Vetcare Animal Clinic - George

Vetcare Animal Clinic - George


I need help with this little dove...
Thank you Dr Ruth, I'm eating again and my eyes are almost clear, and no more coughing. Thank you to all the ladies at Vetcare, for caring, compassion and understanding and phoning almost everyday to check up on me - LULU
The best vet in George! Thank you so much for all your support over the last week - and a huge thank you to Elke for stopping Jamie's persistent nosebleed. It has been extremely worrying, so your calls and concern have been much appreciated. Thank you 😍
Thank you Drs. Elke & Ruth, Gina’s infection under her eye has healed... your kindness to her is greatly appreciate...
Picked up Bella's ashes today, a special thank you to everyone at Vetcare for the special attention you give your pet clients and their grieving hoomans, it's truly appreciated!❤️ baie baie dankie se vir Dr Elke van Vet Care wat so mooi na my African Grey gekyk het sy is tops dit gaan beter met hom het weer begin fluit weereens baie dankie Dr Elke
Our PatchyBoy is still missing - we are offering a reward for his safe return. Please help 🙏
Thank you Dr Stephanie for helping our little worsie tonight, thanks for going out of your way to assist and to make sure that she will be OK. You will never know how much this meant to us and we are so grateful. Thank you for loving our animals as much as we do. 🐕🙏
Thank you Dr Elke, Dr Ruth, Dr Stephanie and all the incredible staff at Vetcare George for looking after Bear this week. For understanding when I was too emotional to speak, for never giving up! We are so grateful to you all. You saved Bear's life!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! BEST VET EVER!!!
Deconstructed HANDSOME... a #boredombuster project during Lockdown
You guys, I REALLY want to emphasize this!!! If your parrot's feathers are too long. For the next 21 days you won't be able to look for him if he flies away. Keep your doors locked! Not closed, but locked so no one could accidentally enter trough the door. If you can't do that, please make sure your parrot stays in its cage. You are responsible for your parrot's safety! This goes for dogs and cats too

Vetcare Animal Clinic - opens its doors 10 March 2015! Dr Elke Schwellnus is here to look after your pets health needs.

Operating as usual

Our patient of the day 🐾



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Who else is excited for summer and “pool”days?! 🦜 #avian #pooldays #comeonsummer #bestvet #vetcare

🎈🎈🎈 We want to wish Juandrè a very big Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much for everything that you do here at VetCare 🤩.


20% off everything in the front shop & 15% off on all food.
FOR ONE DAY ONLY (27-11-2020)

*This excludes consultations, services, treatments & medication.

‼️When visiting VetCare please remember to wear your mask and sanitize before entering.

😂If you come in without a mask, we will have to take your temperature!
P. S We only have rectal thermometers!
Please choose wisely. 😷

#lifeatVetCare #covid19 #letsworktogether #staysafe #wearyourmask #sanitize

Attention - It is breeding season for birds❗️❗️❗️

🐦Here is some helpful information on when to help a baby bird, and when to leave it alone.


We are always available if you need advice or when you are unsure whether to leave them or to pick them up. Please give us a call on 044 873 3585 to help you decide whether to leave them or to take them to your nearest Vet.

IMPORTANT! We have been informed that Vrede Rd (the road infront of VetCare) and Wellington CAN NOT be used to access us tomorrow. Please access VetCare via the Mini Pick n Pay Parking. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Can you see the weekend yet?🐾

Have a good weekend because Monday will be back in 30 minutes 😆.


Dr Elke was very excited to see our very special Sssnake patients today. Bee the Sand Boa & Cleopatra the Carpet Python.

A few interesting facts on reptiles❗️❗️❗️

🐍Reptiles are cold blooded vertebrates(meaning they have a
back bone).
🦎They lay soft shelled eggs however , Boa constrictors give birth to live young.
🐢They have dry scaly skin.
🐍Some of the most common reptiles are snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises and crocodiles.

❤️Quote of the day - If they breath, they live. If they live, they feel.
If they feel, they love. If they love, they are aware. If they are aware, they have a soul.

#lifeatVetCare #reptilesmatter #loveforallanimals #patientsoftheday #exoticpets

This baby was found in George Hospital.

Safe and sound at VetCare , if this is your baby please let us know on 044 873 3585.

❗️❗️❗️ We will need proof that this is your little baby 🦜🦜🦜

At VetCare we treat & care for all animals like it is our own 🐾❤️

We haven't been this excited about Friday , since last Friday 😁.
#fridaysatVetCare #everydayisagoodday #lifeatvetcare #wecare #itsweekend #bestreceptionists #bestvets

Zoom and Airo visited VetCare today for their first vet check-up and a quick nail trim.
Dr Elke , VetCare's exotic pet vet, was in her element with these two baby Macaw's.

#exoticpets #Macaw's #babybirds #lifeatVetCare

Request for old newspapers ❗️❗️❗️

Before you throw out your old newspapers , please spare a thought for us at VetCare.

