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[02/03/18]   Three of our attorneys were volunteer juror/judges at the Mock Trial Competition this Saturday. Great job by all the high schools we saw.

The Elvis Presley Estate Loses Bid to Block ELVIS JUICE Beer | JD Supra


The Elvis Presley Estate Loses Bid to Block ELVIS JUICE Beer. https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/the-elvis-presley-estate-loses-bid-to-74130/

jdsupra.com Trademark disputes involving breweries are nothing new, with breweries battling each other, wineries, and even cities over trademarks. We can now add...

Wilmington’s largest franchiser, Clean Eatz, signs major distribution agreement | Port City Daily


Glad we could help this business with their franchise growth.

portcitydaily.com WILMINGTON — It pays to eat clean. In just seven years, Wilmington-based Clean Eatz has expanded to 34 locations since its flagship storefront opened on Racine Drive. In terms of numbers, Clean Eatz…

[01/27/18]   I don't feel like I've written a good brief unless I can slip in one cite to a 19th century or earlier case. I think my record is 1765.

Vegetarian's lawsuit over beef tallow at Buffalo Wild Wings is dismiss


Cooking french fries in beef fat not an "actual injury" to vegetarian plaintiff. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-buffalo-wild-lawsuit/vegetarians-lawsuit-over-beef-tallow-at-buffalo-wild-wings-is-dismissed-idUSKBN1F82CH

reuters.com A federal judge on Friday dismissed a proposed class-action lawsuit by a New York vegetarian who accused Buffalo Wild Wings Inc of failing to disclose that it cooked french fries and other "non-meat" items in beef fat.

Family of Rock Hill boy who died at N.C. hotel reaches high-priced settlement


Horrible tragedy. http://www.heraldonline.com/news/local/article195989059.html

heraldonline.com The family of an 11-year old Rock Hill boy who died from carbon monoxide poisoning at a Best Western hotel in 2013 has agreed to a legal settlement.

You Should Know :: Bradley Coxe Profile


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The Society of Automotive Engineers has a Five-Level rating service for self-driving cars. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2DqnVCf


Here's why I still don't trust Tesla Autopilot


Tesla has rejected responsibility for car crashes, even when its Autopilot system is engaged. http://cnb.cx/2ECYkoR

cnb.cx CNBC reviews Tesla's Autopilot autonomous driving feature on a Model S. Here's why we still don't trust it.

Who Pays When Self-Driving Vehicles Collide?

Do you have a car with some type of self-driving technology. Keep yourself safe with these tips: http://letamericaknow.com/view_feature_ysk.php?memberid=22871&orderid=957&issueid=1801#

letamericaknow.com Most cars now already feature some form of self-driving technology, from cruise control – first developed in the 1950s – to electronic stability introduced in the mid-1990s to recent innovations like automatic braking, lane departure alerts and self-parking. The latest technologies, like Autopil...

Self-driving cars and the bumpy road ahead | The American Association For Justice

When a self-driving car crashes, who is liable? So far the situation is complicated and unregulated. http://bit.ly/2AUrq0K

justice.org The high-tech crowd and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) think so. According to NHTSA, America’s drivers crashed more than 5.3 million times, injured 2.2 million people, and killed another 32,367 in 2011 alone.1 A 2005–2007 NHTSA study revealed that most crashes were th...

Inside Uber's Self-Driving Car | WIRED


Take a spin in Uber's self-driving car, now testing in Pittsburgh. http://bit.ly/2cLweNV

The ride-sharing giant is in Pittsburgh for its latest big move: the country’s first autonomous taxi service. Select Uber users can now ride in self-driving ...

Automated Vehicles for Safety


Self-driving cars could prevent a whopping 90 percent of vehicle crashes. http://bit.ly/2w4Mzrr

nhtsa.gov The continuing evolution of automotive technology aims to deliver even greater safety benefits and Automated Driving Systems (ADS) that—one day—can handle the whole task of driving when we don’t want to or can’t do it ourselves. Fully automated cars and trucks that drive us, instead of us dr...

Who Pays When Self-Driving Vehicles Collide?

Driverless cars are just around the bend. What does that mean for you and your safety? http://letamericaknow.com/view_newsletter_ysk.php?memberid=22871&orderid=957&newsletterid=423&issueid=1801&subscriberid=0

letamericaknow.com While your next new car might not fold up into a briefcase à la George Jetson, self-driving cars are no longer a cartoon dream of the far-off future. Manufacturers like Audi, Volvo, Ford and BMW promise a fully autonomous vehicle by 2020. If driverless cars really are just around the bend, what wil...

FindLaw's Court of Appeals of North Carolina case and opinions.


