BAH!! Are you sending out pre-conference rosters to your sponsors so that they can pre-stalk us now? This is discouraging.
Pieper Electric in New Berlin is hiring an Accounting Supervisor - CPA strong preferred. This position will supervising 10 staff and has significant potential for growth. Email me if interested or apply today
Congratulation to the WICPA from The Starr Group for your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with the Waukesha County Business Alliance.
The Spectrum team would like to congratulate the WICPA on its new and improved website. It looks awesome, great job! We're proud to be partners with such a great organization!
What a great morning! Teaching Franklin kindergarteners about money! Thanks to WICPA’s 10th annual Reading Makes Cents program for Financial Literacy Awareness Month in April.

The WICPA is the premier professional association for Wisconsin CPAs and accounting and business professionals, with more than 7,300 members working in public accounting, industry, government, nonprofit and education.

The Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants (WICPA) is an active professional organization of CPAs working together to enhance the profession and better serve the public. Since its founding in 1905, the WICPA has grown from 10 to approximately 8,000 members. With today's diverse membership including CPAs in public accounting, industry, government and education, the WICPA strives to enhance members' technical skills and professional knowledge by providing high-quality professional education and networking opportunities.

Mission: The WICPA serves the diverse needs of its members; enhances professional competency; promotes the value of members and the profession; advocates on behalf of the profession; and, builds community among members.

ICYMI: Small businesses are encouraged to apply for Paycheck Protection Program funds ahead of the fast-approaching June 30 deadline. Learn more: http://ow.ly/URWm50A9wGQ

#PPP #smallbusiness

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is now accepting applications for the new We're All In grant program. The WEDC is also partnering with the WICPA to offer a free presentation about the program on Friday, June 19. Find all the details here: http://ow.ly/paNk50AaHYQ

#Wisconsin #smallbusiness #WereAllIn

Meet 2020-2021 WICPA Board Chair Wendi M. Unger, CPA

2020-2021 WICPA Board Chair Wendi M. Unger, CPA and Partner with Baker Tilly, shares her passion and involvement with the WICPA and the accounting profession as well as her goals for the future. Learn more about Wendi and her passion for the profession on page 8 of the 2020 May/June issue of On Balance here: https://bit.ly/30SRTfB

A new report by Forward Analytics shows the varying impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Wisconsin's economy. Find the full report here: http://ow.ly/IP5j50A9pKJ

#covid19 #Wisconsin


New tax incentive for employers to help with student loans

Until the end of 2020, employers can contribute up to $5,250 toward an employee’s student loan balance, and the payment will be free from payroll and income tax under a provision in the CARES Act. Learn more: http://ow.ly/8B1W50A88eb

#covid19 #employers

future.aicpa.org Employers can make tax-free contributions in 2020 to help employees with their student loan payments, under a provision in the CARES Act.

It's not too late to turn your Father's Day shopping into a force for good. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to the WICPA Educational Foundation when you fill your shopping cart using this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/23-7109897

#WICPA #FathersDay

While the SECURE Act contains over 30 provisions, employers should focus on specific provisions that affect group benefit plans or enhance current offerings. Learn more from Joseph Topp, CPA, of Francis Investment Counsel on page 38 in the latest issue of On Balance here: http://ow.ly/Vqj250A6baE

#SECUREact #employers

New .cpa (dot CPA) domains can help verify the legitimacy of accounting services by preventing hackers from mimicking a firm's website. Firms can reserve their .cpa domain starting July 1. Learn more: http://ow.ly/cYQi50A57Gb

#CPA #cybersecurity

Now is the time to stand together.

The WICPA takes its leadership seriously in elevating the importance of diversity and inclusion in advancing not just our profession, but also the state of business in Wisconsin and beyond our state’s borders. The values each of us hold individually and those we have collectively, combined with our proactive and shared commitment to assuring the CPA profession does all that is possible to be welcoming and inclusive, guide our work together.

The WICPA and its leadership denounce racism, intolerance, injustice and inequality. Wisconsin’s CPAs embrace the responsibility we have as most trusted business advisors to not sit on the sidelines. We must be deliberate in our drive toward change. We recognize that social injustice and racism harm people and our ability to make economic opportunity accessible for all and will not be tolerated.

In these trying and tragic times, I implore everyone to be the voice of change in your communities. We must identify and combat unconscious bias, have the courage to engage in difficult conversations and keep lines of communications open. Talking – but more importantly, listening – is a critical step in finding a solution.

WICPA leaders are looking inward and outward at what we can do to help create a more equitable and inclusive association as well as in our workplaces and communities.