Very tame African Grey brought in. Pleasd give us a call if it is yours and confirm ring number 🐦

Stunning. Even donating R50 from 6 people can have a kitty spayed or neutered. Let’s do this people. Kitten season has already started. Many pregnant cats out there currently. Dr Elke❤️


Rene Beeby sponsored 2 spay/neuters and brought kitten food for the moms and kittens in foster care.

CAT Garden Route

Although focused on sterilisations, CAT Garden Route is in desperate need of donations for treatments, to enable us to assist with cases, such as the following:
Ginger was born on a farm in Langkloof, his family are humble farm workers, who love their Ginger boy to bits. Already sterilised by CAT Garden Route some time ago, his concerned family contacted Lisa Murray, as Ginger suddenly became lethargic and appeared in much pain.
Lisa Murray rushed through to the Langkloof Farm and then straight to Vetcare Animal Clinic - George. Ginger received emergency treatment by Dr Elke at Vetcare for a severely blocked bladder to save his life. After a full recovery, Ginger returned to his family. A happy ending in deed. Please consider a small donation toward worthy cases, such as this.
CAT Trust, FNB Acc No. 6261 567 0800, Branch George

Spikey and Gizmo came a far way for a weigh in....and some Show Bussiness. So adorable. These little critters can get overweight easily, regular weight check and correct diet/ exercise is the way to go.❤️ #exoticsmypassion Dr Elke

Music for the heart! Happy Monday! ❤️🐾

Pinky and the Vet

Pinky ( 8yr old Galah)came in for a pedi and wing clip. What a delight. He got some health advise but with all the talking we are not sure how much he heard. This chatty chap made Dr Elke’s day.

Mambo came to visit fora fledgling feather and nail trim. Giving some advise on feeding and transitioning to healthy pelleted ration for future. What a clever little fella. Nice meeting you Mambo. Dr Elke ❤️🦜

Cassie came in today, she is a 24 year old Timney Grey. This little one is on the correct pellet food, with fruits and enough sunlight per day! She is super friendly and was happy to lie on her back for feather, beak and nail trim. What a treat to have you as a patient Cassie! From a happy Dr Elke🐾❤️🐦🦜

Today we had the privilage to meet Little Augie, a female chinchilla who only weighs 480g. IT-support couldn't resist some cuddle time with her.

Fun facts : Chinchillas are very agile animals and can jump up to 5 feet in the air , their fur is considered the softest in the world : 30 times softer than human hair.

Critters like these are Dr. Elke's passion.We really hope she feels better soon. 🤗

Thank you for everybody's help to find Marcho. He is home safely with his owners. 😁

Please be on the look out for Marcho. He got away from his owner this morning on the corner of Vrede and Wellington street (VetCare). Should you see him , please contact us on 044-873-3585.

Sara has been found , and back home with her mom. Thank you to everyone who made it possible to reunite her with her family. ❤️🐾

Sara (Female, 17kg, 11 years olde) slipped out at 4am this morning when her mom left for work. She lives in De Chavonnes Street, near the big Pick n Pay. Please on the lookout. If you see her, please phone VetCare 0448833585! #share

Please bring them inside! 🥶🥶🥶🥶🐾❤️

Exciting news coming your way..

🐶VetCare is having a WINTER SNUGGLE SPECIAL!🐶

Place your order to warm up your furry friends with these amazing Rogz products!🐾🐾

How to order:
1. Leave your details in the comment section. (contact number & email address)
2. Specify the awesome product, color and size of your choice.

Closing date for orders is Monday the 17th of August at 12:00.
For any further enquiries please call 044-873-3585

A 9.1kg SWAN was brought to Dr Elke with a presenting complaint of paralysis in his legs. Dr Elke took x-rays and put the patient on a drip to treat his initial diagnosis-heavy metal toxicity.
After two days on a drip he showed great improvement and even had enough strength to chase Vetcare's resident bunny!! Today he will be heading back to his pond where he is most happy. The Vetcare staff have been most interested in this unusual patient and are all glad he has recovered well.

This big boy was found in Denneoord and really wants to go home. He has no microchip. Please phone VetCare on 044-873-3585 if this is your big boy 🐾🐾
He will be spending the night here if not collected by 17:30. Please share!

I think the piggy may be my favourite. Have a beautiful day VetCare Family! 🐾❤️

What if all animals had a cat face

Be responsible! Stay safe 😷

Here are some of our Christmas in July lucky draw winners 😁.
We still have awesome prizes left to be won , don't miss out❗️❗️❗️

- Some things just fill your heart without trying 🐾🐾🐾

ATTENTION all cat owners❗️❗️❗️

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Important notice!

Our phone lines are down due to construction happening in Wellington Street.
You can reach us on 084 873 3585.

Thank you for your patience.

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Stripped field mice/Gestreepte veldmuis
Summer ice lollies
Pinky and the Vet
Happy weekend - We hope it's nice and relaxing.
Christmas Kitty Treats at VetCare




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