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Connaissez-vous la signification cachée de ces 12 logos?

Connaissez-vous la signification cachée de ces 12 logos? Certains se captent au premier coup d'œil, d'autres moins.

Dance on the circle.

Russian artist Mikhail Sadovnikov uses his bare hands to create hypnotizing patterns on wet clay.👇

Mikhail SADOVNIKOV (Russia), clay, pottery wheel, music, improvisation... music: ALIHAN SAMEDOW song "Sen Gelmez Oldun"; PETR DRANGA "CHardash" by Monti; SER...

An eye-popping canopy takes center stage in Turelk's Los Angeles office by Gensler!

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez, creates stunning photographs using small toys and conventional products such as flour to add an atmosphere of mystery to his works!

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka creates fun miniature dioramas every day! So cool!

Creative vandalism!

Sci-Arc Thesis "M&N" by Danny Karas (2014)

Albert Einstein!

For the wine lover...!!!

So creative!!! Tartu, Estonia.

Love it!

Great Idea!!!

Would you say it to your plumber? #coglioneNo [Eng Subs]

i am a freelance, NotAnIdiot!!! J'ai trouvé une version sous titré en anglais du précédent poste!!!

Follow ZERO on Campagna di sensibilizzazione per il rispetto dei lavori creativi #coglioneNo with...

[01/29/14]   Freelance oui, abruti no!!!

“Tu es jeune et pour ce job il n’y a pas de budget.” “Je suis en train de te donner une grande opportunité de visibilité.” “Tu peux le mettre dans ton CV.” trois phrases et tant d’autres remarques amères que les travailleurs indépendants en Italie s’entendent rétorquer quotidiennement, quand ils osent réclamer un salaire pour leur boulot, surtout lorsqu’ils ont le malheur de se lancer dans un secteur dit “créatif” (par exemple des jobs de web designer, de photographe, d’acteur ou encore de graphiste… ).

Le collectif italien Zero a lancé une campagne #CoglioneNo (« Pas abruti ») pour dénoncer l’absence de reconnaissance du travail des jeunes freelances. Une vidéo en italien montre un jeune plombier réparant des WC dont le client souhaite le rémunérer en visibilité sur les réseaux sociaux. La vidéo est en italien, mais en voici ci-dessous la retranscription.

CLIENT -… quand j’entends un bruit sourd. Elle hurle, je cours aux toilettes : de la merde PAR-TOUT. Je te jure, sur les murs, par terre, un truc de dingue. Je fais « OMG, t’as fait exploser les tuyaux ! ».
*bruit de téléphone* Sinon tu penses que ça va le faire avant 18 h ?

PLOMBIER – Euh…Vous savez, là je crois qu’il faut changer le WC. Si vous me le notifiez par mail je peux –

CLIENT – Nan nan, impossible. Ce truc a servi à plein de beau monde. Tu sais qu’ « Iva » a fait caca ici ? T’as pas vu la video sur Youtube ?

PLOMBIER – Hem… Bon. Ecoutez, c’est débouché, je vais juste tirer la chasse pour voir…
*bruit de chasse d’eau qui marche*

CLIENT – Aaaah, je le savais, t’es le meilleur ! Allez, on se fait une photo !
*bruit de photo* Yo ! Nickel.
*en écrivant* Hashtag : WorkingClass.

PLOMBIER – Bon, du coup j’ai fini… Je vous fais juste un ticket ou vous avez besoin d’une facture ?

CLIENT – … Pardon, quelle facture ?


CLIENT – Oups, on s’est mal compris. Non vraiment, je pensais avoir été clair… Je te le dis honnêtement, y’a pas de budget sur ce projet. Maiiiis… j’ai une super idée : je t’offre une l’occaz’ du siècle pour ta visibilité. Dès que tu pars, je me prends en photo en train de chier sur la cuvette que tu viens de réparer. Et puis je te la mets sur Facebook. Plus Twitter, Instagram, eeeet… Pinterest !
*musique* Et après je te taggue !

Créatif oui, abruti no!!!

Speed ad - Mistakes

Touching Ad: no one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others, so the speed we choose to travel at needs to leave room for any potential error. No one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others, so the speed we choose to travel at needs to leave room for an...

Portraits robot de la vraie beauté par Dove

You are more beautiful than you think!!! DOVE

Participez à la conversation #WeAreBeautiful Et n'oubliez pas : vous êtes plus belle que vous ne le pensez ! Les femmes sont leurs pires critiques. Seulement...

