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We fight relentlessly on behalf of anyone in trouble who cares about their future. Scrofano Law PC is a premiere criminal, DUI, and cannabis defense firm located in the District of Columbia practicing in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

At Scrofano Law PC, we are trial lawyers not plea lawyers.If charged with a DUI or other criminal offense in DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland, Scrofano Law PC will fight for your rights and get you the best result based on the facts of your situation. Some ask who the best criminal defense lawyers are in Washington, DC. The reality is no one attorney or firm is the best. However, you want a firm that will fight to protect your rights and is not afraid to go to trial. We handle all types of criminal cases including, but not limited to, cannabis offenses, hit and run and traffic crimes, gun charges, DUI, assaults, misdemeanors and felonies. If you have been arrested or are under investigation and care about your future, contact Scrofano Law PC today for a full case evaluation.

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Protective Orders in Maryland | MD Protection Order Lawyer | Scrofano Law PC

Unfortunately, during the pandemic we have seen a large uptick in protective order cases in both Maryland and DC. Whether you are seeking a protective order or defending against one, Morgan E. Leigh provides a lot of great information in the below video about protective orders in Maryland. Be sure to like and subscribe to the below video to get our latest updates in criminal and protection order law in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and contact us if you have any questions. For more visit CPO in Maryland, call or Text 301-916-4226 for a free case evaluation.Maryland protecti...

Hiring a DC Criminal Defense Lawyer | Scrofano Law PC

Check out our latest video on whether you should hire a criminal defense lawyer if arrested in the District of Columbia. Attorney Scrofano discusses the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer in advance of your first court date. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel where regularly post helpful videos on criminal and civil protection order laws in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Visit for more information or call us for a free case evaluation. Call: 202-870-0889 | Text: 202-765-3175 In this video, Attorne...


Check out our latest video on Diversion in DC criminal cases. In most criminal cases, you either have to accept a plea deal or go to trial. However, in some cases, you may be eligible to jump through some hoops like doing community service or paying fines in exchange for the government to dismiss your charges. Don't forget to like our video and subscribe to our channel for updates on criminal law in DC, MD, and VA.

Scrofano Law PC thanks all those who have served and continue to serve.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." -- John F. Kennedy

An Ex Parte Happy Hour | COVID-19's Impact on Our Firm | Scrofano Law PC

On April 10, 2020, almost a month after the US shut down, our lawyers held a Zoom happy hour during the height of lock down. Courts and schools were closed and Mayor Muriel Bowser's then-Stay-at-Home Order was in full effect. So, we decided to record the Zoom call as a sort of time capsule and turned it into the video below.
In the video, our lawyers get personal while discussing issues ranging from parenting in quarantine to coping with the increased stress brought on by the major disruption of life and firm operations. Its been a long journey as we are now attending in person court hearings in masks, adjusting to video court when available, and adapted our operations to remotely serve our clients.
When the pandemic hit, we closed our physical office space on March 17, 2020. During our morning zoom calls that first week, three of six members on our team ended up sick one after another.
This all happened at the onset of the pandemic when no testing was available and folks were scrambling to purchase toilet paper. While three people were sick and the remaining three were unsure who might get sick next, it was a very scary time in our firm's history. Fortunately, everyone recovered and we resumed full operations after about two weeks.
While we discuss some serious topics, we had some fun putting this video together as we discussed what the first few weeks were like. We hope you do as well watching it. We hope you’ll consider yourself part of our #wolfpack and know that we are here for you if the unthinkable happens and a friend or loved one is arrested in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia
. Scrofano Law PC is a small business. We are a team of 6 full time employees. When the pandemic hit, we closed our physical office space on March 17, 2020. Af...

Don't let a drug charge affect your life - Protect your future today by consulting with an experienced D.C. drug attorney from Scrofano Law PC today.

Virginia decriminalizes personal marijuana possession

Recently, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a bill into law that decriminalizes personal marijuana possession. Read more here: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a bill into law Thursday that decriminalizes personal marijuana possession. The bill, SB 2, assigns a civil rather than criminal penalty for simple marijuana pos...

Having an experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney by your side can be the difference on whether your drug charges are dismissed or reduced. Reach out to Scrofano Law PC today: (202) 946-3388

Maryland Trooper Pleads Guilty to Fabricating DUI Arrests, Writing Tickets to Phantom People

A Maryland trooper was recently charged guilty for fabricating DUI arrests. Learn more about the case here: A Maryland state trooper pleaded guilty to perjury and misconduct charges for fabricating drunken-driving arrests and issuing tickets to people who did not exist, in an apparent attempt to boost his stats.