We must do more, and we must do better. We will build on our past efforts, and we will put what we learn into action. That is our obligation to our profession, to our members, to the clients and companies we serve, and to the communities where we live and work.

Tammy J. Hofstede,
President & CEO


Fed Expands Main Street Lending Program (Again) On Concerns That Too-Strict Terms Will Deter Borrowers

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it will expand the terms of its $600 billion yet-to-launch Main Street Lending Program to make it accessible to more companies. Learn more: http://ow.ly/ahNs50A37n9

#business #loans

forbes.com The program is designed to be a lifeline for businesses too big for new emergency programs like the PPP but too small to access capital markets.

Looking for a new accounting career, or looking to hire? The WICPA Career Center can help you make the most of your search. Start here: wicpa.org/CareerCenter

#WICPA #accounting

Turn your Father's Day shopping into a force for good. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to the WICPA Educational Foundation when you fill your shopping cart using this AmazonSmile link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/23-7109897

#WICPA #AmazonSmile

Beginning July 1, charges for internet access services will no longer be subject to state sales and use tax. Find the full details on page 10 of this Wisconsin DOR tax bulletin: http://ow.ly/rkei50zYRQo

#Wisconsin #internet


Trump Signs New Law Relaxing PPP Rules: What You Need To Know

President Trump signed legislation today that offers more flexibility for the Paycheck Protection Program to aid small businesses adversely impacted by the coronavirus. Learn more about the bill here: http://ow.ly/RF5s50A0f8j

#covid19 #PPP

forbes.com The new Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA) attempts to address many concerns around the PPP loan program aimed at providing COVID-19 relief.

Six in 10 Americans think a natural disaster will impact them in the next few years, but many do not have an emergency plan in place, according to a new AICPA survey. Find the AICPA insights here: http://ow.ly/E6sH50zY90m

#emergency #planning

What should Wisconsin LLCs be thinking about in 2020? Joseph W. Boucher, CPA, MBA, JD, and Eric W. Klemm, JD, of Neider & Boucher, s.c provide guidance starting on page 19 in the latest issue of On Balance. Find the digital issue here: www.wicpa.org/publications/on-balance.


Treasury and the IRS are providing relief for taxpayers developing renewable energy projects and producing electricity from renewable resources. Learn more: http://ow.ly/vNGv50zVYaB

#covid19 #taxrelief


A 5-step plan for adding new tech amid COVID-19

Although business owners may not have the luxury of implementing new technology in a measured process right now, certain steps can still help them roll out the changes in a systematic way. Find those steps here: http://ow.ly/A0up50zVUgr

#covid19 #tech

journalofaccountancy.com While months of testing may not be possible right now, there are still ways to optimize your team members’ experience with new technology.

As workers settle into the rhythm of telecommuting from home, it is uncertain how many will actually need to report to the office once a COVID-19 vaccine is available. Here are a few potential post-pandemic work scenarios: http://ow.ly/vS1f50zSNZ2

#covid19 #wfh

Share your good news with fellow WICPA members on our kudos list! Email your announcement to [email protected], and check out the latest kudos list on page 12 of On Balance here: http://ow.ly/BPYM50zSJVp.

#WICPA #announcement


How to avoid COVID-19 phishing scams

Law enforcement organizations are warning of a global spike in coronavirus-related phishing campaigns, and accountants, in particular, are prime targets. Here are some steps to protect yourself and your organization: http://ow.ly/fEKI50zSMLo

#covid19 #cybersecurity

fm-magazine.com Finance professionals and their staffs can be targets in efforts to defraud companies, experts say.

The 2020 WICPA Financial Institutions Conference is now available on-demand! Topics include regulatory and legislative updates, compliance issues and the latest economic conditions that financial institutions need to know. Register here: www.wicpa.org/conferences

#WICPA #finance

While the post-pandemic market environment remains uncertain, business leaders can still take a variety of measures in the interim to focus on the longer term. Here are some tips to get started: http://ow.ly/tMAZ50zRz7Q

#covid19 #business


Treasury, IRS release latest state-by-state Economic Impact Payment figures for May 22, 2020 | Internal Revenue Service

Wisconsin has received nearly $5 billion in Economic Impact Payments in the opening weeks of the coronavirus relief program, according to new IRS data. Find the latest state-by-state figures here: http://ow.ly/tySd50zQt2r

#covid19 #Wisconsin

irs.gov IR-2020-101, May 22, 2020 — The Treasury Department and the IRS today released updated state-by-state figures for Economic Impact Payments reflecting the opening weeks of the program.

Today, we take time to remember the brave individuals no longer with us who served our nation and defended our freedom. We are grateful for their service and sacrifice.


