U-Sail Barbados

U-Sail Barbados

Sailing school / boat rental.

Hanging out at work.

Fun in the sun

After telling loss of Paddington last year we have had a great setback. We are pleased to say we are now working with Set Sail. This will allow us to offer sailing lessons and boat rentals all year round now. Boats available now are Optimist, Tazz , GP14 and Hobbie Get Away.

[01/01/19]   We at U-SAIL would like to wish you all a happy and fair winds New Year.

Great day on the water. Five hours pure sailing!

Could not ask for a better day.

Last day sailing lessons. Great job guys.

U-SAIL Barbados. Latest adventure. Delevering a Gulf Star to Key West USA from Barbados.

Padding met landfall on Puerto Rico. Was completely destroyed. I flew up and cleaned up the mess that was left. I did get a few thinks but most sunk. Hopefully in the fall Jabulani will be back in the water.
We are having a fund raiser cruise soon. More info to come shortly.

[04/04/18]   UPDATE! !! Paddington has been spotted twice. Second spotting could read U-SAIL on the side. More info as it comes.

[03/19/18]   💥💥UPDATE💥💥
No reported sightings yet. Please continue to share. THANKS!
Contact Peter Hoad with any information!
'Paddington' broke her mooring off Pebbles Beach, Barbados on the night of Saturday, March 10. Her tiller is tied and she is likely pulling rope. Any help is hugely appreciated.

[03/13/18]   💥💥💥URGENT💥💥💥 PLEASE SHARE!! ⛵📣

Peter Hoad's J24 'Paddington' has GONE MISSING. Please pass this information to anyone in the Caribbean region, especially those near Barbados, & the Lesser Antilles (St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada, Trinidad, etc)
RB 15 J24 White . In red writing. U-SAIL & PADDINGTON on the side. A Power Boats sticker is under the boat name.
Contact Peter or myself immediately with any information, please.

Keep the rubber hard. All in a days work.

Ment to post this before. Fresh water shower, took all day. Smells a lot better below.😅

Great fun sail with these guys. On U-SAIL Paddington. Thanks guys for the rental.

Loaded over forty parts in the car at 630am. Happy to say, rudder mounted and bilge pumps installed. Little touching up to do.

Little bit every week. Grinding next😷

Nearly finished!

Feeling good. Now on a dock can do a few repairs and cleaning. Big thanks to West Side Scuba Center.

Morning time, so cool and quiet.

A days work done. Only one small part damaged at the bow.

New project!!!! How to turn a broken GP 14 into a small fishing boat/tender. Stage one, stripping the parts and woodwork off.

Two old salts out for a fun sailing.

[05/15/17]   Hello all. The slow time on the big boats are here. U SAIL will be posting dates for June soon.
Every week on a Tuesday dates available for lessons or fun sailing will be posted. Bookings are by first come first serve. Have a great day.

Could not ask for a better classroom. Test time!

It is amazing what you find when looking for something else. Had bought this new tank last year. Installed now and working.

Lovely ladies on an two hour introduction to sailing. All smiles! !!!

Great sailing weather.

Relaxing day on the water.

Sun set sailing.

Friend dropped in. Weather went south. Turned around and heading home.

Lines out. Fair winds. One hour.

[12/25/16]   To all our sailing friends Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year

⛵Great day ⛵Great student⛵Great to be back on the water!!⛵

Dawn patrol sailor style! Did some fishing. To big to bring on the boat, had to release 😆😆😆😆. Great fun. One more lesson and this bird can fly solo!!!!

[08/19/16]   Sorry all sailing friends. Nothing personal and yes U-SAIL is slill up and running. I damage bothe my hands working on a mast. Recovery has taken longer and i need them to heal before taking on any work.. should have the green light by next week.

U-Sail Barbados

Setting up for sailing down the coast..

[07/22/16]   Days this week- any time on Tuesday 26th. For after 430pm - 23 Saturday, 25th Monday and 27th Wednesday

Back in the water after 11 hours hard work. Thanks to John for all your help. Late night sanding and painting.

U-SAIL office to day. Great fun sailing to the Turtles in Alleynes day.

U-SAIL office to day. Sailing trip to the Turtles.

Great evening, teaching and sailing. Thanks guys

[07/05/16]   Hello sailing friends, here are the days available for fun sailing or lessons.. July 8,14,17,18 and 20. For two hour sails starting at 4.30pm ... July 11,12,13,15 and 19.

Lessons in the morning. Started off a little wet, ended great



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