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How exciting! I suffer from misophonia, and one of my greatest fears is laying in a hospital bed with trigger sounds all around me, and not being able to do anything about it. I’ve told my children that I’d rather die than be subjected to beeping monitors at the end of my life. My list of trigger sounds is long, so ideally I will be in the comfort of my own home at the end of my life, but knowing you’re out there gives me hope for all misophonia sufferers. I hope the Cleveland Clinic brings you on board! Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing!

Human-centered sound design to transform patient and staff experience. We reimagine the hospital soundscape as a cocoon of compassion, care and comfort.

Program | DeSForM 2017

We are very excited to present the workshop "Mindful Listening: Hearing the World Like a Musician, Imagining Tomorrow like a Futurist" at Philips Design Lab in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on October 20th. We are a part of the 10th DesForM (Design and Semantics of Form and Movement) conference — the theme this year is "Sense and Sensitivity"!

"Yoko K. Sen, one of the keynote speakers at this year’s DeSForM, is an award-winning ambient electronic musician who had suffered in hospitals as a patient. She wants to share how listening to the world with the sensitivity of a musician can transform the way you experience the world. Avery Sen, PhD, is a futurist who examines processes of transformative innovation. He will guide you to hear the sound of future, then craft speculative narratives about a hospital soundscape in 2027. The workshop will be full of adventures that invite you to awaken your “sense and sensitivity,” and you will come out of this invigorating 3-hour journey listening to the world like a musician and imagining tomorrow like a futurist."

Click the link below for more information on Desform 2017: Toward the Development of an Internet-based Monitoring and Feedback System for Prolonged Grief Disorder Wan Jou She, Laurie Burke, Robert Neimeyer, Kailey Roberts, Wendy Lichtenthal, Jun Hu and Matthias Rauterberg

"Zak" is being conceived!

We had a wonderful time at Johns Hopkins today. Learnt about alarm management policies from the pros, alongside fellow Sibley Hub members!

End Well

Don's miss End Well : Design For The End of Life Experience's featured artist, Yoko K, an electronic musician who transforms the harsh sounds in the hospital into beautiful, healing music.

O japoneză vrea să transforme clinicile din România în adevărate temple ale muzicii

A wonderful article from Romania! Yoko was interviewed on her vision for the future of hospital sound #iCEEfest

(Don't worry - we don't know Romanian either. If you use Chrome, it'll translate for you!) Viitorul sună ca o melodie pentru spitalele din toată lumea. Este ideea unei japoneze care după ce a fost internată de mai multe ori, şi-a dat seama că sunetele monitoarelor, uşile, dar şi strigătele medicilor provoacă un stres suplimentar.

Yoko is one of the Halcyon Incubator innovators featured in the latest issue of Forbes Japan. Talk about a voice heard ‘round the world! #sounddesign #revolution

End Well Symposium | Design for the End of Life Experience | SF

We're so excited and honored to be speaking at End Well's Symposium on human-centered design and care innovation this December! Click below to read more about the event, its speakers, and its mission. #healthcare #endoflife End Well: A Design and Innovation Symposium for the End of Life Experience. December 7, 2017. San Francisco. More information. Registration. View Speakers.

Another wonderful day at the @iCEEfest! It's such an honor to see and meet so many inspiring innovators from all over the world. Tomorrow, Yoko will give a keynote and a performance on our mission to change the hospital soundscape. #iceehealth #ehealth

Lights, camera, action! Yoko was interviewed yesterday by Romanian TV Antenna 1 to talk about the significance of sound in #healthcare! #soundesign #digitalhealth

Yoko K. Sen, Sen Sound: “I decided to explore ways to help humanize our hospital experience by transforming the sound environment” –

We're so excited that our founder is a #iCEEhealth speaker at Bucharest's ICEEfest this year! The conference has been one of the largest and most significant initiatives for all things digital and tech — and Yoko is there to spread the word on the importance of sound in regards to the patient experience in hospitals. Click the link below for more information. Yoko K. Sen, Sen Sound: “I decided to explore ways to help humanize our hospital experience by transforming the sound environment”

Recently sat down with 2 physicians, 2 designers, an engineer, and an e-patient musician to reimagine the sonification of physiological data in hospitals, starting in the Netherlands. Lots of work to do, but big things are coming!

Here are some close-up shots from the show of our extraordinary aliens in action!

Photos taken by Oleg Litvinenko Photos

Thank you to everyone who came to our show last Saturday! We had such an amazing time traveling to the future with you all. We'd love to hear about your individual experience with the event - so don't hesitate to reach out.

Stay tuned this summer for more updates as we work to revolutionize the hospital sound environment! The photos below are courtesy of Ben Droz photography (

June 3, Halcyon Stage - Part 2

If you are in Washington DC, I hope you can join our immersive experience concert at Halcyon House, June 3rd, 8pm!

We had a great time participating in another one of the Kennedy Center's sound health events this morning! #daybreakerdc

Here's a few more photos from our panel. Thanks again to our wonderful speakers: Nick Dawson, Sonia Rhodes, and Dr. Jessica Phillips-Silver!

How Redesigning The Abrasive Alarms Of Hospital Soundscapes Can Save Lives

A few weeks ago, Fast Company's Christina Couch wrote a wonderful article on sound design in hospitals and our work. If you haven't already, give it a read! After a recent hospital stay filled with frightening, uselessly beeping gadgets, an ambient musician set to work reinventing the aural landscape of medicine, to make life calmer for patients and easier for doctors.

