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Operating as usual

If you haven't yet noticed florists around the city getting ready for Womens Day tomorrow, now you know!

And we here, the female founders of L'herbanyste would like to jump on that wagon and give back to our better half of the world something to celebrate and enjoy this Tuesday 20/10. All female brunchers tomorrow will inevitably enjoy a glass of bubbles on the house (for those who needs to return to work after, we got you a housemade kombucha spritz coverred) and groups above 6, will receive an ice ice baby cold bottle to your table!!!

What more can you ask? The 40% off for our facials in your very own private boomshakalala room with a customised facial routine for your very own skin 🤗🤗

Really, need we say more who runs the world?!


Bring a little happiness and sunshine to the stormy days!

With this dreary weather and all the disasters happening, we want to add a bit of sunny gesture to your weekend. Between 16/10 til 20/10 (Friday til Tuesday), we would like to offer 40% off all our bespoke facials bookings to celebrate Women's Day.

Just when you thought this moisture levels might be doing your head and skin in, we want to give you a little stripey socks kick to turn that frown upside down 😉

Message us on Facebook or hotline bling us on 0357 39 2910 to make your booking now.

We need to not say much more about our best selling ever still so popular Enriched Youth Oil however for those who are not yet familiar with oil use, here comes the sun in the version of Light Youth Oil.

This light and fast absorbing light oil concoction features Sebum Oil Control complex and advanced oil-soluble Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates and locks in moisture at the same time, providing optimal moisturizing to achieve balanced, healthy skin. Packed with Squalane, Saffron oil, Argan oil and other top grade herbal extracts such as ultra calming and detoxing Centella Asiatica, Hemp or Cactus Oil; this super oil nourishes and revives, restoring your skin's overal health and looks.

Book your bespoke facial appointment with us today and receive not only a whopping 40% off our packages but take home this amazing baby for free.

For those who are familiar with our bespoke facials, you know that with each weekly treatment, your skin will deeply enjoy the rejuvenating effects as you feel and see all those bad decisions being acupressured and guasha-ed away!

Now its even better news, for all facials packages bought at a discounted 40% along with free products to get you kickstart on your amazing skin journey, we are also partnering up with Prive to give you a further 20% when getting your talons pampered at the (in our opinion) best nail salon in town.

Enjoy your face, fingers and toes rhythm!

P.S: We are still offering 30% off every Tuesday til Saturday from 9am til 12pm bookings for our L'Herbanyste x Skinlosophy facials

Lherbanyste Photography Session

Lherbanyste Photography Session

Happy Hump Day folks!

If you don't know now you know that this Saturday 19th September is World Clean Up Day and we here at L'herbanyste would like to join the initiative to promote this very positive cause as one of our values is to continuously reduce waste, plastic and facilitating recycling.

The event is free to register and if you don't have any tools, do not worry, we will provide bags and tongs for you. Please see all the information below and we will open our green doors from 8am instead of 9am just this Saturday.

Hope to see you earthlings there!

Create your very own personal fashion brand portfolio with our professional team of photographers, retouchers and make up artists. Starting from 200,000VND.

Contact us now for a free consultation.

We L’herbanyste take care of your family and baby with care, love, good meal and amazing art new born concept.
With Our Urban Studio Newborn art session only 6,000,000. You will have your beautiful memories pictures with one special wood frame.
And one more thing, you can offer this session as a gift to your maternity friends as voucher.
Visit us at 215e4 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien
Lherbanyste - Urban Studio

A art concept of Lherbanyste is next to you, our Urban studio at 2 floor bring you a garden space for taking photo and fliming.
Save your memories when you with us any time. We also offer Professional Photography Packages for you and family start from 800,000 vnđ
- Linkedin Profile
- Family Picture Session
- Maternity and New born.
- Fashion and Products
Contact 215e4 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Thảo Điền, District 2.
Inbox us for more infomations

Happy 1st September!

Just a gentle reminder that we are still open tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd Sept) on Independence Day. Also for those who are not familiar with the lunar calendar, it will also be the full moon in which traditionally turning plant based (even just for the day) has its spiritual benefits. For a ghost month like this month, it's even much more encouraged 😊

We hope to see much more of everyone tomorrow!

The golden hour! ☀️💛🍋🛵

Grab your book, sunnies and relax in our lush garden. Chillax by our pool with an ice cold home made passionfruit kombucha or call your friends and let us bring you an ice bucket with a bottle of rose or prosecco of your choice!

If you are still looking for a weekend spot to let your mind wander and ease into your thoughts surrounded by elements of nature and cute pups, give us a hotline bling and we shall see you soon

Eat the R.A.I.N.B.O.W with our colorful plant based menu! 🌻🌱🌿🌷

Holiday season doesn't have to end EVER here in our 215E4 oasis.

Grab your friends, sling a slackline across our pool and watch the community gather. Just a reminder that we are still running 30% off our ever popular, stress-reducing, wrinkles and fatigue erasing facials using only the best of that natural East meets West researched back favorite - Skinlosophy between 9am to 12pm from Tuesday til Saturdays.

If you are planning your eternal summer holidays, pencil us in.