Dcash Max Speed: Wife:

“Your Wife: one of the grey hair planters. Dye!”
Advertising Agency: Creative Juice, Bangkok, Thailand

Doom "Wall of Shoes"

Doom Super: Wall of shoes:

South Africa is home to more than 100 000 species of insects. The most common way of killing them is with a primitive stomp of a shoe. To demonstrate Doom Super’s legendary insect killing power, we took the most basic method of killing a bug and multiplied it by the killing power of Doom. We constructed a 22 meter high can of Doom made entirely out of real shoes. Each sneaker, stiletto, and boot made up the individual pixels of the classic Doom Super artwork. If one shoe is deadly, imagine how deadly thousands of them are.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS, Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa is home to more than 100 000 species of insects. The most common way of killing them is with a primitive stomp of a shoe.To demonstrate Doom Sup...

Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America: Red Riding Hood, Kinder Egg, Dodgeball:

“One child is holding something that’s been in America to protect them. Guess wich one.”
Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada


Qalamkaari Creative Calligraphy Trust: Save Calligraphy:
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi, India

A campaign by Nasheet Shadani and Riazat Khan to promote Indian calligraphy. The campaign won a Bronze in Design at Cannes Lions Festival 2013. Ad agency: Og...

FIAT: Girl, Dog, Bus:

“You either see the letter or the girl.
Don’t text and drive.”

“You either see the letter or the dog.
Don’t text and drive.”

“You either see the letter or the bus.
Don’t text and drive.”

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Paulo, Brazil

Nokia Lumia 1020 41MP Best

Like it?

Nokia Lumia 1020 first review,41 MP HD Camera, ,Первый обзор microsoft windows phone pure view zoom unboxing vs sa...

Lamps made from nothing but tree branches: The Bichos lamp series comes from Portuguese architect Martinho Pita, who creates the handmade lamps from pruned Portuguese Holly Oak trees. “Bichos,” which roughly translates to “creatures,” is meant to reflect just that – some type of wild creature that’s frozen while in motion.
Each lamp in the series is completely unique given that every branch in nature is as well. The light source comes from a textile-covered cord that is threaded up through each branch like a lifeline, much like a vein delivering blood

"The Station" - New Audi Commercial

Love this new Audi Commercial!!! Perfection!!! In the latest Audi commercial, misconceptions about diesel fuel create high drama as a woman fills up her Audi A8 TDI at the pump. While the bystanders don't...

Arunas Sukarevicius created My Reading Chair, an armchair composed of two parts: a frame and its slipcover.

The slipcover has pockets that can be used for keeping anything from a remote control or book to smaller more personal items. You can even stick your hands in there to keep them warm. Different fabrics could be used for the slipcover, creating a completely different effect for each chair made.

Andrey Dokuchaev believes that “good design is like a game. It inevitably makes your mood, brings you joy and encourages action.”
His Intrigue lamp is a mystery in its purest form, something like a mysterious stranger, which secret you will never have to guess. It reminds me of a tuxedo jacket, and Andrey confirms this, explaining that he was inspired by the silhouette of a tuxedo or the long train of an evening gown. The combination of deep black and copper-gold intensify this idea.

Inspired by fossils, Ryan Dart's Quarry bench looks like a millipede. This new piece called Quarry blows my mind. It looks like a relief map, or deep caverns, and a millipede. Ryan says it was was “inspired by fossils found while camping in Utah.”

Which step will you reach today???

Cool and creative stuff!!!

What Secret Message Is Hiding In The Wendy's Logo?

Secret message in some logos!!!

"Wendy's on Monday debunked the theory that it purposefully snuck a hidden message within its new logo. Speculation about the subliminal message behind the l...

OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer: The perfect mechanical movement

The perfect commercial!!!

OMEGA's Co-Axial Chronometers are crafted to a standard unmatched by any other industrialised mechanical watch movement. In OMEGA's new film, the viewer is d...

Nice Picture!!!

2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial (Lady Gaga "Applause" Official Song)

My favorite currently!!! It's sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated than ever. And we're not just talking about the 2014 Kia Soul. The formerly frumpy Kia Hamsters have totally tran...

Autodesk Introduces Maya 2014.

Autodesk has announced their new software products and suites for 2014, providing modelers and animators with all kinds of new gadgets to play with to increase speed and overall performance to provide higher productivity. But that's not all we are getting, Autodesk has rebranded their complete productline and has a fresh new logo.

Check out the brand new look of all the modeling an animation software products found in their 'Enterainment Creation Suite 2014' and the official new logo of Autodesk:

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