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Die dames van Van Kervel Skool is heerlik bederf na heerlike damestee wat saam met Carmen Niehaus van Carmien Tee gehou is. Baie dankie Wonki Ware dat julle die dag help moontlik maak het en ons so bederf het!
Hi I'm looking for a job,,I'm very creative in art work,,I can show you if I can show you
I went to the Wonki Ware shop this morning at Broadacres. The selection was fantastic, but mostly the staff were amazing. They were really friendly, and kind and helpful. We left very happy customers and will definitely come back again.
I'm so sad - I broke one of my Baroque Lace dinner plates and they have been discontinued. Taking a huge chance, but if anyone has one lying around that they want to sell I would gladly take it off your hands!
Hi there, I would like to pick up some nice things. Are you open on 24 th of december? Or where else to find? I am in the regio till 28 th. Thx a lot!!!
Come to visit here you get More....
Happy, Colourful WonkiWare-Days at the Florist in Oslo! :)
We Love Wonki Ware at Fem Sanser - Camilla Kristensen - Oslo, Norway :)
You give me & my customers such Inspiration & Joy! Love from the Florist in Oslo (Norway) - Fem Sanser - Camilla Kristensen :)
You give me & my customers such Inspiration & Joy! Love from the Florist in Oslo (Norway) - Fem Sanser - Camilla Kristensen :)
Hi, it is very difficult to find wonki ware in copenhagen. there is only one small shop which orders only twice a year. I have bought 12 pieces of this beautiful handcrafted dining ware recently and I want to buy more. Can any one advice about how can I order online directly?
Hi Di - no pun intended!!! Just a quick question about your beautiful wares - do you perhaps supply on consignment? I run a new Stall in Jansenville and am looking for extraordinary products to showcase and sell. Please look us up at Ark in the Karoo farm stall. Would love to hear from you.

Di Marshall Pottery: South African Dinnerware and Table Accessories now sold in the USA I live in a small town called George along the Garden Route in South Africa.

I started a small studio in the town centre about 10 years ago purely to keep myself occupied while my children where at school. We lived on a farm at the time and had to travel quite a distance everyday so I thought it would be good idea to work in my pottery studio in the morning, collect my children and go back to the farm in the afternoon. I happily started working and slowly attracted the attention of the local community. Before long my little studio became a meeting place for other potters and people that enjoyed being creative. About the same time a young Xhosa man named Artwel started arriving every morning looking for work. I did not have much money at this stage to pay him, but he was willing to do anything, so I started teaching him about clay. I devised a method of making pottery that Artwel could duplicate from my shapes that I had originally created. To our delight he started producing very sensitively worked platters and bowls. I began developing patterns that were relatively easy and simple to reproduce but at the same capturing a sensitivity in pattern and design. Another person that became invaluable to our team walked into the studio one day and painted a plate and I knew I had to have her join our team. Les, Artwel and I became a formidable pottery team. Our energy and enthusiasm had people from all over the country popping into buy our pottery. The word had spread from Cape Town to Johannesburg and before long we had orders that we could not keep up with. At about this time Janice joined our team and became our first agent and before long we had our pottery showcased in some on the most prestigious stores in South Africa. We have been in operation for about 10 years and are presently employing 40 people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They are all now skilled employers and are valuable, contributing members in their communities. Our skilled potters are now training new comers in the art of making Wonki Ware and I feel confident that this is being achieved successfully. It is with pleasure and pride that I feel I can hand over this side of the business to my employees. Wonki Ware is a product that got developed purely by chance. It was born from a collective energy of 3 people whose excitement and enthusiasm were boundless. It still amazes me today what we unintentionally created. The vibrant, warm spirit of Africa is clearly visible in our pottery and I thank our potters and South Africans for their enthusiasm and love for what we do. Love Di Marshall

Operating as usual

We’d like to pay tribute to a man who was instrumental in introducing Wonki Ware to the world through the Conran Shops, starting with their London shop. Since 2008 we have been working with Conran, and have had a very successful easy relationship with the Conran brand. Terrence Conran was an icon in his field and transformed the way we live in our homes today. He introduced the world to a new way of looking at home interiors, bringing beauty and style into everyday life.
Di Marshall

Tune into The Insider SA this evening to get a behind the scenes feel of Wonki Ware with creator and artist @dimarshall at 19:30 🕢.

