The Kamwala high school

The Kamwala high school

Non Sibi Sed Alis

The only secondary school in the world which begins with 'The'

Visionary Career Management Agency

Job Alert - Finance Officer (Lusaka, Zambia)
Lusaka YMCA is recruiting for the position of Finance Officer. Reporting to the Senior General Secretary (Branch Manager), the Finance Officer will be responsible for Lusaka YMCA’s accounting and financial management.
Requirements include:
Possession of a Higher National Diploma in Accounting
Strong analytical skills
Knowledgeable in International Financial Reporting Standards
Find out more at:

Food for thought


She still remains unknown to many Zambians, but at the stroke of the midnight hour when the country officially became an independent republic, her work proudly flew full mast replacing the Union Jack flag.

As head of the Graphic arts section of the Zambian Ministry of Information, Gabriel Ellison designed what would become the nations symbol of freedom and sovereignty.

Ellison also designed the 107cm long mace from ivory, copper and amethyst, the symbol of parliamentary authority in the National Assembly and was also the brains behind the Coat of Arms.

Born Gabriel Ryan in Lusaka in 1930, her parents had settled in then Northern Rhodesia where they joined the provincial administration, after escaping from Mexico on a donkey.

This remarkable woman, unknown to many, would also go on to design most of Zambia’s colourful postage stamps from the 1960s to 1980s, depicting wildlife, historical events and culture.

[05/26/16]   As reported by online media....

A 30-YEAR-OLD woman of Lusaka’s Woodlands areas shot her husband to death.
Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga in a statement to Mwebantu stated that Precious Longwe Liteebele shot her husband Akakanda Lubinda Liteebele five times.
“The murder occurred today at around 03:00 hours at unknown house number off Buluwe Road Woodlands extension in which Mr. Akakanda Lubinda Liteebele aged 30 years was shot at five times by his wife Precious Longwe Liteebele aged 30years,” Mr. Hamoonga stated.
“The couple was working for a named bank and Precious has been arrested and charged with murder. She used a pistol and the deceased sustained five bullet wounds: on the chest, left rib side, right rib side, lower back and on the right arm.”
Mr. Hamoonga stated that four empty cartilages, one projectile and one ammunition were found on the scene.
He stated that the pistol had been retrieved by the police and that the body of the deceased was in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary.

[05/26/16]   Let us all remember to put our dear sister Precious Longwe from 12A-2003 intake, in the hands of God, truth is not yet known whether she is guilty or not, and if she is guilty, circumsatances are still not yet clear....only God knows what exactly transpired. Its a sad story indeed.

Admin DS

[03/27/16]   Calculations begin now.....

If Kenya beats Congo, then Congo draws with Guinea B, and we beat Kenya, and win or draw with Guinea B, then Congo loses to Guinea B, blah blah blah, then we will qualify

That's whats happening now

[02/15/16]   Brian Banda, may your soul rest in peace

[02/15/16]   Its with deep sorrow that we announce the passing on of our brother, a member of the 2003 12A team. for more information inbox Gawani Webster Banda on FB. May the Lord guide the family during the mourning period.

[01/14/16]   32 Drivers wanted!
Company :JSI Research and training institute .
Locations: Lusaka (6); Northern (3); Luaputa (3);
Muchinga (3); Copperbelt (3);Central (5); North-
Western (3); Eastern (2); Southern (2); Western
Please send e-mail applications.with the position
are applying for in the subject line, to:
[email protected].
Please send hardcopy applications.with the
clearly marked on the
The Project Director, USAID DISCOVER-H,4515B
Office Complex, Reedbuck Road, Kabulonga, PO
51185, Lusaka, Zambia.
Closing date: 25th January 2016.

[01/01/16]   Let us not get too excited ladies and gentlemen, its just the figures on the calendar which have changed. If u had credit, owners will still be on u, if u had no mealie meal, it still won't be there, if u r building yo house will still be unfinished. Focus on accomplishing yo plans, and not just ending the year, and beginning a new one, with same plans u had 4 years ago. Celebrate wisely and have a fruitful 2016

[08/05/15]   No matter the noise you make, when a woman is hurt, her pain is the loudest. Lets love and embrace our ladies.

[02/17/15]   If a leopard is given wings to fly, he will be foolish to refuse them - SHAKA ZULU.
A lesson that we should never leave an opportunity behind .

[02/16/15]   Those of us who had a valentines day of our own definition, with so much colour to keep unexposed, lets share the pictures on this platform.

