to purchase the device go into
Settings, General, Reset and click on Erase all Content and Settings.
You should now be able to take the device and set it up on your computer with your account.
Hope this helps and saves people getting ripped off but better still at least lets any buyers check things out before parting with any monies.
If you selling, Turn Off "Find my iPhone, iPad, iPod"
Log out of your iCloud on the device
Once the buyer is happy
Go into Settings, General, Reset and click Erase all content and settings.
Good Luck
(Please note that we take no responsibility for any problems that may arise in regards to stolen devices and or information that maybe left on phones if there not erased correctly. All sales and purchases are entirely the responsibility of the Seller and Buyer)
Any questions please don't hesitate to message.
Thanks and have a great day


Treendale Device Repair's cover photo


1000 Likes. Thank you all very much.


Treendale Device Repair


Treendale Device Repair


*** Pass Code Locked iPhones/iPads/iPods ***
Hello iPhone and iPad users. We have seen a huge increase in the last month or two in regards to locked iPads/ iPhones/ iPods due to the pass code either forgotten or entered wrong to many times.
Apple gives you 6 attempts then locks you out and unfortunately after this happens, you will have to wipe you device (loosing all that was on it in the process)
You can do this you self if you have a computer and iTunes installed. Please see the attached link.
The other way to put your device into DFU or recovery mode is to have iTunes open and running and the cable plugged in (computer only. NOT the device yet)
Hold the home button and power button together until the screen goes black/Turns off. Wait 15 seconds.
Hold the home button (DO NOT RELEASE) and now plug in the cable to the device.
Keep holding the home button until you see the connect to iTunes come up on your device. Once you see that you now can let go of the home button.
Follow the prompts and you done.
*** Note *** If you had your device locked with you Apple I.D/Cloud locked you will have to enter your Apple Account Details when prompted.
If you have any problems or require any clarification, please don't hesitate to message.
Thanks and have a good day.


Treendale Device Repair


Treendale Device Repair's cover photo


Back to School Specials
All other repairs including batteries, audio jacks, chargers, small parts, rebuilds (including new frames) additional charges will apply.
Please Like and Share
Have a Happy New Years


Timeline Photos


🔸iPad Screen Replacement SPECIAL🔸
iPad Mini 1 or 2 & iPad Air 1 Screens $100
Model Numbers:
Mini 1 A1432 A1454 A1455
Mini 2 A1489 A1490 A1491
Air 1 A1474 A1475
For the dates of Friday 7th Oct until Tuesday the 18th.
🔻Please note we are absent and not taking bookings on the 9th, 10th & 11th🔻
These are the cheapest prices in the south west for iPad mini and air.
All screen replacements come with 3 months warranty.
Please feel free to messages us directly or comment on this post.


📱 Treendale Device Repairs iPhone everyday prices 📱
4/4s $60
5/5c/5s $65
6 $90
6+ $130
6s $210 (order in only)
6s+ $310 (order in only)

⚡️New to the market ⚡️
Nano Tech screen protectors
(more reliable and resilient than the old tempered glass)
$12 fitted with any screen repair
$16 fitted with no repair

Also available
Batteries genuine refurbished
(don't settle for cheap high copy quality)
All small parts can be replaced and phone rebuilds please message for quotes and pricing.


***Glass Screen Protectors***
Free Trial Offer
Hello to all.
We are happy to announce that we are now stocking Nano Technology glass screen protectors for iPhones 5,5c,5s, 6/6s, 6+ and 6s+. (Currently limited 6+/6s+ stock will be getting more in soon)
These are a brand new product on the market stronger and more Reliant/Resilient then Tempered glass screen protectors.
We have Two iPhone 5,5c,5s and Two iPhone 6 to give away free. First in best dressed
We also have them to sell and priced extremely well $12 with a screen replacement from us and $16 fully installed everyday low price.
To any clients that we have done phone screens for in the last 8 weeks we will honor the lower price.
Please feel free to message us directly to arrange a fitting or post here and we can get back to you.


Hello to all!
Letting you all know we are starting to stock iPhone screens again. We have limited stock in both colours.
iPhone 4/4s $60
iPhone 5/5c/5s $65
iPhone 6 $90
iPhone 6+ $130
These are our EVERYDAY low prices. All repairs come with 3 months warranty conditions apply. All screens are pre tested prior to installation. Please direct all booking and inquiries through our page Thanks have a great day!



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