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Welcome to Viet Nam - Bộ ngoại giao - 21/09/2015 - www.toiyeumailinh.com


Sáng nay (21/9) tại Hà Nội, Bộ Ngoại giao Việt Nam đã tổ chức Lễ ra mắt clip quảng bá về Việt Nam mang tên Welcome to Viet Nam. Trên nền nhạc hòa tấu ca kh...

[09/11/14]   I got off at Cai Be intersection on the first highway. It took about 2.5 hours from HCMC to Cai Be town by bus. It was a light, sunny, and windy day. A great atmosphere was rubbing sweetly against my skin.
I took a motor bike taxi to Cai Be town (about 6 kms); costing about 20,000 VND (1 USD). I did not only visit Cai Be, but also I wanted to spend time on Tan Phong island. It is a part of Cai Be town. I took a ferry to Tan Phong island just 3,000 VND.
The special thing in Tan Phong island are the big fruit gardens such as rambutan, guava, papaya, jack fruit, durian, watermelon,… there is fruit all year around.
In the morning, I took a small boat to the floating market. Cai Be floating market is pretty famous in history and still runs today. Local people sell all things that they have such as rice and banana wine, fruit, rice, soft drinks, food for breakfast… Sellers are very friendly. A lady selling gave me a Banh Bo for free. I stopped by a fruit boat. The couple selling invited me to get on and try some fruit and tea. They told me that I could taste some fruit and drink northern tea and it was not necessary to buy. However, I still bought a coconut and a grapefruit.
In the afternoon, I traveled around the island by a bicycle with some new friends. The island locals where smiling and saying hello to us, as a way of showing there hospitality. Sometimes we stopped to take pictures or just wanted to breathe the fresh air, and smell the living flavor here. Green trees and pure air made me relax.
Many travelers only take a tour in a day to Cai Be but it is not enough I think. Tan Phong island is more beautiful at night, especial on the night of a full moon. At night I traveled the island by foot, I felt a feature of life here. It is different from any cities in Vietnam.
Another night, I spent in Cai Be town. I made friends with some local people, we sat by street, talked, ate some street food such as grilled eggs, mixed pancake, drank sugar cane,…
Moreover, there are many kinds of good dishes in Cai Be. I had some dishes such as fish rice soup with bitter vegetable, spring rolls (meat, sweet potato inside); papaya salad, grilled harvest mouse, fox, snakes,… Mekong delta is famous on rice, so I tried good rice here. It was really delicious although I just had with fish sauce (a good one). If you want to taste fox, snake or harvest mouse, you should request that they are still alive, and you can look how to make them. If these animals die, their meat is not good any more.
Another morning, I visited some handmade villages. They made coconut sweet, fried banana, rice cake, rice wine, pancake. I tasted some honey lemon water but I don’t like it. I followed some people to fruit garden. I had a lot of guava and rambutan. Fruit is fresh and good taste. Many Vietnamese liked to buy to home, foreigners only ate some and took a look.
With me, coffee is not a good drink in Cai Be. It is so sweet and not strong. I asked somebody why coffee was not so good, she told me that local people like sweet taste and they can not drink strong coffee, so coffee usually mixed with dried corn starch.There is one more thing I really like in Cai Be. It is Tan Phong island resort. It is like a garden house with many fruit trees, flowers and natural grass. No tivi and internet in room. It is good for anybody really wanting to get away from busy life for some days.
It was an interesting trip for me.

[03/31/14]   Today I set this page for all travelers who want to discover Vietnam.
You know Vietnam is a beautiful country but hide. Many travelers like because they went and met nice Vietnamese people, got great moments in Vietnam. However, many people were not lucky, they spent here and they do not want to back for some bad reasons.
I do not comment any things, I only post nice places in Vietnam, some tips that I have, then you - my friends - can share each other about what you know about Vietnam.
Travelers can contact or ask information about Vietnam.
By the way, I would like to improve my English in tourism also.
Nice to meet you here guys.

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