Plant Paradise Landscaping

Plant Paradise Landscaping


Niks kom by die rustigheid, van n mooi tuin en die natuur nie.
Thank God for n Parradise .

Let us turn your garden into a paradise! Landscaping, Garden design, New irrigation systems, Water-features, Stonework & much more.

Operating as usual


Soooo opgewonde!!!

Super excited to finish this project!!🙌🤩
I will post some before photos as well when we are finished!!!


Super excited to finish this project!!🙌🤩
I will post some before photos as well when we are finished!!!


Always time for ice cream🥳😜
Enjoy your weekend in your garden WITH ICE CREAM!😂🍦


Garden Eloff: This small and compact townhouse garden, was great fun, and the end product so rewarding!!
Mrs Eloff, what a privilege it was to create your dream garden!🤩
The after photos are posted first, then the progress photos in the middle, and the before photos the last, to show what a gorgeous transformation this garden has gone through.
The garden was done in only 4days!!🙌👏Thankyou my wonderful team, you are my number one!!💪👌


Plant Paradise Garden Centre

The year 2020 has been quite a difficult one for most of us, but we MUST continue to hold on to HOPE and persevere for a brighter & better tomorrow.

This rollercoaster of a year is coming to an end and we can’t thank all of our customers enough for all of your support during this year.

From our entire team, we want to wish you a happy, HEALTHY and prosperous New Year ❤️

[12/11/20]   Another fantastic and successful project completed by us! Feeling super proud seeing how beautifully this garden is developing and maturing!!
Thankyou so much Mr and Mrs Larkins for the privilege to have done your garden!!🙌


Very hardworking, professional landscaping team of mine!! Super proud!!🙌👌🤩


Plant Paradise Landscaping

Absolutely amazing!!👌🤩 Every time I’m going back to this garden, I’m just bursting with pride!!! How beautifully looked after is this garden we have done a few years ago!!
It’s maturing perfectly!!! 👏


Plan ahead for 2021!!

Contact us to get your own paradise in 2021!!! Some garden inspiration on this rainy day!


Contact us to get your own paradise in 2021!!! Some garden inspiration on this rainy day!


Absolutely amazing!!👌🤩 Every time I’m going back to this garden, I’m just bursting with pride!!! How beautifully looked after is this garden we have done a few years ago!!
It’s maturing perfectly!!! 👏


Love these Senecio’s against a wall, on a floating shelve, especially with the pots aging beautifully!! Makes an impressive statement!!👌
Let us help you with xhoosing up your dull walls!🤩


Plant Paradise Landscaping


Super proud of you guys!! You are a wonderful team and make me proud everyday!!
Your hard work and great effort is the talk of the town! 💪
You look fabulous with your new outfits!!👌
Welldone to the A-team!!🤪😂🌺
(PS: We had the team leader, David, out on a stock collection at the time the photo was taken!🙈). David you are still my right hand!! Appreciate you so much everyday!!🙏🏻


Garden Van Dyk: Small, compact lovely garden we completed for two very special ladies!!! 💞
This was a very uneven, uncomfortable entrance for their guests previously, but now it’s fresh, open and clean with a very inviting feel when their guests arrive!!
Loved every minute of this revamp!!!👌👏
Thankyou so much for the privilege to have done this garden!! 🌺🙏🏻


Good morning Sunshine ☀️!!
Get some colour in your life!🌺
You don’t always have to plant flowers in your garden to have a colourful garden!!👌


Every staff member here at Plant paradise have been working so hard this past week to get everything ready for our Spring festival at the garden centre, starting from today the 12th of September till the 27th of September. We are super chuffed and happy with the outcome!
Hope to see everyone soon!
From Monday my team and I are back in the gardens!! Can’t wait to create magic for our clients in their gardens!!!🤩🌺


Garden Heyns: What an amazing project!!
This garden has a lot of shade, but it’s never a problem to create a shady garden into a paradise!!
Can’t wait to see this garden after one season!!
We had so many existing pots and features to work with!! Was an absolute treat to do this garden!!! 🌺🙏🏻


For a totally different Landscaped garden that will change your life....Contact us now for a consultation to get the transformation process going!!👌🌸
(012) 998-5480

[04/15/20]   Here I share a video to show you how a garden design starts on paper, and the end result, after hours(sometimes days, depending on the size of the garden) of planning and drawing.
But it’s such a wonderful feeling you get after implementing the actual design in the client’s garden, seeing the happiness on their faces is the ultimate!!
Enjoy the video!😅👌🦋


A great transformation for this small townhouse garden! This retired couple, wanted simplicity in the lines, but a colourful formation in the beds. Something that can keep them busy, and some beautiful colour to look at! 👌🦋


