Accordion Renaissance

Accordion Renaissance


June is National Accordion Awareness Month and it’s bustin’ out all over!
For teenagers and adults the accordion can be a first instrument or an expansion of your previous musical experience. My videos link physical skill development with mental musical concepts that will build into solid musicianship allowing you to experience the playing of a broad range of musical styles. The versatility and portability of the accordion provides you the means to learn and perform music to a level unmatched through other instruments. Here is my first introductory video.
For teenagers and adults, the accordion can be a first instrument or an expansion of your previous musical experience. My videos link physical skill development with mental musical concepts that will build into solid musicianship allowing you to experience the playing of a broad range of musical styles. The versatility and portability of the accordion provides you the means to learn and perform music to a level unmatched through other instruments. Here is my first introductory video.
Accordion, Trumpet and Saxophone/Clarinet Players Wanted at Busch Gardens BUSCH GARDENS ENTERTAINMENT is seeking musicians for a new Oom-pah Band. We are looking for accordion, trumpet and saxophone/clarinet players. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting opportunity. Seeking non-union musicians over the age of 16, with dynamic personalities, who are comfortable with various music styles and are able to entertain by connecting with the audience. Theme Park, Cruise Ship and Children’s Theatre credits are a plus. Musician Auditions: Please send video submissions to [email protected] with video audition in the subject line. Only video submissions will be accepted. Please do not send large files, a link to your YouTube audition is sufficient. For more information visit: Prepare For The Auditions: Prepare two to three short selections totaling 90 seconds that showcase your technical, lyrical, and improvisational skill. Remember that we need to see your showmanship in addition to your proficiency on your instrument. Let your personality shine through. Please include a headshot, resume and current contact information. If you have multiple disciplines, put your strongest discipline first. Production Timeline: All rehearsals are in Williamsburg, VA. Rehearsals start on March 3rd. Shows open on March 21st and close on May 10th. Compensation: Accordion: $20.26 an hour for performer 1/principal roles. Non-union. Trumpet and Saxophone/Clarinet: $14.57 an hour for performer 2/ensemble roles. Non-union. Cast Breakdown: Oom-pah Band- This new show, performed in Das Festhaus ® in the Oktoberfest village, features German musicians in a traditional Oom-pah Band. Guests can enjoy a German meal in the large dining hall while being entertained by these festive performers.
Spread the word about the Accordion Major at the University of Alabama School of Music:
Hi Accordion Friends, We decided to give away 10 gift Cards $50 value as a Christmas Gift to the First 10 Accordionists. If interested in private Online FREE 50 min Accordion Lesson, please contact me to send you a link and a coupon code to redeem Your Christmas Gift. Merry Christmas!!!
Accordion renaissance needs the spirit of the next generation.
This was posted recently by the Maryland Accordion Club. It may be of interest to your aspiring accordionists:
I miss the gang in Williamsburg! Hope to see you all again soon. Да свиданя мая дружя.
Your eyes and ears are in for a special treat Sunday afternoon 14 January when Accordion Renaissance presents a multi-cultural performing arts celebration of music, song and dance at the Williamsburg Regional Library Theater from 3:30 to 5 pm. Theater doors open at 3 pm. In addition to acoustic and Roland digital accordions, you will experience the Celtic harp, bowed dulcimer, banjo, do757-880-3308mra, clarinet, mandolin and a variety of latin percussion instruments. Genres include American folk and contemporary, Russian folk music and song, Irish song and dance, jazz, Greek and Turkish music. The Accordion Renaissance Ensemble will return with selections from Star Wars, The Pink Panther, American and Russian standards. We will feature Mosquito Cabaret, a five piece band from Va. Beach who will play world/rock music. And we will introduce the Waller Mill Elementary School chorus who lead us in singing the armed forces service songs. There is no charge for this benefit concert. A suggested donation of $10 or more will gladly be accepted and is tax deductible to the public charity non-profit corporation. You can also visit the website to make a PayPal donation. You may contact [email protected] or 757-880-3308 for additional information.
9 String Theory performance today at the Walsingham Shrine, 520 Richmond Rd, 2pm, free, donations appreciated. Angelina Galashenkova, domra and John Huston, classical guitar. Classical and world music..... come, join us!

A Virginia non profit organization dedicated to promoting the accordion through performances, education and training.

Operating as usual

Accordion Renaissance

Amid the dark chaos of this pandemic, comes light in celebration of our organization, Accordion Renaissance - seven years and running strong!
The ensemble is the performance core of ACR and we celebrate its sixth year. Many thanks to Igor and Tatyana for opening their lovely home to us on Saturday!

