Kshatria Sangham Thailand

Kshatria Sangham Thailand

Kru Pedro has devoted his entire life to the path of self development through the Thai martial arts, making him a unique teacher and mentor. His unorthodox approach to the transmission of the fighting arts have made him a controversial figure in Thailand.


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Today I was there for the Singing Bowl Therapy (Vibrational Sound Frequency Therapy)
I was spoken too like a family member, this causing a very calming, caring and relaxing atmosphere to be in..
After a little conversation and some well chosen questions about what I wished to work on emotionally, I was asked to follow Pedro to his therapy room.

WOW... what a stunning home and room it was, it had lots of light(perfect for me) and felt like this was a room full of healing energy...

The session was absolutely fantastic, I have never done Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy before but would recommend to anybody that wishes to feel the vibrations and pure sounds to experience this.

Very relaxing, very interesting and extremely powerful .

Pedro made me feel extremely relaxed as I had never experienced this therapy before, he walked me though the stages one at a time and very quietly made suggestions of changes or instruction.

A very intuitive and highly skilled Practitioner that I would recommend fully
This is my honest opinion for my experience with Pedro, an extremely talented guy and one that I hope has many more clients and positive reviews to show case his abilities..



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