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Jizni CZ accessories


Cz scorpion performance parts... Just want to find out when will you have a stock on the scorpion performance parts..... Pictures just for attention...
I ordered sights on Tuesday 13 Oct from you. I received it yesterday. I want to thank you for your professional service. I received e-mails of every step in the process and not once did I have to call you or wonder what is going on.
Awesome service from Marius and the guys at Jizni! Brilliant in informing me the whereabouts of my package and quick delivery even on the farm. Well done guys, will definitely be supporting your online shop again!
Do you have extended magazine release for the CZ 75 SP01 in stock?
CZ75 SP01 Shadow Cajun Gun Works Disconnector Upgrade reset issue. Thanks Marius for your assistance and patience with all my questions, awesome service. I did not test the disconnector correctly and it is now exactly what I wanted after following your test instructions. So happy, I now have learnt new things and my issue have been resolved swiftly, Keep up the great work!
Hi looking for some assistance pls trying to get spare mags, have a old CZ85 but can't get any mags around, only for cz75, see on your page also that you don't have, where can a get cz85 mags for sale.
I placed my order yesterday morning. Took delivery just now. Thanks for the valuable service. Will buy from you again.
Hi Marius and team. Thank you for the fast delivery after you can and the time you took to write a personal message on the invoice!! You guys are great and I will definitely make use of you again!
#ExtendHuntexSpecials 😎
Thanks Jizni for the fast and proper service. I Highly recommend this platform!
Good day...do u stock rubber for the bottom of a cz83 magazine

Spares and accessories for popular handguns.

Operating as usual

Since Jizni now stock Toni System's Beretta 1301 products, you can order it straight from our website --> https://zcu.io/xTeA

If you have a different brand of shotgun, now is the time to speak up. I'm finalising an order and can special order anything from their website --> https://zcu.io/AR0J

Happy Friday!

These two squiggly things are the trigger bar- and magazine release springs from a CZ Shadow. They are on your screen because Eemann Tech just released competition versions of both.
Now, this is new. I haven't seen anybody else offer competition versions of these yet, so it really sparked my interest. So, although I haven't even fitted these to my own pistol yet (that will have to wait for Christmas break), I thought it a good idea to talk through their functions.
The magazine release spring (lower left), is straight forward. The 10% weaker spring will be welcomed by people with small hands.
The trigger bar spring (top right) needs some more explanation. The two horns push upwards against the trigger bar. As you can imagine, the trigger bar runs mostly forwards and backwards (except for a small bit right at the back of the trigger stroke, where it dips downwards to release the double-action shot.) Since the trigger doesn't compress this spring directly, the 15% reduction in spring strength will not have a proportional impact on trigger weight (Eemann indicates a gain of about 200g), but we can expect it to reduce the grittiness in the trigger mechanism somewhat, especially on newer guns. Also, since it reduces friction on both the forwards and backwards stroke, it should also improve the promptness of the return stroke - something that will be of particular interest to shooters bothered by the sluggish feel of a reduced trigger return spring.


Every investment professional worth his salt will tell you that the important thing is time in the market, not timing the market. Jizni recently happened to get the timing right on a bunch of Shield S15 magazines, but that is not what we are about. We got these early only because we were talking to Shield from before they could export, but we will still be talking to them after the frenzy has died down. Soon, everybody will stock them, then the market will be oversupplied for a while, then people will move on to the next thing. We will continue doing our thing and supplying Shield Arms because of their reputation for quality, which was what attracted us to them in the first place.

So, sorry if you were looking for a S15 magazine and we couldn’t help you this time around. To be clear, nobody got backorders. At most, people who enquired long ago were notified before people who enquired yesterday. If you go to our product page right now, you can enter your e-mail address and receive the same notification when new stock is booked in: https://zcu.io/KfmG

The Eemann Tech Slide Stop Thumb Rest was designed specifically with IPSC Standard Division in mind. It allows you to test a thumb rest on your pistol without having to drill and tap your frame.
It seems that I'm not the only one who is intrigued by the idea, and the first batch was picked up very quicky. Now back in stock for Shadow 1 and 2:


Everywhere we look, people are looking for P-07 happy sticks, but there is not even some speculation on the horizon.
Shield Arms' +5 shoe is a classy alternative, though. We find that even Glock owners, who are spoilt for choice, appreciate aluminium shoes for the neat way with which they blend with a pistol's grip. While a lot of aluminium shoes stop short at two extra rounds, Shield gives you five, reliably, by including an extra length magazine spring.
And, of course, for those times that you really need the extra capacity, you can always add one to a P-09 magazine to give you 24 rounds in your P-07 or P-10C.


A perfect example of a P-10C set up for functionality as well as looks. Not only does it look great, but everything fits seamlessly.

Happy Friday, everyone!

