Immediate Clinic

Immediate Clinic

Walk in medical clinics, treating the greater Seattle area.

Immediate Clinics deliver urgent care in a state-of-the-art center that is comfortable and inviting. With 14 locations around the Great Seattle Area, we aim to provide the highest quality care at your convenience. We are open 8a - 8p, 365 days a year, so we can be there for your medical needs.

What You Should Know About Sports Injuries

Getting hurt playing sports may be inevitable, but 50% of kids sports injuries are preventable. An easy way to make sure your kids are safe and ready to play is through a sports #physical.

If your child needs a last minute physical, drop by one of our clinics! We're open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.
Just walk-in or schedule at! Youth sports are a cherished tradition in the United States. But as your kids slip on their baseball gloves and soccer cleats this season, make sure you know how to keep them safe.

Smoke, heat creating air quality concerns, but relief is coming

Smokey haze and ash-filled skies hit Seattle. Protect yourself by staying indoors!
This smoke may cause #coughing, #eye irritation, scratchy throats and more...

If you need any medical attention, we are open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.
Just walk-in or schedule at Air quality for much of the Puget Sound was considered "Good" on Monday morning but was expected to degrade by the afternoon.

Want to live to 100? Eat more of this 'magical' food

Beans, beans they're good for your heart...

#beans #healthy #nutrition Eating beans frequently has also been shown to help reduce cholesterol, protect brain health and provide energy that lasts.

5 Tips For Managing Your Migraines

Are migraines interrupting your life? Check out these tips to manage...

We're also here to help. Open 8am-8pm, every day of the year.
Just walk-in or schedule now. With the right attention, you can prevent migraines from taking over your life.

Youth Sports Injuries: What You Should Know This Summer | Immediate Clinic

Did you know 50% of youth sports injuries are preventable? #safetyfirst #health #injury

Our clinics are also open 8a-8p, 7-days/week. We do x-rays, stitches, and can treat most minor injuries.
Just walk-in or schedule online. Youth sports are a cherished summer tradition in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 30 million kids participate in these activities. But as your kids slip on their baseball gloves and soccer cleats this season, it’s important to know how to keep the...

4 tips for making the back-to-school transition successful

Tips to make back-to-school as easy as 1, 2, 3! #school #family #healthy Here are some tips on maintaining sanity for you and your family as you prepare for September and beyond.

NASA Television | Solar Eclipse Live Stream

No #eclipse glasses or no time to go outside? Watch the solar eclipse from the comfort of your #computer or #phone. #streamit #live #NASA NASA Television is providing live coverage of the solar eclipse.

How to tell if your total solar eclipse glasses are legit

Watch out for your #eyes and beware of fake #eclipse glasses! Eye damage caused by viewing the solar eclipse — even briefly — through insufficiently protective glasses could last a lifetime. So experts urge people to take time now to inspect their eclipse glasses to make sure they are legitimate and effective. Start by checking on the glasses for the name of t...

Can you really go blind staring at an eclipse?

Don't let the #eclipse fool you. The #sun can be blinding...literally. #ProtectYourEyes #SafetyFirst #Health No matter what your plans are for the total solar eclipse, do not look directly at the sun without your ISO-standard eclipse glasses on -- unless it is completely blocked by the moon.

Foods to Eat Together

Two is Better Than One! #FoodieFriday #Food #Nutririon Foods you should always eat together to get the most health benefits.


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