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R400 per knob free fitment
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Some Trinis rocking the new Gomexus handles

BigBoss 3 8000 serviced

Gomexus Handle Knobs only R400

Discovery Channel UK

Intresting how Reels are made

This one will reel you in! 🎣

Before and after speedmaster copper slip is not made for Reels

Even if its a brand new reel ot gets a complete strip and clean and assembled with fresh corrosion block grease

Before and after of a Old Daiwa 350HK they are old bult stil a beast of a reel

Magged and ready for night fishing with peace of mind

Before and After 15/30 Magic

Well Donald Olivier brought this reel in quite a while back said I must have a look at it when I have time. So as its lockdown time with alot of time on our hands, I had some time to work on the reel.

All that was wrong with the reel after people told him that it is unrepairable is one part was put in wrong and it was a bit dirty

What I like about these reels are that you can clean it to the point where it almost look brand new.

Check the slidshow below and enjoy

And hope all stay safe in these hard times

So Gary went out fishing enjoying a night with his mates, after his first cast he tought his going take the net to try and get some mullet. With having a check on the rod for a bite his rod has disappeared from his sight, running like usain bolt he only sees a line in the sand where bis rod used to be as the fish took off with his rod and reel. Dissapointed as his night of fishing was over he went back home thinking of the one that got away

The next night he got a call from he mate giving him some unbelievable news he got a present from the sea, and it was Gary's Rod and Reel with not to much damage

See photos below of how the reel looked

Out with the old in with the new

Photos from Eden Reel Services's post

Some very neat boat reels came in not alot of befor photos as the client realy looks after his reels
After a good clean and regrease they are ready to catch pb again

Happy weekend

A bit of drag upgrading with only the best greased used

Reels for the week

[12/24/16]   Geseende Kersfees aan almal en hoop julle kry daai katrol wat jy die heel jaar al jou oog op het

Justto show a spheros i did this week showing again the reel is not waterproof but splash proof as I opened this reel the water came pouring through the reel after a good clean and making sure all the corrosion is treated with the best grease there is and a few new bearings

So its been a while since I posted on this page been busying noving into my new workshop and also heavy busy doing reels. Saragosa s are not waterproof and only splash proof as you can see in this photos below rusted anti reverse and water trapped on the inside the client looks after his reels so once the reel is submerged in water there is nothing you can do to get the water out. So in time the bearings wil rust.

Goodmorning, I recieved two penn Fathoms 25N not looking to bad from the outside the inside had a different story looking at the pictures below you wil see the hard work that was put into these reels to make them feeling great again

Little shimano Alivio 4000 I did for a customer was in a pretty bad shape as you can see in the pics but after washing every part in this reel its running a lot smoother

So I got this saragosa and spheros in for service, as you can see below is a few pictures of the saragosa before and after. Im still busy with the spheros. These reels got a lot of rubber seals in them to make it harder for water to penetrate it, but not making them water proof just splash proof. You will see in the photos below that water has come in to these reels making it harder to get out so in time it will make the bearings rust

Albert reels from eden baits came in for a service for the rasspl nationals, even though they are brand new all grease was removed and new grease was put in.

Wimpy louw having a cast with Mag-it on his Finnor 16 with braid, nice slow mo.

This is a old sealine x im working on, the client told me that the handle is turning as smooth as always and made me think not a lot of people opens these old handles just drops oil in it. And on opening the handle I found a long piece of bait cotton. Now i have opened alot of handles andd found most of them with a piece of bait cotton in it. Photos to follow

[03/22/16]   So I had a few people asking me what a ultrasonic cleaner is and thought it was a solution I use on reels to clean them and it is actualy a machine I use to clean reels every part that is in a reel goes into the machine, the solution I use have costed me a lot of money and it was just to find the correct solution to make sure that it cleans the reel and does not damage the it as it can become very costly here is a small description to what a ultrasonic cleaner is.

An ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent (sometimes ordinary tap water) to clean items. The ultrasound can be used with just water, but use of a solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the type of soiling present enhances the effect. Cleaning normally lasts between three and six minutes, but can also exceed 20 minutes, depending on the object to be cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean many different types of objects, including jewellery, lenses and other optical parts, watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, fountain pens, golf clubs, fishing reels, window blinds, firearms, car fuel injectors, musical instruments, industrial parts and electronic equipment. They are used in many jewellery workshops, watchmakers' establishments, and electronic repair workshops.

This is a reel I did a clutch, the lever was stuck and the corrosion built up on the inside making it hard for the clutch to get switch over. A good service made the reel good as new. Having a reel serviced on a regular basis is good, as reel prices are going through the roof a reel like this is selling for about R3300. With the reel serviced Allie is ready for the league this weekend and can land the fish with no trouble

Abu 7000 en n shimano 200G wat net n goeie diens nodig gehad het na n harde jaar se visvang. Die Dame speel nie as dit by visvang kom nie, en wys baie vir haar man hoe word dit gedoen. Die katrolle het ook baie sentimentele waarde vir haar, en sy glo net in levelwind katrolle.

Die ultegra het ek in gekry so maand terug met die handle wat vas sit. Die handle kan jy nie net uitkap nie ek het al n paar gesien wat drom toe gaan oor mense wat net gekap het, so n paar keer in die ultra sonic cleaner het hom los gekry. Ek het ongelukkig die vorige foto verloor.

This is a reel I did for Justin Godwin seeing all the corrosion on this reel made things exciting to see how it wil look and sound when its finished, placing everthing in the ultra sonic cleaner made cleaning a breeze and super clean. Having a look at the photo shows that this reel will still fish for a long time

N SL30SH en n 50 SH wat ek vir n klient doen wat die naweek af ry namibs toe niks major vout gewees nie het net n ordentlike skoon maak en vars grease nodig gehad, als hardloop weer glad om n mooi namib steenie te vang of n lekker galjoen. Die handle is maar lief vir corosion so n ligte olie smeer op die handle en gereelde diens sal voorkom dat so iets gebeur en sal jou katrolle se leeftyd verleng.

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