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My skin is so soft and smooth!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for the fast shipment - so excited!
Already received my items! Everything looks and smells amazing.
Who are your 'we'?
Get your day started in the water!

Clean High-Vibe™ Lifestyle Skincare™ products. Infused with crystal & reiki energy & made with organic, fair trade & non-GMO ingredients wrapped in earth-friendly packaging.

Every package is carefully handled for our High-Vibers™ self-care!

Operating as usual

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

May she rest easy, we never forget her hard work & we continue to fight for what is just.

The Notorious R.B.G
3/15/33 - 9/18/20

Who loves having beautiful nails & cuticles? 🙋‍♀️💅🧴

Do you dry brush? Drying brushing has so many benefits that not only help us to have beautiful skin, but helps our immune system, lymphatic system, blood flow, digestion & so much more.

It’s inexpensive & super simple to add to your daily routine. Visit our website & check out our blog page to read more on this old holistic technique. 💚✨

Don’t get confused... Self-care always means “me too.” You can’t pour from an empty cup and you can only give from your best self.

Self-care is good for mental, physical, spiritual & emotional well-being. 💚✨

We have decided to dissolve Green Element Wellness and roll our services into Earth’s Farmacy LLC. We are excited to bring these energy services under one branded company. More to come! 💚✨

Hey High Vibers! We sold out of our Bamboo Body Bars before the next batches finished curing.

All placed orders have been notified. We will get the new batches wrapped and shipped as soon as they are ready.

Thank you all so much for loving our skincare and being so patient when we need to replenish inventory. 💚✨

Green Element Wellness will be closing soon and officially merging with Earth's Farmacy to become one High Vibe company, Earth's Farmacy LLC!

It's official...We've merged with Earth's Farmacy. Follow us here @earthsfarmacy and like us on FB @earthsfarmacy1. Same great info one high-vibe company. We will be shutting this page down on 9/24/20.

“If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.” ~ Sandy Dahl, the wife of flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl.

📷 911Memorial.Org

Heading into the weekend with positive vibes and glowing skin! 💚✨

#93 - Skincare that Makes the Difference w/ Tara Cox and Arianne Ortiz; Founders of Earth's Farmacy

We recently had the pleasure to spend time with Terrell A Turner, CPA, host of Business Talk Library to discuss our journey as small business owners.

Check out our conversation to hear what we had to say!

Business Talk Library sits down with Tara Cox and Arianne Ortiz; Founders of Earth's Farmacy 1) Staying in your lane and not comparing others to yourself 2) ...

Mask ✅
Pure Hands ✅
Ready to make the most out of this beautiful Sunday ✅✅

Stay safe out there High Vibers! 💚✨😷👐

Sometimes we forget our own awesomeness and shrink, play small. We are here to remind you beautiful women just how strong and worthy you are. 💚✨

Raise your hand if this is just what you needed to straighten your crown and remember your power 🙋‍♀️

Another High Viber paying it forward to six of her favorite gal pals! This order is getting shipped out to sunny Florida for a girls weekend at the beach!

We hope Jessica and her besties have a wonderful and safe time. Enjoy our High Vibe Clean Skincare ladies! 💚✨🎉🎁🥰

Pretty little packages 😍🎁 💚✨

We are so excited to deliver this special order to a local Charlotte customer for surprises to a few of her best girlfriends!

Happy Birthday Diane & we hope your tribe loves their High Vibe skincare! 💚✨🎉

Every encounter is an energy exchange. What energy you put into it is your Karma & what energy the recipient puts into it is their Karma.

This exchange is even more important with yourself. If your energy is off & your thoughts are negative, the Universe receives that exchange and gives you back what you put out.

Help your energy to stay balanced and positive with Chakra Rollers. Each roller is formulated with an essential oil blend & ethically sourced stones for each of the seven main chakras. 💚✨

Melting down Lip Satin 🤩💚✨

How are you choosing to dance? 💃👯‍♀️💚✨

Laying out a crystal grid as another step in our crystal & Reiki infused skin care making process. This is a holistic method of helping to enhance your skincare.

We always use sage & palo santo to clear out any negative energy and ensure our space is vibrating at the highest energy. 💚✨

We got your skin covered ladies! Luscious, delicious & rich Silk & Satin. Infused with Reiki & crystal energy, ethically sourced & ethically made for your body, your lips, your goodness. 💚✨

Moisturizing your lips helps to improve the appearance of chapped lips, protects against dry weather, and acts as a base for lip color.

Show your pucker some love and keep it hydrated. 💚✨👄

Meet the newest members of our Clean High Vibe Lifestyle Skincare™ line! Lip Satin & Lip Silk. Since you have fallen in love with our Body Satin & Silk, we felt it wasn’t fair to leave your lips unattended. 👄💚✨ @ Wesley Chapel, North Carolina

Show your skin some love with grapeseed oil. It helps nourish our skin in so many ways.

🦵Helps vitamin E and C in our skin to be more efficient & effective at preserving skin.
👃Tightens pores.
🙌Reduces scaring.

OK High Vibers™ you know all the benefits of exfoliating your skin, but what about exfoliating your lips? Let’s be honest ladies, no one likes the look of dead skin and chapped lips. Cracked, dry lips can happen as a result of the weather, dehydration, or over-exposure to the sun.

Here are a few reasons it’s good to exfoliate your lips…

👄It’s cheap and effective (I’m just keeping it real girls).
👄It gets rid of dry skin so new cells can glow.
👄It neutralizes lip discoloration and gets rid of those icky dark spots and impurities.
👄It helps to smooth lips for a healthier and more even skin surface.

