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Welcome to V2L- Vietnamese Language Lovers!

Welcome to Vietnamese Language Lovers!

Vietnamese Language Lovers

Hmmm poor the husband in this picture as well as foreigners who are trying or planning to study our language ! However with our support , we could make everything possible and remember “Practice makes perfect”
6 different tones: - / \ ? ~ .

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It has been a while since last lesson ! Few colors for Monday !
Have fun with Vietnamese 🙂
P/s: We feel your pain but success won’t come if you can’t go through difficulties 🙂
Btw this material is from Vietnamese Language Lovers, made by @Tien

Another hard studying student from Hongkong ....Since Cantonese and Vietnamese are quite similar so it supports her a lot during the process.
Our mission is helping her to reach the certain level of Vietnamese (4 skills: listening , reading , writing and especially is speaking )

2 hard working students are making sentences of Vietnamese ❤

Group class for the best result ❤

This combination reminds “cà phê sữa đá” ☕️🥛🥄

One day at VSource 🇫🇷🇮🇳 👫📖🖊

The first group 4 students of ViLanvers 🙂 we had a lot of good time at studying and interaction !

[01/14/18]   For the first time , to get more attention we will live on Ms Tien account: Tiên Maia .

She will make it public so everyone can check 🙂

Cheers 🙂

Hi how are you guys ? It has been a while . We are going to have live stream to teach Vietnamese lesson for free also share the experience about learning English so this live stream is not only for foreigners but also for Vietnamese people who want to improve their English . The LIVE STREAM will be on SUNDAY at 12 NOON (14/01/18) by MISS TIÊN - Founder of VLanvers . Hope you guys can join with us ! Cheers !

Our mission is helping you guys to improve your Vietnamese and our pleasure to be with you guys in the long journey 🙂

Learn with Vietnamese and Laugh with Vietnamese

Quick meeting between members and our students . It was good memory and good chance for everyone - who wanna improve their English and for whom wanna practice Vietnamese.

Tiên was in high school and all She did was Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen

Lesson for today :
- in (location) : ở / tại
- school : trường
--> Highschool: trường cấp 3 (trường phổ thông)
- and: và
- all: tất cả
- she : cô ấy
- did : đã làm

Visit my page for more lessons in the future:

Tuyển giáo viên dạy tiếng Việt cho người nước ngoài , địa điểm làm việc o TPHCM

Yêu cầu :
- Giao tiếp tiếng Anh tốt
- có khả năng sư phạm
- Hiểu biết về ngôn ngữ học (tiếng Việt) là một lợi thế.
- không yêu cầu kinh nghiệm

Quyền lợi :

- được trainning miễn phí nếu đạt yêu cầu
- được có môi trường làm việc quốc tế , rèn luyện thêm kinh nghiệm xã hội
- lương theo h (trả theo khả năng)
- nếu làm lâu dài sẽ được thưởng hoa hồng

Liên hệ 01228972797 gặp Tiên

Hoặc gửi CV đến [email protected]


Another time practicing English with our members 🙂

Happy to see you guys getting improve everyday!

P/s: hope you enjoyed the video call Doug , u had chance to use what I taught u to reality 🙂

Learn and Laugh with Vietnamese 🙂

Helping u guys to improve Vietnamese everyday is my pleasure 🙂

When someone made a wish that she could speak Vietnamese fluently.....

Find new vocabulary below:

- I: tôi
- Want to: muốn
- Speak: nói
- Perfect: hoàn hảo
- Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt
- Before: trước khi
- Die: chết
- You: Bạn
- Immortal: Bất tử

Hope you enjoyed :*

Learn and laugh with Vietnamese Language Lovers

Hey guys! It has been a while since last lesson. Sorry for this delay but i was so busy lately. Btw I have found new topic for today. It's about "Wandering spirits" Month which just passed. Let's learn more about Vietnamese language also our culture
Find new words to learn in each pictures
- Tháng: month
- Cô hồn: Wandering spirits

Pheww! So many new words :)) Enjoy the lesson!
Remember to say " Cúng cô hồn" if you got stolen or lost things =)))))

First video call with group today.... we were exchanging the language and culture . We will find out with local places with cheap price and best food in town which only Vietnamese local people know . We will make it more regularly in the future !

Join us from now for exchanging language and make friends 🙂

Learn with Vietnamese and laugh with Vietnamese!

It's our pleasure to work with you - Vsource 🙂

Have you guys had lunch? Let's study about some basic Vietnamese foods today.

Find vocabulary below :)

P/s: The last pic is my fav =))☺️☺️

The only female student for now..... thanks for trusting us 🙂

Vietnamese is not that difficult hah! The one who created this language must be genius =)))

Please find lesson for today below.

