Mattamorphosis Personalized Training

Mattamorphosis Personalized Training

Mattamorphosis offers individualized training to help you improve your health and reach your full potential. Always be you, and be your best.

Getting into shape can be a trial. When finding motivation and the belief you can reach your goals, often your worst judgment comes from yourself. With Mattamorphosis, you can find fellowship with a trainer who's been on this journey. Along the way he found that physical transformation can be a bridge that leads to an even more important mental metamorphosis, a rejection of unhappiness and a turn toward positivity in all aspects of life. Take your departure and test your limits, Mattamorphosis can be your guide.

Mission: To help people at all levels of physical ability reach their fitness goals and develop self-confidence.

6 Things to Know About Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Maximize your calorie burn with NEAT. And maximize your fitness with a workout with me! While exercise is an important form of physical activity that can burn hundreds of calories at a time, other forms of physical activity, called non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), can play a significant role in helping to maximize the total amount of calories burned in a single day. Here are...

The BEST Resistance-training Program for Fat Loss

For a training program to continually be effective, it’s important to understand how modifying the three essential training variables impacts fat loss. Almost any resistance-training program will be effective in the short-term for modestly decreasing body fat (assuming proper nutrition is observed). For a program to continually be effective, however, it’s important to understand how to modify the three essential training variables that impact fat...

Cholesterol: Why We Need It

Cholesterol is a nutrient, and it's not all bad. Get the science on how to maintain healthy levels. It used to be that knowing your total cholesterol number was vital, because we were told that high cholesterol increased your risk for heart disease. Over time, we’ve come to learn that there’s far mo

A Beginner's Guide to Sun Salutations

Start your yoga practice! There's no better way to maintain overall health, mentally and physically. Sun salutation or surya namaskar is one of the most commonly performed yoga series, and is believed to enhance posture, strength, mobility and focus. Learn how to tap into the benefits of this ancient series with this beginner’s guide to sun salutations. Pick the postures that work for you and ...

Fall Fat Loss: HIIT Workout

Learn why HIIT training is the best way to get to a healthy body. Come train with me! As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaches, don’t let your fitness fall to the wayside. Make fall your new fat-loss season by incorporating this 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout into your routine.

5 Daily Moments to Make Better Decisions for Your Health

Small decisions can add up to a healthy lifestyle. Here are five places to start. Your daily health choices might seem trivial in the moment, but all those small decisions add up to either positive behavior change or a string of potentially health-harming habits. Here’s how to make the most of everyday opportunities to eat well and stay (or get) in shape.

The Secret Foods Dietitians Eat to Stay Fit and Healthy

Eating healthy is delicious! I promise! Ever wondered what foods dietitians rely on for staying healthy? While some experts love particular foods for their flavor profile, others are drawn to certain foods for their versatility in the kitchen or nutrient impact on health. Here are a few under-the-radar food finds that dietitians in the kn...

3-Step Meal Planning on the Weekend

Yes, you can cook at home! Here's some easy ways to make it quick. As with any healthy change, taking an incremental-steps approach is the way to be successful. We know this is true of adopting a new exercise regimen or healthy eating routine, and the same goes for meal planning. Starting small, by planning out just one type of meal for the week, can prevent you fr...

Pumpkin Power: 3 Healthy Recipes for the Fall

Get in the fall spirit with these healthy recipes. As soon as the leaves start to change color, the push for pumpkin-everything is on! But so many pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks are laden with sugar—and not much actual pumpkin. Here are three healthy recipes to help you harness the power of pumpkin, using canned pumpkin puree.

5 Uncommon Foods You Should Be Eating

There's a whole world of lesser-known foods that should be on your plate. Check out these five foods gaining in popularity for their uniqueness and health benefits. All possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and weight, and can be found at your local market, health f...

5 Moves for a Better Butt

Cuz I know y'all want that booty. To create a better-looking backside, you must lift a challenging level of resistance while monitoring your energy balance—calories in vs. calories out. Here are five exercises that are super-effective for sculpting a butt that is strong, functional and toned.

6 Benefits of Using Foam Rollers

Here's why you should roll it out! Get a foam rolling tutorial with me in your first session. Book one today! Foam rollers are an effective method of reducing tension and increasing muscle length for either a pre-workout warm-up or post-exercise active recovery. While your clients may be less interested in how it works, they definitely want to know why they should be foam rolling on a regular basis. Here ar...

Mattamorphosis Personalized Training

Eat Your Water – Sources of Hydrating Foods

Staying hydrated can be delicious! How many times have you heard this question from a client: “How much water should I be drinking every day?” To help you answer that and other water-related questions, here are some basic guidelines and principles you can use as a guide to help evaluate individual hydration needs, identify signs of d...

Cardio Before or After Lifting?

Should you do cardio before or after lifting? We’ve got the answer to this long-debated question! Which should you do first in a single workout, cardio or strength training? Unfortunately, there's no simple answer to this question.

ACE Fit | Fit Life | 8 Mindset Changes for Weight Loss

Make sure to improve your chances of success by having a number of behavioral strategies in your toolbox. If you have tried lots of diets and have lost and regained the same 5, 10, or even 50 pounds, you know that diets don’t work! The key to successfully losing weight and keeping it off for good begins with making changes to your mental game.