Information on Reckless Endangerment Maryland - MD Criminal Law

What is considered Reckless Endangerment in Maryland? Get all the facts here. Reckless Endangerment Maryland is commited when someone acts in a way that subjects another person to the risk of death or a serious physical injury.

House, Senate committees advance bills for expungement of criminal records

The Virgnia House and Senate committees have moved forward bills regarding the expungement of criminal records, meaning you may be able to remove certain crimes from your criminal record. Find out more here: Virginia House and Senate committees have advanced legislation that would remove certain criminal records in a criminal justice reform effort that allows people to petition for expungement of convictions, not just charges.

Virginia Theft Laws - JPM Legal

In Virginia, theft laws are broken down into petit and grand larceny. If you're facing a charge and need a dedicated and passionate defense attorney, you've come to the right place. Schedule a free consultation with us today. Virginia theft laws define the charges and penalties associated with theft crimes. Learn more from expert attorney Jay P. Mykytiuk.

Thousands Gather For March On Washington To Demand Police Reform And Racial Equality

Thousands recently gathered at the National Mall in Washington D.C. demanding for criminal justice reform. Read more about the march here: The "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks" march comes as frustration over police brutality and use of force have sparked national protests following the Memorial Day killing of George Floyd.

Don't let a drug charge affect your life - Protect your future today by consulting with an experienced D.C. drug attorney from Scrofano Law PC today.

Families decry ‘two systems of justice’ at D.C. march

Families speak out on the ‘two systems of justice’ at a march in Washington D.C. Learn more here: Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously laid out a vision for harmony between white and Black people 57 years ago, his son issued a sobering reminder about the persistence of police brutality and racist violence targeting Black Americans.

Having an experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney by your side can be the difference on whether your drug charges are dismissed or reduced. Reach out to Scrofano Law PC today: (202) 946-3388

Washington, DC Fraud Attorney - Scrofano Law

There are various types of fraud, and most of them can lead to severe punishments. However, working with an expert fraud attorney from Scrofano Law can help reduce the severity of the penalties you face. Let us fight for your rights. Contact us now @ 202.389.6025! A DC fraud attorney from Scrofano Law PC can help defend your freedom if you are facing criminal fraud charges in the Washington, DC area.

DC DUI Lawyer - DC DUI Lawyer

Accused of a DUI while driving in D.C.? Get the defense you need. Work with our experienced DUI lawyers to minimize penalties. Contact us today! Washington DC DUI Defense Lawyers. If charged with a DUI or DWI in the District of Columbia, call the DC DUI attorneys at Scrofano Law immediately.

Civil Protection Orders - DC Victim Hotline

If you or a loved one are a victim of an attack in the DC area, call 1-844-4HELPDC immediately. You can also learn how to file a civil protection order with the DC victim hotline. Learn more here: This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)What is the difference between a Restraining Order and a Protection order? Though its name can vary state-to-state, in Washington DC, a Civil Protection Order (sometimes referred to in other states as a Protection Order, Stay Away Order, or a Protect...

Are you or a loved one facing white-collar criminal charges? Reach out to DC's best defense attorneys to get the help you need.

How to Find Someone Arrested in DC

In this video, attorney Joseph Scrofano explains what happens when someone is arrested in DC. Often times police will give inaccurate information about where your friend or loved one will be taken and when they will see a judge and potentially be released. At Scrofano Law PC, we routinely help individuals find their friend or loved one after arrest, visit them at Central Cell Block, and appear in Court to get them released. If the unthinkable has happened, contact us today at 202.389.6025.

Fraud is a complex charge - if you have questions about what you have been charged with, visit our site to learn more from the expert criminal defense attorneys at Scrofano Law, PC. Contact us today: 202.389.6025.

Man charged with DUI after hitting Virginia State Police car | WTOP

A Virginia resident was charged with a DUI for rear-ending a Virginia State Police car in Fairfax County. Find out more here: A man was charged with a DUI after rear-ending a Virginia State Police officer sitting his vehicle in Springfield.

Great start to this Wednesday morning with Attorney Scrofano presenting a Zoom CLE for the DC Bar on Best Practices for Client Intake!

At Scrofano Law PC, we understand the hardships you are facing and are dedicated to providing the legal support you need. Reach out to our expert fraud attorneys today.

State Police: 27-Year-Old Man Charged In DUI After Multiple Hit-And-Run Crashes

A 27-year old man has been taken into custody after being charged with a DUI after mulitple hit-and-run crashes in Maryland. Read more here: A 27-year-old Maryland man was charged with DUI after he allegedly crashed into multiple cars before fleeing the scene in Queen Anne's County.

