Guitar Venture

Guitar Venture


I keep looking in on this page in the hopes that a new class has started that I can follow and encourage.
Hello Luigi, I would like to know how to insert these steel pegs into the wood so that they can tension the strings to the right cord?

Build your own acoustic guitar in the magical surrounds of South Africa’s Garden Route and experience an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

Build your own acoustic guitar in the magical surrounds of South Africa’s Garden Route and experience the indescribable sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you hold your own hand-made instrument and play those first chords… Under the expert guide and supervision of a professional luthier ( a maker of stringed instruments) you will, within 18 days, appreciate just how attainable an undertaking this is and how much feel-good there is to be derived from it. Most especially, as you hold this “feeling” in your hands for the rest of your playing life, your instrument with all its detail and fine finish, from carefully selected wood, will be a testament to YOUR creativity and achievement.

Operating as usual -
December 2017 Part time course - Up to Day 10

The end is in sight.....Neck is on, truss rod in, fret board glued, shaped and fretted. The guitar is really looking good!
I'm sure Richard is looking forward to getting done so that he can start playing his masterpiece! -
December 2017 Part time course - Up to Day 6

Richard is progressing really well, considering he is doing his course part time and not having the continuity of attending every day. We are at the stage where the body is complete and have just put the bindings on. From this stage, we will see the instrument start taking shape. We will be having a break in the course for approx. 4 lessons, which will mean a period of approx. a month. We will be reporting on Richards progress as soon as we get together again on the 10th Feb. -
December 2017 Part time course - Day 1&2

Welcome to Richard, who started with his Dreadnaught steel string. This is the first time that a part time course is being offered every Saturday.
Richard is progressing well and is at the stage where he has glued the top and back, glued the sides and inlayed the soundhole rosette. Will keep you posted ob his progress.... -
October 2017 course - Day 13 - 16
Apologies for the delay. Had some technical pc issues - now sorted.
Congrats to Japie, Paul and John on completing their journey with flying colours. They have each made a really fine musical instrument which I'm sure they will cherish for the rest of their lives - Well done! A pleasure to have worked with you all.
May you have many enjoyable years playing your guitars!

Anyone in the Garden Route area interested in doing a part time course starting on the 4th Dec, every Saturday, please let me know. -
October 2017 course - Day 6 - 12
Japie, Paul and John are progressing fantastically and have made it to day 12!
They are at the stage where construction is almost complete. Today, we levelled the finger board, did the final shaping on the neck, inserted the fret wire and glued on the headstock veneer. Tomorrow we should finish the construction and prepare for applying the finish on Tuesday.
Getting close now and looking forward to hearing these instruments being played.....! -
October 2017 course - Day 1 - 5
Paul, Japie and John arrived on Monday morning to start their guitars - welcome to having a wonderful experience!
John and Paul are making Dreadnaughts and Japie is building a Classical.
They have progressed exceptionally well so far and are at the stage where we will be glueing the backs to the sides tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your well earned day off today!

Interesting Clip On Willy Nelson's favourite giuitar 'Trigger' - -

So we have come to the end of a very rewarding course.
Well done to Sarel, Will and Andrew who have completed their journey and are each going away with a truely well made masterpiece - Congratulations, and may these fine instruments bring you many, many years of pleasure! -
So, we've moved up to day 12 and instruments are coming along fantastically. We are up to the stage where today we trimmed and levelled the frets and glued on the headstock veneer. Constructuion should be completed tomorrow and Tuesday we will be doing the finishing. Wednesday and Thursday will be the set up and for the first time these three guitars will become playable instruments.......! -
Welcome to Sarel, Will and Andrew, who started their course on Monday. Sarel and Will are making Dreadnaughts and Andrew is doing a Grand Concert.
We completed day 5 yesterday and so far evryone is doing a great job and earned their day off today (Saturday). We have reached the stage of glueing the back to the sides and instruments are looking really good! -