Dissenting judge references "Star Wars" in written opinion (Scroll down to footnote 3). http://caselaw.findlaw.com/nc-court-of-appeals/1884890.html#footnote_ref_3

caselaw.findlaw.com FindLaw's searchable database of Court of Appeals of North Carolina decisions since

NYC Hospital Caused Eagles Guitarist’s Death, Suit Says - Law360


Death of Glen Frey caused by medical malpractice? https://www.law360.com/medical-malpractice/articles/1002546/nyc-hospital-caused-eagles-guitarist-s-death-suit-says?nl_pk=e806918f-64fb-4a8c-a941-0293e4c9504b&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=medical-malpractice

law360.com A Manhattan hospital and a doctor are accused of committing medical malpractice that purportedly caused the death of Eagles guitarist and co-founder Glenn Frey, according to a suit filed Tuesday in New York state court.

Can your boss fire you for not showing up on a snowy day?


Can your boss fire you for not showing up on a snowy day? http://abc11.com/weather/can-your-boss-fire-you-for-not-showing-up-on-a-snowy-day/2953801/

abc11.com If you wake up Wednesday morning and decide it's unsafe to get out on the roads to go to work, you'd better hope your boss agrees.

Six Reasons Why Insurance Companies Will Reject Your Personal Injury Claim - AvvoStories


Here are six common reasons that an insurance company might reject your personal injury claim after a car accident. http://stories.avvo.com/crime/six-reasons-why-insurance-companies-will-reject-your-personal-injury-claim.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=newsfeed&utm_campaign=c:eng|sc:social|p:tw|a:cons|ct:oe|d:all|t:usa|pa:1|ct:avvostories

stories.avvo.com While there are numerous excuses insurance companies will use to reject paying your personal injury claim, these are some of the most common.

Do you know what to do when a police officer pulls you over? NC has new guidelines.


What to do if you are pulled over. New rules. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/traffic/article193751114.html

charlotteobserver.com The NC General Assembly ordered the NC Division of Motor Vehicles to revise its guidelines for traffic stops and directed the state Department of Public Instruction to include the guidelines in the driver’s education curriculum taught to high school students.

Judge weighs whether NC schools conspired to depress wages


Judge weighs whether NC schools conspired to depress wages. http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2018/01/04/judge-weighs-whether-nc-schools-conspired-to-depress-wages.html

foxbusiness.com A federal judge will have to decide whether two elite North Carolina universities had a cozy agreement not to compete by hiring away medical talent from the hospital and education enterprises each have built.

A look at the new laws coming to North Carolina in 2018 - WWAY TV


New laws in North Carolina starting in 2018. https://www.wwaytv3.com/2017/12/30/a-look-at-the-new-laws-coming-to-north-carolina-in-2018/

wwaytv3.com Elections, prescribing of painkillers, and more will change come the New Year.

North Carolina accuses drugmaker Insys of scheme to push opioid


North Carolina accuses drugmaker Insys of scheme to push opioid. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-insys-opioids/north-carolina-accuses-drugmaker-insys-of-scheme-to-push-opioid-idUSKBN1EF292

reuters.com North Carolina sued Insys Therapeutics Inc on Thursday, accusing the pharmaceutical company of illegally pushing a powerful fentanyl-based cancer pain medicine called Subsys to boost profits amid the U.S. opioid epidemic.

First Woman Takes Oath as Chief Justice of N.C. Supreme Court | NC DNCR

In 1975, Justice Susie Sharp took the oath of office to become the first woman to serve as chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court https://www.ncdcr.gov/blog/2015/01/02/susie-sharp-and-her-appointments-without-precedent?utm_content=buffer25deb&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

www.ncdcr.gov First Woman Takes Oath as Chief Justice of N.C. Supreme Court Jan 2, 2016 NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Susie Sharp On January 2, 1975, Susie Sharp took the oath of office as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Governor Kerr Scott had appointed Sharp a Superior Court judge 26 year...

Days after iPhone battery fiasco, lawsuits against Apple begin to mount


Class actions arise against Apple for iPhone slowdown revelations. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/12/days-after-iphone-battery-fiasco-lawsuits-against-apple-begin-to-mount/

arstechnica.com Customers say they would rather have replaced battery than bought a new phone.

New power of attorney laws take effect Jan. 1


New power of attorney rules take effect January 1. https://nclawyersweekly.com/2017/12/22/new-power-of-attorney-laws-take-effect-jan-1/

nclawyersweekly.com The North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act will go into effect on Jan. 1, replacing most of the existing laws governing powers of attorney. The NCUPOAA will adopt the Uniform Power of Attorne…

16 Lawyers You Should Never Ever Call No Matter How Much Trouble You're In


Lawyer ads in questionable taste. http://www.realclear.com/humor/2015/12/16/lawyers_you_should_never_ever_call_no_matter_how_bad_you_need_help_12532.html

realclear.com Saul Goodman could learn a few things from this crew. 

North Carolina sues pharmaceutical over opioid scheme


North Carolina sues drug company over opioid scheme. http://amp.newsobserver.com/news/business/article191025904.html

newsobserver.com North Carolina state government lawyers are suing a pharmaceutical company whose former leaders already face criminal charges related to an alleged bribery scheme involving a powerful prescribed opioid.