Don't let a mistake define your future. With experience successfully representing clients in white-collar crime cases, Scrofano Law PC is prepared to fight for you. Contact us today (202).389.6025

What does it mean if a case is "no papered"?

What does it mean when a case is "no papered"? Watch Joseph Scrofano explain all the details.

At Scrofano Law PC, we have the tools to help seal previous offenses. Learn more at

Don't let a mistake define your future. With experience successfully representing clients in white-collar crime cases, Scrofano Law PC is prepared to fight for you. Contact us today (202).389.6025

DC Activists Submit Signatures To Put Psychedelics Decriminalization On November Ballot | Marijuana Moment

As we prepare for the elections in November, activists in D.C. recently submitted signatures that would decriminalize psychedelics. Learn more here: An ambitious campaign to decriminalize psychedelics in Washington, D.C., is one step closer to placing their measure on the November ballot with the formal submission of tens of thousands of voter signatures. Organizers have been scrambling for weeks to collect enough signatures from D.C. voters by....

Don't let a mistake define your future. With experience successfully representing clients in white-collar crime cases, Scrofano Law PC is prepared to fight for you. Contact us today (202).389.6025

Virginia Lawmakers Announce Plans To Legalize Marijuana, One Day After Decriminalization Takes Effect | Marijuana Moment

With recent changes in marijuana law happening across the nation, legalization of marijuana in Virginia may be on the table. Only a day after a new marijuana decriminalization law took effect in Virginia, top state lawmakers are announcing that they’re already looking ahead to full legalization. A group of Democratic legislators on Thursday announced plans to introduce a bill to legalize and regulate a commercial cannab...

Fighting a criminal case can be overwhelming. Contact the top white-collar lawyers from Scrofano Law PC to get the expert advice and guidance you need.

DUI deaths, injuries down in DC area, but drunken-driving crashes, arrests up | WTOP

Wondering how safe D.C. roads are when it comes to drunk driving? Learn more here, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need help with a drunk driving case. How safe are D.C.-area roads when it comes to issues related to drunken driving? Your answer may depend on which data you examine.

The Best Washington, DC Criminal Lawyer - Scrofano Law, PC

Don't face criminal charges alone. Scrofano Law is here to represent YOU in the courtroom! Contact us today! A DC criminal lawyer at Scrofano Law will fight to restore your freedom when facing criminal charges in DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

Our Story

In 2011, founding attorney Joseph Scrofano started Scrofano Law PC with a desire to fight to protect individuals facing an oppressive criminal justice system. For the first few years of Mr. Scrofano’s career he represented indigent clients as a member of the District of Columbia Criminal Justice Act Panel. Mr. Scrofano quickly gained a reputation as an aggressive advocate. During this time, he worked from home and typically did client meetings by doing home visits. He litigated hundreds of cases for crimes like DUI’s, hit and runs, solicitation, drugs, guns, assault, and violent felonies.

In 2013, he moved into full time office space and started marketing his practice through his “No Papered” Blog where he writes with a client-centered approach seeking to reverse roles with potential clients and giving valuable information through blog posts.

This approach was successful and Mr. Scrofano would go on to build a robust private criminal defense practice. In 2014, he moved into larger office space and began focusing almost exclusive on representing private clients.

Mr. Scrofano met another defense attorney who shared his values in fighting hard for clients against seemingly impossible odds. Jay Mykytiuk, a former Arlington County Public Defender, started to practice in criminal court in the District of Columbia while working as an associate in a DC law firm. Mr. Mykytiuk quit his firm to start his own practice--JPM Legal. Instead of competing against each other, Mr. Scrofano and Mr. Mykytiuk collaborated. In fact, Jay became Of Counsel to Scrofano Law PC in 2015 and represented clients in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax criminal cases. Mr. Scrofano saw up close the dedication Jay gave his cases and knew immediately Jay was someone Joseph wanted to work with.

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Attorney Morgan Leigh on D.C. Civil Protection Orders during COVID-19


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Raised in Texas where I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with Special Honors, I moved to Washington, DC in 2005 to attend American University's Washington College of Law. I graduated from American University's dual JD/MA program in 2008. I spent two years clerking for the Honorable Natalia Combs Greene in the DC Superior Court where I worked on hundreds of complex civil and criminal cases. That experience gave me unique insight on how judges make decisions and respond to legal arguments. In 2010, in a tough economy, with a desire to fight for those in need, I took a chance and started Scrofano Law. Since that time, I have represented over 300 clients in DC Superior Court with an overwhelming majority of cases resulting in dismissals, not guilty verdicts, or probationary sentences. For more information, check out

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