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How Christians can lead their atheist friends to Jesus in just 2 steps

Yes, because using something we don't believe in to try and make us believe in said thing is a surefire way to change our truth seeking opinion. In other words, getting your imaginary friend to convince us that he is real is just laughable. Changing the mind of an atheist is understandably not an easy task, but popular evangelist Rev. Billy Graham has tips on how to accomplish this noble task, and it involves just two easy steps.


What are your thoughts?

American Atheists

So good. (From The Atheist Pig)

Friendly Atheist

(Owlturd Comix)

Atheist Alliance International

Friendly Atheist

A useful forewarning for new friend requests.

Atheists of The Westboro Baptist Church


Creation has NO facts. Evolution is a big fat FACT.

Friendly Atheist

(Russ Smith)

[07/13/16]   Were you ever a person of faith? What changed?
I used to be a devoted Christian, until I had my son. One day shortly after his 1st birthday, discovered this verse:
Luke 14:26 “If anyone comes to me (Jesus) and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.

Faith Shattered. So in order to follow Jesus, I had to not only put him before my own child, but hate my own child as well? And hate myself? I was never one for following the word of the bible strictly, but this was beyond comprehension. WTF
That was 3 years ago. I have never looked back. Tell me your story. Tracy

Maine Atheists and Humanists

I'm certain atheists will put that money to good use.

Mr. Mike Müller

[05/08/16]   Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on our page! We hope every one of you is having a special day with the people you love!

Dave Foley - Atheists (Stand up Comedy)

Watch the full special on Hulu: This biting and sidesplitting special follows comedian Dave Foley's struggle to survive in a...

[04/08/16]   So as an atheist, how do you feel about Mississippi and South Carolina passing laws to make it legal for "religious" people to deny services to the LGBT community based on their faith? As an atheist, does that mean they would deny services to me? As a single parent, does that mean they would deny services to me? I break a lot of "rules" from the Bible.. why is the "gay" rule so important?? Tracy

[04/04/16]   Hey everyone! Today i received a message from one of our fellow Atheists and i wanted to give everyone a chance to give him some advice. Please be respectful in your comments. Thank you. name is ******** and my family name is ******** i come from Afghanistan but i lived must of my life in iran i am an atheist I researched ten years about religion and because of this i had many problem with my family in iran recently they wanted to make me to divorce my wife because they thought our marriage was kind of haram but I love my wife so run to Turkey and now I'm in istanbul whit my wife and my little child we really need help if it's possible please help us I'm also a gay but i always had to hide this from my family.I went to U.N but they just choose a city and told us to go to that city i went there but since I didn't know help us I had to sleep tree days in a park with my wife and my child.then I come back to istanbul where i had a coincidence to help us. But he also can't help us more than some food and now we have no place to stay and there is no one to guide us what to do I'm really sad that because of my problem my wife and my child have to tolerate this situation we are refugees and if in your attitude we have the right to live in this world please help us the situation of my wife and my child really bothers me a lot maybe I make up my mind and go back to this way a gain I have to put my wife and my child in danger because I have to go back eligaly I have to go back from the mountain and that way is really danger I passed it once and I know that way.But what als can I do if no one help me? and if I go back I'm sure at fris they make me to divorce my wife and destroy my life.and then send me to prison just because of I don't believe in God.and then you know better what would happen to an atheist in a Muslim country.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Local atheists greet presidential candidates as they campaign in Madison

Billboards featuring local atheist voters are greeting presidential candidates and their staff as they travel to Madison in advance of the April 5 Wisconsin primaries. Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the largest freethought association in North America, today unveiled its 'I'm an Atheist and I Vote' billboards in 12 locations across Madison featuring local Millennials.

"Madison is a very secular city, and we want the candidates to acknowledge our presence and priorities," said Calli Miller, a graduate of UW-Madison who is working as an FFRF legal assistant. "Candidates should acknowledge secular voters as the fastest-growing minority group in America, while committing to keep religion out of government."

