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Pool supplies, equipment & servicing busine ss for the Brisbane south side. Po ol Geeks Brisbane is a swimming po ol and Hot Spring spa maintenance compa ny based on the south side of brisba ne.

We offer a range of Po ol Services and Products to the southe rn suburbs of Brisbane. We also off er maintenance services and products for H ot Spring spas throughout South East Queensla nd and Northern New South Wales.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

Update on salt supply from Po ol Geeks Brisbane - https://mailchi.mp/poolgeeksbne/update-on-salt-supply-from-pool-geeks-brisbane


Replaced a filter this week aft er the tank cracked around the l id. Multiple tenants had trouble with maintaini ng this pool but it’s finally be en upgraded to a new media filt er, which will make it so mu ch easier.


Another new H2Flo Chlorinator & C TX Pump install. The plumbing on t he system was a bit of a me ss after years of small changes with in the smaller confines of an o ld filter shed. I cut everything o ut and started again. Twisted the filt er round 180° to reduce the amou nt of pipe needed and moved t he pump to the opposite side. Al so, upgraded much of the pipework to 50 mm pipes and installed a check val ve on the suction line to he lp the pump keep prime when emptyi ng the basket. Just needs a b it of a clean of the o ld filter tank!


Green pool clean up from la st week. I always love to s ee the final product.


Me installing a new spa electri cs GK retro light to replace t he one than was full of wat er and floating around the pool. I m ay look stern but that’s just becau se I was cooking in the s un at the moment the photo w as taken rather than keeping cool in t he water.


Today’s H2Flo Chlorinator installation. You c an see in the second photo wh at it looked like before. A tang le of pipes and valves with a non-function al line that I removed and re-plumb ed. Moved the new chlorinator control b ox closer to the power point so as to remo ve the extension lead and prevent wat er getting into the connection 💦⚡️😬


Equipment change over from yesterday. T he brief was to keep it as th in as possible to allow easy passa ge along the side of the hou se and to reduce the power consumpti on.
Under normal conditions the new syst em operates at 350-580 watts compared to 1100 wat ts for the previous one. This is d ue largely to the new Astral Vir on XT variable speed pump. The sa nd filter was also replaced with a n ew H2Flo cartridge filter, which reduces wat er and chemical consumption making it ev en more environmentally friendly.
The chlorinator w as replaced with a new H2Flo premi um digital chlorinator with a reduced sa lt requirement and more precise controls includi ng built in salt and temperature sensors.

@ Brisba ne, Queensland, Australia


Progress photos from a system upgra de I completed today. Laid a n ew slab with footings as the previo us filter had been sinking down in to the garden bed. Installed a n ew energy efficient Astral Viron XT pu mp and H2Flo media filter and reinstall ed the existing chlorinator.

@ Brisba ne, Queensland, Australia


Replaced the tyres on this Water co Pool Cleaner yesterday. They had wo rn so thin that the cleaner couldn ’t move. How are the tyres on yo ur cleaner looking?


This is what happens to t he inside of your pump when t he mechanical seal fails. You can avo id this sort of damage by keepi ng an eye out for leaking undernea th your pump.


Dodging rain trying to clean poo ls today. Glad that there are at lea st some breaks between showers.


There’s something really satisfying about watchi ng a suction cleaner scrub and cle an a dirty pool floor. Maybe it ’s just because I’m not the o ne doing it 😂


Arachnophobic anyone? This momma spider w as lurking in a customer’s skimmer b ox. I come across her type in eve ry other pool I visit but th ey don’t usually have the babies on the ir back. Glad she’s not dangerous!


Getting this school pool ready f or the swim season


Just installed this Sprinta Plus by @kreepykrauly au It’s a whisper quiet suction clean er that races around the pool to pi ck up leaves and debris. Get in conta ct with us if you are in ne ed of a new suction cleaner.


Just me adding a couple hundr ed kg of salt for a sa lt pool conversion. Glad it’s not t he rock salt some people use 😅 💪🏼 . . .


Gross! It’s been a while sin ce this filter was last used a nd it is absolutely filled with mozz ie wrigglers!