Arts & Wellness: Yoko K. Sen

‪If you missed our event last night, don't worry! Watch the whole thing here:‬ A premier U.S. orchestra, the NSO performs approximately 150 concerts each year of classical, new works, pops, and special events, including nationally televised concerts on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol and numerous education and community engagement events.

Thank you to the speakers, performers, and everyone else who came out to the Kennedy Center tonight! We were so grateful for your attendance.

Please join us again on June 3rd at the Halcyon House for an immersive evening of live electronic music and video art, as we try to imagine what our most optimistic future looks like. More info at:

Find us on Instagram and Twitter: @sensoundspace

It's finally here! Come to the Kennedy Center tonight at 5pm to enjoy a discussion between three healthcare innovators + a LIVE ambient music performance. #soundhealth17

Remember: this is all FREE and no ticket is required!

Our mission is to make love audible. Our vision is a more human future.

Join us at the Kennedy Center tomorrow from 5-7pm. Let’s explore the future of sound health together.

The Future of Hospital Sound

What do you wish to hear in the hospital of future? Join us to explore at The Future of Sound Health at Kennedy Center, April 22nd, 5-7pm, free and open to public!

Concept video by Sen Sound Space ( Videographer: Bobby Chang ([email protected])

Watch this for a sneak peek (featuring Yoko, Nicolas, and John) of what’s to come during tomorrow’s show at the The Kennedy Center! #soundhealth17

"The Future of Sound Health" will be appearing at the Kennedy Center in two days! The event, which will take place from 5 to 7pm, is completely FREE and open to all. See three of the leading innovators in healthcare engage in a dialogue on the role of art in medicine; then watch, as four acclaimed artists transport you into the future of sound health!

Only two days away! #soundhealth17

(Can we now say we've walked on the red carpet? We think yes!)

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

“The perspective of art itself has the potential to shift the way we think about health care and wellness.“

Citizen Artist Yoko K. Sen introduces Saturday's free #SoundHealth program, which includes the panel “Redefining the Role of Art in Medicine“ (5 p.m.) and the electronic music performance “The Future of Sound Health“ on Millennium Stage ( 6 p.m.)

“I create music to invite people out of the mundane so they can redefine what might be possible. I immerse people with sound into a dreamlike experience where boundaries cease to exist—between the spiritual and the sensual, ancient and future, organic and technological, you and I.” – Yoko K. Sen

See her perform live at the Milennium Stage at Kennedy Center this Saturday (4/22), from 5-7pm! #soundhealth17

Rehearsing with the visuals! #soundhealth17

Yoko wrote, produced, and engineered her first album, “12906,” which was nominated for “Best Album in Electronica” by the 6th Annual Independent Music Awards. She has toured America and Europe; performed her work at the Smithsonian, Coracan Gallery of Art, and the Kennedy Center; and became the first electronic musician to serve as an artist in residence at Strathmore. She has received the Washington Area Music Association Award for “Best Electronica Artist” two times—and you can watch her perform at the Kennedy Center this Saturday, from 5-7pm! #soundhealth17

Avery is finalizing the list of discussion questions for our event at the Kennedy Center this Saturday. Hope to see you then! #soundhealth17

Yoko began learning piano when she was three years old—before she began speaking complete sentences. And although she has learned both Japanese and English, music is her mother tongue. When she was five, she found herself entranced with the music of Beethoven, which to her seemed meditate the spiritual and sensual life. At the age of eight, she dreamed of being the mayor of a city made of sound. Join her at the Kennedy Center, at 5pm this Saturday (4/22), as she looks forward to the future of sound health. #soundhealth17

Practice, practice, practice at the Halcyon Incubator! Be sure to come to our event (the fruit of all this wonderful labor!) this Saturday at the Kennedy Center from 5-7pm #soundhealth17

Meet our Founder: Yoko K. Sen! She is a slightly-human alien who came to Earth to bestow the gifts of her melomania to all—through “pre-22nd century nostalgia Mars pop music” and social enterprise! She is a talented musician, producer, engineer, vocalist, and sound designer who has produced two award-winning albums, and performed internationally. In the next few days, we’ll introduce you completely to Yoko and her mission—so join her at the Kennedy Center on April 22nd, from 5-7pm, for her explorative performance on the future of sound health! By then, she’ll be a friend. #soundhealth17

Meet the Performer: Capsaicin (aka John Tyson)! John is a talented visualist, avant-garde filmmaker, fine art photographer, gallery installation artist, and electronic musician. His work explores the intersection of analog and digital techniques and methodologies, Influenced by cyberpunk, industrial, noise, and techno. See him perform at the Kennedy Center, alongside three others, imagining the future of sound health; April 22nd from 5-7pm! #soundhealth17

Meet the Performer: Nicolas “Kolai” Laget! Kolai is a classically-trained French musician who plays the flute and the tenor saxophone. He is half of the duo “T-Koli”, whose album “Teak All Eye” was nominated for best jazz album by London’s jazzFM, and produced the jazz hip-hop trio “Ave To.” He is also the founder of Sweet Spot Studio and Asahra Music. See him perform at the Kennedy Center, alongside three others, imagining the future of sound health; April 22nd from 5-7pm! #soundhealth17

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