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Donatella Pontesilli has collaborated with Wonki Ware in producing a range for Poetry Stores South Africa. Donna’s exuberant style and the use of earthy colours brings a collection of Wonki Ware platters and mugs onto your dining tables and into your kitchens, creating a visual feast - enjoy! Available soon in Poetry stores nationwide!
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Check out our new vases, hand-thrown in a variety of clays, double-dipped in our very own gorgeous glazes! These can be used both as vases or utensil holders, and with their beautiful earth-tones, will complement any part of your home! Only R280, while stocks last.
21cm high x 15cm wide

Follow the link: https://wonkiware-factorystore.com/product-category/vases/

For more info, visit: www.wonkiware.com

#wonkiware #handmadevases #originalglazes #interiordesign #homeware


Wonki Ware Jerusalema Dance

Wonki Ware decided to join in on the Jerusalema Dance Challenge, bringing it back home with a truly South African vibe. #jerusalema #wonkiware #proudlysouthafrican

Video credit Jason Maggott

Wonki Ware decided to join in on the Jerusalema Dance Challenge, bringing it back home with a truly South African vibe. #jerusalema #wonkiware #proudlysoutha...

For this week's “Special Selection” I have chosen a bowl from our SCRAFFITO collection. Sgraffito is an age old technique where clay is carved out to make the desired imagery. Our simplistic dash design is washed with natural tones to emphasize the vibrancy of the pattern and the beautifully shaped bowl.

Only R240 per bowl, while stocks last

Visit our website at https://www.wonkiware.com
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Getting bowl-ed over with some table inspiration today from @saltwatersorrento 🥣. Tag us in your #WonkiWare shots

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Home - Wonki Ware

"Di Marshall Selections"
We have beautiful hand-thrown mugs made on the potters wheel by Byki Brown and Lucky Buthelezi. Muted tones of rose, grey, taupe, and bone, patterned with a double-dip of these luscious glazes with a band of raw clay peaking out between these stunning colours - keeping up the tradition of handcrafted pottery made on the potters wheel.
Click here to see more: https://wonkiware-factorystore.com/product-category/di-marshall-selections/
For more information visit our website www.wonkiware.com and enjoy the shopping experience!

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What’s happening at the Wonki Ware Factory Shop and Online Store this week?
Beautifully shaped, handcrafted platters in vibrant earth tones - these platters are from the “Di Marshall Selections range”. They are perfect for salads, rice dishes, paella, fruit salad - a versatile everyday shape for any occasion!
Click here to see more: https://wonkiware-factorystore.com/
For more information visit our website www.wonkiware.com and enjoy the shopping experience!

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Home - Wonki Ware

“We are proud to announce that the WONKI WARE ONLINE SHOPS ARE NOW OPEN!! We have two online shops: a RETAIL ONLINE SHOP and a FACTORY ONLINE SHOP. Please look on our website www.wonkiware.com and enjoy the shopping experience!

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Today we celebrate the birthday of a woman of strength and courage, a woman with a generous heart, a woman who doesn't give up, a woman who pursues and perseveres, a woman who enjoys life and laughter, and a woman who is an example to us all. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Di Marshall, creator, founder, and true heart of Wonki Ware!

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Some of our beautiful Wonki Ware ranges available at The Blink Shop, Seapoint Cape Town
Visit our store to view more of the products on offer.
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"What sets Wonki Ware apart, is the process and skill behind each created piece. Each of us contributes our own signature, as an artist should"
Di Marshall
Visit our store to view our products on offer.
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Reflect your personal and unique style!

Reflect your personal and unique style!

Featuring our Duck Egg range available as a Dinner service or as Individual pieces to add to your already fabulous Wonki Ware Collection. Mix and match patterns or plains to create your unique look.

Visit our stores to view more of the products on offer.

Or online at https://www.poetrystores.co.za/homeware/kitchen-and-dining
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"...a classic product that is timeless and vibrant..."
Di Marshall Wonki Ware
#AuthenticWonkiWare #WonkiWare #ProudlySouthAfrican

Di and Dillon Marshall developing new ranges after the inspirational trip to Ireland and Paris.