"I think it's important to give back to a career and a profession that I'm very proud of and that I think has unlimited benefits for the people who decide to enter it," says Wendi Unger, CPA. Learn how the WICPA board chair and Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP partner promotes the accounting profession on page 8 of On Balance here: http://ow.ly/uffI50zLAHy

#WICPA #accounting


Expert tips to make the shift to virtual events

With companies reducing travel budgets, those that rely on in-person networking events and conferences are now turning to online solutions. Here are some tips for making the shift: http://ow.ly/KMHR50zMMEP

#goingvirtual #tech

fm-magazine.com As companies slash travel budgets, in-person events and conferences have moved online, calling for a change in tactics for planners.


IRS Issuing Stimulus Checks Via Prepaid Debit Cards—Yours Could Arrive This Week

Treasury will send 4 million economic impact payments via prepaid debit cards to taxpayers without bank account information on file. Learn more about the EIP Cards here: http://ow.ly/iq3H50zLQ0E

#covid19 #EIP

forbes.com The IRS is sending stimulus payments via prepaid debit cards to recipients who do not have a bank account on file.


SBA releases PPP forgiveness form but AICPA urges more detail

ICYMI: The U.S. Small Business Administration has released an application form for Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness. Learn more here: http://ow.ly/7m4A50zKFGn

#PPP #loan

journalofaccountancy.com An application form and instructions released by the US Small Business Administration are designed to assist borrowers as they apply for Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness.

Mark your calendar for the annual WICPA Golf Outing at Ironwood Golf Course on Friday, Sept. 18! It's a great opportunity to strengthen both your professional network and golf game. For more information and to register, visit www.wicpa.org/GolfOuting.

#WICPA #networking


Gov. Evers announces $75M grant program to spur state’s economic recovery amid pandemic

The We're All In grant program is a $75 million initiative to help Wisconsin's small businesses get back on their feet. They can apply for grant assistance in early June. Learn more: http://ow.ly/EijC50zJBvZ

#Wisconsin #smallbusiness

fox6now.com MADISON -- Gov. Tony Evers announced on Monday, May 18 $75 million in assistance for small businesses as part of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s We’re All In initiative, a comprehensive effort to celebrate and help Wisconsin’s small businesses get back on their feet and suppor...

The Wisconsin DWD is addressing concerns from employers and employees about how to safely return to the workplace. Employers resuming their operations can find guidance here: http://ow.ly/FoNw50zJinw

#employers #workplace

Get to know the newest WICPA members on page 23 of the latest issue of On Balance! Get your digital issue here: https://www.wicpa.org/publications/on-balance



Exclusive: Inc. Small-Biz Survey Reveals Top Concerns About Reopening

How to reopen safely and keep from running out of money are the top concerns of business leaders and executives, according to a new survey. See the key findings here: http://ow.ly/OCKC50zGn4X

#covid19 #business

inc.com While many small-business owners say they are quickly running out of money, their main concern about reopening is employee safety.


5 Steps Your Clients Can Take to Weather Mandatory PPP Audits

Paycheck Protection Program loan recipients who know an audit is on the horizon can offset some of the stress by preparing for it now. These practical tips can help clients withstand the scrutiny of PPP audits and investigations: http://ow.ly/3jIZ50zFnpa

#covid19 #PPP

accountingweb.com Five practical steps borrowers can take to withstand the scrutiny of PPP audits

Our Story

The Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants (WICPA) serves the diverse needs of our members; enhances professional competency; promotes the value of members and the profession; advocates on behalf of the profession; and builds community among members. Since its founding in 1905, the WICPA has grown from 10 to more than 7,000 members.

With today's diverse membership, including accountants and business professionals in public accounting, industry, government and education, the WICPA strives to enhance members' technical skills and professional knowledge by providing high-quality professional education and networking opportunities.

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Meet 2020-2021 WICPA Board Chair Wendi M. Unger, CPA
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Vrakas CPAs + Advisors receives 2019 WICPA Community Service - Organization Excellence Award
Kenesha A. Coleman, CPA, MPA, EA receives 2019 WICPA Community Service - Individual Excellence Award
Michael E. Friedman, CPA, JD receives 2019 WICPA CPA in Public Accounting Excellence Award
Jessica M. Horning, CPA receives 2019 WICPA Woman to Watch Excellence Award
Kyle R. Stephens, CPA receives 2019 WICPA Young Professional Excellence Award
Paul M. Fischer, CPA, PhD receives 2019 WICPA Accounting Educator Excellence Award
0:03 / 1:29 Brittany R. Greuel receives 2019 WICPA Accounting Student Excellence Award
Meet the 2019-2020 WICPA Board Chair Neil Keller, CPA/ABV, CVA



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