We have a position available for a salesperson at Jizni. Not the “sell ice to the Eskimos” type. The type that can build on our reputation for a deep understanding of both the products and their applications.

We believe that properly set up equipment can be a great performance aid, but it amounts to nothing without practice. So we need someone who can understand what gear can and cannot do for you. Being an active sports shooter would therefore be a bonus.

Please send applications to poste3 at jizni dot co dot za.

Almost 18 months ago, I published an article on how quickly accessory manufacturers have adapted to the newer CZ P-10 series, compared to the more established P-07 / P-09 platform. The rate with which new products saw the light was so high that I wondered whether it was incidental: https://zcu.io/9F6Q
During the last couple of months, however, I was forced to rethink. The same thing is happening with the Beretta APX, compared to the PX4 series. Sights are still a bit thin on the ground, but we already have all sorts of interesting options available for the APX: mag bases, magwells, compensators, optic mounts, recoil systems, even frame weights and Ronis: https://zcu.io/qrmq
This whole onslaught on the hammer brigade would have been very hard for an old-timer like me to accept, were it not for the fact that people like Sig and Walther saw the light and re-introduced metal back into the frames of their striker-fired guns. 😀

You may have noticed that P-07 recoil springs changed from blue to black a while back. It's not only a colour change but a softer spring altogether, but the fact that their 'new' rating happens to be very close to Cajun Gunworks' P-07 recoil spring, is the part that caught my attention.
I would not say that Cajun knew better than CZ from the start, but sometimes being a small company just allows you a bit more room for movement. Developing a new firearm from the ground up (which is what the P-07 was) is very expensive, and CZ made it slightly less so by carrying over the recoil spring from the CZ100. (And, later, the P-09.)
Anyway, now that the rest of the world has accepted that Cajun's RS15 is pretty much the ideal all-purpose weight, Cajun released softer springs for the people who want to fine-tune their pistol/ammo combination. Although it is targeted at people who use their P-07 in competition, I believe it will also be very popular with people who struggle to rack the slide on their defensive P-07's. (And there are, even when using the correct technique.)

Of course, it is also the perfect excuse to change to Cajun's beautifully made stainless steel guide rods:

If your P-07 shows any signs of being prone to rust, ANY signs, get into the habit of cleaning and lubricating your magazine release regularly. Some people's sweat just seems to be more problematic than others, leading to rust problems even with modern firearm coatings.
The magazine catch on the P-07 / P-09 is particularly vulnerable to rust. To the opposite side of the button (usually the right-hand side), you'll notice a channel. This is where the return spring is located. It acts on a little plunger that slides inside the channel when the release is pressed.
If rusts get into this channel (and it does), the plunger can get stuck so bad that the spring cannot push it out. With no way to grab it from the outside, this often means having to scrap the whole assembly and replacing it with a new one.
Cleaning from time to time is a good idea, but keeping it well covered with a moisture displacing lubricant is vital.

Easily solved with a Safety Delete or AK Style Safety from HB Industries.


It's been a while since we featured an RMR on our Friday post. But then, it's been a while since we had reason to.

New stock really made our Friday a happy one.


UltiClips allow you to secure your holster to your pants and run your belt over the top for ultimate concealment.


Although the Glock Slimline series share the same basic design as the Gen5 models, the geometry is different, requiring their own line of performance parts. Unfortunately, Glock already made a running change to the connector early in the life cycle, to lighten the trigger pull, so upgrading is not as easy as dropping in a "-" disconnector from Glock.

Apex and Zev does offer their usual premium solutions, though: https://zcu.io/F9rp

The trigger. Look at the trigger, please, not the paint job😀.

Cajun finally released their own trigger body for the Omega series. Incidentally, the shape is modelled on that of the "classic" CZ85 Combat trigger, which was a sought after upgrade to the SP-01 Shadow because it is a lot less curved.
But that is not the raison d'etre for this trigger. The main feature is the shortened travel offered by the over-travel adjustment screw. Stopping the rearwards travel quicker means that the trigger has to move a lot less forwards before it resets - a common complaint about the Omega trigger system.

This trigger is, of course, the perfect companion to Cajun's Short Reset System: https://zcu.io/GW07

The Ghost Hybrid series offers purpose-built IPSC gear for the price of a conventional setup.

Using the same basic components as Ghost's more expensive gear, the Hybrid series comes in at a lower price bracket by foregoing a little bit of adjustability The holster matches the same body as the popular Thunder with a straight down, dropped hanger, while the pouches retain the rotating mounts, but loses the fine-tuning retention screws of the 360 pouch.


The DPM Recoil reduction for the SIG P320 comes standard with three differently rated recoil springs to choose from. This gives you the ability to shoot with low power reloads or full power carry rounds, whilst maintaining reliable cycling of the slide of the gun.
The system reduces felt recoil which, of course, reduces muzzle rise to enable quicker and more accurate follow-up shots. It is easy to install and even easier to clean and maintain.


