Stringala: Vibrant fashion, Hairwraps, Paintings, Jewellery

Stringala: Vibrant fashion, Hairwraps, Paintings, Jewellery


🏳️‍🌈 Shout out to all the businesses, organisations and community groups who would have been celebrating with us today. Be sure to check them out on their social pages and support businesses that support our LGBTIQ+ communities! 🏳️‍🌈

Capgemini, Myomasters Massage, Rollin VR, Atomic Food, Chi Chi's Cafe and Event Catering, Amnesty International Australia - SA/NT Branch, Anglicare SA - Foster Care, Australian Education Union (SA Branch), Centre of Democracy, Connecting Foster & Kinship Carers - SA Inc, Eldercare, MatchWorks, Nat Cook MP, [email protected], Resthaven, Uniting Communities, Working Women's Centre SA Inc, Life Without Barriers, South Australian Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner, Helping Hand, Public Service Association, Adelaide's Pop-up Bookshop, The Cancer Confidence Movement, Folx Emporium, Pink Lust Cosmetics, Rainbow Made, Rainbow Store, Stringala: Vibrant fashion, Hairwraps, Paintings, Jewellery, The Crafting Scientist, Aussie Fitness Tees Adelaide University Sharks Rugby Union Football, Australian Democrats, Catalyst Foundation, Cl****al Academy, COTA SA, LCC Foster Care, Murder City Roller Derby, Rainbow Crows, Rockabellas Roller Derby League Inc, Safe Pets Safe Families - Keeping people & pets together, Shebah, TLLPC, Gathering Ground, peer connexion, The Pinnacle Foundation and Beyond India! 🦩

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StringaLa! is a mix of made and designed creations (jewellery and fashion garments) with some imported complementary pieces that help to support some communities in Colombia and Uganda :-)

=) the FUNKY JACKETS are made of a connection that exist between the Keilah community in Mukono, Uganda, and the StringaLa! funder. The jackets are reversible, always with one side with african prints, and the other one any other print, showing the hand in hand support between the two worlds. Other clothes are to come soon.

=) HAIRWRAPS to clip in and out or on appointment only, the ones made in

Operating as usual


🎉🎈🎊🐣🐇 EASTER is at our door!! And colors and fresh times are coming too! 😊🍁🍂🍃🍂

For this time i like to OFFER YOU a 45% OFF
($90 instead of the actual $165) on the FUNKY REVERSIBLE JACKETS and even on the jackets where you choose your own fabric. Can be ship as well, just contact me, the sooner the best 😊🌸🌾☘


2 years ago i was in Uganda🌍🇺🇬, and connected with a brother, Kiabi Peter👨🏿‍💼, and a sister, Rebecca👩🏿‍⚕️, from another world. Our dreams✨ and ambitions✊🏼 to help the ones in need went growing together and since, we never looked 👀 back.
We came from a long way🚀...... and where we are i wld have never imagine to walk along with them like this🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🤝🏽, i am impressed what can motivation, manifestation, positive energies and believes can do.
We are still flying, i dont know what-who-where wld be the next step to help until another one comes to fully one day own this land🏝🏠 for the community, but we are working towards it.

So i wanted to share with you the journey until now... of where we are at. You will probably recognized your help in a way or another in one of the different projects that was realised to finance the purchase of the land. If you do, please put a comment, or event better share the post.
For the ones that like to contribute more, you can make a donation on the go fund me link here:

Other ways are also possible to help, just contact me if you like to get more involved 💜

Little up to date for the land🏝🏠:

☆the school on it is still going on and helping feeding and educating the children. This year it opens the 10th of January :-)

☆on the weekends, women cercles take place, where they grown up confidence and independance. Skills are taught between themselves and money is saved for a business to be born at the end of the year.

☆unfortunately the medical center that we opened cant be on the same land, as the governemnt doesnt allow it, but the center is still going well, on a rented space :-)

☆next project, getting the school as a bording school, so orphans can actually stay there , and be looked after.... 😃! All to coome!!✨✨

So here is where we are at (👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 almost half reached!), with all your help and believes!🙏🏼🌸💢💛💙


Those beautiful articles, the only ones not made from my hands on my stall, but supporting great people worth it.🏵💖

African print purses, project pilot with the women from Uganda. 🇺🇬

The ceramic jewellery, made from a colombian artisans family, giving to a women community there. 🇨🇴 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Today at nightcliff market till 1h30, and mindil tonight, with only my hairwraps and jackets 😊💆‍♀️💇‍♀️🧥👕

Just got some new fabrics 😊

 if you though about having a funky reversible jacket made, and you like any fabric here, pm me to go ahead and keep a piece for you and choose the other side ;-)

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Just got some new fabrics 😊

if you though about having a funky reversible jacket made, and you like any fabric here, pm me to go ahead and keep a piece for you and choose the other side ;-)

#stringala #jacket #jackets #funkyjacket #funkyfashion #custommade #style #fashion #africanprints #colorful #daretoimpress #expressyourself #showout #mojo #supportingwomen #supportingsmallbusinesses #supportingcharities #community #locallymade