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Lovely to see Frank and Barbara Will, of Will and Will GMBH, our Swiss distributors, at Maison and Objet!

#Maison&Objet #Paris #WonkiWare #ProudlySouthAfrican #SwissWonkiWare #AuthenticWonkiWare

Some moral support from @poetrystores South Africa's Johan and Kelly - thanks guys!

#Maison&Objet #Paris #WonkiWare #ProudlySouthAfrican #AuthenticWonkiWare

All in a day's work.

Setting up at Maison Objet 2019.
@JaniceWilensky in action - no job is too big or too small!!

#MaisonObjet #Wonkiware #howitsdone #greatjob #dinnerware

Here we go!!! All set up and ready for the Maison&Objet Trade Show!

The Wonki Ware team having some fun before the start of the Trade Show in true South African spirit ! Go Bokke!

#Maison&Objet #Paris #WonkiWare #ProudlySouthAfrican #AuthenticWonkiWare

Still going strong at The Conran Shop Paris who have been loyal supporters of Wonki Ware for over a decade.

Team Wonki Ware @DiMarshall @LindseyDickson @ThuliswaMtonjeni @JaniceWilensky

#WonkiWare #Dinnerware #TheConranShop #Paris #Maison&Objet

Wonki Ware is available in Avoca - a leading lifestyle store in Ireland.

On our way to the Maison & Objet Paris Trade show, we popped in for a visit at one of our International Wonki Ware Stockists located in Ireland.

Avoca has a total of 12 locations in Ireland and is a proud third-generation family-owned business that boasts a variety of authentic merchandise.
#Maison&Objet #Paris #WonkiWare #Avoco #Ireland

The Wonki Ware team enjoying the Irish Culture.

Road to Maison&Objet Tradeshow hosted at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte in France from 06 Sep – 10 Sep 2019.

#WonkiWare #Original #Pottery #Dinnerware #Irish #Culture

We are inviting Spring over this Weekend!

#WonkiWare #Original #Pottery #Dinnerware #Spring

We are jetting off to Paris to showcase some of our authentic Wonki Ware tableware at this years Maison&Objet Tradeshow hosted at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte in France from 6 September – 10 September 2019.

We are extremely excited and so looking forward to the trip!

#WonkiWare #Paris #maisonandobjet #Pottery #maisonandobjet2019

The original, proudly South African dinnerware we all know and love.

#WonkiWare #Original #Pottery #Dinnerware


Wonki Ware | Di Marshall Pottery

Getting ready for the Maison & Objet Show next month...

#WonkiWare #Original #Pottery #Dinnerware #maisonandobjet2019


Au revoir! We are off to Paris for the biannual Maison and Objet trade show !!

Watch this space... more details to follow!

#WonkiWare #Paris #maisonandobjet #Pottery #maisonandobjet2019

Providing a little extra brightness to the start of your week. 😉

#WonkiWare #Monday #NewWeek #MondayMotivation

Some of the best memories are made with food.
Enjoy the weekend with WonkiWare.

#WonkiWare #Original #Pottery #Dinnerware #Weekend #Friday

Wonkiware are always on trend.
For all our fans in Cape Town, find your Wonkiware @ Blink in Seapoint.

#WonkiWare #CapeTown #Seapoint #Pottery

Rooted and Beautiful.

The process of creating original pottery in a variety of shapes and patterns that allowed us to be ahead of the trends curve.

#WonkiWare #Process #Creation #Pottery #Original #Dinnerware

Here is an article that recently featured our Wonki Ware store in Johannesburg as one of the best boutique homeware stores Gauteng.

Follow the link to read the full article -> https://whatsoninjoburg.com/post/best-boutique-homeware-stores-gauteng/

#WonkiWare #Original #Pottery #Dinnerware #Boutique #Johannesburg

We Want More!

We have read the comments and we are overwhelmed by some of the responses. We want to thank each and every one of our loyal customers for their support ... but we would LOVE to hear more!

Please share your favourite WonkiWare moments in the comments below and share a photo or 2, if you have, of some of your Wonki moments shared with friends.

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Reflect your personal and unique style!
All in a day's work.
Di Marshall
Episode 4:  Wonki Ware Factory Shop - George



42 York Street

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