Since President Obama was first elected, the number of religiously unaffiliated adults in America has grown by 19 million, fueled largely by growth of young, secular Millennials.

The billboards are part of FFRF's campaign to reach voters across the nation through FFRF chapters, a national TV ad buy focusing on the separation of church and state, efforts to mobilize students on college campuses, and coordination with the nation's other major freethought associations as part of the June 4 Reason Rally in Washington, D.C.

"Secular voters are highly educated and independent-minded," said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. "They care deeply about women's rights, environmental protection, marriage equality, and social justice, and candidates should be reaching out to them directly."

FFRF is a nonpartisan and educational nonprofit organization that does not endorse candidates for office.

(Photo: Calli Miller of Madison among local Millennials featured on billboards highlighting growing secular voting demographic.)

- See more at:

Everyday is a good day!

Happy "Good Friday" to you all!

Oklahoma House Repeals Church State Separation In a futile attempt to return a Ten Commandments monument to the state Capitol, the Oklahoma House rejects the separation of church and state, passing a measure that could lead to the persecution of non-Christians.

Bluegrass Life

Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers perform "Atheists Don't Have No Songs."

Bluegrass fan? Visit Bluegrass Life

Pregnant teenager claims Jesus Christ is the father of her baby Cincinnati| A 15-year old girl from Ohio claims to be carrying the child of Jesus Christ, after being "divinely impregnated" during an encounter with an angel. Latifah Smith-Nabengana says she was visited by an "Angel of God" in July 2015, who told her that she had been chosen t

Friendly Atheist

And the joke is always on the atheists for eating babies...

(via The Godless and Irreligious)

In Caucus Night Speech, Dr. Ben Carson Says Church/State Separation Advocates Have “Schizophrenia” It’s always a bad sign when a medical doctor decides to diagnose people he’s never met, much less people he doesn’t understand.

Friendly Atheist

Speaking of taxes, it's that time.

(via We Fucking Love Atheism)

Faith V. Reality

Thanks to Patrick V.!

Goes to show that the masses are easily persuaded.. Kind of sad really.

This is What the “Be Like Bill” Meme Would Say for Various Religious Figures Don't blame us. Blame Facebook.

Mayor Who Took Oath on Constitution Instead of Bible Says He “Would Not Be Elected” Today Bob Scott was elected mayor of Franklin, North Carolina last year and made it a point to take his oath on a Constitution instead of a Bible.

We're Everywhere: The Untold Story Of Atheists Who Go To Church

HA! Nope im not. Who says atheists can't be religious?

No worries there. Cant shut them up for nothing!

The first rule of Bible Club was a hard one to break.

(via The New Yorker)

I f**king love science

All in a days work lol

Apparently I've been atheisting all wrong.

(via Atheist Jesus)

Stupid Stuff Christian Fundamentalists Won't Let Their Kids Watch Those who grew up, or are growing up, in strict Christian homes can relate to their parents banning some or all of these movies and/or TV shows.

Top Alabama Judge Orders Halt to Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Hmmm sounds familiar.. Chief Justice Roy S. Moore cited a pending State Supreme Court case in issuing an edict that goes against the United States Supreme Court’s decision.

Friendly Atheist


American Atheists

Sounds right to us!

Humanists UK

A short Humanist animation about death, afterlife, and living in the here and now.

Written & produced by the British Humanist Association, and narrated by Stephen Fry. Animated by Hyebin Lee. Thank you to Alom Shaha, Craig Duncan, Andrew Copson, and Sara Passmore That's Humanism logo design by Nick Cousins

Satanic Sweaters for the Holidays

Holiday Sweaters Haha It'll be a hit at all the Christmas parties

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Native Americans call for ban on Christians entering the US

👍 Native Americans have controversially called for a complete ban on Christians of any denomination entering the US until representatives can ‘figure out what the hell is going on.’

Atheist Billboard in Triad Urges People to Skip Church

Atheist Billboard in Triad Urges People to Skip Church The American Atheists Organization launched a series of billboards that may lead to some spirited debate this holiday season.

Republican Jesus

Sounds fine to me.

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