American University Washington College of Law Trial Advocacy Program

American University Washington College of Law Trial Advocacy Program

Welcome to the WCL's Trial Advocacy Program page, where you can be informed of all of the new and exciting aspects of the program. For more information, please visit our website:

Join us next Friday, June 14, 2019 at 9 a.m. for a presentation entitled “Images with Impact.” Kerri Ruttenberg, a partner and head of litigation for Jones Day’s Washington Office, will conduct a 1.5 hour presentation that discusses how to design and use visual images to more effectively communicate key messages in any professional presentation.

The presentation will take place at AUWCL, @au_wcl, in YT15. Contact Prof. Liz Lippy, [email protected], if you’d like to attend this eye opening presentation about the impact of technology!

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Sending all good vibes to Savannah McDonald, @savshots, as she represent AUWCL the Trial Ad Program, and MTHS, at the 10th Annual TOP GUN NATIONAL MOCK TRIAL COMPETITION (hosted by Baylor Law School in Waco, TX)!

Madelyn Abry Koppany will assist with technology and Professor Elizabeth Lippy will coach this team.


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JOIN our own Elizabeth Lippy, Associate Director of the Trial Advocacy Program, @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram, for a free, one-hour webcast that will “reveal, in detail, the best practices for impeaching a witness on cross-examination and what attorneys should do leading up to trial to make sure impeachments are effective.”

TUNE IN on June 13th at 10 a.m. PDT/ 1:00 p.m. EDT and “learn how to maximize the impact of an impeachment in ways that will resonate with the jurors, including through the use of demonstratives and incorporating the impeachment into effective closing arguments. As an attorney defending the witness, discover the tools you can use to protect your witness from unnecessary and improper impeachment.”


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CONGRATULATIONS to graduating 3L and outgoing MOCK TRIAL HONOR SOCIETY, @wclmocktrial, (MTHS) President, Savannah McDonald, @savshots!

As a student competitor, Savannah competed on MTHS for two years and competed in four competitions. Savannah was a competed in the In Vino Veritas National Criminal Mock Trial Competition (Fall 2017) (Semi-Finalist); American Association for Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition (Spring 2018); Judge Paul Kelly, Jr. Invitational Trial Competition (fall 2018) (Best Direct Examination); and South Texas Challenge (spring 2019) (Champion and Outstanding Advocate). Under her leadership, MTHS has won three championships and multiple other achievements. Most significantly, MTHS has received 12 individual awards.

In addition to mock trial hardware, Savannah won the 2018 Newman Trial Advocacy Prize. This June, Savannah will represent AUWCL as the solo competitor at Top Gun, the premier mock trial competition that requires one to digest a case file with only 24 hours of preparation and master both sides of the case file.

In the fall, Savannah will be clerking for a WCL alum, Judge Heidi Pasichow at the D.C. Superior Court.

On top of all that, Savanna will be giving a speech TODAY at graduation! She’s, without a doubt, a SUPERSTAR! We know she’s gonna rock it! @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmocktrial #classof2019

CONGRATULATIONS to graduating 3L, Chelsea Krzaczek , @chelseakurrently!!!

Chelsea is the outgoing President of the Moot Court Honor Society (MCHS), @wclmchs.
As a 2L, she was the Wechsler Competition Director. As a student competitor, Chelsea competed in the Evans Constitutional Competition (spring 2018) and the National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC)(spring 2019). At the NAAC, she received two perfect oral argument scores.

Chelsea was at the helm of MCHS as it successfully won 4 championships this year and raked up numerous other accolades. She was a great leader who maintained strong relationships with the Trial Advocacy Program to ensure that MCHS received all of the additional support it deserved. It’s been a pleasure working with her!

Chelsea will begin her legal career at Jones Day (Washington, DC). We know Chelsea will be a great success! She already is one. @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmchs #classof2019

CONGRATS to graduating 3L, Ericha Penzien, @erichalp!

Ericha is the outgoing President of the Transactional Law Society (TLS), @wcl_tls. Previously, Ericha was the Competitor and Fall Qualifying Tournament Coordinator. In addition to being the solo competitor at the Closer National Transactional Law Competition, hosted by Baylor Law School, she was also the winner of the competition.

Under Ericha’s leadership, TLS won two international championships and continues to make a name for itself at AUWCL. Ericha bridged the gap between TLS and the Trial Advocacy Program, @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram, this year.

Ericha will be working at DAI, an international development company in Bethesda, before clerking at the Delaware Supreme Court in 2020-2021. Way to go, Ericha! Your future is definitely bright.
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CONGRATULATIONS to graduating 3L, Lauren Mattioni, @ln.macaroni!!! Lauren is the outgoing Executive Tournament Director of the Moot Court Honor Society (MCHS), @wclmchs. She has been a competing MCHS member for 2 years. She’s a two-time competitor at the Saul Lefkowitz Intellectual Property Moot Court Competition (spring 2018 and spring 2019). At the Lefkowitz Competition regionals, she, along with her teammate, was awarded Regional Best Brief and named Regional Champion. At nationals, Lauren and her teammate went on to win Second Place Oral Argument. 2017 Alvina Champion.

