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“Tweaking” of Custody Orders Not Allowed

Custody orders can be modified only when there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the child. So what can be done when there is a change that is not actually substantial or that has little or no impact on the welfare of the child but which makes the existing paren...

In some cases, the child's preference is considered in a #childcustody case. Unless it is requested, please don't ask the child to choose.

If one parent is unwilling to work with the other in a #childcustody case, it could hurt them. Both have to agree to co-parent.

In a #childcustody case, they look at more than just the parents alone. Everyone close with the child is considered in the decision.

If a parent has lacked in care for the child in the past, it could be used against them in a #childcustody case.

In order for a parent to win custody in a #childcustody case, they must first prove that they can care and provide for the child.

The health of a parent is also considered in #childcustody cases, as certain issues may affect the child as well.

When discussing custody of a child, two of the main concerns are health and education. #childcustody

We're sure you've heard that many child custody cases take into account "the best interests of the child" but what does that really mean?

9 Celebrity Couples Who Proudly Go To Therapy Together


There's no shame in #marriage counseling. http://bit.ly/2u07Els

huffingtonpost.com Celebs: They're just like us!

5 Lessons On Divorce


There are no rules about how you're supposed to handle your #divorce. http://bit.ly/2esJZEg

huffingtonpost.com Some women are stronger after a divorce; they’re so relieved to be released from catastrophic marriages that they rise up from the ashes like a phoenix. ...

Dealing with Divorce in the Workplace


If you're going through a #divorce and you work with your spouse, your situation is certainly unique. http://bit.ly/2fW1b55

huffingtonpost.com Dealing with divorce is sticky in any situation but, dealing with it in the workplace comes with its own unique set of issues. Spending 40-plus ho...

What Is The Fastest Way To Destigmatize Divorce? Wear It Well.


Wear your #divorce unashamed. http://bit.ly/2esOcYq #Divorce

huffingtonpost.com Have you ever been at a party when someone walks by, and suddenly the person you are speaking with leans into you and says, “She got divorced”? The...

One parent behavior may affect kids of divorce more than divorce itself


The way you treat your #divorce is more influencing to your kids than divorce itself. http://read.bi/2glWr5z

read.bi We often blame divorce itself for creating more broken families in the future. But a new study hints this may be wrong.

Today we unite as a nation to honor and remember those lost on 9/11. #NeverForget #September11th

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Kids Do Better Under Shared, Not Sole, Custody


The best thing you can do for your kids is try your best to co-parent despite a #divorce. http://bit.ly/2glSpdl

newser.com "You're both winners."

7 ways to ready your finances for divorce


Preparing your #finances for #divorce could help you through the process. https://usat.ly/2tQYJ5X

usat.ly Untangling two people’s money is messy and you’ll need to prepare your finances for divorce.

11 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Divorce


Before you ask for a #divorce, try asking these questions first. http://nyti.ms/2gQa5RU

nyti.ms Thinking of splitting? Here are some questions that may stave off divorce — or at least make parting less rancorous.

How Should Divorced Parents Navigate Paying for Their Child’s Wedding?


How should the bride-to-be begin the conversation with her #divorced parents? http://bit.ly/2vIu5bL

brides.com Don't let this tricky situation ruin the big day.

9 Things You Can Only Learn About Marriage After Going Through A Divorce


#Divorce teaches you what you want and don't want in a partner. http://bit.ly/2gQfIj5

romper.com Going through a divorce was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It nearly broke me. I did get through it, though, and I learned so much about myself, what I really wanted, and — probably more importantly — what I didn't want from a partner, co-…

Have You Embraced Your Divorce?


Accepting your #divorce and embracing your divorce are different things. http://bit.ly/2u09iUd

huffingtonpost.com So you've accepted your divorce. Good for you. That's a huge step, and you should feel proud. Now I have a question: Have you embraced your divorce? “Emb...

Don’t Let Divorce Ruin Your Finances


#Divorce is a life changing event, but it doesn't have to ruin your #finances. http://bit.ly/2tNZDMZ

newsok.com JUN 22, 2017 - Divorce is an emotional trial — but it’s also a financial one.According to a 2012 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, divorce or separation led to a 41% drop in income for women and a 23% drop for men.Though data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sho...

Dr. Sonja Stribling gives tips on surviving divorce victoriously


This author proves that #divorce can be the best thing that's ever happened to you. http://bit.ly/2gQ73x0

rollingout.com Divorce has been a word that has long been associated with sadness and even depression. Families have often been torn apart and many times it leaves both sides financially depleted and emotionally …

'Raven's Home' Plans To Tackle Divorce In A Meaningful Way


#Disney is attempting to show something new for them - a #divorced family unit. http://bit.ly/2vGfSfv

bustle.com Not all high school romances have a fairy tale ending, and Disney's That's So Raven spinoff Raven's Home is set to explore what happens when your first love story doesn't go as planned. In an interview with MTV, actor Raven-Symoné reveals that althou…

Divorce Rates Have Dropped to a Surprising New Low


It's no longer true that half of #marriages end in #divorce. http://bit.ly/2gQ7NSR

attn.com Do half of all marriages truly end in divorce?

10 Big, Divorce-Proofing Talks To Have Before Getting Married


Before you get #married, these are the conversations that may save you from an eventual #divorce. http://bit.ly/2gQ3kiN

huffingtonpost.com The earlier you have these conversations, the better.