Who loves soft smooth lips? 🙋‍♀️

What a DAY! For many of us the new school year has started and we find ourselves, again, navigating the homeschooling waves while juggling work and all the other things that comes with adulting.

This is not an easy time for any of us, and so many more will have an even harder time this school year.

Please remember everyone makes the best decision they can with the circumstances they have. Be kind. Show grace. Hold judgement. At the end of every day we all want our kids to be safe and thrive as best as they can during this awful time.

Sending you and your kiddos lots of love, light and a safe school year! 💚✨

Happy Tuesday High Vibers! Our newest blog is up! We have some terms we’ve been using for awhile and we want to tell you all about them!

Sneak peek... “we love using the terms Lifestyle Skincare™, High Vibe Lifestyle Skincare™, Clean High Vibe Skincare™, High Vibe Skincare™, High Vibers™. These phrases are definitely cute but that’s not why we use them. Every product we make is with meaning, passion, and holistic intent. The term Lifestyle Skincare™ was born in 2019 when we were learning how to explain our brand to others...”

Click the link in our bio to read the full article! 💚✨

Look who did an awesome thing with an awesome personal trainer and fellow mom boss! We are excited to partner with MEG Personal Training and create these special high vibe lifestyle sprays for her clients to love!

Head over to her page, like it and check out all the great healthy stuff she has going on!

The High Vibe Active Lifestyle Spray Line is ready!!! They will be posted on the website for sale this week! A HUGE thank you to the most amazing sister owned company I could ever be so blessed to work with, Earth's Farmacy. Both of you ladies are so incredible at what you do and how you do it. I am beyond honored to have partnered with you in creating this product line but more so privileged to get to learn from you as well. #megpersonaltraining #earthsfarmacy #clttrainer #beboldclt #fairtradeproducts #nongmo #organic #ethicallysourced #reikiinfused #crystalinfused #yogalife #smallbusinesslife #smallbusinessgoals #activelifestylespray #highvibespray

We all know that drinking water helps our overall health. But not everyone knows how important it is for healthy skin.

Skin that is properly hydrated retains pliability and is less likely to become chapped, scaly, or flaky.

Dry & flaky skin creates small gaps in its barrier that can allow bacteria and fungus to get through.

I LOVE water. I drink it all the time, but I get that not everyone shares this same affection. No worries! There are several ways to help hydrate your skin...

🍉Eat watermelon! Fruits like watermelon have high water content. This helps to boost your hydration without feeling like you just drank a gallon of water.
🧴Moisturize! We say it over & over again. Using clean plant based moisturizers help to nourish & protect the skin allowing it to hold moisture in longer.
🌞 Cover up! I LOVE the sun & being outside in sunshine is very healthy for our wellbeing. BUT, there is a such thing as over exposure. Too much of those golden rays can dry skin out & cause damage over time.
🚿 Take warm showers. Not hot showers... Warm showers. Heat will dry anything out including our skin. You’re not a cactus or a camel, use warm water! 🤨
💦 Humidifier. Get one. Humidifiers help keep the air hydrated & this can prevent it from zapping moisture from your skin.

What are other ways you help to keep your skin hydrated?


I have done a lot of research on skin immunity and it’s actually quite complex and involved......... But as I dug deeper into skin immunity and how it works to protect not only our skin.................. what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it!

Click the link in our bio to read the full article. Our skin is pretty amazing 😉

What’s on your checklist?

Hey High-Vibers! Do you know your skin has an immune system?
It protects you from cancer, infection, toxins, & helps to prevent autoimmunity.
Yep, it works every second to protect you so why not protect it? 💚✨

Be picky, you’re worth it. 😘💚✨

Organic green tea steeped to create the perfect base then blended with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and essential vitamins for skin health. Helping to restore your skin’s pH balance and infused with crystal and Reiki energy this toner will cleanse, remove dead skin cells, moisturize and protect leaving you with lovely plump and glowing skin. 💚✨

Organic arrowroot powder is the secret ingredient in each of our Satins. This common starch lightens and fluffs the rich plant oils. Arrowroot powder helps to soften skin and balances the plant oils with your natural sebum so your skin gets the nutrients and moisture it needs without creating excess oil. 💚✨

Rosewater has been around since Cleopatra and used in skincare routines for centuries. Soaking in a lovely warm bath full of roses soothes the most irritated skin and will brighten your complexion. Roses give off a light yet calming scent providing you with a more relaxed bath to soak the day’s stress away. Loaded with vitamin A, C and E, rose water will hydrate while helping to firm your skin and even it’s tone.

Our Story

We started making skincare products in response to severe skin allergies that Arianne's son had when he was a baby. It was imperative to find alternate solutions to reduce the toxins many of the lotions and medicines contained as well as finding life-long healing for his overall skin health.

Being mothers of young sons with growing concerns of what our families were eating and what were in the products we used every day, we learned more about environmental toxins, GMOs, and chemicals used in just about every product.

Our desire to provide healthier options for our children opened the opportunity to create our own lifestyle skincare line.

All of our products are made with organic or non-GMO ingredients. They are infused with crystal and Reiki energy, essential oils and botanicals for healing results.

From the smallest ingredient to the final packaging, we remain true to purchasing only fair trade, ethically and sustainably sourced, locally sourced (when possible), made in the USA (when possible) and recycled materials.

Earth’s Farmacy is a lifestyle skincare line you can be proud treating your skin to!

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