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Hello, is the EXPO canceled in October? We have not heard any updates. Thanks in advance.
Read my article online in today’s edition of Metro Magazine where I share what I believe will be the Five Long Term Implications Of the Coronavirus on Public Transportation- #1 is The Death of the Farebox. Read on for more.... and let me know what you think. #publictransportation #transit
I am very excited to launch my newly redesigned web site for our book The Future of Public Transportation. Check it out below and be sure to visit all the pages including a new blog post on the Road to Recovery from Coronavirus for public transit. There are lots of links, info and even a shop where you can order an autographed copy of the best selling book.
Hi There - I have a question about this year's National Get On Board Day. Can you please send me a message? Thank you!
Take a listen to our Weekend Episode - with Newsmaker Interviews with Transit CEO Bill Carpenter and Cardinal Infrastructure, LLC’s Government Relations Director Bennett E. Resnik. Details on the Coronavirus Care Package from DC and how it helps transit. You won’t want to miss this special episode if you work in public Transportation or government. Next week we are folding these Comfort’s Corner podcasts into the Transit Unplugged brand and bringing them to you 3x a week (M,W,F) while continuing our regular 1/2 in depth interview shows on an every two week basis.
There is HOPE! Congress’ draft stimulus bill includes $20 Billion in direct aid to US Transit Agencies. And smart local transit leaders are adapting to the increased requirements for cleanliness and safety on the vehicles and reduced services levels to match ridership demand through strategies such as rear bus door boarding, free fares, extra cleanings, Saturday schedules, PPE for drivers and better use of technology. Let’s start a new hashtag for Hope - #CoronaVictory
Our new daily podcast- Comfort’s Corner - explores in depth every day - How are public transportation agencies responding to the Coronavirus societal impact. I’m covering headline news each day from our industry- who is doing what - from shut downs, to service reductions to free fares and more. Also we feature a newsmaker every day describing their transit agency response - upcoming guests will include: Monday 3/23 - Dennis Solensky, MBA - Public Transit Administrator at Connecticut Transit Tuesday 3/24 - Robert (Bob) A. Schneider, PhD - Executive Director of OmniRide in the Washington DC metro area Wednesday 3/25 - Wade Coombs - Director Strathcona Transit in Canada This is your daily 1/2 hour update on today’s news only about Public Transportation and Coronavirus- you should be listening so subscribe today at ITunes - Comfort’s Corner. #coronavirusupdate #publictransportation
Granted, this is what they're doing in Rome, Italy. But wouldn't it be fun if it happened in any US city, particularly one that has any train service?
A look at what's ahead as Oregon searches for a new transportation director:
I am writing to ask for assistance in matters of light rail issues in the Charleston, SC, area. The Charleston Tri-county region (Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties) is receiving a great amount of interest from industrial and residential sources who have expressed interest in opening industries and residential subdivisions in our coastal area. This region of three counties is no approaching 500,000 residents, and growth projections show no signs of reduced activity. As long as the national economy continues in its present state, this area will need much improvement in transit solutions and much better leadership. What Charleston does not have and desperately needs is a comprehensive mass transit plan to move large numbers of persons across this area. I believe a commuter rail system is the best means of achieving this. A plan would include approx. 100 miles of track connecting six towns across three counties. Since 2015, I have written 200 individuals in the media, city and county councils, state legislators and various commissions to stimulate interest from political and business leaders in Charleston. I have not received a single reply for my efforts. I am at a loss as to where I could turn for advice on how to stimulate interest in passing bills and overcoming other hurdles to open a commuter rail system. Is there someone in your area who could suggest measures I could use to attract attention from citizens? I have no clue as to the lack of concern by the media and local politicians for commuter rail. Local stories about traffic congestion appear daily in tv newscasts and newspaper stories. There are weekly interviews on the news about citizens giving their opinions about traffic issues here. Everybody agrees: traffic in Charleston sucks. But, when I send discussions about a commuter rail system, I am completely ignored. It's like I am being blacklisted. The only "relief" mentioned is an express bus system that runs from Charleston to the suburb of Summerville. I have demolished this plan as unworkable and harmful to the very interests a "new" transit would protect. It's a single bus route to a single town; such is the sole improvement which the leaders of this area agree is really needed. The obstacles which I confront are the elected officials in local/state offices and the media. I have written time and again to beg their attention. They don't acknowledge my letters, ever. If I could somehow publicize the state of transit needs in Charleston and the solution which I suggest, it might make a difference. I have contacted many educators in local and other areas of our state, and still, I have no replies. The indifference to the subject of congestion in Charleston and a significant solution is beyond my ability to understand or accept. The politicians and media know the problem, they report on it daily; what they somehow find acceptable is to turn their back on a solution. It doesn't matter whether my solution works or fails. The point is, we, in the Tri-county are need something to pull us out of this quickening pool of quicksand. The promise of economic success in this area is likely to be its downfall. The level of activity in this region is accelerating annually: new plants, new subdivisions, new schools, more roads. more shopping enters, etc. Charleston cannot long endure such "success" without an overhaul in how people are moved in distances up to 60 miles one-way. If the Tri-county region doesn't get its act together in the next 5-8 years, it may well sink under the weight of the added success and into a quicksand of its own design. Is there something I could apply as insight as to solving this problem? Is there someone I could write who would offer advice, guidance, resources I could try? On a personal note, I am working alone in this "project". I am living from Social Securit. I receive no money, no support from anyone, no sponsorships or backing from anyone, anywhere. I am all there is pushing the need and the plan. A. Waldrep 14 Lockwood Dr. Chas SC 29401 [email protected]

