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The oldest Law Review in the nation's capital focusing exclusively on business law issues

The American University Business Law Review is the newest publication at Washington College of Law. As the only business law review in the District of Columbia, AUBLR taps into the region's business law community for cutting edge legal analysis, and tracks the pulse of Washington for political developments that influence the business law community. We invite you to join our facebook group, whether you are a student, academian, or practioner and to subscribe to our publication through our website at Thank you for your support. - AUBLR Executive Board

Mission: The American University Business Law Review is committed to publishing high-quality and high-impact pieces that combine cutting-edge legal analysis with novel solutions to address the complex challenges that impact businesses today. AUBLR is edited and produced by students at the American University Washington College of Law. AUBLR publishes a print volume entitled the American University Business Law Review and an online journal entitled the BLR Buzz Blog. The print volume features a broad range of scholarship that covers developing legal trends in a variety of business law topics. It appears each academic year and its articles are made available in print, through our website, and via HeinOnline, Lexis, and Westlaw. For more information about AUBLR’s submissions policy, please visit

The American University Business Law Review (AUBLR) is currently accepting final manuscripts for its Volume 9 issue. Submissions on the topic of the role of general counsel in modern corporations will be given preference. For more information on submissions and our collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel​, please see our call for papers, below. To submit your piece directly, please follow this link: #businesslaw #publication #papers #americanuniversity #associationofcorporatecounsel

Tonya Esposito to Present Panel at AUBLR’s First Annual Women in Business Law Leadership Conference

We're looking forward to hearing Tonya Esposito speak on the "Invisible Silicon Valley" panel next week!

Ms. Esposito, a WCL Alumna, is a partner in the Litigation Department at Seyfarth Shaw LLP’s Washington, D.C. office. She is an experienced antitrust, advertising, and financial services lawyer who has represented numerous clients in private litigation, as well as in several government investigations brought by the state Attorneys General, the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

American University Business Law Review's cover photo

Congratulations to our new Volume 9 Junior Staff members! Welcome to the American University Business Law Review - we are thrilled to have you! #AUBLR #Volume9 #lawschool #Lawreview #AmericanUniversityWashingtonCollegeoflaw #WCL

On International Women's Day, the American University Business Law Review is pleased to announce a special call for papers. In honor of AUBLR's Volumes 8 and 9 all-female editorial boards, AUBLR is seeking papers with a business-law nexus authored by women. Visit for more detail. We look forward to your papers!!

How the SEC can Mitigate the 'Proactive' Agency Costs of Agency Capitalism

American University Business Law Review is very excited and honored to be publishing Bernard Sharfman's forthcoming article, "How the SEC Can Help Mitigate the 'Proactive' Agency Costs of Agency Capitalism." Head over to the Oxford Business Law Blog for a sneak peak!
#business #mutualfunds #shareholder #proxycontest #investmentadvisor In the United States, investment advisers to mutual funds (mutual fund advisers), exchange traded funds, and separately managed accounts are typically delegated the authority to vote their clients’ securities, including the voting rights associated with a public company’s common stock. Therefore...

AUBLR is proud and excited to announce our Volume 9 Executive Board! We cannot wait for the exciting publications you put out next year!

Thank you to everyone who supported and helped plan our Spring Symposium “International Arbitration: Friend or Foe of Corporations?” It was a huge success! ☑️ AUBLR would like to specifically thank Lucy Kelly, our Editor in Chief, Spencer Sanders, our Symposium Editor, and our panelists and moderators, specifically Professors Shapiro and Snyder. Thank you, as well, to BLR’s staff, WCL’s faculty, and, of course, the WCL Center on International Commercial Arbitration.

The American University Business Law Review is proud to present its Spring 2019 Symposium: International Arbitration: Friend or Foe of Corporations? A partnership with the AUWCL’s Center on International Commercial Arbitration, the Symposium aims to bring together the corporate and legal fields in a discussion that is highly beneficial to both sides. With speakers from some of the Nation’s premier arbitration firms, and top legal scholars, we guarantee a provocative and forward-thinking event as well as a fantastic networking opportunity!

Please join us on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 9:00 AM-1:30 PM in Claudio Grossman Hall. There will be an 8:45 AM check-in. To register, visit CLE credits available. Lunch is included with registration.