Hope you guys were not too affected by the stormy weather and got home safe and sound last night!

While some streets in Thao Dien are still flooded, our hem (215 Nguyen Van Huong) is safe for bikes and water-free.

If you find yourself too lazy to prep lunch today or just looking for an excuse to leave the house and get some sunshine, come holla us and let us spoil you with plant-based goodies!

Much love from our green family to yours 💚

Happy weekend earthlings (and also 1st of a new month)!

In light of the recent updates, our squad here at L'herbanyste would just like to remind you that we are still open for business as usual from Tuesday til Sunday 9am til 6pm for the restaurant, our bespoke facial room and studio. May we also stress the importance of staying above all healthy, exercise, eat lots of greens 🥦🥬🥕🥑🥒 to not only give yourself a big peace of mind but in general, it's just good advice 😋

However if you feel that you are better off eating in the comfort of your PJs and Netflix, just kindly give us a ring ring and we'll get it signed, sealed and delivered to your door.

Many air kisses and virtual hugs,

[07/29/20]   As news updates on the 8 new confirmed cases in Danang and no trace of F0 of this second new hybrid of COVID-19, we urge everyone that has been in Danang the past July to refrain from public visits, self quarantine in your home sweet home (#wfh mode on again) and let us deliver your favorite green dishes straight from our kitchen to your table.

Despite the far proximity of cases, at L'herbanyste, our hand sanitizers are to be found on individual tables as well as topping up full on our super silver anti bacterial hand wash again.

We hope everyone stays safe, positive and trust that this thou shall pass 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Complete your portfolio only VND 800,000 and impress your employers and partners. Whatever the industry, we got it covered.
Fully customized packages
Free consultation, inquire via our hotline 0357 39 2910 or DM us!

Fully customized packages starting at VND 2,500,000.

Seal your best family memories with a kiss in our newly launched Urban Studio, or even comfort of your home!

Our team of professional and dedicated photographers and support team makes the process of capturing your memories seamless and fun.

Free consultation, inquire via our hotline 0357 39 2910 or PM us!

Tuesday to Saturday between 9:00am-12:00pm.

👇Haven't tried our bestseller facial yet?! No more excuses.

Our best selling supreme 12 step skincare routine* will leave you floating on cloud 9 from head to toes as we tickle and kneed all those precious pressure points on your face with our signature anti aging and lifting combing facial massage.


We're exclusively using all the best of Skinlosophy's powerful plant based actives such as anti aging red ginseng, skin soothing squalane, bio exfoliating nano AHA/BHA and concoctions of the most premium cold pressed oils to give you a refreshed, revived and renewed complexion & texture.*

*Complimentary head, neck and shoulder massage.
**HAPPY HOUR PROMOTION applies from Tuesday - Saturday (between 9:00am-12:00PM) for our Signature 90' Facials.


Come browse through our cool vintage selection of clothes and accesories!

We have all 3 floors full of pre-loved items!

Find us here 'til 8pm!


Weekend vibes by the pool in our green oasis!
#goodvibesonly #puppyfriendly

Hi all day brunchers,

Please note that we will be temporarily closed for a private function this afternoon Wednesday 24th June from 15h00 til 18h00. So if you wanna get your L'herbanyste fix before then, do come in and make the best of this very hump day and just ignore Cancer season/Mercury retrograde, have a glass of fresh juice or vino and sing the day away!

Because men also loves themselves some pampering and underneath all those bearded exterior, there is a screaming epidermis waiting to be kneeded and rejuvenated!

For Father's Day weekend, we are offering 30% off for all the macho macho men, to show our appreciation, which of course, is also the perfect reminder for us women, to join them and get just equally thankful to ourselves for all the daily work we put in 😊

Please allow 10 mins for your specialised skin consultation with Skinlosophy to understand and customise your very own treatment, we look forward to be a part of your celebration.

Next Tuesday 16th June, we at L'herbanyste are hosting a small pre-loved items sale to help raise money for Thien Phuoc Foster Home's children and orphans with cerebral palsy and DOWN syndrome from 9am til lunch time.

So come down, have a coffee with your favourite breakfast dish and have a look if anything tickles your fancy whilst contributing to helping those of the less fortunate.

Always a pleasure Saigon Lifestyle 🥰🥰

Pair it with our mixologies and our selection of fermented grape juice *wink wink* for your best rainy day combative mood.

Always want to go to eat at @herbanyste when I look at those pictures 🤤🤤
A new/updated/improved menu, more tasty and yummy 😋


Vietnamese beauty brand Skinlosophy fuses tradition with technology

Vietnam has been quite a winner in the social media forefront recently for surviving the Covid19 with things going back to normality at an incredibly fast rate. Now our beauty industry has also been getting a big pat on the back by news giant CNN for doing something no other beauty brand has gone before - fusing traditional holistic medicine in all it's glorious effectiveness with science and technology in skincare yet providing affordable prices with premium high end results.

We are so proud to have partnered up with them for our Skinlosophy x L'herbanyste Facial Treatments and supplying their amazing plant based clean and active ingredients packed products in our very own green villa.