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is a nonprofit international association with 1,500 members engaged in areas of public transit.

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is a nonprofit international association of 1,500 public and private member organizations, engaged in the areas of bus, paratransit, light rail, commuter rail, subways, waterborne services, and intercity and high-speed rail. This includes: transit systems; planning, design, construction, and finance firms; product and service providers; academic institutions; transit associations and state departments of transportation. More than 90 percent of the people using public transportation in the United States and Canada are served by APTA member systems.

Mission: APTA's Mission is to strengthen and improve public transportation, APTA serves and leads its diverse membership through advocacy, innovation and information sharing. APTA and its members and staff work to ensure that public transportation is available and accessible for all Americans in communities across the country.

Operating as usual

Save the dates! APTA's TRANScend virtual event is Oct. 21-22 >

SEPTA Announces Participation in Nationwide Public Transportation Industry “Health and Safety Commitments” Program

SEPTA - and more than 100 other transit systems have committed to APTA's Health and Safety Commitments Program and to providing passengers with safe public transportation as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how this program was designed with the input of transit users from coast to coast > From schedule times to upcoming events, and everything in between.

New APTA Data Show Public Transportation Systems and Business Supporting the Industry Face an Increasingly Dire Situation >

One Hour Away: Perspectives on Transit, Cities, and a New Mobility

Starting today at 3:15 pm ET, APTA members are invited to attend the latest PERSPECTIVES series webinar, featuring a discussion between NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond.

Now Available: Health and Safety Commitments Program

APTA is pleased to announce the new Health & Safety Commitments Program, with more than 100 public transit agencies already pledging to participate. Learn more >

Today we remember the 2,977 people lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks. We also honor the essential workers who responded and aided in the recovery in NY, PA, and VA.

Airline workers seek negotiations with Senate on more pandemic relief

“The bill presented ignores the essential employees of public transit as they continue to provide a lifeline getting workers to and from their jobs, seniors to medical appointments, and helping our communities rebuild together,” said APTA President and CEO Paul Skoutelas. “The situation that our nation’s public transit agencies face is dire."

Via Roll Call Airline workers' unions seeking renewed payroll aid remain hopeful aviation will be included in a COVID-19 relief package, even though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's bill leaves out the industry.

Metro commits to national effort to ensure health and safety of returning transit riders Metro has joined the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and transit agencies across the nation in committing to specific measures to help ensure the safe return of riders as the U.S.…

Chatham Area Transit

Yesterday CAT CEO Bacarra Mauldin joined public transit representatives from around the US to help launch the American Public Transportation Association “Health & Safety Commitment Program”.

The APTA Health & Safety Commitments Program is designed to help public transit agencies put in place their own policies and practices that transit users have told APTA they want and expect.

By agreeing to participate in the program, CAT has pledged to address areas including (but not limited to): keeping CAT vehicles clean, disinfected, and maintained daily, requiring transit personnel to use PPE, and helping riders of diverse ages, needs and abilities feel safe by following guidance from public health experts/agencies.