Urgent warning!! 🙌
Please look out for this garden destroyer-It’s called Golden or garden dodder!!😬. This is a parasitic plant.
It’s Very dangerous and can do lots of damage to your garden! It causes damage by absorbing food material from the host plant(s) and kills your plant(s) if not destroyed asap.
The only effective way of destroying the dodder, it so use a hand burner, or take out the entire infested area of plants, and burn everything as soon as possible. If not destroyed soon enough your whole garden will be covered with this dodder, and can have devastating results!!
I spotted this in a garden opposite from where we are doing a garden for one of our clients!!
I immediately warned the owners of that garden!
You all have more than enough time now in this next few weeks to do proper inspection of your gardens!! Get rid of unwanted parasites and very importantly invader plants!! 🦋
We all have to work together!!💪


Garden Pitzer: The transformation in this garden is an absolute wow, even though the photos are taken straight after we have finished the garden! So I can’t wait for this garden to mature!👌
It has been such a great pleasure to do your garden Mr and Mrs Pitzer!! Thankyou so much!!🦋💖


Another exciting design done and dusted!


Create small, very interesting little areas in your garden🙌
Your garden will definitely be the talk of the neighbourhood!👌


We can beautify a dull wall anytime!!🙌
What an amazing project this wall was!!
Mr and Mrs Symms loves their new wall, even their cat can’t stop staring!🤣👏
Thankyou again Mr and Mrs Symms! It was awesome helping you!!!🙏🏻🤗


Nothing too small for us!! Just love this type of transformations!!
This is a special indoor garden for a very special lady!! 🦋💖
This small space is such a focul point in the house but, it was a dull, dark space, BUT now brings such a feeling of happiness to this home!
A huge THANKYOU to Ms Mignonne Lance for this privilege!!! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT SPENT THERE!!🤗


This makes my everyday job, a passion and love doing this so much!!! Thankyou very much!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

See how your dream garden comes to life with the magic touch of our talented landscaper Marionette!


Garden Warschkuhl : What an AMAZING privilege it was for us to do this garden!!! We enjoyed every minute of it!!! All the old features collected over the years by Mrs Warschkuhl made this one of the most exciting projects I’ve done! Every little detail that went into this garden was so much fun to create.

Thankyou Mrs Warschkuhl for choosing us to work with your special collection and to be able to have created your dream garden!!
What a privilege!!!


A very important part of the design and quotation for a client’s garden, is to listen very carefully to what the client tells you in the garden consultation, even reading between the lines😅, makes the design process so much easier and spot on!!👌
I love every step in the process of creating my client’s dream garden!!
Give yourself the best gift ever for 2020! Phone us to start the process of creating your own paradise!!


Garden Du Toit : With every garden we do, I just feel that my life can’t get any better.....But then finishing a garden like this, just makes that feeling even stronger!!
When your passion is your daily job, nothing else beats that feeling!
This was the most amazing garden, but the most challenging one! But enjoyed every minute of it, especially doing it for the two most precious people I’ve met!!
What a honor to have created this paradise for you Mr and Mrs Du Toit!!!🤗🌸


Garden Tapson: (Done in 2014)I have posted this garden before, but never showed you how a garden is supposed to evolve and age like a good red wine!👌😂.
We are super proud to still be able to tell everyone that we have done this garden. It’s in an immaculate state and after all these years just looks better every time!👏👏.

Hats off to my special client, (that’s very close to my heart), she is so dedicated to her garden and she enjoys every minute of it!

What an amazing honor!! THANKYOU MR & MRS TAPSON!!!!🤗🌸


Garden Bekker: I just absolutely love a challenge!! The owners of this garden had a big problem with their dogs digging in their garden. Everything they planted was either dug out, or trampled on!
We created this haven by using a lot of pots and containers, raised beds and pebble areas that can cover the soil areas.
And there you have it....problem solved!!
Thankyou Mr & Mrs Bekker for trusting us to find the solution for your problem, and helping you to create your own paradise!🦋🌸

Contact us today! (012)-998-5480/0721053874


Going back to Mrs Lindeque’s garden, to say hello..... And WOW, it took my breath away!!! I love seeing clients taking care of their garden, it just makes me love my job even more and more!! Thankyou so much for this!!👌👏🌸


Nothing more stunning than freshly cut lawn!! Keep your lawn green with proper fertilizer every 6weeks, and enough mowing!!👌.
Absolute Bliss!!🌸👏

Let Us turn your Garden into a Paradise!

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  • An endless variety of garden styles are available, including : Japanese, Meadow, English, Cottage, Water wise, Mediterranean , Urban and Formal Gardens.
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