AUBLR had a great time volunteering for the JJC Day of Service with City Year at Kramer Middle School! #makeadifferenceday

Come out and join us at the joint Business Law Bar Review this THURSDAY from 5pm-8pm @ Tenley Bar & Grill! ⚖️

Our junior staffer, Sofya Bakradze, worked with Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg this summer as a Government Relations Intern. The firm focuses on providing international trade-related legal and consulting services. Sofya was lucky to join the firm during an extraordinarily busy time that came after the current administration announced new tariffs, and her work was focused on finding ways to exempt our clients from those additional duties. Additionally, she attended Senate and International Trade Commission hearings, followed a number of legislative initiatives regarding international trade and tariffs, and attended lobby days for the firm’s clients. With an interest in International Trade & Business/Corporate law, It was an amazing opportunity for Sofya to meet policy and legal professionals from all of the major firms and trade associations in the District! 📚⚖️ #AUBLRMemberMonday

Our junior staffer, Monica Carranza, is currently working at Freedom Now— an NGO that works to free arbitrarily detained prisoners of conscience around the world through legal, political and public relations advocacy. At Freedom Now, Monica is working on a submission to the UN Human Rights Council for Ethiopia’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The gentleman in the photo is a former Freedom Now client, Mr. Eskinder Nega. He is a very prominent Ethiopian journalist who had been sentenced to 18 years in prison on trumped-up charges of terrorism. With the recent changes in Ethiopian government, he was fortunately released after six and a half years 😱⚖️ #AUBLRMemberMonday

Symposium Editor, Spencer Sanders (Left), is interning this Summer with Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC, a boutique trademark firm in Falls Church, VA. Spencer has spent a majority of his time drafting responses to Office Actions issued by the USPTO, meeting with current and potential clients, and attending oral arguments at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Because of his strong interest in intellectual property, trademark specifically, he has found this position to be extremely educational and an excellent insight into the world of trademarks!
#AUBLRMemberMonday ⚖️📝

Our junior staffer, Robert Lackey, is currently an intern for The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB). He assist the General Counsel in advising a large technical staff and the Board on all of the legal issues that arise in running a federal agency, from FOIA to Rulemaking and everything in between. Robert is interested in working in litigation in DC, with an eye on future public service ⚖️ #AUBLRMemberMonday

Our junior staffer, Jessica Johnson, is currently a Law Clerk at Office of Inspector General (OIG) for AbilityOne Commission - Committee for Purchase From People who are Blind or Severely Disabled. As a law clerk she conducts research on issues of first impression, drafts memos, and has prepared presentations for Agency wide meetings. As she is interested in healthcare and disabilities law, seeing the remarkable achievements by those employed under AbilityOne has been profoundly inspiring. #AUBLRMemberMonday 🤓⚖️

Exploring the Utility of Closing Opinions

Professor Hughes was asked by Columbia Law School’s blog on Corporations and the Capital Markets to write an article, based off her AUBLR article Non-Party Interests in Closing Opinion Letters, on transactional lawyering and the utility of closing opinions. AUBLR is thrilled to that our symposium has made a larger impact on the legal community and we look forward to broadening our impact! Closing opinions are letters that attorneys issue for the benefit of parties to a transaction. With these letters, attorneys attest on behalf of their clients to the enforceability and legal status…

The American University Business Law Review's latest issue is now available in print and online! Check it out here:

AUWCL Animal Law Society & American University Business Law Review are excited for the Animal Law Society's Symposium on Thursday, April 19th from 2:30-6:30 PM! This Symposium will provide students, professors, alumni, and practitioners with information and clarity regarding the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) & the Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act (FDCA), and how they relate to product testing on animals!

AUBLR would like to welcome our new members! 🤓📚We had a very successful New Member Orientation today. Also, a big thank you to Professor Farley for speaking at our meeting!

The American University Business Law Review would like to welcome its newest Volume 8 junior staff members!

Hospitality and Tourism Law Summer Program

Do you have a passion for working in the hospitality industry? Are you interested in potential job opportunities? Would you like a Certificate of Legal Studies in Hospitality Law and Practice?

The Hospitality and Tourism Law Program at American University Washington College of Law is now taking registrations for June 11-June 22, 2018. This is a five-day program, with classes in the morning and evening and is designed to meet the busy schedules of law students. Paid internships and scholarships are available for top students. In addition, students will meet leading attorneys from Big Law and in-house counsel, plus executives from Marriott, Hilton, and Choice. Students will also participate in events such as the Back-of-House tour of the MGM Casino.

If you're interested contact the Program Director, Steven Shapiro.
Phone: (301) 525-4569 or E-mail: [email protected].

Here are helpful links for more information on the hospitality and tourism summer program:

The AUBLR Symposium is underway! Our first set of panelists is discussing the domestic implications of the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. Feel free to stop by today in the Ceremonial Classroom to learn more about the Act and how it may affect you. ⚖️

Follow us on Twitter at @aublr for live updates!

Tax season is upon us! Ready? Below is a roster of panelists for our symposium on Monday April 2, 2018. Come out and learn about the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and how it may affect you and the economy as a whole!

There is still time to register for the event and hear from our expert panelists! Be sure to register here:

We are 1 week away from our Spring Symposium! 📆 Stay tuned throughout the week for updates on our agenda and dynamic roster of speakers.

Don’t forget to register here:

Wall Street Whistleblowers Take a Hit - AUBLR

Happy Friday! Check out this blog post by our incoming Senior Note & Comment Editor, Maximilian Raileanu! The piece provides insight on recent case law regarding whistleblower regulation. March 9, 2018 Business Editor The BLR Buzz Blog Wall Street Whistleblowers Take a Hit By: Maximilian Raileanu Congress passed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Act”) in 2010 to improve accountability within the U.S. financial system and to protect consumers from corrupt busine...