Learn more at

APTA Leads Coalition Effort Urging Congress to Provide $32 Billion of Additional COVID-19 Emergency Transit Funding and Extend Surface Transportation Law

APTA and 87 other national organizations urge Congress to act, before the FAST Act expires on Sept. 30, on three key priorities:

1. Provide emergency federal funding for public transit agencies ($32 billion) and state departments of transportation ($37 billion);

2. Extend the FAST Act for one year with increased investment levels; and

3. Deposit the necessary funds in the Highway Trust Fund to ensure its solvency for at least the duration of the extension. Today (September 9), APTA, together with a total of 88 national organizations, sent a surface transportation coalition letter to Congressional Leaders urging Congress to provide $32 billion of additional COVID-19 emergency transit funding and to extend the FAST Act surface transportation law for one...

The APTAtech virtual event is underway! This two-day transit technology conference opened with remarks from APTA President and CEO Paul Skoutelas, APTA Chair Nuria I. Fernandez (Valley Transportation Authority), APTA Research & Technology Committee Chair Manjit Kaur Sooch (AC Transit), and APTA Fare Collection Systems Committee Chair Endya Freeman (Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)). #APTAtech20

TCRP Transit Labor Reports

As we celebrate Labor Day, consider checking out some of the public transit labor research reports published by the Transit Cooperative Research Program >

#TCRP Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Transportation Research Board Transit Technical Training: Guide to Applying Best Practices and Sharing Resources Report 199: Volume I Knowledge Management Resource to Support Strategic Workforce Development for Transit Agencies Report 194 Maintenance Technician Staffing Levels for Modern Public Transit Fleets

The public #transit labor force has been through incredible challenges in 2020, and we thank our #HeroesMovingHeroes who have worked through the #Covid19 pandemic and continue to provide essential trips from coast to coast. Wishing you all a happy Labor Day.

Congratulations to Ride On Montgomery County Transit for putting your first electric buses into service! Others looking to put zero-emission buses on the street can learn how in new #TCRP Research Report 219 >

Transportation Research Board Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Montgomery County Rolls Out First Four Electric Buses on Ride On; Accelerates Efforts to Reduce Transportation Emissions:

See the eight APTAtech virtual event sessions that have been certified for engineering and planning continuing education units. Learn more and join us next week >

New Action Guide Promotes Health Benefits of Expanding Public Transportation Systems | CDC Foundation

Adequate access to public transportation systems is associated with a range of positive health outcomes, including more physical activity, fewer traffic injuries and better air quality, reports CDC Foundation. Did you know public health stakeholders can significantly improve community health by supporting public transportation systems? This information comes from a new CDC Foundation Public Transportation Action Guide for public health care professionals.

Critical deadlines loom for highways, airlines and transit

Unless Congress acts soon, airlines may lay off thousands, highway projects may grind to a halt and #transit agencies may slash services, reports Roll Call. Unless Congress acts soon, airlines may lay off thousands, highway projects could grind projects to a halt and transit agencies could slash services.

APTAtech has two full days of content worthy of your time on September 9-10. Registration for this transit technology virtual event ends Friday, September 4 >

Did you miss out on today's #TCRP webinar on Attracting, Retaining, and Advancing Women in Transit? The recording will be added to the free on-demand library of transit research webinars, check out what is already available now >

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Transportation Research Board

Commute Choice Is Key To Bringing Essential Workers To The Front Lines

"Essential workers continued to travel on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) subway, but also signed on to Citi Bike in large numbers," reports Forbes. New York City’s one million essential workers relied on the redundancy of transportation networks during the Spring 2020 coronavirus peak.

Rural California Transit Agency Reinvents Itself During COVID

Carl Sedoryk, CEO of Monterey-Salinas Transit, explains how his agency went from moving not just people, but also food and medical services, while providing Internet service for families as the pandemic upended bus service.

Via Governing Carl Sedoryk, CEO of Monterey-Salinas Transit, explains how his agency went from moving not just people, but also food and medical services, while providing Internet service for families as the pandemic upended bus service.