In addition to being an all-around MCHS star, Lauren was also awarded the Highest Grade Designation in her Evidentiary Foundations & Objections course.
After graduation, Lauren will work with the Department of Justice’s Honors Program - Office of Administrative Law Judges at the Drug Enforcement Agency.
We know that Lauren will be successful in everything she does! @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmchs #classof2019


DON’T FORGET to complete the Trial Advocacy Program’s 3L Graduation Survey at! This survey is for MTHS, MCHS, ADRHS, and TLS only. Your feedback is important to us! Complete the SURVEY TODAY!

@auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclTrialAdGrad2019SURVEY #classof2019 The following MOCK TRIAL HONOR SOCIETY'S COACHES' SURVEY is an opportunity for you to anonymously evaluate your coaches. Your feedback is important to us so make sure your voice heard by completing the Survey! This Survey will close on December 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Thank you!

CONGRATS to graduating 3L, Tanin Kazemi, @tanintiffany!

Tanin is the outgoing President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society (ADRHS), @wcladr. Tanin has competed with ADRHS for two years and is a two-time competitor at the St. John's/FINRA Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon. At this competition, Tanin and her teammates were awarded Second Place in Negotiation (fall 2017) and Third Place in Mediation (fall 2018).

Tanin will take the skills she’s gained from ADRHS and the Trial Advocacy Program and work in the Investment Management practice group at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young (Washington, D.C.).

Much success Tanin! @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wcladrhs #classof2019

CONGRATULATIONS to Mock Trial Honor Society, @wclmocktrial, member, Madelyn “Maddie” Abry Koppany, @melliott_k!

Maddie has been a competing member of MTHS for two years and has competed every semester. She’s competed at the Mockingbird Challenge (fall 2017), National Civil Trial Competition (NCTC) (fall 2018), National Trial Competition (NTC) (spring 2018 & spring 2019). Maddie has been awarded Best Prosecution Closing at MTHS’s Intra-Society Competition; Regional Best Advocate at NTC; and Best Opening at NCTC.

Maddie was also a Research Fellow for the Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program, @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram, under the supervision of Prof. Lippy. Maddie was instrumental in marketing for various special events, including USCAAF.
Maddie will begin her legal career an Assistant District Attorney at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. GO Maddie, GO Maddie! @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmocktrial #classof2019

CONGRATULATIONS to graduating 3L, James Purce, @purcesuasion!

James has been a member of the Mock Trial Honor Society (MTHS), @wclmocktrial, for two years and competing every semester. James is also the served as Managing Director (2017-2018) and Vice President (2018-2019). James competed at the Denver Summit Cup, National Trial Competition (twice), and National Civil Trial Competition. He is a three-time Finalist, and received the highest grade certification in his Evidentiary, Foundations & Objections Trial Advocacy course.

In addition to his role with MTHS, James also served as a Research Fellow for the Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program, @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram, under the supervision of BGT. James played a significant role in the creation and planning of the VIP Alumni Reception, a networking event for MTHS alum.

James will join Steptoe & Johnson as an Associate in the fall. Undoubtedly, James will be a success where ever his journey takes him. Go get em, James!
@au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmocktrial #classof2019

CONGRATULATIONS to graduating 3L, Luis Salazar!

Luis has been a member of the Mock Trial Honor Society (MTHS) for two years and competing every semester.

Luis was awarded the 2018 "Best Defense Closing” at MTHS’s Intra-Society Competition. Luis competed at the St. John's National Civil Rights Competition; Drexel Battle of the Experts; and is a two-time competitor at the Puerto Rico Trial Advocacy Competition.

We know that you will be a great addition to your indigent clients in Colorado! Make us proud!

@auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmocktrial #classof2019

CONGRATS to graduating 3L, Nikki Edmunds-Ekwueme, @edmgn!

Nikki has been a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society (ADRHS), @wcladr, for two years. While on ADRHS, Nikki, along with her team, competed in the International Alternative Dispute Resolution competition in Greece this past March where we placed 5th out of 52 international teams from various law schools all over the world and named semi-finalist.

Good Luck Nikki on all of your future endeavors! The future is bright!

@auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wcladrhs #classof2019

CONGRATULATIONS to graduating 3L, Stephanie Todd, @stephcaittodd.

Stephanie has been a member of the Mock Trial Honor Society (MTHS), @wclmocktrial, for two years and competing every semester. This spring her team was named semi-finalist at the Twelfth Annual John L. Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy. Stephanie was also one of our most dedicated and diligent Dean’s/Research Fellow for the Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program under the supervision of BGT (fall 2018 - spring 2019).

Success is but a few steps away. Go get ‘em Stephanie!

@auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmocktrial #classof2019

CONGRATS to graduating 3L, Michael Lenzi, @mickeylenzi!

Michael has been a competing member of the Moot Court Honor Society (MCHS), @wclmchs, for two years. While on MCHS, Michael, along with his co-counsel, won 3rd best brief and was named a semi-finalists at the University of San Diego’s Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition (spring2019).