Read more here and be amazed!

cnn.com International labels dominate Vietnam's market for high-end beauty products, but local brand Skinlosophy is enjoying success with its east-west take on skincare.

Not all natural beauty products contain "clean" ingredients not to mention "active agents" that takes care of the job and being "clean". Then there's that worry of whether that "clean" ingredient is sourced from a high quality and purified carefully in order to extract the right amount and components that make THE difference.

It is such a tongue and mind twister in the world of endlessly searching for the beauty products that does not compromise your beliefs, works like a dream and doesn't clog your inner skin biology.

It's not everyday a local Vietnamese skincare brand gets global recognition from CNN along with praises from scientists and doctors for their never before seen skincare formulas that fuses the best of East West and all that jazz.

Experience this new beauty mantra in our signature facials, available in 9 or 12 step skin healing and rejuvenating treatments.

📷: Micellar Acid Cleansing Cream - a deep cleansing cream designed for oily acne prone skin with its own eco friendly emulsifying formula, leaving the skin flawlessly clean with Aczero but not stripping away the natural moisture barrier with Allantoin. With added cannabis sativa seed oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil to nourish and heal, if anything adds to the whole washing your face experience.

Got that flawless skin but still looking lacklustre and want that doe eyed glow?

Looking for a moisturiser that is lightweight and quickly absorbent to fit this heavy humidity weather yet still penetrates deeply and has all the magic?

Used as the last part of our 12 step skincare routine in the ever so instant results driven Herban Myth Signature, Skinlosophy's light "Tơ Tằm" oil literally translates "silk". Filled with main concentrated super ingredients such as squalane olive, nano vitamin C, Melanotone, nano complex ceramides and silk peptides topped off with signature white lotus scents, this one will surely get your toes curled even when you wash your face off the next day. Brightening, calming, deeply moisturizing and anti aging but without the heavy creamy textures - do you need more?

Contact us for your personalised skin consultation and book yours now.

We are coming out with our latest in bespoke treatments. We want the world to know and of course, let it show 😉 especially after our CNN exclusive debut.

Endorse in the best of that triple threat of P's - premium plant power!!! Inspired heavily using traditional Eastern Medicine alchemied with the best of the latest science backed actives comes our Signature facials. Rest assured to get that needle free botox lifting and filling effects together with the dewy glow of a 12 hour sleep (let's be honest, most of us are lucky if we can get 8) - your body and mind will tricklingly thank you for it too.

Book your consultation now with us to prevent, protect and pamper (another triple P 😉) your skin from the external harshness and take home your very own starter kit now.

What do you want to sink your teeth into this weekend?

Our sharing is caring mezze board (available in vegetarian and vegan options) just got even prettier with our recent upgrades. The lentil walnut beetroot fois gras glazed with red peppercorns is definitely the star of the show (board) along her co stars of tri colour hummus, chargrilled cherry tomatoes, carrots, falafels, 4 types of cheese and well, you can witness for yourselves.

Open that Insta app and snap away finishing with sweet melodies of flavour, maybe pair it with a glass or two of ice cold rose...ready set weekend!

Sunday Funday!

What is your Sunday routine? If you're still having the age old question of "What do we do today? Where do we go today?" - look no more just look at this picture. You can go and do many things here with us at L'herbanyste - sink, swim, play, eat, drink, tan, snap, pose, pamper, glow...its endless!

Come down and say hello tomorrow to our team of happy smileys 😊

Here comes the sun!

We hope you had missed us because we surely have missed you!

Put your eternal tropical summer shades on and march over to our resort vibes garden for a leisurely swim, sip one of our healthy concoctions and dig into our ever green plant based menu. We have spent the last couple of days prepping and anticipating your (and our) return.

The wait is over, pop by for a hello hello vertigo this Thursday, doors and arms open at 9am sharp. We just can't sit still!

Dearest friends and supporters!

As the law eases and we start to welcome back the old normality and routine, our squad here at L'herbanyste cannot wait to drop the good news of re-opening our doors officially on THURSDAY 7TH MAY 😇😇 it will also be the full moon 15th in the Lunar calendar where as due to Vietnamese beliefs, is the second day in the month that even non plant based followers should adopt an all plants diet for the day to cleanse and for good faith. It will also be the celebration for the Buddhist Festival where all things enlightened and revived which we believe is coincides perfectly with the progressive situation that is going on right now.

We are so excited to receive all of you amazing supporters of our concept and lifestyle back along with your four legged friends in our green villa.

See you all in a week!!


Uplifting plant-based comfort food, creative herbal mixology, ethically sourced ingredients and organic skincare treatments in support of health and a more SUSTAINABLE PLANET.

Combining our love for beauty inside-out, plants, food, coffee and community under one sacred roof. 🌿

Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of our community and planet by providing an oasis where like-minded people can escape to support healthy choices, ethical and sustainable practices.

Enter our green villa and reset.

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Thảo Điền, Quận 2
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Tiêu chí KD: cung cấp các loại thực phẩm chay và các sẩn phẩm bổ dưỡng cao cấp uy tín chất lượng giá phải chăng !

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