Xtreme Reel Repairs, George Video May 30, 2015, 1:23pm

Videos by Xtreme Reel Repairs in George. Xtreme Reel Repairs offers professional fishing reel repairs and upgrades.

Een van my kliente met mag it in

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Well Donald Olivier brought this reel in quite a while back said I must have a look at it when I have time. So as its lockdown time with alot of time on our hands, I had some time to work on the reel. All that was wrong with the reel after people told him that it is unrepairable is one part was put in wrong and it was a bit dirty What I like about these reels are that you can clean it to the point where it almost look brand new. Check the slidshow below and enjoy And hope all stay safe in these hard times

Some very neat boat reels came in not alot of befor photos as the client realy looks after his reels After a good clean and regrease they are ready to catch pb again Happy weekend

Wimpy louw having a cast with Mag-it on his Finnor 16 with braid, nice slow mo.

Net te wys hoe die ultrasonic an die werk gaan, grease en corosion verdwyn soos niks

Klient se Finnor 16 wat Mag It in gekry het baie happier met goeie afstand en die gemak

Een van my kliente met mag it in

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