AUBLR is proud to announce our 2018-2019 Executive Board. Congratulations! We look forward to an exciting year of publications.

Will Christian Louboutin Lose His Sole? - AUBLR

Happy Monday! Check out Pritika Ramesh's blog post on Christian Louboutin's fight to keep his red sole trademark! 👠 February 26, 2018 Business Editor The BLR Buzz Blog Will Christian Louboutin Lose His Sole? By Pritika Ramesh Christian Louboutin, the world renowned designer known for his famous “red bottom” shoes, is fighting to keep his trademark for “the colour red (Pantone 18 1663TP) applied to the sole ...

Networking Opportunity! ⭐️ Connect with AUBLR's Volume 7 staff and alumni on March 2, 2018 at City Tap House Dupont!

Please RSVP here by February 26, 2018:

Meet senior staffer Dalisha Sturdivant! #AUBLRMemberMonday

⚖️ Year - 3L.
🏡 Hometown - Morven, North Carolina.
🎓 Undergrad - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
📝 Position - Senior Staffer.
✔️ Legal Interests - Transactional law.
📚 Favorite class - Evidence.
💭 Favorite BLR Memory - JJC Olympics!

Meet junior staffer Adrienne Greenberg!


⚖️ Year: 2L.
🏡 Hometown: Columbia, Maryland.
🎓 Undergrad: Elon University; NEOMA Business School (Dual-Degree Bachelors in International Business).
🤓 Position: Junior Staffer.
📚 Favorite Class: Contracts.
💭 Best AUBLR Memory: Weekly office hours are a great way to get to know the other members -- especially when life gets busy!
: Legal Interests: International Trade.
🔙: Last summer, she interned at Amis Patel & Brewer LLP.

Meet senior staffer Pritika Ramesh! #AUBLRMemberMonday

⚖️ Year - 3L.
🏡 Hometown - Chantilly, Virginia.
🎓 Undergrad - Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) - B.S. in Music Industry & Minors in Business Administration and Legal Studies.
Position: Senior Staffer.
✔️: She was an Intern in the Legal Department at Tenable, Inc. this past summer, and she will be interning there until graduation!
📚 Favorite class: Evidence with Professor Wechsler Fall 2016. He is teaching this coming Spring too!
💭 Favorite BLR memory was BLR Banquet last year. She had so much fun celebrating the year with the rest of the BLR staff :)

The New Kid on the Block: The Emergence of Initial Coin Offerings - AUBLR

Happy Monday! Check out our latest batch of blogs discussing different topics in business and commerce, including initial coin offerings, private prison contracts, and islamic finance:

* "The New Kid on the Block: The Emergence of Initial Coin Offerings" by Senior Staffer India Capri

* "Private Prison Contracts and Minimum Occupancy Clauses" by Junior Staffer Stephanie Leacock

* "Islamic Finance is Gaining Momentum" by Senior Staffer Patrick Shaffer

We are kicking off our #AUBLRMemberMonday series with Stephanie and Bianca 📸📚😊 Click on their pics for bios!

Some of our executive board members represented AUBLR today at the AUWCL Advantage Table Talk! We look forward to welcoming new members next semester! 🤓⚖️📚

First Row (from left to right): Hilary Rosenthal, Editor in Chief; Nathan Roy, Executive Editor; Morgan McKinlay, Articles Editor.

Second Row (from left to right): Victoria Garcia, Senior Articles Editor; Stephanie Vilella, Associate Managing Editor; Jacob Peeples, Articles Editor.

Huge shout-out to our amazing panelists for an insightful discussion on the Keystone XL Pipeline! We hosted our fall symposium yesterday with nearly 100 practitioners, students, and media. 😊 Thanks again to our staff for making our fall symposium a huge success!

🚨Tomorrow's the big day! 🚨

Join us for a spirited discussion on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Register here:

🚧👀See some familiar faces? Below is a sampling of our roster of panelists for our symposium next week! Our speakers represent various different industries and disciplines, and will contribute to a robust and nuanced discussion of the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Be sure to register here to participate:

🤓🚧💼 1 week until our Fall Symposium, "What’s Next in the Pipeline? A Discussion of the Legal, Economic, and Societal Implications of the Keystone XL Pipeline." Lunch will be provided. Registration is free, but required:

It Will be A Victory, but for Whom? The Battle Against Net Neutrality - AUBLR

Happy Thursday! Today on the BLR Buzz: Senior staffer Dalisha Sturdivant discusses the battle against net neutrality ⚖️ August 29, 2017 Business Editor The BLR Buzz Blog It Will be A Victory, but for Whom? The Battle Against Net Neutrality By Dalisha Sturdivant The Trump administration has driven the crowd wild once again with its latest policy stance on net neutrality.[1] However, whether the noise being heard is te...

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