Shepherd Cha'abata

Shepherd Cha'abata

I see beauty in everything
The wilting season
The dry trees
Limbs raised to the sky
In Supplication

[01/04/19]   Magumo azvoo muchapedzisira magamuchira Jesu

Castle lite $7
Black label $9
Mbanje star $3
Plumb mbanje$6
Scud $5
Super beer $4.50
20 Madison. $11
20 Pacific $8
Broncleer drug $ 13
Musombodiya $3.50

Vazhinji mucharemerwa chete.

Jesu anoti huyai mose makaremerwa ndikuturei mitoro

[01/03/19]   Hapana munhu akaomerwa semunhu anofamba ne trouz ririkudonha achipusha bhara, aine ma pushi akadambuka apa ayine flue...

[01/03/19]   Whatever you do always give 100%, unless you are donating blood.

[01/02/19]   My neighbor is busy complaining about her lost chicken,it wasn't even delicious.😒😒

[12/31/18]   Umuntu uhleli nywenywe I dont give a s**t, kanti uphethwe yi constipation. S**a.

[12/29/18]   Wakamboita stress zvekuti taxi driver anokubvunza kuty ukudzikira papi wobva wangoti Mwari ndiye anoziva😢

[11/04/18]   Guys ndirikuti ku munhu akatengesera Mbuya vangu Scientific Calculator achiti iPhone Mwari ave newe!

[08/14/18]   Opportunity may knock only once but temptation bangs on your front door for ever. 04/08/2018

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[04/01/18]   The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.

[03/01/18]   Guys help, am in a commuter on my way home, tired as usual. I decide to nap.

Then I have a dream. We are in an accident, I save the day, I drag everyone out of the window before the combi explodes.

Now the dream is over. Am wide awake. The emergency window is broken. Everyone is starring at me, what could have happened people?

[02/28/18]   "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."

- Hellen Keller -

[11/07/17]   Untitled

The days coil into each other
Like famished goblins
Clawing at each other's throats
As rabid as a forbidden lover's kiss
While our dreams stand limp
Like little biltongs in this, our house

Our house.
Our house, staggering of stones
And dreams, unfulfilled
Still as dead algae in the days
Slowly slinking away
Like that little thief in the night

All we do is chit, chat, cheat
Through filthy days
Pi***ng words, marrowless
Endlessly into electrified air
like Riverside drunks
High on Zed
Spinning on rhetoric, garbing it
like some prophetic fantasy, for God's sake
No service, orders at the bar
Pick up your trash
Clean up your mess

Or pack up your bags; up and go, go north
If you care deeply for your cooconed dreams
No apologies in this potholed beauty

The stones of our house stand crooked still
Ma********ng in the sun
All promise wafting away like butterfly breath
Soon the huts are tumbling
They'll be watching them
In marbled floors
With a one-eyed glare
And crying
For days when we shall kiss up so high for we made it
To freedom's valley of stones

Masimba Biriwasha

[08/05/17]   Capitalism is a tough teacher exploiting your inadequacy nd lack, punishing your ignorance with hefty fines and fees; cowering us all into jobs, religion, norms, institutions, clubs etc in an effort to exorcise its percepted demons of lack and unknowledge. In the end we are all hardworking, educated, religious schizophrenics fleeing from, to. 31/07/2017

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