Compass Dive and Sail - Sailing SV Serenity

Compass Dive and Sail - Sailing SV Serenity


From the bottom of our keels all the way up the top of our antenna on the mast, Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

Join Compass Dive and Sail as we chronicle the voyages of Serenity. We will travel the world with her as we dive, sail and explore our beautiful planet!

One reef at a time.

Operating as usual

Good morning Charleston! Leaving for PR today ⛵️


Headed south for the winter. Just a couple of days off our original departure. Follow us to Charleston and then to PR on this tracker link.

Sea trials are complete! Projects are almost buttoned up. Ready to head south for the winter. Next stop Charleston and then on to PR for some much needed rest, relaxation, charters and DIVING! 🤿⛵️😎

Getting my "Aluminum" on! The solar/dinghy arch is now complete and the panels will be added and final connections made within the week. When finished I will have 2400 Watts of solar.

Floating once again!

Morning in the boatyard.

Wrap work continues...

Coming soon... new dive compressor for my guests!

Plenty of projects going in the works... new boom furler system, new rigging, updated barrier coat and bottom paint, new engines, new generator, updated ceiling panels in salon and galley, new head fixtures for the basins and showers, new galley faucet, HUGE solar arch w/ 2000W of power and a new dinghy lift plus a new wrap to show off our colors!

Soon to be finished colors!

Serenity is in the Chesapeake! We brought her up for some refit and sailing on the Bay as soon as the work is done. Then it’s back to PR for the winter-spring charter season in November.

...and away we go!

Map | Iridium Satellite Communications

One more nights rest before we head to the Bahamas! Latitude* Longitude* Iridium location messaging is part of a new force in communication; putting innovative solutions in the hands of people everywhere. Enhancing Iridium’s voice and data capability with GPS-based location messaging from the only company that offers real global, real mobile, real ...

Headed home for a rest and some refit! Final prep being done then we are off!

In 45s: Manta Rays

Learn more about manta rays in 45 seconds!


How many people does it take to buff a boat?


4 Men and 1 Woman to show them how!


Divers Alert Network

DAN Membership includes $100,000 Medical Evacuation Coverage for diving and non-diving medical emergencies

Blue Oceans


Be part of the solution! To protect the ocean from plastic, the founder Marcella Hansch from Pacific Garbage Screening had a great idea: a floating platform with a distinctive design that makes it possible to filter plastic particles out of the water. Find out more about this revolutionary project:

#oceanplastic #oceanwaste #protectouroceans

Statues lowered into ocean for veterans underwater dive memorial

Amazing! The memorial, known as the “Circle of Heroes” and touted as the first of its kind by its creators, will feature 24 concrete statues of service members in total to represent the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the Marines, and the Coast Guard.

Our undying gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great Nation.

Massive Great White Sharks Are Now Swarming Around The Carolina Coast

Very cool! Share: Dozens of great white sharks are beginning to swarm around the Carolina coast – including some of the biggest currently tracked in the Atlantic Ocean. Researchers with OCEARCH are reporting a total of 23 Great Whites within 50 miles of the North and South Carolina Coastline that were previo...

I'mmmmmmm Baaaaaaack! ⛵️😎☀️

Back Home! Back in Charleston this afternoon. Time to rest for a few days and then start the summer charter season.

26°04'59.3"N 75°15'59.8"W

Inching closer to my home port of Charleston, SC. Just passing through the Northern Bahamian Island Chain. Hello, Marsh Harbor!,-75.26660&ll=26.08315,-75.26660&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1 Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

24°42'11.8"N 72°52'40.1"W

Making our way home. Conditions are great!,-72.87781&ll=24.70327,-72.87781&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1 Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

See my Location: Hello everyone. We are making progress towards Charleston. All is well

Making my way home. The SPOT product family uses both the GPS satellite network to determine your location and the Globalstar network to transmit messages and GPS coordinates to others including an international rescue coordination center.

My mom and dad love me so much, they gave me a deck makeover in Puerto Rico this spring! ⛵️😍

Big SHOUT OUT to José of Marine Custom Decks - Teak Decking, Teak & Holly of San Juan, PR for the fantastic job they did replacing our aged, weathered and cracked faux teak decking. Sailing SV Serenity now sports a brand new PlasDECK synthetic decking! We went with the natural color and black caulk lines as our replacement to mimic the original and a more classic look. WOW are we impressed! If you are interested and in the PR region, I highly recommend Coastal & Marine Group, Inc. Nice people. Great craftsmanship. Attentive to the details. PlasDECK is a great product with a great warranty and is made in the USA.

