Bún Việt Nam

Bún Việt Nam

Cung cấp thực phẩm chế biến từ gạo

[11/02/15]   Bún Việt Nam hiện đang phân phối Bún, Phở, Hủ Tíu của Cty Cổ Phần Nguyễn Bính.



Bí quyết kinh doanh trên mạng mơ khóa cánh cửa đến sự giàu có, và giảm được chi phí đầu tư cho doanh nghiệp. Có thể hiểu Bí quyết khinh doanh trên mạng là mộ...

[09/21/15]   Noodle production company of Ms Nguyen Thi Binh
From the small store, the Noodle production company of Ms Nguyen Thi Binh in Ho Chi Minh City has just been Thailand’s partner evaluate about VND100 billion after 15 years.
Ms Nguyen Thi Binh is the 5th generation in the traditional noodle’s family in Ha Tay province (old). She had learned how to make fresh noodles when she was a child. "I waked up at 2 a.m to mix flour. I was even sleepy many times at the class”, she said.
Although she had some difficulties in the life, she still has passion to go to school. After graduating from high school, she came to Ho Chi Minh City to study. In the class of Long Thanh Vocational School, she always got high marks on the exams. However, she had been unemployed because companies got only male workers. Then, she found part-time job with VND 40.000 only. She also did many other jobs such as make-up, saler in order to earn money.
In 1994, she got married. At the end of 1999, she decided to open a small noodle store in Tan Binh district. “At that time, my father was very happy. He also hope that I could keep the passion with the traditional noodle”, Ms Binh said.
Although her business got many difficulties, she didn’t give up. When she got Business license, she founded the brand Thu Duc Noodle - Nguyen Binh with some Sales Promotions. Her products have been customers favorite because of no chemicals.
“As I don’t use any chemicals for my noodle so it isn’t as white as the others. There are many restaurants belittle my noodle. They ordered, then retrurn the good to make me bankrupt”, she shared.
With institution standing in the market, Binh decided she founded the company in 2005. From that, she found the new rice in Ben Tre to make the standard noodle.
“Normally, it took 2-3 hours to make a batch of noodle. With my products, I spend 7 days through 15 steps to finish. In addition, in order to make delicious, chewy, and crunchy noodles, first secret is selecting rice. The rice is poured into the container to wash it chain guide down. Ater soaking for 5 days in the bucket, rice is washed and transferred to the machine and entered pulverized powder separator. flour after mixing will follow chain resulting in system extruders boiled noodles. Then they are cooled by fresh water, running water separator, dryer microbial reduction. Workers will put them on the floor to divide weight in accordance with the measurement criteria quality and packaging. The production process is closely monitored, just negligence in a broken stitching a whole batch of big batch, noodle will be sour or mold ...”, she explained.
Especially, Ms Binh said the noodles have to be make by tap water in stead of well water.
Nowaday, the company produces around 1,000 tonnes of noodles, vermicelli, noodle soup every month. In the future, the company will produce frozen products for export. In particular, the entire system of production lines are due to Ms Binh researching, designing and manufacturing.
Recently, Thai Wah Company fromThailand has spoken to own 60% shares after evaluating her company VND100 billion. Last week, the team of Thai Wah Company came to Vietnam to discuss of cooperation deal.

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