Remember, remember, the fifth of November. The gunpowder treason and plot.

Happy Guy Fawkes day, courtesy HB Industries' Mini Comp and Jizni.


Sport shooters know that a fiber optic rod can work itself out of your sight and disappear in a blink of an eye. Having a spare rod in your range bag can prevent a bad stage from becoming a bad match.


HB Industries are back in stock.

CZ P-10 triggers in black, red, burnt orange & tungsten.
CZ Scorpion controls and triggers.
Fan Port compensator for Scorpion & Micro Comp for P-07 / P-10C


We find that even Glock owners, who can easily get 33 round happy-sticks, sometimes prefer fitting aluminium +6 magazine extensions. The way it blends with the pistol’s grip means you can carry 23 rounds in a package that not only looks more well rounded, but also increases your grip size if you have larger hands.
When it comes to the happy sticks themselves, some people also forsake the extra capacity of a 33 round magazine for the more manageable size of a 24 round happy-stick. Its 165mm is much easier to carry and conceal than the 33 rounder’s 209mm. For off-body carry, of course, nothing can beat the versatility that 33 rounds offer you. At the end of the day, it’s not merely a case of more is better. If you have the options available, carefully consider what you want to achieve, and choose accordingly.

There is no greater endorsement for the quality of a product than the original manufacturer offering it on their flagship products. We knew Toni System’s shotgun extension tubes work great, as we have been supplying a lot of them on special order, but we were still delighted to see that the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro, released last year, features a Toni System extension tube as standard.

Now also in stock and available to order straight through the website --> https://jizni.co.za/429-beretta-1301

Couldn't resist one more.

Timeline Photos

If you are looking for gear that match the quality and design of your Sig P320, you no longer need to have a holster custom made. Ghost Civilian Holsters are manufactured in Italy, to well-proven designs, and from durable thermoformed technopolymer.


For a closer look at the intricate patterns on LOK Grips' G10 grips, follow our Instagram page --> https://zcu.io/Q7i9

And if you don't need any more convincing, new stock has just arrived --> https://zcu.io/bcho

3M Peltor’s Kid ear muffs are specifically designed with young ones in mind, fitting smaller heads nice and snugly. They are available in vibrant green or pink to appeal to both boys and girls.


We particularly like Toni +3 magazine bases for use on spare carry magazines because of their slim, streamlined design. They add three extra rounds to your P-07, P-09 or P-10 and work reliably with the standard factory spring.


With the 92X, Beretta redesigned a classic workhorse specifically for sport shooting, much like CZ did with the Shadow fifteen odd years ago. We are keenly looking forward to see the impact this makes in the sport shooting world. (If only they did this when Ben Stoeger were still shooting a Beretta. Or maybe...)
Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

While we are waiting for these, have a look at our other Beretta 92 accessories --> https://zcu.io/Hjop

B-Tact offers locally manufactured range bags that you can chop and change to meet your own requirements. You can start with the basic model and add the pouches that you need or buy the combo unit and expand from there.
I particularly like the continuous MOLLE panels on my B-Tact range bag, because it doesn't look overly tactical. They even make school bags with MOLLE that doesn't draw unwanted attention.

For a closer look, as well as other in-depth photos, follow us on Instagram --> https://zcu.io/dlqg

Daniel’s holsters are made from a rigid and durable Kydex and designed with good retention and a low profile in mind. The low profile reduces the bulk of the holster. At the same time, the various customisation options like clips, soft loops and claws allow you to optimise the holster placement, to minimise printing and promote concealment.
Daniel’s Holsters are proudly made in South Africa. They cater for a wide selection of firearms, with each holster purpose-designed to fit the particular firearm.


Magpul EV9 35 round magazines are made of durable, impact-resistant polymer, that are not prone to cracking around the feed lips like the original transparent magazines.


The Sig P320 is proving itself to be a very competent sporting pistol. Max Michel recently became the first shooter to win a USPSA Area Championship overall with a Carry Optics pistol. No mean feat, considering that he had to overcome Minor scoring and beat Open Division shooters who used frame-mounted optics, compensators and extended magazines.
If you want to use your P320 for sport shooting, one of the first things you should be looking at is decent sports sights. The Dawson Precision Black / Fibre Competition sight set combines the fiber optic front sight with a plain black rear sight, which many sport shooters prefer. The fibre front sight allows ultra-fast sight acquisition, while the plain black rear creates a clean sight picture which helps to maintain a front sight focus.


Remember to follow our Instagram page for a new angle on some of popular products --> https://zcu.io/x1Gj

To celebrate our new SIG line up here is a cool SIG P320 threaded barrel model with an Apex forward set flat trigger kit. A perfect setup for EDC or sport.
Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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