Clare Tyler - Naturopath

Clare Tyler - Naturopath

A how, where, when, how and what of natural health and functional fitness.... got to be good for you!

Jenny Craig to introduce DNA testing in weight loss plans

Genetic testing.... it's here to stay! Company to offer personalized nutritional program to members based on results of cheek swab.

Is it your thyroid? | Genetic Profiling | Clare Tyler Natural Health and Functional Fitness

Thyroid problems are really common in New Zealand in both men and women, take a read and see if any of the symptoms listed fit with you... Low thyroid function is common and can explain a wide variety of symptoms, yet is notoriously under-diagnosed. Symptoms of hypothyroidism and low thyroid functi

[02/17/14]   Click on the podcast link to hear Neuro-psychologist Rick Hanson talking about how you can rewire your brain to experience more happiness:

Spicy Chicken Salad

Mmmm MMM! Really good salad recipe, especially if you like everything you eat to have a bit of spice like I do: Mmmm MMM! This salad is delicious. If you like a bit of spice on just about everything like I do, you'll love&n

Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

We all know stress is bad for our health right? And how it shortens our lives right? Well, actually, no always, it depends how we view stress... this is an important shift in the information that I personally have been disseminating, and a very worthwhile watch:

Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research su...

Days Six and Seven

The final days of The Big Experiment.. did we come in under budget?! Oh the mystery... the suspense... read on to find out more! Budget week has drawn to a close and here I am posting posthumously about the last two days. Sorry for the delay, life couldn't have been any more crazily busy the last week. It


What a day! Summer is definitely on it's way back. If smoothie are a regular thing for you, but you want to mix it up, here are some ingredient ideas... Smoothies can be a r

Days Four and Five

Days four and five, I made it under budget! And my store about why I went from being a vegetarian for 7 years to eating meat every day. Days four and five combined, coming in under budget for a change, plus a wee story about my trip down diet lane, impromptu fasting and my attempt at 'growing' spring onions...

[11/13/13]   I tried making vegetable chips today, pretty good really.

How to Manufacture the Best Night of Sleep in Your Life

The night before last I slept for 11 hours and I awoke a completely different person - happier, more focused, and more energized. I was pretty stoked. That was just from one good night's sleep! Imagine if we were all getting enough sleep all the time what a world it would be.... less road rage, more rainbows... :D

Here's some tips from Mark's Daily Apple on how to get a better sleep, there's quite a few, employing even one or two will make a huge difference. Improving your sleep is a nice way (nothing hard involved) that will immediately improve your health, give it a go. Ah, sleep: is there anything quite like it? So easily discarded and discounted when nighttime attractions present themselves and yet so dearly missed and pined after the next morning. You’ve heard me say it enough, so I’ll keep it short. A good night’s sleep is the foundation for a healthy, happy, p...

12 Chemicals That Are Screwing Up Your Hormones

Rather than be overwhelmed and put these in the 'too hard basket' just start with one, and try to reduce it's presence in your life. For example start with pthalates - check the ingredients of all your cosmetic bottles. There are plenty of good alternatives these days... The world can be a toxic place sometimes, can't it? While technological innovations have in many cases made our lives better (see: Vitamix), "progress" can often bring unwanted toxins into our homes and lives.



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