P/s: Last pic is bonus =)) Just let me know if there is anything else you need our support :)

What are you doing tonight? Feel free to read newspaper with us.... =))

New vocabulary:
- Thanh niên: youth
- Khi: when
- Tài tử: famous actor
- Trở thành: become
- Nông dân: Farmer

Side words:
- Nho: grape
- Khoai lang: Sweet potato
- Mướp: loofah
- Gạo: uncooked rice
- Hành lá: green onion
- Bắp: corn
- Bí đỏ: Pumpkin

Hope you guys will enjoy!! Learn and laugh with Vietnamese Language Lovers :))

It's how a Vietnamese teacher improve her Vietnamese =)))

However I found some words with many meaning for you guys:

- Đồng:

+ Ruộng đồng: the field
+ Đồng (C U) : cooper (name of the metal)
+ Đồng nghiệp: colleague
+ Việt Nam Đồng : currency

- Ăn:
+ Ăn cơm: (to) eat rice
+ Da ăn nắng: got tanned skin
+ Ăn ảnh: look good in picture even more than in person
+ Kim loại bị ăn mòn: corroded metal

Learn and laugh with Vietnamese Language Lovers :))

It's our pleasure to help you guys improve your Vietnamese. We believe that nothing is impossible unless you try your best.

Sorry "Girls Team" for this but it's truth =))

Find lesson below:
- Khi: When (normal sentence)
- Con gái: Girls
- Tự sướng : Take a selfie (Slang)
- Có: Have/has
- Hình: Image/ Photo
- Thật: Real

Just got interesting class with this student who has been living in Vietnam for 6 years and wants to improve his Vietnamese to the second level. Happy to support foreigners who love Vietnam as well as the language , Vietnamese people and the culture.

Just wondering if this is one of main reason foreign guys want to learn Vietnamese :))

Lesson for today:

- Xin chào: Hello
- khoẻ: fine
- (có)....không?: Yes/ no question
- Anh : I (when you talk to some one younger than you)
- Em: you (when you call someone who is younger than you)
- Cảm ơn: Thanks
- Xinh đẹp: pretty
- ....tên (là) gì? : What's your name?
- Chưa: not yet
- Bạn trai: Boy friend
- Cho anh: Give me
- Số điện thoại: Phone number
- của: of
- sẽ: will
- nói chuyện: (to) talk

Just leave comment down there or message us if there is any question :)

P/s: 3rd picture is Bonus

Same as English, Vietnamese also has Homonyms (same words, same sound but different meaning).

Well Vietnamese is not easy so it will be even more complicated when these words appear in the same sentence.

Please find picture below as some examples for Homonyms:

P/s: Here are some other cases for Homonyms

- năm: year/5
- đường: sugar/street
- đá: kick/ice/stone
- kem: ice cream/cream
- chỉ: point/ threads (Noun)

Even in the South (HCM), Homonyms will create more problems since people can't differ ch/tr, d/gia, x/s, o/ô,...
- che: che phủ - cover/ tre - bamboo
- dì: ant/ (cái) gì - what
- xong- finish and sông- river


Just let me know if there is anything else I can help :)

As Everyone knew that, back in Vietnamese war many years ago, French had been staying in Vietnam for at least 100 years so Vietnamese culture as well as the language got effect more or less. We borrowed some French words and started using them as our language.

Bonus: - Westerner: (Người) Tây
- Backpack: Ba lô (from Ballot - French)
---> Backpacker =))
Below are few notable words as example that Vietnamese have made their way into standard Vietnamese from French:

Small trick for learning new words .....

Is there anyone know what "pen" mean in Southern Vietnamese ?

Let's review some simple words:

- Tree : cây

- To write : viết

So can you take a guess what pen mean ? It's the tool (tall and thin like a tree) , people hold it to write things.

====> pen : cây viết

Vietnamese is not that hard if you know how it works and remember some basic words .

Bonus: there are another things which we can hold and has same shape like tree, we also can use "cây" ( broom , tooth brush, fan , one chopstick ,... ) - find pictures below for detail

Hope you enjoy the lesson and just ib me for any question! Thanks

Today we will learn about vowels and diphthong.

It depends on the position of tongue which help us to differ these vowels.

- i, ê, e: tongue will be in front and not round your mouth.
- ư, ơ, a: tongue will be in the middle and not round your mouth.
- u, ô, o: round your mouth, bigger your mouth from u to o.

We have 2 extra vowels beside a : ă and â...

For diphthong, just find the table below for more detail.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question :)

As we mentioned in the previous post: There are 17 single consonants b, c, d, đ, g, h, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, x) and 9 couple consonants (gh, kh, nh, ph, th, ch, tr, ngh, ng) but the question is: "How can we remember all of these ?" We have found this table which group consonants together so you guys can see the similar or different things between them. It will support a lot for your studying.

Don't hesitate to ask by leaving comment or sending us message! :)

Here is one of our spot to study for learners- organic coffee shop in Vivocity D7. Having private class is quite flexible for location. We can study everywhere we want , be able to practice with local people as well. Next spot: restaurant 🙂

There are six tones in Vietnamese, each of which is represented by a different diacritical mark. Tone is the most important thing in learning Vietnamese. Depending on the tones, the word “ca” can mean sing or cup (ca), fish (cá), tomato (cà),...Here is small trick for Vietnamese tones :)

In the Vietnamese alphabet, there are 29 letters. W,z and j are letters in English alphabet which are not in Vietnamese alphabet.
- Vowels system: There are 9 monophthongs ( a,e ê, i, o, ô, u, ơ, ư), 3 diphthongs (iê, uô, ươ) and 2 short vowels (ă, â) in Vietnamese

- Consonants system: There are 17 single consonants b, c, d, đ, g, h, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, x) and 9 couple consonants (gh, kh, nh, ph, th, ch, tr, ngh, ng)

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