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Solar Shop offers everything you need to save on your electricity costs on your hot water and to prepare yourself to live off grid.

Solar Shop offers everything you need to save on your electricity costs on your hot water and to prepare yourself to live off grid. Shop our wide selection of solar heating services. Solar Geysers, Flat Plates, Evacuated tubes, Heat Pumps. If split, indirect, direct, intergraded, thermoshiphon and pre-feeding is to much to get a understanding of, let us make it simple for you. Specialising in your hot water and moving, collecting and storing of water. See how quality, savings and affordability make going solar the right choice.

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If you already have a solar system, this is great information how to manage it.

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You may soon need to register and pay Nersa for your personal generators and solar panels

The world is moving one way but SA decides we will go the other way. This will only force people to go completely off-grid Nersa.
#gosolor #save #offgrid When the amended Electricity Regulation Act comes into force, it will regulate the use of small scale embedded electricity generators by requiring registration with NERSA.

Private sector makes first move to build electric vehicle infrastructure in SA - Alive2green

In the not to distant future, all commercial parking spots will have to offer this like free Wifi...
Imagine the entertainment and re-thinking of your normal farmstall or petrol port on a long roadtrip. JSE-listed information and communication technology (ICT) group, Alviva Holdings, has, through its subsidiary Solareff, acquired 75% of GridCars, a Pretoria-based startup that focuses on the manufacture of electric vehicle (EV) charge points and back office charge point management systems. Solareff…

The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever

If we can get the battery technology right and priced right, the way we get electricity will change forever.
Check out this exciting video by Bloomberg The age of batteries is just getting started. In the latest episode of our animated series, Sooner Than You Think, Bloomberg’s Tom Randall does the math on when solar plus batteries might start wiping fossil fuels off the grid. (Source: Bloomberg)

Small Steps And Big Impact !

Small steps, big impact.
If you could make and investment that gives you 35% ROI per year, would you?
Let us show you how to do it with your hot water. If you have not made the change yet, how much will it cost you not to do it?
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Solar Geysers Vs Heat Pumps: What's Best? -

Have you considered what your electricity bill will end up with over the next ten years. Installing and sizing Heat Pumps correctly will give you huge savings. About 30% ROI per year on your investment. Call us to show you how. Solar heating systems and heat pumps are both energy-smart investments, but each has different pros and cons. Here’s a guide…

EDITORIAL: Electric cars are upon us 'Changes are absolutely critical. SA's platinum industry will disappear'



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