Professional Security, Inc. - Centurion Security

Professional Security, Inc. - Centurion Security

Professional Security, Inc., also doing business as Centurion Security, is a security guard, patrol and investigations company licensed in Arkansas and Oklahoma with.

Professional Security, Inc. seeks experienced security officers in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, metropolitan area. CLEET card preferred.
Contact our Fort Smith, Arkansas, office at (479) 785-9333 or our site at (405) 830-3368.

Responsibilities include: Working as a team or individually at local businesses providing contract security services, including: access control; safety and security rounds; monitoring alarms and closed-circuit cameras; recording and registering visitors, vendors, contractors, shipments and deliveries; fire and smoke alarm response.
Qualifications include: Good customer-service skills, speaking and writing for documentation purposes and possible court testimony. Must be able to be licensed as security officer, including a criminal record containing no felony or Class A misdemeanor convictions; excellent physical conditioning.

Prior experience in security, military or law enforcement a plus.

Licensing, training provided; competitive salary. Send contact information and resume, if you have one, to this posting.

In Oklahoma, we are regulated by the Counsel on Law Enforcement Education and Training, 2401 Egypt Road, Ada, Oklahoma 74820-0669 Tel: (405) 239-5100 or (580) 310-0871.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $10.00 /hour

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9 Crucial Tips Written By A Cop. This Might Save Someone's Life. Click To Enlarge

Here's Joemo's picture. He's younger and bigger.

Two brothers, drunk and disorderly, attack two police officers in a Fayetteville IHOP restaurant. One grabs a female officer's baton and beats her savagely with it, requiring 17 stitches to close a head wound and more to repair her chin. Hiram Graham, 35, of Fayetteville is 5-8 and 266 pounds. Joemo Graham , 23, of Houston, Texas, is 5-11 and 377 pounds. Out public servants are poorly paid and take a beating for us every day.

School Board Shootout

Here's an incredible video of a gunman holding male members of a school board hostage, and then shooting. A security officer stops what could have been a lot more bloodshed. Schools in America are underfunded when it comes to on-site security, and gun-free zones lull people into a sense of security that this video proves is quite fragile.

Man opens fire on Florida school board, then kills himself.

The Associated Press: St. Louis tops list of most dangerous US cities TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A national study finds St. Louis overtook Camden, N.J., as the nation's most dangerous city in 2009.

[11/22/10]   I've followed public reaction to the FBI national crime statistics since I was a police reporter in Pine Bluff in the early 1980s. What do you say when your city is in the top 5. I recall one Pine Bluff official saying: "These are wrong, we don't even have 100,000 people in Pine Bluff (it's reported as incidents per 100,000 residents. Here's what St. Louis officials had to say

Vian Assistant Police Chief Resigns After Arrest

An assistant chief of police in Vian, Oklahoma, comes with his girlfriend to drink in Fort Smith, gets declined alcohol service and goes out to the parking lot for his handgun. And he taunts the bouncers with charges they are "wanabe cops." Now, when he's convicted of domestic abuse and assault and loses his firearm, he won't even qualify to be a wanabe cop. VIAN, Okla. -- The assistant police chief in a small eastern Oklahoma town has resigned after being arrested at a Fort Smith, Ark., night club. Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

I did a ride-along with one of my officers patrolling properties of the Fayetteville Housing authority. When we returned at 2 a.m. Sunday to the main office, a woman and her brother were upset to find their car had been towed. Obviously intoxicated, this woman continued to berate my officers and me. The f-bomb was a favorite curse. Well, as I told our officers when Fayetteville police arrived to officiate: She's going to talk her way into a jail cell. Sure enough: public intox and disorderly conduct. As Ron White says: She had the right to remain silent,just not the ability.

Gov. Mike Beebe headed the ceremonies for Fort Smith's roll call for law-enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Take a moment today to think about the sacrifices our law-enforcement officers make to keep our community safe.




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Professional Security, Inc. also doing business as Centurion Security, is a security guard, patrol and investigations company operating in Fort Smith and Northwest Arkansas. Professional Security has been in business since 1989; Centurion Security was founded in 1997.

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