Thembalethu Square

BRINGING SHOPPING TO THE PEOPLE 'Bringing shopping to the people',

You do not need to drive to George - The shops are now within your reach.

Thembalethu Square is centrally situated on the corner of Nelson Mandela Boulevard and Ngcakani Road and is easily accessible to all. Residents from the neighbouring suburbs of Lawaaikamp, Ballotsview, Borcherds and Conville can buy here as well and do not need to travel far. It is also adjacent to the taxi rank and fuel station. The Anchor Tenants are a fully-fledge branch of Shoprite with 2 600m² of floor space and Cash Build occupying 1300m². The rest of the offering includes a large variety of fashion stores, hair salons, liquor, furniture, cell phone shops, take-away shops, a butchery as well as ATM’s of all the major banks. Other tenants include: ABSA ATM, Archie’s, Bekkies Clothing (Jackets & All), Capitec ATM, Cash Crusaders, Cell Repairs & Electronic Games, COCO Fashions, Dr Parson's dentist, Easy Cash, Fryday’s, Happy R5 Store, Haygrove Heaven, Inuka Fragrance, Iwisco, The Leather Store, Multiplex, Meatguys, Moeez Waqar Trading, Nedbank ATM, New Look Cosmetics, Phapamani Internet Centre, Picardi Rebel, Pie City, Ping Connection, Popular Brands Factory, Smart-MI, Standard Bank ATM, Supreme Finance, Tata’s Take Away, Themba Car Wash, Themba Cell & Sound Centre, Walk-In-Doctor (The Garden Root Doc); WZ Fashion Store, X-Clusive Fashions, YE! Fashions. Including stalls and Containers for informal shopping: Aduvic clothing; Battery Recon Centre, Buthlebethu Fashion, CCC, Ikaya clothing, Maxisebe, NZ Soaps, Ossis, Pani Nutrition (Herbalife), Stylish Design, Tina Turner Hairsalon as well as Geri 2nd Hand Clothes; Mukuru; Thembe Fashions and Happy R5.

Operating as usual


Boyce DSTV is there for all your needs at Stall 11 Thembalethu Square.

You can contact him directly. You can buy from him, pay it off, deliver, he can install at your house. Phone Boyce for arrangements for your DSTV or installations. Boyce 079 294 5117


Thembalethu Square will be open for Easter.

Please check our times for Cashbuild, that you can treat your love ones with adding something special in your home


Cashbuild's Landlines are off, please email your enquiries


Boyce DSTV can assist you with all your DSTV queries and installations. Phone them at Thembalethu Square. The ICT specialists.


Cashbuild is running special extended hours for the festive season at Thembalethu Square. You have still time for your Christmas shopping AFTER hours. Call them and come and see them at Shop 22, Thembalethu Square


Jacque's Design - Stall 1 at Thembalethu Square is having a promotion on their wedding dresses. They invite you to come and have a look at all the new stock, or bring your ideas and share with them for prices.

The dresses are made by Jacqueline Stall 1 (Jacque's design)
Hair of the brides were done by Beyonce Stall 4 (Beyonce's Wigs and professional) and
Andy's Photoshoot (Stall 8) took all the photos

Visit these stalls for your next event that you need to attend or organise.


Check the following specials at store no 9 Thembalethu Square. Do not miss out.

Nazi ii deals zethu ze Black Friday ziqale today ukuya nge 30 ka November 2020


Seeds International NPO are running a Covid 19 awareness campaign at Thembalethu Square on 25 - 27 November 2020, the will be joined by the Dept of Health as well.

Please join them but wear your mask and keep your social distancing. This is a fun but informative musical session.


Stall no 12 Zenani will start showing her items to you soon. Here is a preview of what you can buy.

Come in and have a look, our items are unique.


When last did you visit the stalls at Thembalethu. Stall 9 is selling brand clothes, and yes, CHILDREN CLOTHES as well. So hurry up and get to Havoc Clothing stall no 9, opening 10 Nov 2020.


This weekend Stall 8 Andie's Photoshoot had lots of fun again. If you need someone to be at your party, entertain the children or take photos. Contact Andie's Photoshoot, stall 8 at Thembalethu Square. They are ready for ANY occasion.


Cashbuild is open on Heritage Day for all your building supplies.

Come and see them at shop no 22.

For more info phone (044) 8801137


Cashbuild is running specials till the 9 August 2020, and you can come and see them at Shop 22 for building material.

Flooring, window frames, bricks, timber, bathroom items and many more.

For more inquiries phone (044) 8801254 them, but why phone if you can come in and see for yourself.


Cashbuild Thembalethu is inviting all their clients to visit their store at shop 22 Thembalethu.


Cashbuild in Thembalethu is running several promotions.
Do not miss out.

Put on your mask, and come and buy your essentials at the Red Sticker SALE

044 8801137


Cashbuild at Thembalethu Square is open for Level 4.

Come and visit us for all your need, please remember to wear a mask and social distancing.

Looking forward to see you


Good morning all

Are you sitting at home, not working and wondering how YOU can make a difference during this Corona Lock-down.

There are several projects running all around you.

One of the main prevention for the corona virus is washing your hands and wearing a face-mask. Why don't you join the MASKS4ALL team and help make and/or distribute free masks to those in need.

Ahh you cannot necessarily go out because you are in lockdown? Then donate a small fee, or a large one? You do not have money lying around, then donate material.

Do you have a sewing machine, ask them, and help making masks.