It’s International Women’s Day. Go squeeze one today! **Disclaimer: Make sure you ask first**

Accordion Renaissance

Stas Venglevski - Sponsored by Accordion Renaissance

Look who’s coming to town for one day only! Bayan virtuoso, STAS VENGLEVSKI will be hosted at a private home where he will be leading an accordion workshop and performing a live music concert. PRIVATE EVENT BY E-INVITATION ONLY.

Two of our Accordion Renaissance Ensemble members, David and Ben, participated in the College of William and Mary Global Film Festival this year. David, the accordionist donning the impressive French Mariniere getup, played before the French film, Woman on Fire, and performed French musette music. Songs included La Vie En Rose, Valse D'Amelie, and Under Paris Skies.

Lots of birthday fun coming up! If you’ll be in northern VA next weekend, make a plan to celebrate this fellow accordion organization’s 17th birthday with world music and CAKE.

Let the good times roll!

What will it take for your accordion to deserve a little “squeeze” this long holiday weekend? Will it be a serenade at a French/Italian restaurant? Will it be for a fun Valentine Day surprise gram? For whichever reason it may be for your squeeze to please, may your tunes of choice be all for LOVE.

Photos and video clips of your performances are always appreciated for posting!

[02/02/20]   Which main reason will you be watching the NFL Super Bowl game tonight? May the best team win!

Musician auditions at Busch Gardens! Hope to see your talents there this spring! Bet Sapta will be missed there like Accordion Renaissance does. ❤️
She fits her part so well in this photo!

🤔 Maybe play accordion renditions of Run DMC today? 😎. #nationaloppositeday

Accordion Major: The University of Alabama School of Music

There’s a first for everything. It won’t be a first for this lifetime opportunity if they don’t gain pledges!

The University of Alabama music program wants to open the FIRST... college degree program in Accordion!

Check it out:

The Virginia Beach Symphony had a children’s concert this afternoon (1/11) at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach. The event theme was “Carnival”.

Accordion Renaissance was invited for pre-show entertainment in the lobby area where guests watched and mingled.

Participating Accordren members from South Hampton Roads were Benny, Ashley, and Ivan. They were led by Director Ina Yakubeika. This crew represented really well today!

[01/11/20]   On behalf of Accordion Renaissance, we wish our family and friends another new year of good health and prosperity. To another year of spreading the joys of playing accordions to new generations and hosting memorable performances shared by our diverse members in talent and skill. Cheers to 2020!
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ACCORDION to the 2020 Chinese horoscope, the Lunar New Year starts on Saturday, January 25th and ends on February 11th, 2021. The Rat is the first sign from the 12 animals cycle of the Chinese Astrology, and for this reason, 2020 is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals. The Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all Chinese zodiac signs. Everyone will show determination regarding their goals, aspirations, and even their hobbies. This is a great year for founding and evolving. Those who plan to buy real estate, to start a business or to invest money in a long-term project have great chances of being satisfied in the future. But, beware! This type of initiatives will only be successful if they are carefully planned.

The Accordren youth group was out spreading Christmas cheer at two locations yesterday - in front of Lokal and then at Sal’s. Our group attracted a variety of onlookers of different ages; from curious toddlers to reminiscing seniors whose first instrument was the accordion.
L-R: Sonara, Gianna, Michael, and Jim Rice (for support)

Leaving Sal’s in Williamsburg from an impressive Christmas performance from our youth group today. More photos and videos to come!

The World Accordion to Phil 4/4 The Americas

From our good friend, Laura Jean Niland:

This video is one in a series of 4 videos about the accordion made by Phil Cummingham. I am in this video midway through talking about Guido Diero… filmed in SA midway through this… you will find four of my friends playing the accordion: Nick Ballarini, Mario Pedone, Rafael Moras and Robert Atwood… at a partial meeting of the San Antonio Accordion Club, held in order for Phil to film while he was here… much is impromptu , but we did our best. it is an interesting video… and for Gabe, it talks about music from South America too… so I hope you enjoy this.
look up the other videos too, as they are equally interesting.

The World Accordion to Phil 1/4 East to West

“The World Accordion to Phil” - Get it?
Enjoy this one part of a four-part series that covers international accordion performances from the east to the west.

Ringing of the bells - Season’s Greetings! 🎅🎄🎼

If a black cat crosses your path today, PET IT. Pop-star musician, Kesha, has her entourage rolling in oil and glitter backstage. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stone insists on being the one to break the crust and eat Shepard’s pie before concerts. What are some of yours??

The Russian Music Ensemble from the College of William and Mary was a big hit that kicked off their concert series last night at the Ewell Recital Hall on campus. It was the Ensemble’s first performance conducted by Ms. Ina Yakubeika who also conducts our Accordion Renaissance Ensemble. At the end of the stellar performance, she was presented with lovely flower bouquets by both ensembles for her hard work and dedication.