[02/12/15]   There was once a man who was so aggressive with his family, he was full of himself.
One day he felt so weak, he decided to go to the clinic, the Doctor told him to take his urine for tasting, so the man got hom since he was a drunkard, he decided to urinat in a bottle before going to the bar,
As the wife was moving things under the bed she accidently hit the bottle and it broke, she recogized the scent of urine, so to avoid quarels with the husband she took a similar bottle and urinated in it.
Early in the morning the took his urine sample to the lab,
The doctor, 'I am really confused with the results, sir, it appears that u are pregnant'.
The man collapsed...........
What lessons can we learn from this experience?

[02/08/15]   Focus on the noisy situations by being silent, raise the bar by being humble, become wealthy by sacrifing. Be a winner by embracing the loser, we love so well when we stop being the factor.

[01/02/15]   We build on yesterday, bad and/or good deeds are all important to our quest for a better now, you should ask a bricklayer. 2015 is because of 2014.

[12/18/14]   You only close the door behind you if you are sure you are in the right room, I hope we are all entering the right year for us, May the Success follow you in 2015 and may you help those that need to be boosted.

[12/10/14]   How many time have you tried to count to the end, dont bother, just work hard and the figures will be established just for your standards, they call it record breaking, Good afternoon colleagues.

[12/05/14]   If you think the person you are today is not what you wanted 10 years ago then you should try asking the guy who sleeps under the bridge. Thank God first.

[12/02/14]   Family is what we push for.

[11/28/14]   Its been a hot friday,

[11/25/14]   All the Political players understand Zambia's ideal situation, therefore, they can be sweet and charming. Kamwalians, lets make our decisions based on the reality of how attainable are the pronouncements with the personality that is in the Race. Hi Friends.

[11/20/14]   We all have an ugly side, the people who love us will cover it and make us forget it. Send some appreciation message to your loved one, Hi guys.

[11/15/14]   Many are the times we want our families to be great,, when you feel it, then its your responsbility to act on it. Good morning.

[11/10/14]   We would like to find out among our friends,

1. Anyone who ever said they wanted to become a welder during school days,

2. Anyone who ever said they wanted to be a cashier, receptionist, waiter/waitress, barman during school days.

Share your school day dreams, and hw far u have gone towards the same. Hi Friends.

[11/02/14]   How many times are u going to give reasons based on books and other peoples views. Do things which will change our world for the better based on yo uniqness, for you are bt one extra-ordinary creation.

Good morning.

[10/31/14]   May we take this opportunity to welcome Namakau Simenda to the family, welcome home, Like if you love those that have gone through the Kamwala High School,

[10/30/14]   We Love, We respect, we embrace, we re-commit, we remember, we celebrate, we honour. We are mourning with pride, vigilance and unity. We shall keep the memories of the events we spent with you in our hearts.

Micheal Chilufya Sata, HE.

[10/22/14]   Pst Goodson Kasema Kaluba is looking for 12A 1993 pupils, lets share this so that we can unite our family.

[10/14/14]   Lets share photos of our Kamwala Days on this page,

[10/14/14]   Time is gone when we were geniuses, its in the past when we were brain busters, this is time to think simple and embrace our surroundings and be innovative, Hw are You Friends.

[10/09/14]   If we said we are Kings, then we lied, we are the Names That Heroes envy, we carry responsbilities shunned by the best, we serve in positions only admired by kids, we inspire the future. We are the Fruit of The Kamwala Sec/High School. Good evening.

See Any familiar faces 12A - 2003 EXIT

[10/02/14]   Agony:

Experiencing diarrhoea the day you are scheduled to meet your much loving inlaws,

Hi friends.

[09/21/14]   Every whole number has a whole number square, however, not every whole number has a whole number as a square root,

Interprate, Happy Sunday.

[09/08/14]   'Non sibi sed allis',

Do u remember this?
What does it say?

[09/08/14]   We would like to welcome and congratulate Tac Demien Shrek, for being the 250th member of our family,
Remember, this page is about sharing tips and tops as motivated by our experience at The Kamwala High School.

[09/08/14]   We are the Kamwala High School,

[09/08/14]   We are at the centre of Evolution.

[09/08/14]   We are a Great Creation,

[09/07/14]   The sun never sets, its the world that goes round, time never stops, its us who decide when, these two are never factors, U are the Factor.

[08/26/14]   Hi guys, its afternoon in Zambia, it will be lunch hour soon. What time is it where you are? Share your location and whats going on right now!!!!!!!!!!!

[08/26/14]   In so many ways we can try to be precise while maximising on the details that seem impossible to patch together for a consolidated step forward. Goodmorning.

[08/23/14]   We are the source.

[08/21/14]   We would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to Fidelis Sibamba and family for the untimely passing of his father, may Jehovah be with you during this mourning time, and may you emulate the Love and Family spirit as you continue remembering his life. MHSRIEP.

The Kamwala High School Family.

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