Just finished this major clean up. The clients had just had a n ew retaining wall installed and the po ol had red clay all through it fr om the excavation. Took a week to fl oc and vacuum twice before it w as fully clean.


Note to self: if you ev er spill granular chlorine be sure it didn ’t end up in your back pock et. It WILL burn a hole in yo ur shorts and stings your leg whi le driving... 😳🙊😂


Pool getting a bit too clo se to overflowing? Check these instructions f or reducing water level with a sa nd or media filter.



You know it’s hot when yo ur phone starts overheating in your pocket...

Definite ly weather to be in the po ol!


Time to put a ring on it?

Saw this today and thought it w as fitting with same sex marriage passi ng in parliament yesterday evening. Congratulations to everyo ne who can now get married :)


The weather is heating up! Don 't forget to increase your pool time rs 😉


Today is your last chance to enr ol to vote in the upcoming sa me sex marriage plebiscite.

We here at Po ol Geeks support diversity and encourage everyo ne to vote yes to allow a ll Australians to marry.

As a bonus, upda te your details now and mention th is post to get 10% off yo ur next full priced service before t he end of September.


daisypoolcovers.com.au 24/04/2017

Want to Save Time Cleaning Yo ur Pool This Autumn? - Daisy Po ol Covers

Are you looking for a w ay to reduce your pool maintenance duri ng the cooler months? A WinterKleen Dai sy Pool cover will keep leaves a nd debris out of your pool so y ou don't have to scoop it o ut, saving you hours and hours of maintenan ce over winter.

daisypoolcovers.com.au Get the dirt on WinterKleen – a ll year round pool covers. Uh h uh we get it. Your have a hea vy debris or dirt problem. You don ’t want to spend hour after ho ur, weekend after weekend, slaving away cleani ng your pool. And… you want a cov er to help you keep the leav es and dirt out of [...]

poolgeeksbrisbane.com.au 30/03/2017

Pool Geeks

Hey Pool Geek Fans!

Hope y ou are all staying safe during th is wet weather! With all the ra in many people have been asking h ow to reduce the water level in the ir pools.

The blog post below gives instructio ns on how to backwash a sand/med ia filter or to reduce the wat er level in your pool.

Stay safe!

poolgeeksbrisbane.com.au Cleaning your filter regularly is a k ey component to keeping your pool cle an. If the filter gets too fu ll it will reduce water flow, slowi ng the removal of dirt, dead bacter ia and other debris large or sma ll and prevent automatic chemical dispensers or chlorinato rs from dosing your pool water. If le ...


Need a new Chlorinator or looki ng to upgrade? We have to cle ar 4 Chlorinators by the end of Februa ry. We have 3 x 45g/hr Nor ia ROK Chlorinators for $800 and 1 x 15g/ hr unit for $660 including installation. Sa lt extra. Contact us now for mo re details and to secure yours befo re they sell out.


Need any chemicals? We've dropped t he price of our core range. Li ke 20kg Olsson's Premium Fine Fast Dissolvi ng Salt, which is now just $9. 90 with free local delivery on orde rs over $50.


Our new website is so clo se to being completed! Can't wait to sha re it with you all but f or the moment I'm still writing a nd uploading content 🙃 Won't be lo ng now!
In the meantime if you ne ed anything for your pool don't hesita te to call, message or email!


New year, new name! Some of y ou may have noticed it showing up arou nd the place over the past f ew weeks. Now we are officially changi ng to our new name Pool Gee ks Brisbane. We hope you like it a nd can't wait to share our n ew website and web app in t he coming months!


Pool Geeks Brisbane's cover photo


Today is certainly one of tho se days when I'd rather be swimmi ng than cleaning the pool. It's aft er 3pm and I'm still melting li ke a popsicle in the sun. Hap py holidays and enjoy those pools everyo ne!


Pool Geeks Brisbane

vskills.tv 11/11/2016

V Skills

It's a scorcher today! Is yo ur pool ready for the weekend?
Oh, a nd remember to apply the sunscreen. May be not like these guys though 🙊

vskills.tv Super essential life skills to ma ke you a bit better at li fe


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