We wish Michael all the best on his upcoming journey at WilmerHale! We know that he’s well prepared to do so!

@auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmchs #classof2019

CONGRATULATIONS to graduating 3L, Lauren Allen, @lauren_allen9, on another successful year as a member of the Mock Trial Honor Society (MTHS), @wclmocktrial!! Lauren has been a member of MTHS for two years and is the outgoing Executive Director of Recruitment. Lauren reflects, “My time at WCL was significantly impacted by my experience within the Trial Advocacy Program. Through the experience in-class and as a member of the Mock Trial Honor Society, I grew as a person and as a litigator. I will take with me the friendships and connections I made during my time at WCL and I look forward to watching all of the amazing things my teammates and classmates will accomplish in the future!”

We know that there is nothing but success in Lauren’s future!

@auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wclTrialAdGrad2019 #wclmocktrial #classof2019

Want to be featured? E-mail BGT at [email protected]. GRADUATING 3Ls ONLY!

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GOOD LUCK on all of your final exams! You got this!

CONGRATULATIONS to the TRANSACTIONAL LAW SOCIETY (TLS), @wcl_tls, on being named the 2019 Warsaw Negotiation Round (WNR) Competition CHAMPIONS!!!!!

Our TLS team, consisting of Adriana Campos-Korn (3L), Kaori Flores (4L), and Carlos Micames (2L) (coached by Eric Gleysteen (WCL '15)), competed in this international, simulation-based, transactional law negotiation competition from April 11th to 14th in Warsaw, Poland.

After four preliminary rounds and a final round with the top two teams held at the Polish Senate, AUWCL, @au_wcl, took 1st place and beat out eleven teams from around the world.

WAY TO GO TLS! @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram #auwcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #wcltransactionallawsociety #trialadvocacy #transactionallawsociety #lawschool #trialadvocacyprogram #auwclCompetitionSeason2019 #auwclTLScompetitionseason2019 #WarsawNegotiationRound #2019WarsawNegotiationRound

We were proud to WELCOME the Cardinal Gibbons High School Lacrosse Team (Raleigh, NC) to @au_wcl to visit the @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram today!

These high school students were brought by Coaches Alex Buckley (‘11), former MTHS member, and Gordon Galloway during their spring break trip to D.C. These students had an opportunity to watch the arguments of our Evidentiary Foundations and Objections (taught by Profs. Elizabeth Boals and Elizabeth Lippy) students during their final exam. They also got an opportunity to sit in one of lecture classrooms and learn about the life of a law student.

We certainly enjoyed having them!
#auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #auwcltrialadvocacyprogramWELCOMESCardinalGibbonsHighSchoolLacrosseTeam #CardinalGibbonsHighSchoolLacrosseTeam #Lacrosse

DON’T MISS AN OPPORTUNITY to enhance your litigation skills and get ahead of the game!

Join us this summer at The Litigation Skills Summer Institute (LSSI)! LSSI is designed for both practitioners and qualified law students interested in mastering litigation skills. The program features rigorous training in pre-trial and trial skills and is tailored for associates wanting to sharpen their courtroom technique and students wanting an extra advantage in this competitive job market.

This flexible two-week intensive program consists of four courses including a newly reformatted Litigating in a High Tech Courtroom. Courses will be offered at nights and on weekends. Participants may take one, two or all courses. Academic credit is available for law students and CLE credits for practitioners.


We hope to see you there! @auwcl_trialadvocacyprogram @au_wcl #auwcltrialadvocacyprogram #auwcl #trialadvocacy #litigation #summer #trialadvocacyprogram #LitigationSkillsSummerInstitute #2019LitigationSkillsSummerInstitute #LSSI

The Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program is proud to announce that the Mock Trial Honor Society (MTHS) has been invited to compete in the 2019 TOP GUN NATIONAL MOCK TRIAL COMPETITION!

Top Gun is "an innovative, invitation-only mock trial tournament where the single best advocates from the sixteen top trial advocacy schools across the nation (based on results from the other major national competitions) go head-to-head for the honor of being designated as “Top Gun.” Top Gun is singular among advocacy competitions – challenging even the most seasoned and skillful mock trial competitors." It's hosted by Baylor University School of Law (Waco, TX) and will take place on June 5-9, 2019. The competition also boasts the use of advanced trial presentation software and a winner-take-all prize of $10,000.

Representing AUWCL and the MTHS as the solo advocate will be Savannah McDonald (3L). Savannah is the outgoing President of MTHS and an absolute star. She has several accolades in the mock trial world, including Champion and Outstanding Advocate at the South Texas Mock Trial Challenge (spring 2019), Best Direct Examination at the Judge Paul Joseph Kelly, Jr. Invitational Trial Competition (fall 2018), and Semifinalist at the In Vino Veritas Mock Trial Competition (fall 2017). In three of the four competitions that she competed in, Savannah has "flipped" for/ tried both sides of the case.

Assisting Savannah with technology during Top Gun, is another MTHS star, Madelyn Abry Koppany Koppany (3L). We are so proud to send these talented students to represent us!

This is a huge honor for AUWCL and is a direct reflection of all of our students hard work!

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