The World's Largest Ocean Cleanup Has Officially Begun

What an amazing effort. 🤞 this works well and becomes a great start to a larger worldwide effort! Ambitious dreams have now become a reality as the Ocean Cleanup deploys its $20 million system designed to clean up the 1.8 trillion pieces of trash floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Ocean Cleanup - American Sailing Association Partner

On Earth Day 2019 it is time for the world to wake up and see the plastic! If we can put men on the moon, we can cleanup our largest natural resources. After all, we mucked them up! As sailors, many of us have seen plastic pollution first hand. To ensure The Ocean Cleanup is successful ASA is helping raise awareness and support their efforts as much as possible.

Fire & Termite-Resistant Pallets From Coconut Husk That Save 200 Million Trees A Year

What an outstanding idea! Dutch start-up CocoPallet produces biologically processed transportation pallets from coconut husk. Not only are these 100% organic, greener, cheaper and more compact than wood or plastic pallets, but they are also indirectly preventing the felling of around 200 million trees per year in the Netherl...

How to Sail a Boat

Learning to sail is great fun and opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities for vacations and holidays. Take a look at the American Sailing Association article below and then contact Charleston Sailing School, the best ASA school in the mid-Atlantic, featuring many different boats and courses. Not to mention some of the best cruising area along the East Coast of America. You want to learn how to sail a boat and ASA has taught over 500,000 thousand sailors how to toss the lines and set off on a sailing adventure.

Plastic-Free Provisioning On Your Next Charter or Day Sail

Great article on provisioning, plastic free! A small but impactful step to save our oceans: Provision your next sailing adventure with less plastic.

Many Common Sunscreens May Harm Coral. Here's What To Use Instead

Coral Reefs and Fish are experiencing serious side effects from sunscreen containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. We recommend Stream2Sea products and use them onboard for our guests. The article below describes steps the State of Hawaii is taking to protect their natural resource and source of tourism. Hawaii Gov. David Ige is expected this week to sign the world's first ban on the sale of sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate

Gone with the Wynns

If you are interested in sailing or thinking of taking an adventure now or when you retire, check out these sailing YouTube channels. Lots of great information, ideas and thoughts on traveling the world by sailboat.

Gone With the Wynns Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose Sailing SV Delos Project Atticus

ENJOY! Hello. We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn, a couple of perpetual travelers, Sailors, RV’ers and modern day documentarians. This is the home of our discoveries and ad...

Knots Made Easy Video - Round Turn & Two Half Hitches

More knots.. Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
American Sailing Association Charleston Sailing School This video shows you step-by-step how to tie a round turn & two half hitches knot. It's fast to tie under load and applicable all around the boat.

Knots Made Easy Video - Bowline

How to tie a Bowline. This video shows you step-by-step how to tie a bowline knot. The bowline forms a loop and is commonly used to attach a jib sheet to the clew of the jib.

Our Story


Compass Dive and Sail specializes in training new and previously certified scuba divers along with creating unique sailing and diving vacations, day trips and sunset cruises. Our SSI and PADI Scuba Instructors along with our ASA Captains embody professionalism and provide a nurturing comfortable environment for your introduction to or continuing education in scuba diving or sailing. Based in Northern Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina we travel throughout the world to give you an experience, above and below the waterline, you will not soon forget.

Our summer/fall sailing, diving and snorkeling endeavors run July thru October and are based in South Carolina on the beautiful Charleston Harbor and Atlantic Coast. A booming Atlantic Port of call with spectacular sailing, Charleston abounds with American History and enjoys easy access to the charming islands and sandy beaches of Kiawah, Edisto and Hilton Head. Our winter/spring sailing and diving start in the beautiful waters of the Spanish and US Virgin Islands. Where we sail among the islands of Culebra, Vieques, St. Thomas and St. John. We conclude our winter/spring season in the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas. Picturesque and tranquil waters, reefs, small harbor towns and an unbelievably friendly culture abound in the northernmost part of the Bahamian Island chain.

Year-round we conduct scuba diving classes in Northern Virginia from our corporate homebase in Ashburn. We are both a Scuba Schools International (SSI) and PADI instructional based company with a staff that has logged thousands of hours of dives. We schedule trips during various times of the year to popular and off the beaten path dive destinations.

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