Just got some new fabrics, hit me up for your special jacket request 😃💥

Just got some new fabrics 😊 if you though about having a funky reversible jacket made, and you like any fabric here, pm me to go ahead and keep a piece for you and choose the other side ;-) #stringala #jacket #jackets #funkyjacket #funkyfashion #custommade #style #fashion #africanprints #colorful #daretoimpress #expressyourself #showout #mojo #supportingwomen #supportingsmallbusinesses #supportingcharities #community #locallymade


In Nightcliff this morning 😊🌿

Come for hand made jewellery, upcycled products, fresh food, hairwraps or hair appointment😃🌷

Happy Sunday :-)


At Glenelg market, until sunset, under the Giant Wheel!!
On the menu, hairwraps, braiding, feather hair extensions, anklets 😊🌅🌈📿💍💎

Come to see and wander, this is our last one!😃🤗👋🏼



I looove when my jackets find their own special person 😉❣🤗💝
As unique as everyone is, StringaLa!'s jackets are looking for that unique person to say :😍 "YOU ARE THE ONE I WANT!"😍 and those beautiful people have! Love story, happiness, a new way to be a little bit more you, and embrace your vibrancy!

**Can also make on order!!!(no extra cost!)**

Find me this weekend at EBENEZER MARKET for more jackets and creations 😄💗🎉🎈🎆🎀🧥🧥🧥


Wake up today and its at Henley Beach Square Market that its happening ! Come get your hair done, find an anklet get happy!😄🎉✨


StringaLa! Is now making those amazing multicolor shorts bringing you a lot of happiness in your day and liife😄🌼🌻🎆! A simple look at it and you will smile and want to dance your life away, even if maybe you have never dance at all!!

So come see me this weekend tomorrow saturday for one of the last ones of EBENEZER MARKETS, east end next to the belgium beer garden from 5pm 😃
Then HENLEY SQUARE MARKET this sunday from 10 to 3pm in the supermarket parking.

At the menu: hairwraps, feathers for hair, charm anklets, ceramic necklaces📿📿, earrings, jackets🧥🧥 and shoooorts! 😃👖👖👖👖

Its gonna be a beautiful weekend come and say hi , or send me a messge for any questions or enquiries 🌼🌱


Up-cycled earrings made freshly today! All unique! Pick urs before i ll bring them to markets this weekend! 😃😎🤙🏼🌞💜🎈💚🧡


Toooniiightt! Tooonii-iiight! Ebenezer market is on in the east end come pass say hi, get ur hair done, try a funky jacket😄🎉🎈🤗🧥💝



Dont look any further, its all in the city, east end that it is happening! Before, after your show at the fringe, come wander at the Ebenezer Market, next to the Belgium bar :-)
At the menu, hairwraps, feathers, jackets and joy! 😄🎉🎈🎆


At the Hope's Cafe in Norwood, from now on some up cycled StringaLa! Craft 😊

Come and share, and support the community, beautiful food and people😄🤗🍌🥦🥕🥑🥕🙋‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️💁‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Today, beautiful time at the Ebenezer Market in the city east end, parallel to rundle street :-) StringaLa! Is open with hairwraps, feathers, jackets, jewellery.. 😄💚💕🤗💛🐱


Ebenezer market tonight, east end market, city, Belgium beer garden, little street, come for a wander😄🤗🌈


Last day today to suscribe to THE AMAZING RACE TO HELP KEILAH, or rock up on the day sunday the 7th (tomorrow) at 2pm (or arrive haf hour before at 1h30pm for preparation).

we are making a treasure hunting here, as a fund raising to help keilah community in Uganda to acquire a land.

Get happy! Get competitive, there is heaps of prices and a real treasure to be won, it is gonna be a fantastic day, even alone yiu can come and we will find you a team. 😄🌞💎📿💍💎👒👑📿👑💎💎💎

Come and support them, its for any age and no special physical condition needed, only to walk :-)

We meet at the Australian Maritime and Fisheries academy parking in Port Adelaide. ~1h30pm see you tomorrow 😃

To get your ticket, follow this link:

Photos from Stringala: Vibrant fashion, Hairwraps, Paintings, Jewellery's post 29/01/2021

This sunday StringaLa! Is at Glenelg market from 4h30pm at 8h30pm. Look for me under an umbrella, i will have feather hair extensions, hairwraps, and do braiding. In addition to all those little adjustable charms anklets.

See you there!😄🤗🌴🌺🌻🌅

Photos from Stringala: Vibrant fashion, Hairwraps, Paintings, Jewellery's post 26/01/2021

Haiiiiiirwraps!! Hairwraps are still on, wrapped in the hair, choose your beads, your colors, and they last for about a year and more. Only on appoitment, contact me in PM for more details and find a good time to do it :-) 🌞🌺🌻


Come up the hills to Stirling Laneways markets this morning, in the ANZ alleyway you can find me 😊💛💜

We are a few degrees less here, and we can really feel better😃🤗🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌀❄

Photos from Stringala: Vibrant fashion, Hairwraps, Paintings, Jewellery's post 22/01/2021

Beautiful Sherena, wearing her shinny reversible StringaLa! jacket, 4 pockets, practical, chic, serious, or party style 😃🎉🎈

Assorted with reversible matching flexible headband and matching earrings. Love my girls!😄🌸🌻🌼🤗🧡💙🧡💜💚

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