Monday night music - right here!

Anyone going to recycle their pumpkins to make pumpkin pies? (And let’s not forget to set our scales back 10 lbs. this weekend). 😁🦃🥔🥧🍽

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Accordion Renaissance wishes you a lovely time of gratitude with family and friends.

FIRST winter concert with the College of William and Mary Russian Music Ensemble conducted by our very own Ina Yakubeika!!

There is no charge and it is open to the public. Seating is limited to 130, so get there early.

Katusha, Oj to ne Vecher, Ojsa ti Ojsa, and Hey Sokoliy are four of the many popular songs that will be featured that evening.

We hope to see you there!

Have you ever played a video game and realized that you were mesmerized by the musical composition that was designed for it? I have to share that, as an adult, I found the soundtrack of the Professor Layton series intriguing. You will find that the accordion was used frequently.
Enjoy the tunes in the thread below.

When marimba rhythms start to play
Dance with me, make me sway
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore
Hold me close, sway me more...


All of God’s creatures, great or small, we love them all! 😁🤩

'Ostrich' spotted on UK high street 😮😂

Junction Goole

Children make great imitators, so be a great one for them to imitate. #youthmusicians #accordionists #accordionrenaissance #inspringmusicians

Veterans Pinning Ceremony at Dominion Village in Poquoson:

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you Medi volunteers Jack Van Horn, Jim Rice (Stroke of Luck) and Jared Lausen for volunteering today, also thank you zfor your military service!

It was a truly a pleasure pinning veterans today with the assistance of the Army NCO training group at Dominion Village at Poquoson. Please enjoy photos from the ceremony attached. -LaToya Hyler

Accordion Renaissance

Two of our own honorable Vets, Jack and Jim of Stroke of Luck, will be performing twice this week at facilities where senior veterans will be entertained with humor and reminisce. Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll down Memory Lane with their tunes?

This dynamic duo, Stroke of Luck, will be making an award presentation to Mark Cooper at our Oktoberfest Gala on Oct. 20th.
“Jack & Jim our amazing volunteer dynamic duo also known as Stroke of Luck brought the joy of music to patients and staff at Brookdale today. See video and picture attached. This event was in collaboration with Chaplain Deedra who shared a powerful prayer, spoke words of unity and sang God Bless America. The overall program was very well received by about 30 residents and staff who sang along and invited us back any time 😀 Thank you Stroke of Luck for sharing your musical talents with the Medi residents.” -LaToya S. Hyler MPA of Medi Home Health and Hospice (NN)

On behalf of Accordion Renaissance, we appreciate the worldwide men and women who have honorably
served in the military. Much dedication to our veterans as we celebrate them on Veterans Day.

Accordion training, performance and education for students and players.

Even though it might seem this way for small businesses, but websites are NOT yet a thing of the past. :) Check out our official website for important updates and information at WWW.ACCORDREN.ORG
Our Main, Training, Performance, and Events pages have been updated. Please share this info with your fellow and/or future musician friends. Looking forward to the holidays - GOBBLE-GOBBLE!

Educate, Train, and Perform!

Accordion Renaissance is a non-profit foundation that promotes the accordion by offering education, training, and performance opportunities.

EDUCATION: We are active in working with public and private organizations, such as schools, music clubs, as well as parents and students, who would gain appreciation for the accordion by learning about its history, development, functioning capabilities, and musical diversity. In addition, our goal is to increase the number of youth playing accordion. We are especially focused on the importance of the roles that parents/caregivers play in the success of children with musical endeavors. We provide three educational components: Student Education - Teacher Education - Public Education

TRAINING: We provide strategies for effective training through Master Classes and Instructor Training. Master Classes are taught by recording artists who are award-winning musicians. They provide instruction to beginning and intermediate players on variety of subjects designed to improve playing skills and performances. Current and future accordion teachers receive Instructor Training and support material. They become certified to teach the introductory program, Accordion for Kids, USA.

PERFORMANCE: We provide entertainment and presentations featuring the accordion for the purpose of developing appreciation for and promoting the accordion and Accordion Renaissance.

A major goal of ours is to remove old stereotypes that view the accordion solely as an ethnic or folk instrument. Today the accordion is seen and heard in contemporary pop styles, classical, jazz, as well as light classical repertoire, and is routinely incorporated into advertisements. The accordion is now integrated into traditional music styles all over the world.

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Stas Venglevski - Sponsored by Accordion Renaissance



100 Sharps Ln
Williamsburg, VA
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