Hi All
Took a break for a while.........
Have a course starting this monday the 7th Aug. Will be posting progress of the course.
Attached is Ray, who attended the last course, playing his Grand Concert for the first time...... -

Big thanks to everybody that popped in to our stall this year at the SA Guitar and Music Expo - Appreciate the interest shown and the time spent chatting! -
Currently exhibiting at the Guitar Expo at Wanderers Club in Jhb today and tomorrow.
Look forward to antone who would like to come visit and have a chat. -
Next course - August 2017 (fully booked)
February Course - Day 12 - 16
Andrew, Ray and Tony are going home with their new, handmade guitars, which by the way turned out really impressive! Congrats guys, you have absolutetly excelled and have earned yourselves a really fine instrument and I'm sure that you will all have many years of pleasure with them. Well done! -
Next course - August 2017 (fully booked)
February Course - Day 6 - 11
Andrew, Tony and Ray have really progressed in the last six days, to the stage where the body is complete, binding on, the neck has been fitted and shaped, finger board on and ready for fretting.
The end is in sight and all three are now itching to 'listen' their works of art. -
Next course - August 2017 (fully booked)
February Course - Day 1 - 5
Welcome to Andrew from Pretoria, Tony from Cape Town and Ray who's all the way from Namibia! Andrew and Ray are making a Grand Concerts and Tony is doing a Classical.
Well done so far to making it to Day 5 - we reached a milestone yesterday - we are at the stage where we have glued the back to the sides and all is looking great! The pics below tell some of the story...... -
(Next course starts 27 Feb 2017 - Fully booked)
January 2017 Course - Day 12 - 16
Well, another fantastic course - Congratulations Alan and Doug on two really fine instruments. You both excelled and produced two very good guitars as well as being a pleasure to work with - Well done! I hope that these two instruments manage to create many years of enjoyment.

Six Dogs Distillery -
(Next course starts 27 Feb 2017 - Fully booked)
January 2017 Course - Day 6 - 11
We have come a long way since day 5, the construction is almost complete. I must compliment Alan and Doug on their attention to detail - two great instruments on their way, Fret wire was inserted today - tomorrow the frets will be trimmed and set and the bridge will be glued - last part of the construction before finishing.... -
(Next course starts 27 Feb 2017 - Fully booked)
January 2017 Course - Day 1 - 5
Welcome Alan and Doug - Alan has seected to make a Classical Guitar and Doug is making a Grand Concert Steel String. We are at the stage where the back has been glued to the sides and tomorrow we will be fitting and glueing on the soundboard. Doug and Alan are progressing smoothly and have so far been doing some really good work - well done so far, instruments are looking very good! -
(Next course starts 10th Jan 2017 - 1 place available)
December 2016 Course - Day 12 - 16

Three beautiful guitars were completed today and do they sound good...!
Linda, Herman and Jacques have excelled! Herman and Jacques are father and son. Herman made a classical guitar, which he has given to Jacques, so Jacques walks away with two's that for a special Xmas present?
The three of you were an absolute pleasure to work with and you have all earned the right to showcase your acheivement with pride - Well done !! Wishing you many happy hours/years of playing....

A merry Xmas to everyone and may 2017 be a brilliant year ahead for all!
Next course starts 11th Jan..... -
(Next course starts 10th Jan 2017 - 1 place available)
December 2016 Course - Day 7 - 11

One and a half days to go to completing construction, then we begin the finishing. Linda, Herman and Jacques have really done well so far......three very promising instruments on their way. With the necks completly shaped and the fist sanding done, there are three very proud owners so far.......We have a well earned break tomorrow - enjoy the day off guys! -
(Next course starts 10th Jan 2017 - 1 place available)

December 2016 Course - Day 4 - 6
We are at the stage where the top and back are on, so basically the sound box is complete - tap tones done on the top before fitting and tonal quality of all the sound boxes seems very good - Today the bindings will be prepared, fitted and glued. -
(Next course starts 10th Jan 2017 - 1 place available)