ACE Fit | 6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Food is one of our most important defenses against disease. Boost your immune system with these delicious foods! Winter is cold and flu season and it seems like everyone is getting sick. Do you have time to be out of commission with a nasty head cold or the aches and fever of the flu?

Pokémon GO vs. FitBit—Which One Has America Walking More?

Did you use any of these apps? There is no question that health technologies (like wearables and apps) can be effective tools for many people, offering motivation to those traveling down their own paths toward better health and wellness. But are some more effective than others? ACE technology expert Ted Vickey aims to answer the ...

ACE Fit | Fit Life | 8 Exercises Every Man Should Do

Make a strong impression! Life is going to throw a lot of stuff at you—heavy stuff—and you don’t want to be that guy who can’t lift it. To help you not be that guy, here are eight moves every man should do, with a brief explanation as to why.

Why You Need to Walk it Out for Health

One of the very best ways for people of all ages and abilities to get moving is by walking. Are you ready to #stepitup? This isn’t just an effective form of activity; but it can also serve as a mode of transportation and allow you to spend more time outdoors and connect with your community.

ACE Fit | Fit Life | 8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Run

Whether you want to lose weight, run a race, reduce your stress or have some other reason in mind, running can have a positive effect on your physical and mental health! You don’t have to be a born runner or athlete to start running and enjoy the benefits of being physically active. Whether you want to run on a treadmill, outdoor track, road or trail, here are eight ways to get you moving from couch to pavement in no time.

6 Exercises For Stronger Triceps

Stronger arms, here we come! These six exercises include a combination of traditional isolation and innovative functional movement exercises to target all three heads of the triceps—the long head, lateral head and short head. Incorporate these exercises into your clients’ routines based on their individual training protocols an...

Exercise for Each Decade of the Adult Lifespan

Getting older doesn't mean we have to slow down. With the right exercise, aging can be a great experience. Until we develop the ability to travel back in time, we have to accept the fact that we can't stop the aging process. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle can be the proverbial fountain of youth and help you to slow down, and in some cases, reverse the effects of aging. Here are some general co...

ACE Fit | Fit Life | How to Create a Home Gym on a Tight Budget

You can exercise at home! (With a little help from me, of course) Do you have a 6’ x 6’ space available and $75 to spare? Believe it or not, that’s all you need to create a home gym. Learn how you can create your own home gym, along with exercises you can combine for a total-body workout.

ACE Fit | Fit Life | 8 Things that Slow Down Your Metabolism

Many of us think that we just have a faster or slower metabolism. Yes, some of it's in our genes, but there are several factors that could be sabotaging your metabolism, and you might not even know it! Do you feel like you can’t lose weight because you have a slow metabolism? Metabolism is a complex process that’s affected by more than just what you eat and how much you exercise. There are a number of factors that might be sabotaging your metabolism, and you might not even know it.

Why Hip Pain is So Common and How to Address It

Sitting all day is definitely a contributor to hip pain. There are a multitude of conditions that can cause hip pain, from trochanteric bursitis to osteoarthritis. The great news is that movement is the panacea for many of these conditions. Learn about the three most common causes of hip pain, as well as three effective fixes that will help get your clien...

A 20-minute Workout for the Incredibly Busy

Exercise doesn't have to take forever. Do you have 20 minutes to spare? Then you have time for this workout! Everyone is busy. So, what is the fix? With a few simple ingredients, Ross explains how you can make a workout fit the time you have instead of feeling frustrated trying to fit a 60-minute workout into a 20-minute window.

Do You Need More Protein?

Protein’s association with muscle rebuilding and repair makes it easy to get carried away with the notion of “a little is good, so a lot must be better.” In the age of information, it seems as if everyone has an opinion on just about every subject, and arguably few areas are more heavily contested than nutrition. One search of the Internet is likely to turn up conflicting information—especially when it comes to how much protein you require.

ACE Fit | 3 Moves to Keep Your Midsection Toned Over Summer

Nobody really needs a six-pack, but your abdominals are more than that! They're essential for spinal stability and for avoiding injury. These exercises are easy to do at home and your core will thank you for the extra strength. If you are looking to keep your midsection tight and toned for the hot months this summer (or all year long, for that matter), here are three great moves to add to your workout routine, along with three moves you should consider ditching.

3 Moves to do Instead of Push-ups

Push ups are best for the chest, but everyone likes a little variety. Don't forget to Like @Mattamorphosis for more exercise tips and special offers! If you are ready for a pectoral-pumping workout that doesn’t involve push-ups, this workout is for you. Each move is guaranteed to train some or all of the muscles used in push-ups without doing a single push-up.

Find an ACE Pro | Certified Fitness Professionals | ACE

Looking for a personal trainer? My certifying agency, ACE, has a huge database of great trainers all around the US. Find one near you and if you're here in Austin, come check out training with me! Find an ACE Pro near you. Simply put your zip and we will get you a certified fitness pro. Use different filters for exact matches. Visit ACE today!

Why personal training?

Get the fitness results you want with a personal trainer! Get the fitness results you want with a personal trainer!

Why personal training?

Why would I need a personal trainer? Click to find out more. Why would I need a personal trainer? Click to find out more.

Try a trainer for $35!

Come on down to 5 Fitness and train with Matt for only $35! Come on down to 5 Fitness and train with Matt for only $35!

Try a trainer for $35!

Stuck in an exercise rut? Try a personal trainer! Stuck in an exercise rut? Try a personal trainer!




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