Former NC register of deeds turns herself in


Former Register of Deeds turns herself in for the disappearance of millions of dollars from her department. https://nclawyersweekly.com/2017/12/14/former-nc-register-of-deeds-turns-herself-in/

nclawyersweekly.com The former register of deeds in a North Carolina county has turned herself in a day after she was among four people indicted in connection with the disappearance of more than $2 million from her of…

NFL's investigation into Jerry Richardson raises five legal issues


Panther's non-disclosure clauses under North Carolina law may affect any investigation into Jerry Richardson. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/12/17/jerry-richardson-nfl-investigation-carolina-panthers

si.com The NFL has taken over the Panthers' investigation into owner Jerry Richardson’s alleged misconduct—detailed in an exclusive story by Sports Illustrated—which raises five key legal issues.

You Should Know :: Bradley Coxe Profile


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Are Pharmaceutical Companies to Blame for the Opioid Epidemic?


As the opioid epidemic spreads across the U.S., some in the justice system are hoping to hold Big Pharma accountable for downplaying the dangers.

theatlantic.com Recent lawsuits are asking courts whether the current crisis is comparable to the one over tobacco in the ’90s.

Gretchen Carlson’s Mission To End Forced Arbitration | Forbes Live


Forced arbitration clauses in employee contracts can silence those affected by sexual harassment or discrimination at their workplace.

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson shares the dangers of forced arbitration clauses Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.youtube.com/c/ForbesLive?sub_confirma...

2017 Reversals Big Story for Civil Justice


This year has seen an unprecedented number of attacks on your 7th Amendment right to hold wrongdoers accountable in a court of law.http://letamericaknow.com/view_feature_ysk.php?memberid=22871&orderid=957&issueid=1712#

letamericaknow.com Advocates for individual rights might someday call 2017 The Year of Reversal for an unprecedented number of attacks on America’s civil justice system. Pick your poison for examples, from the rollback of restrictions on forced arbitration to passage of legislation that will weaken protections again...

AAJ Response to House Passage of Bill that Decimates Patients’ Rights | The American Association For Justice

A bill passed in the U.S. House will cap medical malpractice awards and severely limit those seeking justice against negligent healthcare providers.

justice.org Washington, DC—The following is a statement from American Association for Justice (AAJ) President Julie Braman Kane in response to today’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the “Protecting Access to Care Act” (H.R. 1215), a bill that strips patients and nursing home residents...

AAJ Response to U.S. Senate Voting to Wipe Out CFPB Rule Limiting Forced Arbitration | The American Association For Justice

In September, the U.S. Senate voted to repeal a rule that would have prohibited financial institutions from using the loophole called forced arbitration.

justice.org Washington, DC — The following is a statement from American Association for Justice (AAJ) CEO Linda Lipsen in response to the U.S. Senate voting tonight (S.J. Res. 47) to overturn the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) forced arbitration rule:

Why Wall Street and Republicans hate the CFPB


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau returned $12 billion to American consumers from big banks and shady lenders since it was founded.

cnnmon.ie The long, tense history between Republicans and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

2017 Reversals Big Story for Civil Justice

2017 saw several big reversals in the fight for civil justice. You Should Know what that means for 2018 and beyond. http://letamericaknow.com/view_newsletter_ysk.php?memberid=22871&orderid=957&newsletterid=417&issueid=1712&subscriberid=

letamericaknow.com Normally at this time we highlight the year’s greatest victories for civil justice. Like forcing automakers to admit that they sold vehicles with exploding airbags or faulty ignition switches. Like holding accountable those who cover up the use of cancer-causing asbestos. Like shedding light on me...

If Your Problem With A Judicial Nominee Is A Lack Of Trial Experience, You’re Missing The Point


Interesting take on desirability of trial experience as the litmus test of federal judge appointees. https://abovethelaw.com/2017/12/if-your-problem-with-a-judicial-nominee-is-a-lack-of-trial-experience-youre-missing-the-point/

abovethelaw.com Matthew Petersen's Senate grilling was embarrassing but not for the reasons people think.

Tips from a Mediator about how to prepare for the Mediation of your dispute


Tips on how to prepare for mediation. http://www.osborneclarke.com/insights/tips-from-a-mediator-about-how-to-prepare-for-the-mediation-of-your-dispute/

osborneclarke.com You may hear that most disputes are settled at Mediation, with the parties compromising their claims in order to avoid litigation. This is tru...

REVEALED: Text of judge's remarks legislative leader didn't want you to hear :: WRAL.com


Remarks from Judge Stephens regarding the election of judges. http://www.wral.com/revealed-text-of-judge-s-remarks-legislative-leader-didn-t-want-you-to-hear/17188469/

wral.com Friday, Dec. 15, 2017 -- It would be unwise and imprudent to create any system of judicial selection in which judges are picked by legislators and ...

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