December 2016 Course - Day 1 - 3
Welcome to Linda, Herman and Jacques.
Linda and Jacques are each making a Grand Concert and Jacques is making a Classical. Starting from raw wood, we have so far prepared the top and backs, with the bracing glued to the backs - Sides are bent, in the mould and back linings are on - Sound hole inlay and end flash inlay done and looking great! Three days in and everyone is doing great - Well done so far! -
Music in Africa Foudation Course - Day 5 & 6

Well congratulations are in order to the 12 students who have just completed their instruments. You have all made some really good quality dulcimer guitars!
I wish you many many hours of music pleasure, you have definitely all earned it! Travel safely everyone - some of you are really a long ay from home.
It wa really a pleasure working with you all and getting to know you. There were many people from different countries and cultures doing all the various courses this last week at this venue. If peole in general could get along and work together as you all did, the world would be a far better place - you all made this seem acievable! Once again, well done! -

Music in Africa Foudation Course - Day 4
Well, construction is complete. There are 12 instruments ready for finishing today - frets trimmed and polished - al sanded and looking good. Thursday we'll be setting up and Friday there will be pictures of the completed instruments - Two more days to go to having a playable instrument....... -

Music in Africa Foudation Course - Day 3

Trimmed the top and put the rounding on the top and back - Sanded edges and prpared the fret board - Marked and cut te fret slots - Fitted and glued the frets. A good effort from everybody to keep us on schedule. The instrument is really starting to take shape now - keep up the good work everyone! -
Music in Africa Foudation Course - Day 2
The tops are done - Braces are glued on, shaped and sanded. Back/body prepared and the tops glued on. Well done everybody, instruments are looking good so far - Interesting day ahead.....! -

Music in Africa Foudation Course - Day 1
Welcome to the 12 students who hva come from all over, some from various patrs of Africa. This is a wonderful initiative that has, with some impressive organisation, been put together by the Music in Africa Foundation.
We have only six days to construct a 'Dulcimer' four string guitar, so, here goes........
Yesterday we cut and fitted the top - cut the rebate for the sound hole purfling and starrted with fitting and glueing the top bracing. Well done so far to all - we are makig good progress and look forwargd to an exciting second day! -
Next Course - Dulcimer Guitar - 19th Nov. - 24th Nov. in Jhb.
Instrument building and repair workshop: "Funded opportunity" offered by the 'Music in Africa Foundation" held in Johannesburg, South Africa.'
Click link below to apply and follow applicants.

Special Opportunity !!!!!!
Instrument building and repair workshop: Deadline extended
Here is a fantastic "funded"opportunity offered by the 'Music in Africa Foundation"
Click link below to apply and follow applicants.
Please share this great oppertunity - Thanks

Future Course Dates - - Why do a course in the Garden Route…/
Upcoming Courses:-
• December 2016 - 5th Dec - 22nd Dec - Fully booked
• January 2017 - Dates to be confirmed - 2 places available
• February/March 2017 - 27th Feb to the 16th March - 2 places available
• Future Bookings 2017 -There are other times to be booked - the way it works.... is, if you find a time that suits you, then a course will be formed around that date and once a deposit is paid (50%), it is booked as a course date that others can join (three people max.). A popular time for example, is the December course which is normally end November, beginning December.

Guitar Making Course in George, Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa
Guitar Making Course.....August/September Course has been postponed. Next course starts 5 December.

You Too Can Do This........!
July 2016 Course - Days 12 - 15
Well, what can I say....Marcello and Dewald have produced really great instruments of exceptional quality with fantastic sound - Well done!!
It was a pleasure working with you both and wish you many happy years of making wonderful music on your (own) nandmade guitars. Again congratulations, you have both excelled!

You Too Can Do This........!

July 2016 Course - Days 9 - 11
Construction almost complete - Neck is on and shaped, fringer board fitted and the fret wire has been insrted.
Tomorrow the frets will be levelled and the bridge will be glued on - that will complete the construction, leaving the finishing and the set-up - thumbs up to Marcello and Dewald - guitars are looking fantastic !

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