22 Books Everyone Should Read During Divorce


Did you read a book that helped you get through your #divorce? http://bit.ly/1UQqrqE

huffingtonpost.com There's nothing like finding escape in a good book -- and that's especially tr...

Why 'Getting Divorced Sucks' But 'Being Divorced Doesn't'


Why ‘getting #divorced sucks’ but ‘being divorced doesn’t’. http://bit.ly/1p7v9AF

huffingtonpost.com If there's ever a time you need a little distraction in your life, it's during the divorce process. That's why we launched our Divorce Care P...

The Secret To A Successful And Happy Divorce


A #divorce doesn't mean you failed at a relationship, it means you tried. http://bit.ly/2rTWSfy

huffingtonpost.com Divorce is such an ugly word in the English language. It has so many negative connotations. And we're constantly reminded of our marital stat...

Perspective | How do you keep a family together after a divorce?


The most important thing for a family to do during a #divorce is to keep moving forward. http://wapo.st/2sZb9bv

wapo.st 'Mama, everything is going to be okay, right?'

Divorce wiped me out financially. Here's how I bounced back.


#Divorce left her in the worst #financial position she's ever faced as an adult. Here’s how she bounced back. https://usat.ly/2rUO1Xy

usat.ly A young son, a underwater mortgage and divorce. How one woman fixed her finances.

To my ex-husband, on Father's Day...


#Divorce inspires new kind of card company. http://on.today.com/2sZkpfK

on.today.com Kenneth Bass says Father's Day cards from his ex-wife helped him heal and be a better dad. It also spurred a surprising business venture.

Happy 4th everyone! Have a safe and happy holiday!

9 Movies To Get You Through The Dark Days After Divorce


There’s a movie (about #divorce) out there for everyone. http://bit.ly/1TsdQJI


10 Good Reasons To Throw A Divorce Party


A way to commemorate this big life change — the divorce party — has emerged as a full-blown fixture in our culture. http://bit.ly/2rX6ypH

huffingtonpost.com Once upon a time, the word "divorce" was only uttered in a whisper. Divorced people were treated as if they had some horrible disease or done something r...

Divorce Gifts: 21 Things To Get A Friend Going Through Divorce


As a friend or family member, the best thing you can do for a loved one going through a #divorce is simply be there. http://bit.ly/2swwHIV

huffingtonpost.ca Going through a divorce is stressful. Even if your loved one looks like they're holding it together, they might be struggling to adapt to the end of their relationship and beginning of a new, solo jou...

What Happens To Couple Friends After Divorce?


Allowing your friends to feel like they don't have to "choose sides" after your #divorce is on you. http://bit.ly/2swnWhQ

huffingtonpost.com Divorce lawyers work hard to split assets fairly after a marriage ends. But there's one valuable part of a couple's life that's hard to split and that is...

How to Make New Friends After Your Divorce


Getting #divorced doesn't just mean getting back into the dating scene - it's also important to make new friends. http://bit.ly/2swA2aU

huffingtonpost.com The thing about major life changes, is that they always affect more than one aspect of your life -- they usually affect pretty much every aspect of your ...

How to Stay Friends With Your Ex After Divorce


The great thing about divorce is that you create your own space for happiness without expectations for one another. http://bit.ly/1UWASZX

huffingtonpost.com Whether you're divorced or not, if you have children, it is really "until death do you part." The only other person in the world who feels about your ch...

How To Love Yourself Again, After Divorce


We must accept that, we at some time we let ourselves compromise and give to the point of little self-love. http://bit.ly/2rWPTTf

huffingtonpost.com Rediscover yourself and start implementing self-love tactics

After Divorce, Giving Our Kids Custody of the Home


There's a new lifestyle trend among #divorced couples called "nesting", where the kids stay put in one house. http://nyti.ms/2rWKsDN


Millennials Are Taking Divorce to New Heights With This Popular Trend

#Divorce selfies are the new trend that celebrates friendship and new beginnings rather than bitter endings. http://bit.ly/2rUkuk2


You Definitely Want These People on Your Divorce Team


Going through a divorce means surrounding yourself with people who will help every step of the way. https://goo.gl/3tJpoG

divorcesupport.about.com Divorce is easier to navigate if you have a good divorce team to depend on during the process. Start with friends and family and add others as needed.

Honoring the brave Americans who have laid down their lives for the freedom we cherish. #MemorialDay

5 Co-Parenting Tips for Newly Divorced Parents


Parenting can be easier after a #separation —but the adjustment to #parenting separately can be tricky for anyone. http://bit.ly/2oFe833

goodtherapy.org Your marriage may have ended, but parenting is for life. Here are five post-divorce strategies for healthy and successful co-parenting with your ex.

6 Reasons Divorce Is Better For Your Kids Than A Bad Marriage


As difficult as #divorce is on kids, a toxic #marriage could be worse. http://huff.to/1K2wuiY

huff.to Anyone who is considering divorce knows that there is a lot of research demonstrating that divorce is difficult for children. If you're considering divor...

Couple's Before-And-After Divorce Pics Go Viral For Refreshing Message On Love


Being #divorced doesn't have to mean that you're not united. #ParentingGoals http://elitedai.ly/2oFlOC0

elitedai.ly "... it is possible to fall out of love but never fall apart."

An age-by-age guide for talking to kids about divorce - Today's Parent


The age of your children plays a big part in how you should talk to them about #divorce. http://bit.ly/2op7wcL

todaysparent.com The news that Mom and Dad are separating hits a two-year-old and a 10-year-old differently. Here's how to help them handle it at any age.

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