There are a group of people making masks, then they donate these, free of charge, to those in need, so that they, and even YOU cannot become infected.

Donations: Garden Root Doc, FNB, Acct number: 62576999422, Branch code: 250655, Reference to be: masks4all donations

Make the difference you always wanted to make, phone them, and join the team.


More fun and learning for your children during this lock-down time.

Activity 2

Kids up to 5 years


Are your kids extremely active and you need to keep them inside, here are some activities specially designed by some experts to assist you during this lock-down time.

Activity 1

Kids up to 5 years


hi everyone,

here is more information on the corona virus, so please stay at home, keep your social distancing when you NEED to buy essential items, please be safe.

xhosa version


Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates
1 April 2020
The information below is subject to change.
Caring for our community, by combating COVID-19 together, is our number one priority.
We respect and support our Government, to lockdown our nation for 21 days, from 27 March - 16 April 2020. The entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we appreciate President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Government taking serious action to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
We are therefore temporarily partially closed with only essential-goods stores and other essential places open, including Shoprite, Atlantic Meat, Supreme Finance */9*+6
.03.2Bank and the ATM’s that-/ are all permitted to trade.
Access into the Centre and parking areas is limited. The entrance opposite Shoprite is open for pedestrian access.
To protect the health, safety, and well-being of our customers and personnel working in the Centre, we are in continuous contact with the relevant local health authorities, complying with the Lockdown Regulations. Please keep a distance between you and the person before and after you equal to a trolley lenght.
Precautions measure from our side
We have introduced the following additional precautionary measures and enhanced cleaning procedures:
1. Increased cleaning, using disinfectants that have the prescribed alcohol content
2. Meticulously cleaning and disinfecting the common areas and high touch-points of the Centre
3. Security in our Centre is still a core focus and remains in place
4. The Centre Management Office are running remotely
What we recommend you do
1. Plan what you need – that you can walk in and out to shorten social contact
2. Avoid picking up and putting down items / products
3. Maintain social distancing of 1 trolley length when queuing
4. Make use of the in-store disinfectant wipes when making use of trolleys or baskets
5. Make use sanitiser provided at doors
6. If you do feel sick, even a little bit, stay home and seek medical attention
7. As soon as you get home, wash your hands again

Stay safe


Morning all, the following stores will be open in Thembalethu, but please keep in mind, it IS a LOCKDOWN, just go in when you need something URGENTLY.

George is in lockdown-mode.

If everyone walk around the whole time, we are missing the point of the lock-down, your are putting yourself and the person next to you in jeopardy.

If you need to buy something keep your distance 1.5 meters at least between you.

Please be safe


What do you still need to know about the Corona virus.

for more information


Cashbuild is inviting all their clients old and new.

Their staff are ready to assist you with all your building needs.

Cashbuild took the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their customers...


It is that time of the year again that you can do FREE HEALTH testing at Thembalethu Square.

The Department of health is rendering the following services for FREE:

Child health immunisations, vitamin A and deworming,
as well as: HIV testing, family planning, papsmears, pregnancy testing and sugar tests

Why stand at the clinic the whole day if you can do it here, quickly and free on Thursday from 9:00


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Don’t forget, today is your last chance to get FREE GIFT PACKAGING from ARTHUR FORD when you purchase from their store. 🎁
12-14 February only. Whilst stocks last.


Treat yourself or someone you love with ARTHUR FORD this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that they will be treating you to FREE GIFT PACKAGING today when you purchase from their store. 🎁
12-14 February only. Whilst stocks last.


Treat yourself or someone you love with ARTHUR FORD this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that they will be treating you to FREE GIFT PACKAGING today when you purchase from their store. 🎁
12-14 February only. Whilst stocks last.


Treat yourself or someone you love with ARTHUR FORD’S latest men’s perfume #CHARCOAL this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that they will be treating you to FREE GIFT PACKAGING from tomorrow, when you purchase from their store. 🎁
12-14 February only. Whilst stocks last.


Treat yourself or someone you love with ARTHUR FORD’S latest women’s perfume #CORAL this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that they will be treating you to FREE GIFT PACKAGING when you purchase from their store. 🎁
12-14 February only. Whilst stocks last


To celebrate Valentine's Day, ARTHUR FORD will be treating you to FREE GIFT PACKAGING, when you purchase from their store. 🎁
12-14 February only. Whilst stocks last.


Stall 11 is opening soon and will be having their launch on the 31 January and 1 February at Thembalethu Square.

"Ulwaluko" is a most celebrated traditional practice, it can also be a lengthy and costly practice, especially if one is not financially prepared.

Visit stall 11 for more information


Cashbuild Thembalethu is stocking all your building materials.

Please check our shop's opening times for your last Christmas presents, your building materials and for all your restoration-needs to your home.

Call us, and that we can assist you, with your project.

044 8801137, or come and see us at shop 22, Thembalethu Square.


BLACK FRIDAY special at Jacques Design, Thembalethu Square. This lady can design magic, you think it, she creates it.

Wedding dresses, Traditional attire, or a dress for any occasion. Stall no 1, opposite Cash Build


Necessities at Thembalethu Square has this Black Friday up to a 50% mark down on several of their stock. Come and have a look on what you are buying on Black Friday

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Thembalethu Square's 1st Birthday




C/O: Nelson Mandela Boulevard And Ngcakani Roads Thembalethu

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
Friday 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday 09:00 - 16:00
Sunday 09:00 - 14:00
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