Class of 2020 Webinar Series

Join us in 90 minutes for a presentation on Customer Effort Scores, a measure to make riding public transit easier > The members of the Emerging Leaders Program Class of 2020 have had a program experience unlike any of the classes that preceded them. Throughout their program year, the members of the class worked on projects that examine key issues facing the public transit industry. They collected data,

In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote, APTA Chair and Valley Transportation Authority CEO Nuria I. Fernandez shared her thoughts on this important occasion with Passenger Transport >

Public transit must be saved

"Destroying the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) can't be an option, as it will tear at the very fabric of the region's economy. We can't lose the important, well-paying jobs within the MTA LIRR and MTA New York City Transit system, we can't lose the service," writes the Editorial Board of Newsday. The very real picture of what New York's public transit system — including the Long Island Rail Road — could look like in the not-so-distant future is, quite simply, horrific. It's a future where, on

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

We’re pleased to announce 25 projects will receive $14 million in grant awards under our Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) initiative to support #mobility and #innovation in #transit. Projects will explore #transportation technologies and services, including #microtransit, #automation, integrating mobility services and introducing modernized, integrated contactless payment systems. #AmericaWorksTogether

Congratulations to Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works!

FTA is pleased to announce a $99.9M #CIG grant award to Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works to support its South Corridor Rapid Transit Project, a 20-mile #BRT line along the South Dade corridor connecting Florida City to Dadeland and other #transit connections to downtown Miami. With this announcement, FTA has advanced funding for 39 #CIG projects totaling $9.7 billion in funding commitments under the Trump Administration. #AmericaWorksTogether

U.S. National Weather Service (NWS)

We are greatly concerned for all of those in the path of Hurricane Laura, and our thoughts are with the impacted communities.

12:22 am Aug 27: The eyewall of Laura is moving onshore over southwestern LA. TAKE COVER NOW! Treat these imminent extreme winds as if a tornado was approaching. Move immediately to a safe room in your shelter. Take action now to protect your life!

Check media, NOAA Weather Radio and for the latest.

Congratulations to Valley Metro, South Shore Line, KC Streetcar, and NJ TRANSIT!

FTA today announced $400 million in federal funding allocations to four #transit #infrastructure projects in Arizona, Indiana, Missouri and New Jersey that are advancing toward a construction grant agreement through FTA’s Capital Investment Grants #CIG Program. FTA has advanced funding for 39 new CIG projects throughout the nation under this Administration totaling $9.7 billion in funding commitments. Valley Metro South Shore Line KC Streetcar NJ TRANSIT #AmericaWorksTogether

Two Transit Cooperative Research Program webinars are taking place over the next week, (1) on deploying zero-emission buses and (2) attracting, retaining, and advancing women in #transit >

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Transportation Research Board #TCRP

Public transit: Another potential victim of COVID-19

"Despite coronavirus, hundreds of thousands of people living in King County continue to rely on buses, light rail, ferries and other modes of public transportation to get around," reports Crosscut.

King County Metro Transit Sound Transit WSDOT Fewer riders and lower fare collection are just part of the financial challenge for transportation during the pandemic.

Opinion: Transit levy will make us stronger

"For the first time in history, the residents of Hamilton County voted to support public transit, infrastructure and the communities those services connect by passing Issue 7. This win is a ray of hope in the midst of the pandemic and is in line with the calls for racial justice and equality that our country must act on if we want to heal and become a more perfect union."

Enquirer - Cincinnati and Kentucky Cincinnati Metro Cincinnati Bell Connector Funding from Issue 7 will ensure that buses run longer hours, arrive more frequently, and reach riders across the entire county.

CTA, Metra join plea for more COVID relief funds

The heads of the Chicago area’s public transit agencies are warning that steep service cuts and/or fare hikes may well be on the way if Washington does not provide more help in dealing with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crain's Chicago Business RTA - Regional Transportation Authority - Illinois Chicago Transit Authority Metra Pace Suburban Bus Transit chiefs warn that "significant shortfall" could impact fares and service if U.S. does not provide help.

APTA members are invited to join today's CDC and Virginia Tech panel for a webinar titled "Guidance for Maintaining Safe Transit Operations Amid the Pandemic" >

APTA's grant application deadline is tomorrow for local coalition support funds >

Editorial: Don't let the coronavirus destroy public transit too

"As we’re seeing today, workers who are vital to a functioning economy rely on bus and train service to get to their jobs. As bad as the recession is now, it would be considerably worse if those services collapsed. California and the U.S. have wisely invested in public transit. We cannot let COVID-19 undermine the vision for a modern, fast, clean and equitable transportation system," says Los Angeles Times Editorial Board.

Metrolink Metro Los Angeles California Transit Association Caltrans HQ Los Angeles Times Opinion Despite GOP concerns about pandemic spending, the U.S. hasn’t spent enough to protect essential public services, including public transit.

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